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Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.







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Born doomed, the young Robin Harker was simply destined to become a vampire.

And while he fell in battle, he rose again as a bloodsucking fiend, taking the fall for his mother, unwittingly.


 Portrayed by:  William Moseley















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  • Every four weeks, the full moon rears its ugly face in the sky. And every four weeks, Brian is left helpless to do anything to stop his curse. As he walked through the park and the field behind his home to journey further into the woods, he wondered if this will be the time where his beastly form finally kills an innocent person. A day that Brian hopes will never come, but somehow feels inevitable. Like it's destined to happen, one way or another.

    He shakes his head, sighing to himself in frustration and bitterness. Wouldn't it make more sense to just put a silver bullet in his mouth and put an end to this? Put himself out of his own misery? No. He had considered it many times but he couldn't do that to his family. The ones back home who still cared for him. He needed to stay strong. He needed to stay alive, but only for them.

    It was only one day every month. But what a terrible impact it had made on Brian's life. Nevermind that the transformation itself was excruciatingly painful beyond belief. Brian couldn't think of a single time where he wasn't completely dreading this time. Every now and again, life would be almost normal for him and he was allowed a small, merciful moment to forget about his curse and make believe that he was a human man, only for the crushing reality of what he was to return once more. It never mattered how deeply he tried to bury his secret, come the full moon....there was no hiding from it, or getting away from what he would become. It was so inevitable.

    But while Brian was venturing into the woods and beginning to take off his jacket, he couldn't help but sense that something or someone was nearby. Maybe it was just the unnvering paranoia he often felt around this time, but he could swear someone was watching him...or maybe following him. No. He was alone. He was almost sure of it. His anxiety was running again, and taking him along for the ride. That was all.

    Brian sighed to himself, stalling and hesitating with the zipper of his jacket. He hated doing this. It was so humiliating, even if he was the only one around for miles. But he had only gotten half way undressed when he felt that sensation once again. The unmistakable feeling of being looked at from afar. And he turned around to look at the darkness of the woods behind him.





    // Hey you, please know that you don't have to be sorry, honestly.  I've been in the same boat, work, RL  has been insane, so I get it.  I do.  I'm just glad to have heard from you, and I hope you're doing OK.

    Thanks for reaching out, all yes, I'm ok.   :)


  • Been working so hard lately, I've been mentally exhausted. I still am, but I will be slowly dishing out replies starting now.

  • (Eyy. It a lil short cuz I don't like writing on ze phone, but it here)


    Was it hope? That feeling of maybe. Just maybe. No. Was it fear? That. Feeling of maybe. Just maybe. No. 


    Virgil's breath grew shaky as tissue began to reanimate before his very eyes. Dead cells being brought back to life to replicate and regrow, like a universe left dormant. He could see every detail and for the first time in his life - he didn't know what he felt. This wasn't anger, sadness, frustration, desire, or mundane fear. None of the feelings he'd grown accustomed to. No, this was different. It was as if though his saviour was erected out of the very ground, but in the form of the Devil himself. 


    Was it hope? Was it fear? 


    His father's words rang through his anxious mind, and his eyes slowly made its way up his arm where blood had painted before. Blood is life. But what had he given life to? What could've been so terrible that it had forced his father to lock it away like this? Fear. Virgil's anxiety grew into regret - fearful that maybe he had woken a monster. Another monster. Fear grew into anger.


    His eyes glared at his very own body. The skin had grown grey and deformed - scarred by sheer hatred. His fingers were long and crooked, donned by claws like talons. He had done this to him. His very own fath… Dracula had done this to him. Dracula had crossed the line. Anger lead to hope. Dracula had done this to him as well. They had that much in common. A common hatred. A common goal. 


    "inimicus inimici mei amicus meus est?" he whispered with grovelled words. 'Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?' was a good question, but he said it more in hopes of pleading his case to whomever - whatever - was reanimating before him. Not that he expected the corpse to understand him. Maybe he said it to soothe himself, more than him. It is an Arab proverb, but Virgil always preferred Latin. It was easier to pronounce and spell. And Latin is universal, and traces of it are found in almost every language spoken in Europe. And unbeknownst to him, it would make its way even further in the centuries to come.

