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Character Appearance

Dark hair, corpse-pale skin, and a particularly unnerving stare. Victor bears dark circles under his eyes, and his hands, long-fingered and thin, are constantly moving. He wears perfume always, which barely covers up the scent of decay and formaldehyde that clings to his clothing and skin. When he speaks, it is with a French accent that tends to get stronger under duress.

Character Personality

A certain degree of arrogance tempered by the restraint common to Victorian ideals. Victor is prickly and difficult by nature, but covers the unpleasant aspects of his personality up with a keen curiosity about all that he encounters, and the composed demeanor of someone who's spent years practicing it.

Character Likes

Victor adores learning and discovering new things about the world and its inhabitants. The process of science is his first and greatest love. He is also much given to the natural world, and devoted to anything which he finds beautiful- commonly natural features, but the mysteries of the human frame in all its gore are things which Victor finds equally as beautiful as the night sky.

Character Dislikes

He is claustrophobic, and hates crowds and confined spaces. He is very particular about his own appearance, particularly clothing, and becomes rather panicked when attempts are made to alter it. The main thing he dislikes above all others is the feeling of not understanding something that is going on.

Character History/Story

Victor grew up in Geneva with a fascination for all things to do with 'natural philosophy'. These topics include things such as astrology, alchemy, and the occult. After some time in the university of Ingolstadt, Victor changed his focus away from the supernatural, towards the world of chemistry, electricity, and mortuaries. Hoping to break the very boundaries of life and death, he attempted to reanimate a living human. This went about as well as you would expect. The creature was monstrous and terrifying, and Victor ran from the lab and hid the second it woke up. It escaped into the world, and Victor spent a good deal of time trying to pretend it had never existed. But it did exist, and it did not take well to being abandoned. The world offered it nothing but cruelty, and it resolved to bring the same. It killed two members of Victor's family, then returned to him, asking for a bride to ease its loneliness. After much deliberation, Victor refused. In revenge, the creature killed more of his family: his closest friend and his fiancee among them. Victor is quite melancholy. Despite this, he is deeply willing to offer any kindness to another person. He is passionately interested in knowledge of all forms, whether it is scientific or supernatural. He carries a particular interest in anything that will extend or protect human life, but has been trying to make himself ignore this interest. Despite his experiences with the creature, he believes almost naively in the good of almost every human he comes across. He has experienced little cruelty at the hands of other people, and finds it difficult to believe that they could honestly intend ill will towards him. The only enemy he has experienced is one that he himself created. Victor experiences strong feelings of revulsion towards anything that reminds him of the Creature, these being anything monstrous, anything ugly, and even the color yellow. Despite these feelings, he is aware of what caused the Creature's hatred of men, and spends much of his time trying desperately to make himself choke down this hatred, and empathize and help beings that remind him of the Creature. He is not uncomfortable with relationships with other people, and is rather affectionate towards close friends of his (in the fashion of the time, his friendships with other men tend to be quite flowery and, to our minds, easily misinterpreted). As for sex and romance, he maintains a detached, vague curiosity towards the former, and an odd mix of emotions towards the latter that tends towards dislike. Victor isn't entirely amoral. He believes very strongly against anything that would harm another being. However, he will make an exception for revenge, which he considers a perfectly reasonable justification.

Character Inventory

Victor usually carries a small roll of medical supplies- vein clamps, sutures and needles, forceps, disinfectant, bandages, and morphine, the latter of which is occasionally used for non-medical purposes. He wears gloves almost constantly, and usually brings with him a tin of perfume and a small, front-loading pistol.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Gore, Adventure

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  • (I'm feeling a lot better, thank you for asking! We can write here so let me know when you're ready.)

  • "I have been searching for quite a few years. Recently my traveling has become more frequent." Rumors of this box had spread like wildfire among the magical community. At first, Maleficent dismissed the thought. She kept her eyes out for possible clues to the object's location and paid attention to the little information she had managed to hear over the years. This was no longer a joke to her. The villainess could afford to spend decades searching for something this valuable. What did she have to lose? Time would never be a factor.

    A wicked grin returned to her face when Victor asked why she was sharing the information. The answer was simple. Victor posed no threat. She was not concerned about a human finding the box. The multiverse was difficult to navigate through, even for gifted sorcerers. Victor had always been a man of science and she doubted his magical arsenal was worth concern.

    "You are not a threat to me, Victor." As cruel and potentially insulting as her words were, Maleficent was not trying to be rude. She had no reason to lie to him.

  • [I am so sorry for the unexplained hiatus!]


  • "I am mildly interested."

    She had noticed Victor's demeanor change ever so slightly. He was holding on to the tea cup for dear life. She doubted crushing something so fragile would bring him any form of relief. Maleficent's personal life was almost always off limits. That being said, she knew small talk had its uses. For one, she could learn more about a person. The more she knew the easier it was to manipulate and torment. Given their history or lack of it, Maleficent had no intention of harming Victor. He was being polite and made it clear he was willing to assist her. Unfortunately, he did not seem to know anything about the box she sought. Maybe this realm was empty as well? How could something so valuable remain hidden for so long? The question had been eating away at her for some time now.

