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Character Appearance

Dark hair, corpse-pale skin, and a particularly unnerving stare. Victor bears dark circles under his eyes, and his hands, long-fingered and thin, are constantly moving. He wears perfume always, which barely covers up the scent of decay and formaldehyde that clings to his clothing and skin. When he speaks, it is with a French accent that tends to get stronger under duress.

Character Personality

A certain degree of arrogance tempered by the restraint common to Victorian ideals. Victor is prickly and difficult by nature, but covers the unpleasant aspects of his personality up with a keen curiosity about all that he encounters, and the composed demeanor of someone who's spent years practicing it.

Character Likes

Victor adores learning and discovering new things about the world and its inhabitants. The process of science is his first and greatest love. He is also much given to the natural world, and devoted to anything which he finds beautiful- commonly natural features, but the mysteries of the human frame in all its gore are things which Victor finds equally as beautiful as the night sky.

Character Dislikes

He is claustrophobic, and hates crowds and confined spaces. He is very particular about his own appearance, particularly clothing, and becomes rather panicked when attempts are made to alter it. The main thing he dislikes above all others is the feeling of not understanding something that is going on.

Character History/Story

Victor grew up in Geneva with a fascination for all things to do with 'natural philosophy'. These topics include things such as astrology, alchemy, and the occult. After some time in the university of Ingolstadt, Victor changed his focus away from the supernatural, towards the world of chemistry, electricity, and mortuaries. Hoping to break the very boundaries of life and death, he attempted to reanimate a living human. This went about as well as you would expect. The creature was monstrous and terrifying, and Victor ran from the lab and hid the second it woke up. It escaped into the world, and Victor spent a good deal of time trying to pretend it had never existed. But it did exist, and it did not take well to being abandoned. The world offered it nothing but cruelty, and it resolved to bring the same. It killed two members of Victor's family, then returned to him, asking for a bride to ease its loneliness. After much deliberation, Victor refused. In revenge, the creature killed more of his family: his closest friend and his fiancee among them. Victor is quite melancholy. Despite this, he is deeply willing to offer any kindness to another person. He is passionately interested in knowledge of all forms, whether it is scientific or supernatural. He carries a particular interest in anything that will extend or protect human life, but has been trying to make himself ignore this interest. Despite his experiences with the creature, he believes almost naively in the good of almost every human he comes across. He has experienced little cruelty at the hands of other people, and finds it difficult to believe that they could honestly intend ill will towards him. The only enemy he has experienced is one that he himself created. Victor experiences strong feelings of revulsion towards anything that reminds him of the Creature, these being anything monstrous, anything ugly, and even the color yellow. Despite these feelings, he is aware of what caused the Creature's hatred of men, and spends much of his time trying desperately to make himself choke down this hatred, and empathize and help beings that remind him of the Creature. He is not uncomfortable with relationships with other people, and is rather affectionate towards close friends of his (in the fashion of the time, his friendships with other men tend to be quite flowery and, to our minds, easily misinterpreted). As for sex and romance, he maintains a detached, vague curiosity towards the former, and an odd mix of emotions towards the latter that tends towards dislike. Victor isn't entirely amoral. He believes very strongly against anything that would harm another being. However, he will make an exception for revenge, which he considers a perfectly reasonable justification.

Character Inventory

Victor usually carries a small roll of medical supplies- vein clamps, sutures and needles, forceps, disinfectant, bandages, and morphine, the latter of which is occasionally used for non-medical purposes. He wears gloves almost constantly, and usually brings with him a tin of perfume and a small, front-loading pistol.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Gore, Adventure

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  • Even as Victor spoke, Edward continued to stand in that half-darkness. Motionless, but afraid. And soon after, his leathery body did begin to tremble ever so slightly. So unaccustomed was he to hearing another person's voice in the castle (after so many long years of being alone) the acoustics of Victor's voice were more than enough to send him into a small fit of panic.

    Edward's grasp on the English language was firm, but ill-practised. He did understand what Victor was saying to him, but he lacked the skill and social grace to respond in a timely manner. So when the incomplete creature at last found courage enough to step out of the shadows and into the pale, blue light where he could be seen, he still had not said a single word. Which in his case, was rather unfortunate. As from the state of him, one could easily mistake Edward for being a killer of some sorts. Indeed, from a distance it would appear that he was holding several knives. Five in each hand to be exact. And to be even more precise, they did not seem to be knives at all, but blades. Scissor blades.