    But what would he do when his half brother awoke? What would he say? And would he be able to? His fa… Dracula had painted the man as a ravenous beast with little humanity. But then, were he, or himself, any different? Creatures of the night who prey on those not able to fight. Vampires. Leeches. Parasites. Life drainers. Was it even possible to be in a moral superior position when you feed on the life of other creatures? On humans - creatures with intelligence almost as complex as those of Dracula's kind. Humans, who are cattle with voices that can be heard and understood. Humans who were just like himself, only mortal. How could he think himself better than Dracula if he himself committed equal immoral actions? At least he would love his children, had he any. Maybe that was what could justify his current path in his undead life. He was aware of the moral complications of his existence. This was what made him better than Dracula. His father.


    "Hanc ego nunc agam. In contra te. Est malignitas tu." Virgil hissed between his long, exposed teeth. His eyes, a fiery yellow. This wasn't to save anyone. He didn't do this for the better of the world. He did this, not because it was justified, but because it was justice. Justice didn't necessarily have to be justified. It wasn't right. But it had to be done. It was revenge. The words he had spoken; 'I'm doing this now. Against you. To spite you', reflected very well his acknowledgement of his deeds. It was personal. It had always been, but before he had tried to justify going behind his father's back by stating that it was to free others from his tyranny. But he was too much alike his father. He realised this now. He boasted the physical appearance as a representation of what his father was on the inside - a monster. 


    And the best way to fight a monster, was with two monsters of your own. Virgiliu and Thanatos. Flourishing Death. Hopefully it would be enough to bring the monster down.




    Unless he awoke something worse...

  • Oh, the poor fool. Did he not know that the exact opposite reaction of telling a woman, much like herself, to shut up was really going to work? Alice had chronic anger since she was was a kid. Some things like that just did not go away and would never go away. She was red in the face even before he got to the famed, 'I'm the only thing you've got right now," speech to the point that she spat in the air so loud spit went flying from her teeth. "Am sorry, did I ask you to fuckin' mansplain me to shut up? Yer nothin' but an annoyin' bird with no bite. Befer ya wanna try some shit like that with me ya wanna be findin' out exactly who the fuck I am, lad." So much for that. 

    "Ya wanna preach yer own shit then go to a church, I shut the fuck up on me own bloody terms, no' to a posh sunuva a bitch like you who thinks ya cannae throw yer weight around. Sure, ya might be the only one here right now who is no' trying to murder me on hand, don' mean that I gotta respect ya fer it. Get yerself a princess if ya wanted someone silent."


    Goodness, that was a way to put it. Sugar was only a temporary high, one that would do nothing to help her and only sap her strength later if she decided to have any of it. She only had one thing in mind, then another if she felt safe enough for it. Maybe the bathroom. Those were pretty fools proof, she could sleep in the tub, just give her a pillow and she would feel great. She thought of this while she ate. He was right to think that the food would go appreciated. It was something only to keep her body going, she didn't care what it tasted like. Any mushrooms if there were picked out. She hated the brown little things in there and a one-celled fungus was not something that should make people go yum. Alice did not cook herself. Which was easy when you were on a salad diet or stew. She often ate out, but only at the healthiest places. Sandwiches were easy to make, as were garden salads. Didn't take rocket science. But something warm like this helped to fill her belly and make her feel stronger. That check. Water, check. Now just the sleeping part was needed then she could devise a way to get the hell out of here.

    Fist, one would need to learn her enemy.

    Right after he stopped talking friendly with her. For everything, he said her chewing became faster and her glare more feral that was set upon him. This wasn't how the whole captive thing worked, didn't he know that? Or was he desperate enough to want to have something civilized to carry a conversation with that he was trying with even her? Whatever, let him talk. Her mind was steaming already with ways to get out and run for the hills. How well that would work? She didn't know that yet. She would give it her best shot. No way was she ever planning on just sitting here idoly and letting whatever play out play out. He'd be tootin' to think that she would.

    She drank the water down to the middle of the glass then continued on with the stew again. He bragged about no weight gain, she pitched her question, then she waited as he went on to elaborate whatever brainwash those people were under to have them stay on some shitty place like this. liberated, that's a way to put it. Now they were bending over backward just to get a whiff of his ass and was pretending that it smelled of sunshine and daisies. This would work in her favor though. It looked to her the people were salt poisoned idiots. they only knew attack, no strategy. She could work with that. Make it in her favor. She only needed time to think about it. be it that gun was apart of the plan or not. "An' you? Why did ya run into Mr. Bleh bleh bleh? No by choice I assume."