    When Victor inquired about the box Maleficent released a short but clearly audible sigh. "I am not certain the box is here. I know you are a man of science but you are aware that there are different worlds out there correct? There are countless realms and realities. This box is in ONE of them. I am sure some would argue I am wasting my time. For a creature susceptible to aging I would agree. I, however, have the luxury of living forever." She looked at her nails for a moment contemplating how to further explain.

    "This box contains infinite knowledge. One could see the future and even correct the past without the threat of a butterfly effect."

  • "You moved here to be with someone?" Love was such a waste of time. She could tell Victor regretted this decision. She found the behavior foolish but did not laugh. Instead, she took a small sip of her tea contemplating what to say next. There was no hint of pity in her voice, only curiosity. "If I remember correctly, you often arrived at the inn with a beast." She meant werewolf. "Your move sounds like an unfortunate waste of time." Maleficent had been in this realm for less than a day but Victor was the only person she had seen. The place seemed abandoned. Exactly who did Victor provide medical attention for?

    "Have you considered relocating?" Maleficent knew, at this point, that there were countless realms out there. The multiverse was another concept Dr. Strange had introduced to her. The sorcerer probably wished he had not at this point.

    "Yes, I have more important places to be." One of her brows rose when he asked the question again. This time instead of answering right away the villainess thought for a moment. "I am doing well, actually." Her search had proved to be frustrating and time consuming, but she was actually content with her life outside of her current evil plan. Maleficent had never lived with someone before. She expected the decision to be a complete disaster but shockingly it was proving to be the opposite.

    "I am living in New York...with the Sorcerer Supreme." She was thrilled with Victor's inquiry about the box. Talking about the mission was easier than discussing her personal life. "The black box I am searching for contains an assortment of prophesies. The knowledge could prove useful."

  • Surprisingly, Maleficent did not bother to comment on the state of his home. She never shied away from criticizing others but it was clear Victor already knew the place was a bit of a mess. He was given a slight nod in response to his apology. "I do not intend to stay long." Maleficent could not help but take a look around as Victor tended to the tea. The place was vastly different from what she was used to, although some would argue her castle needed work. Various areas were close to falling apart. This had never seemed to bother her. These days she barely spent any time in it. If she was not in New York this new hobby was keeping her busy.

    She leaned her staff against the chair and took a seat when Victor offered. The villainess knew all about years blending together. She had been alive for so long that weeks felt more like days. "Oh?  I recall seeing you in that other realm I frequented for a short period of time. What made you decide to live here?" Did he have friends? Maleficent certainly didn't. When he asked how she had been one of her brows rose. This was always a loaded question with her. It had been years since she enjoyed a quiet life. The sorceress would be lying if she said she missed it though.

    "I am...well." The hesitation made it clear she was unsure as to what to say. Maleficent rarely made small talk in part because she did not know how. Pretending to care about the lives of others was exhausting. Oddly enough part of her thought Victor did genuinely care. "I have been spending the majority of my time in New York. How are you?” It was polite to reciprocate the question.

  • A malicious smirk formed on her face when he said her name. Turns out the scientist remembered her. He did not seem pleased to see her. Who could blame him? He was right about the villainess. She did not make social calls. Socializing was usually a waste. Maleficent only engaged in conversations that were worth her time. There had to be something in it for her. In this case she wanted information.

    When he invited her in Maleficent nodded and quickly followed him inside his residence. She knew very little about the scientist but who would want to live in a place like this?

    "Tea will suffice." Victor's polite behavior was refreshing. Most of the people she spoke to either said the wrong thing or nothing at all. If Victor was afraid of her he did a decent job of hiding it. Once she was inside Maleficent allowed the door to shut behind her.

    "How long have you lived here?" There was no need for small talk.

  • Maleficent allowed her arm to fall down to her side once Victor opened the door. She recognized him immediately. The villainess had met thousands of people over the years but something about Victor made him worth remembering.

    "Good afternoon, Victor." She listened as he inquired as to what she was doing there. The answer was simple but instead of answering immediately Maleficent responded with her own question.

    "Do you not remember me?" She found that difficult to believe. How many horned fairies were there? She was the Mistress of All Evil and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. As she stood there Maleficent tried to remember the last time she had seen Victor. It was in a realm she had not visited in years. She failed to locate the box in that world so why return? After a few moments she decided to answer his question.

    "I am currently searching for an item, a black box. It is possible the box is in this realm. I have just arrived and I would like you to tell me what you know about this place. Have you been here long?"

  • Realm jumping was complicated, irksome, but necessary for the so called Mistress of All Evil. She was looking for something, something that would change her life forever. The black box she sought out supposedly contained prophesies and notes from the future. The villainess was capable of many things but seeing the future was not one of them. She could conjure various spells and show a person what she claimed was their future. In reality, she was only showing an individual what she wanted them to see. Thus far this highly desired black box was proving difficult to find. Maleficent had traveled to countless realms, all of which were empty. Perhaps this one would be different?

    A verdant circular portal appeared just outside Victor's office one night and the horned sorceress stepped out, not hesitating to let it close behind her. She was without her raven for the time being. She looked around for a moment assessing her surroundings and quickly forming an opinion. The realm was repulsive. Why was everything When she looked to her left Maleficent noticed a building with a name listed on the front door.

    Doctor Victor Frankenstein

    Why did that sound so familiar? It took her a moment but she soon realized this was someone she had met before in another realm. What was it called again?
    Without warning she approached the door and raised her fist to the door knocking three times.

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