    However, upon closer inspection one would have soon realized (to both their horror and confusion) that Edward was not holding a weapon. His hands WERE weapons. Five long and very sharp blades attached to the ends of his wrists, as if fused to his body. They were just as much a part of his biological make up as everything else, so they could not be removed in any way. At least, not by Edward alone.

    As a mess of tangled, jet black hair fell over his translucent pale face and he stared down at Victor from that place at the top of the stairs, it might at first have seemed as though Edward did wish the doctor ill intent of some kind.

    His physical state was quite intimidating. And it was impossible to tell if Edward had once been human, but had been twisted and reformed by monsterous experiements gone awry; or if he had been made, stitched together piece by piece to resemble the odd form which stood before Victor in that dark and desolate place. And suddenly, that gun that the doctor had in his possession seemed almost useless. For there was no guarantee that guns or fire arms of any kind would even work against such an unusual looking being.

    Of course, Edward had never meant to look like this. Always, his maker had intended for him to be fully perfect one day. If only he had had more time to complete what was now his last creation.

    However, there was something about the gleam in Edward's eyes which did not seem to be hostile whatsoever. And he did not look as though he were intending to attack Victor, despite how horrific he appeared. His stance was guarded, but passive. He was not angered nor was he provoked in any way. No. He seemed quite scared, actually.

    Like a small, frightened child; trapped in the body of a man.

  • Desi is called The Abomination, she's hybrid of Gold and Black Dragon, she is slowly losing her light/goodness and going evil/dark. She is an contract killer named Wrath, an corrupt defense attorney, and CEO of multiple Fortune 500 companies that manufactur weapons and she also does Black Market Deals with her weapons..

    I suppose for some quick ideas:

    Maybe your character needs an Defense Attorney or could be a new target of hers, but on an rare moment of goodness she could change her mind? Or they could meet by chance? Or also somesthing involving her Black Market deals or with her companies..  I'll try to think of others then if that doesn't work)

  • A malicious smirk formed on her face when he said her name. Turns out the scientist remembered her. He did not seem pleased to see her. Who could blame him? He was right about the villainess. She did not make social calls. Socializing was usually a waste. Maleficent only engaged in conversations that were worth her time. There had to be something in it for her. In this case she wanted information.

    When he invited her in Maleficent nodded and quickly followed him inside his residence. She knew very little about the scientist but who would want to live in a place like this?

    "Tea will suffice." Victor's polite behavior was refreshing. Most of the people she spoke to either said the wrong thing or nothing at all. If Victor was afraid of her he did a decent job of hiding it. Once she was inside Maleficent allowed the door to shut behind her.

    "How long have you lived here?" There was no need for small talk.

  • ( Your reply was so detailed! Great job! )

    From the state of the abandoned and sinister looking castle, one could scarcely imagine it had once been occupied by an eccentric but very kind inventor; whose interests one might suppose were not altogether dissimilar from Victor's. Creating artificial life had not been his intended pursuit, but it had happened all the same. And what ever became of that amazing and fantastical experiment was all that remained within. For the old Inventor had died long ago.

    Victor would have been surprised to find that the front door did still work. It had not rusted shut yet, although it had been dangerously close to doing so before his arrival. This castle had sat on its lonely hill for so long. Far longer than anyone even knew. But the bones of it, the parts that still held strong and firm, were operational. Everything else however, had fallen into a sad state of disrepair.

    Upon opening the door, it creaked loudly in agony on its ancient hinges. Once a beam of sunlight was shot into the dark chamber, Victor could observe even from that distance a number of cob-web covered machines and other mechnical devices within the main chamber.

    For what purpose these machines had been built for was equal parts ambiguous and unsettling. To an outsider's eyes, they might have seemed like some deranged torture device. No, these weren't medieval. In fact, they looked to be very much in line with designs born from the industrial revolution in the 19th century. But their functions were still nonetheless a mystery. If only Victor could have witnessed these machines as they once were, in their prime, when they were still fully functional. Then all would be transparently clear and one would have then laughed at having ever believed they were meant for a nefarious purpose.

    Several paces backwards from the machines however and closer to where Victor was now standing, was a staircase entrapped with even more dust and cob-webs in its railing, which spun and curved every onwards as the stairs climbed into the darkness of the second floor. And it was from that darkness that the Castle's only remaining occupant resided.