  • Antediluvians? She knew what the term meant but had yet to come across one of the ancient vampires. Did her new acquaintance fall into this category? She knew he had control over several vampires at this point including her companion in the carriage. "A myth hmm?" The thought of draining the world of all life amused Maleficent to an extent. Making others suffer had always brought her enjoyment but she was unsure as to whether or not she wanted to see the entire world in the same state as that demolished and diseased village.

    "Is your master one of these ancient vampires?" She knew he was powerful but Maleficent that was about all she knew about the vampire. Her curiosity was driving her at this point. "If I was not interested I would not be here."


    1737986676?profile=RESIZE_710xUnlike the carriage that had taken her to the docks, the ship was far from appealing. It looked as if it would sink right then and there. The thought of traveling across the ocean in a vessel so repulsive disgusted Maleficent. Surely this was a mistake? The villainess found it nearly impossible to hide her disgust regarding the ship. It was only when Bruno spoke that she looked up from the wreck she was expected to travel in.

    "That is not saying much."

    The thought of the ship sinking had already crossed Maleficent's mind. Fortunately for her merely opening a portal or using teleportation would get her out of a mess like that. Traveling home would be a piece of cake. The same could not be said for her voyage to Dracula manor. Despite her disgust Maleficent did not hesitate to step foot on the ship. The train of her gown dragged along the soaked wooden floorboards as she approached the captain eager to see where she was expected to stay.

    She said nothing when Bruno revealed that she would be staying in the captain's quarters. Instead, she followed him into the room minding the words carved on the floor. The state of the room was beautiful compared to the ship itself. "This will do." She approached the edge of the bed and looked back at the captain when he spoke again.

    “Set sail as soon as possible. How long will we be at sea?”


                                 The brunette stood there, and eyed the woman non-stop until her eventual blink as she spoke, almost as if her lips had a mind of her own, "Ask questions… To the both of us, hm? I don’t think you’ll get anywhere with him, but if you want to try, then be my guest."   (The internal thought/comment): 'Unless you know something that I don’t….'  Part of it said out loud, and the remainder of it, internally spoken.  Clearly there was more, so much more to this woman that she didn’t know, yet for now, she knew what the right thing to do was, and it was to get that thing out of here.  And to wherever she wanted to bring him, or it, fast.  So, rather than allow herself to ponder on it any longer that she had to, or anything else that may have been creeping into her mind, the woman simply nodded to that, and to the question after it.  Without thinking, and without wasting anymore time, precious time that was, she grabbed hold of the vampire, or his other arm rather, holding it for now however she saw fit.  How he would have to be positioned for when they were truly on the move, it wasn’t known, yet she waited to figure it out.  With the action of hers, and she ready to guide him on out at any time, she allowed this response, and her words to accompany it.

    "Sure I am.  Wherever you want this thing, wherever you are bringing him, I’ll help you bring him there.  And, I want in on the questioning, if something comes to mind that is.

    Anyway… Ready when you are.  Shall we get moving?"

                                 With that, step by step, Catherine began to drag, or walk the undead creature out of there, remaining close to it somewhat, though keeping some distance as well, to ensure that if it woke suddenly, that it would not cause harm to her, or to the woman who had rescued her.  While on the move, even if it seemed the brunette was initiating the movement forward to get them out of there, she was just following the lead, while remaining in step with the other woman only.  Not a single sound, no word, just nothing at all would be uttered, or fell from her lips from thereon out, while she let her gaze remained locked up ahead mostly.  For the most part, that is where it would remain, while from time to time, she reluctantly turned her gaze to the side, that space in between her and the woman, as well as towards this vampire, just to ensure that he was still dead, or just not awake, so to speak.  With a last, final and long look for now, she finally uttered some words.

    "Is this your speciality or something? Chasing vampires, chasing other creatures of the night, if you believe in other things? What kind of questions do you want to ask? To him, and to me?"

                                 She got that much out there, and now to hear where the woman would go with that.  With her response and all- Would she answer Catherine’s questions, or would she keep walking, while dragging the vampire along with them, while asking her own set of questions, the questions she had intended to ask Catherine from the start.  With everything out in the open, even partially so, Catherine silently and patiently awaited whatever would come.


