Growing Up Fast

~ Basic Information ~

Full Name: Tristan Rosette Caine | Species: Hellhound – Subspecies: Vycan

Gender: Female | Age: 36 years old

Nicknames: Tris, Fireheart,  Little Mune or Mune (By her father), Six

Titles: Enforcer 6


~ Family ~

Significant other: No one

Father: Horatio Caine - Mother: Alexandria Novak

Siblings: None

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Full Name: Ezzy | Species: Dog - Subspecies: German Shepherd  | Age: 3 years | Gender: Female


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  • (Lol talk about irony, Huntress is an Enforcer as well for the meta's and what have you z definitely can add supernatural since the meta are close to being supernatural. So we can plot around that? Which setting would work better could Tristan head up to Gotham, or should Huntress travel down to Miami? I can add in Huntress's new mask, which she grudgingly wears. - @Helena K.)

  •  [Csi miami! Oh I remember that show I miss it. Kemena is the newest El Chicano, she's an hybrid of Culebra/Xibalban Demon. She could have moved to Miami or been on loan to the Miami Dade Police department and El Chicano could make an appearance. Maybe the Sinaloa cartel discussing an agreement with La Costa Nostra and the PD can't do much and maybe Kemena as El Chicano could team up with Tristan?]

  • (Horatio Caine from CSI:Miami? I hopes to plot! Maybe an Golden Dragon turned vigilante can do an team up?)

  • (thank you for adding me, perhaps we might be able to work together on an plot? Anya is an Courier/Transporter/Black Ops Agent-Assassin. I'm still adding stuff in for her to bring her to life but I have general ideas for her and some history, I'd be happy to answer any questions.)

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