    The synthetic humanoid, whose creator had long ago named him Edward, stood so still in those black and blue shadows at the top of the staircase, he seemed to be scarcely alive at all. But he was indeed. His artificial heart still beat in the ancient machine that was his body. He barely made a sound, nor did he dare to approach this new and very unexpected visitor. The only indication that anyone was there at all, would have been the very faint yet very distinct sound of scissor blades snipping against one another...

  • (Would you like to plot?)

  • Plopped down in the center of a vast, open field was a single, lonely mountain. Desolate and sickly in its state. What had once been a beautiful green hill was now grey and sick with decay. At the very top of the mountain's summit, was a large stone castle. The mountain path which took one upwards towards the castle seemed to have been well maintained at one time but was now corrupted by the foliage surrounding it.

    The castle itself was a marvel of gothic architecture. Ancient and magnificent, reliving the past glory it might have recieved when it was first built. The spires which adorned the castle peaks seemed to stretch all the way the heavens to pierce the clouds above. The old and beautiful structure looked as though it had sat here, on this forgotten mountain for one hundred years. Perhaps it would stay for one hundred more.

    The limbs of dead and barren trees were twisting around it. And many stone animals and creatures of all types were perched on top of the gate. Everything from owls, to deer, dogs, and birds. They might have been adorable had they not been made out of such grey and lifeless stone.

    This was the home of the creature named Edward. An unfinished being, who had never dared to venture down from his home on the top of this hill, at the edge of the world, (or so it would have felt to him.) And while many had passed by the strange and forlorn looking mountain, with the stone castle that was its crown; no one had ever suspected that when they gazed up at the castle, someone was gazing down back at them from inside.

    It is here where the good Doctor Frankenstein would have found himself stumbling upon. And naturally, curiosity would have been a powerful draw towards the amazing yet very unusual sight.


    (Let me know if that works!)


  • ( No, not at all! I should have that for you by tonight. )

  • ( All right. That works for me. I can start if you like. Or you can. It's up to you. )

  • Maleficent allowed her arm to fall down to her side once Victor opened the door. She recognized him immediately. The villainess had met thousands of people over the years but something about Victor made him worth remembering.

    "Good afternoon, Victor." She listened as he inquired as to what she was doing there. The answer was simple but instead of answering immediately Maleficent responded with her own question.

    "Do you not remember me?" She found that difficult to believe. How many horned fairies were there? She was the Mistress of All Evil and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. As she stood there Maleficent tried to remember the last time she had seen Victor. It was in a realm she had not visited in years. She failed to locate the box in that world so why return? After a few moments she decided to answer his question.

    "I am currently searching for an item, a black box. It is possible the box is in this realm. I have just arrived and I would like you to tell me what you know about this place. Have you been here long?"

  • Jeremiah's shoulders relax the moment the other man's hands let go. He's never been terribly fond of physical contact with another, and demonic possession certainly didn't improve that. If anything, it has made him paranoid; it took him months to learn to trust someone's touch again, to understand that not everyone in the world is out there to get him. Victor's hands on him made him panic, to the point that he was seconds away from landing a punch across the other man's face. Months ago, he definitely would have without a warning before fleeing away to the safety of his home.

    Is he truly ever safe? The thought haunts him more times than he cares to admit.

    His knuckles go white as he clutches his drink tightly. The longer this stranger is in his presence, looking at him like he knows him, the more awkward Jeremiah stands there, incapable of coming up with a decent answer. It isn't the first time someone has come up to him, claiming to be an acquaintance and him having to play dumb. He feels guilty every single time, wishes he could just speak the truth out loud and ask What happened while I was gone?

    Even now, as spooked as he was by Victor's initial reaction, Jeremiah wonders what could He had possibly done in his body to have the man approach him in such a way. Does he really want to know? 

    ''Oh, no, no, no. I apologize for being so...'' Paranoid. ''Harsh. I've been told my social skills need some work.'' His stoic expression drops for a moment, lips forming into a sad little smile. It seems it all he seems capable of these days.  ''I'm Jeremiah.'' He nods curtly, accepting Victor's hand and giving it a firm shake. After pulling back, he nods towards the food truck. ''Why don't you join me for lunch? Their portobello burritos are amazing.''

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