  • While useful, the vampire's explanation regarding their voyage to Dracula's estate did not seem to bring her comfort. She had always been an impatient woman and the thought of spending days, possibly weeks, traveling to an unfamiliar destination did not appeal to her. Hopefully this elder vampire was worth her time. His elaborate display of power back in the town caught her attention but keeping her interested would require much more than a demolished village.

    "This is more than an inconvenience."

    The wicked woman's eyes began to glow as the vampire moved across from her. The next thing she knew, they were off. The various foods in the carriage caught her attention for a moment but she chose not to eat anything. Instead she looked out the window watching as they moved further and further away from what she was used to. Maleficent had been alive for hundreds of years and yet there was still much of the world she had yet to see. She spent most of her days in her castle the humans commonly referred to as the Forbidden Mountain. Her army of goblins and troll-like creatures occupied most of the castle but they did not provide much intelligent conversation.

    Once they reached the next town the villainess sat back in her chair choosing not to watch the humans. If time was not a factor she probably would have used her own magic to turn the village to dust. The infection had not reached it yet but she knew it would in a matter of days. The so called lord of darkness seemed more like a virus than a man really. She had never met anyone like him. The happiness of the villagers repulsed Maleficent for the most part. It was only when they passed by the square that she looked out the window again. This time she was met with a pleasant sight. Several villagers had been killed including a brunette with green eyes. Her killers had placed a brick in her mouth and a stake through her gut. The villainess had killed humans in the variety of ways but this struck her as odd. This looked more like a ritual of some sort. Her eyes moved over to Dracula's servant when he offered an explanation.

    "A stake through the heart will kill a creature like you?" A malevolent grin formed on her face as she sat back. "How intriguing."

    She was quiet and still for the remainder of their journey to the sea leaning forward only once to grab an apple out of the basket. The apple tasted as good as it looked but she neglected to take a second one. The smell of salt water filled her nose as they moved closer to the shoreline. She had traveled by boat before but only over short distances. There was no telling how long she would be trapped on this one.

    "Very well." She did not hesitate to depart the carriage and turned around only briefly to give the vampire a nod in goodbye. The long jagged edges of her gown dragged behind her as she walked along the deck toward the ship. "Where is the captain?" She tapped her index finger against the orb on her staff and waited for an answer. She assumed one of the vampires could lead her to him. 

  • "Ye got fangs, yer strong, an' from where am standin' yer me fuckin' captive who gladly has me under some sart of strain. So I don' care how fookin' hart ya are by me words, soddin' geebag whinin' over some lil wards I be sayin'. Yertryin te protect me from em? Oh, that's bleedin' rich, ain't it? Classic doin' a bad thing fer a good cause, aye, laddy? So no. Yer no' bloody sorry an' I don' care that ya are. I want oot, ya wanna prove yer sorry than ya cannae let me waltz on oot an' take yup with yer fish suckers fer all I fuckin' care." She was wheezing out the last of the words. Finding it harder to keep on standing much less finding the will to keep on cursing him out. He'd probably have better luck taming the devil over trying to talk sense into her.

    And telling her that no, he could not let her go, was probably the worst thing that he could have said. Her nostrils flared and her breathing got heavy once more. "Yer takin' arders from some washed up sod? I don' care what happens to the place, er yer mate if he does, I don'. I'll kill ya meself if it means gettin' off of here just so ya know that. Am no stayin' here, an' if it means barnin' this place down while am at it, I will." That was the last of the fight she had in herself. Any more of it and she would drain whatever was left of her reserved energy right then. There was only so much she as a human could do. And she was dangerously past that limit already.

    Naturally, the bottle drink was dismissed, she would have clonked him on the head if it meant he understood how dirty she would play. She just needed to find something that would kill him. She needed to find a way that she could out, then kill him, and get lost. the people would probably look at her, and whatever Dracula had planned. She couldn't kill him, though she would bloody well try to. It was a matter of calculating it all, understanding her enemies. She would start with this one, this bird here. 

    "Well, ya already failed at that, didn't ya lad? I got one foot in the grave already, don't I? I don' need yer fookin' protection, I need a weapon in me hand and a vampire dead at me feet. You do the math there." She could still be a little shit. That much hadn't stopped yet. Still, she would have to listen and follow him. She didn't move, not until his back was turned to her. It was only then that she started up after him on the stairs, she took it one at a time, having to stop once in order to breath and capture what was left of her strength then she was up again. 

    She ignored the stains, the musk in the air and the maggots that had a better stay than her currently happily feasting on their dead fleshed meal. She couldn't look, if she looked she would be lost. She would hurl up nothing but stomach acid and she'd be done and out for the count. She couldn't allow that to happen. Thus she pressed forward, up every step losing more sapped strength each time she did pull her weight up. Every step made her all the more wobbly, and each further made her see light in her vision. By the time that she'd gotten to the top she was leaning on the closest counter surface and heaving to breath. At least, up here, surprisingly enough, it was clean. A slice of heaven in the pigpen that was this village.

    "I don' like sweets." She told him, ignoring the table and going right for the stew. She opened the lid to the contents inside, worried for what she might see under it. Did it smell like meat or had they sliced up a little of that man to throw into the pot? She stared for a time, then went to the glass cabinet to pluck a dish, a spoon and began to scoop slop after slop into the bowl. From there she ate, blowing hastily on the stew then pushing the chunk into her mouth without caring for a taste. The hot food hit the boom of her empty stomach like lead, she could feel every single thunk of it hitting the bottom of it. While she chewed she went searching for a cup, ran the tap and watched the water come into it. It had better be clear if not, she poured it right out. If it was and smelled like.. well, water. She drank the cup fully right then and there. It filled her stomach faster and cooled the eat that was the hot food that had slid down her throat like hot iron. After one more cup full she filled it again, then went back to the stew. She at least did not eat like an animal. While she ate fast, it was not without manners for the most part. Her dark eyes never left the man though, she kept him well enough insight in case he attempted to do anything.

    "Who are these people here?" Alice then asked, her voice was cracked with hunger, if she wanted to know her enemy she would have to learn from somewhere about them first.

  • A laugh that was not fit for the moment rang out of Alice's mouth to that. "Nasty conk? Ya let yer numpty fish shaggin' bitches crowd me, then ya wanna say bloody sorry fer it? Git fucked ya soddin' leech." She hissed at him. Yeah, she could still feel her head throbbing. Still felt her body weak. Still felt the foul stench in the air that would make any lesser person spill the contents of their stomachs out onto the floor. It was thankful that she didn't have anything on hers or else she might be in some trouble from that as well. 

    Was he just going to stand there next? She stared at him from where she was, weakly pressed and holding herself up. She knew that if she wanted to get out of here there might have to be some tailored degree on working with him, as much as her pride defiled the idea, she was in no place to deny such an act to accept it.

    She stood as still as she could despite the shaking in her limbs and the throbbing of her temples that made her eyes twitch and squint so often. 

    Alice might have some bruising here and there. She had a notch on her head the size of her fist most likely for one thing. Possibly some internal bruising, or something that might have happened in her sleep if she wasn't lucky in that aspect. The main point of it was that hte huntress was not yet dead which was something to be happy about. She did need food, and water. That was the most understood thing that she knew within this moment by far.

    "I don' give a damn that its sapien er not. I just want to get off this fuckin' island and back to me home." Back to people she cared to be around and yell at. None of this bullhonky that was considered a Hell in her eyes. And they flashed a little of hell when she heard the metallic scrape of the latch turning, she waited for the door to unlatch and pull away. In her hand, the rusty hammer was gripped beneath the fabric that kept it away from her flesh, she allowed it to be visible so that he would know just exactly what she was packing and that she was more than willing to continue to fight even if it were to her very last breath. 

    "Ya wanna test a carnered animal aboot if they may stake ya with a bloody hammer er not? Am a fuckin' hunter, did ya knoo that, laddie? Did it ever concern ya why that fookin' loaf of a leech brought me on that damn boat like that? What me, some martal girl must've done to piss 'im off enough to trap me in this damn place? Er was that just yer oppertunity to have yer goons trap me up in this slaughterhouse?" Cursing him out was taking farr too much breath and energy that she did not have. "I don' need a hammer to fuckin' hurt ya. I keep me hammer. It stays. No' a big problem to ya if it ain't nothin' that ya wanna be scared of, right? That, er ya cannae open the door an' just let me leave. I don' want anythin' to do with yer people er you fer that matter. I'll find me help on me own. Just let me the fuck oot of here already."

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