The Walking Void




Δτlλs was birthed from the void. Floating within an endless expanse of darkness, no such thing as cold, nor warm to keep him company. The only thing to keep him company, the sound of his own thoughts. Words put together through heinous sounds, created without a mouth, but from pure instinct itself. He watched as nothing became everything, the first particles that had manifested into existence and how they were literally growing within him. Black became white, darkness became light, and even he, found himself with a body. As the light of creation had created a body, a molded form in which his consciousness could be held, like a vessel, he found that the very void he had been birthed in had taken a new form. Around him had laid a barren wasteland, hellish in nature, while a sea of burning clouds had lingered above. Across the burning lands that he found himself on, there was the light once more, growing, larger and brighter than existence. A celestial body, manifesting from the black, and extinguishing the dark. From an eclipse came the birth of a star, touching the land that he stood on, making the very earth beneath his feet falter and fade into obscurity as the lands would shift from rock, to simply ash. Within this desert, he lay, numbed by the star that had crashed into the barren lands of old, within this land he found purpose. He arose form his ed of ash, and into the sky his existence would fade once more, and once more, came the black. An omnipresent force that would devour the winds, the seas, the rock, the ash, and the light that shined down and touched the terrain that creation had trespassed on. All would be consumed, tendrils of colorless energy would swarm across the unforgiving space, fighting against the massive light that shattered the space of black in which he had been birthed from. Writhing against the burning of the light, it would all begin to a dwindle, an explosion of cataclysmic energy that would warp the foundations of what creation would be, bridging together both the void as well as creation itself. Δτlλs consumed the light, and turned into a colossal giant, covering all of the known reality, eating and consuming with much more power than any sun, or singularity could imagine, as all fell before his touch in a bitter rampage of hunger. The black spread and spread, ate and ate until there was nothing but the fading of the light that lingered in the end. This is what was left of creation, an insignificant spec within the grand scheme of what would be a new void. The child had become the father and he was reborn anew, within the darkness once more.








Nothing has value, all things are equal in the end.









An epoch later, he stirred. Curious, and hungry once more. That light, that had dwindled to a water drop in comparison to an ocean, had grown into a pale of water, that was threatening to spill over, and into the void once more. Feeling threatened, he left his domain once more, the formless chaos that contained all there ever was would have to exert it's influence once more. Yet hesitant, feeling a sense of curiosity, a sensation he had never experienced before. He acted on such curiosity and a need for something he had a lack of. Stimulation. Instead of devouring the entirety of creation, he ripped himself from the foundations of the black and placed himself within the foundations of the light. Doing so had placed him within the high heavens, before the gates, the consuming being had appeared, within the very forge that had crafted creation itself.

Before the gates, a throng melodies had surrounded him. The fiery Seraphs, clad within flames that matched the stars had appeared before him, along with the Cherubs and the greatest of the Archangels, feeling that he was a threat to all that they were and the heavens themselves. Even then, without realizing it, he was eating away at the very existence itself, invisible tendrils were consuming the dimension, breaking it down, little by little. The once golden gates, would turn grey, the hue itself being erased completely. And so, the lieutenants and generals of heaven attempted to clash against chaos, only to find themselves brought to their knees with absolute obedience.

Feeling powerless before the being, a great majority of the lower angels tried to escape, the divine beings in a panic as his very presence before the gates was causing all that God had crafted to simply collapse. Yet, the fearful angels were not allowed to escape, status didn't matter, he was indiscriminate, consuming the existences of the divine themselves and using their corpses physically to break down the gate that had become brittle and battered. This left the legions of heaven in disarray, plagued with chaos as it's greatest soldiers and leaders fell before them. He walked beyond the gates and onto the streets of the Heavenly. Streets once paved with gold would fade, their color drying up into nothing but a melancholic city that seemed to be simply dying.

He was curious, but not as curious as someone with nothing would have hoped to be. Heaven /was/ perfect. He was, to a certain point, well aware at the scale of destruction he was causing just 'existing' there, but he had little care as to what the angels and their city did as a reaction to him. He wanted to meet with the one whom had created it all. The one whom had first shown him the light, and created a sense of restlessness for him. He'd find himself, standing upon the highest of peaks, overlooking all of reality from the confines of single, seemingly endless expanse.

The touch of God was the first real sensation that he had come into contact with within that plane. A hand, manifested from a complex number of colors and energies that cannot be fathomed by even the highest of gods hand gripped his shoulder. Not with malice or threat, but with caution more than anything. The being did not falter, nor did he fade when in the presence of him, it was the first time that he'd met someone so...enigmatic. Similar to himself. He found himself connected with the being. He saw him not as someone or something that could simply cease, like all other things, but as a sort of kin. What the being saw in him, he could not understand. After this, he left Heaven, appeased with what he had seen, or rather heard from the being, the kinship he felt prevented him from devouring all of Heaven in his endless hunger.

Epochs afterward, Atlas had found himself wandering the great reality in which his 'kin' had created. He was hungry, but not for creation itself, but instead hungry and in search of stimulation. The need to feel something more than what he was had created an instinctual need for stimulation now that he had tasted even a drop of it. After traveling to vast planes and dimensions that mostly were completely empty, he stumbled upon a domain that he would name "The Domain of The Gods". While it is impossible to describe with words, those who resided there did not take kindly to an 'existence' such as Atlas. While Atlas simply wanted to experience who and what the beings that resided there were, he was met with immediate hostility by one called 'Atum' or 'Ra', a territorial creator deity. 

Atlas himself didn't actually care for violence, but only stimulation no matter the method. Atum and all of his gods had viciously attacked Atlas which resulted in a thunderous rapture of the dimension itself. Atlas was not bothered by the lesser gods, but a Creator like Atum was something that had been a severe miscalculation for Atlas. He felt a kinship towrad him, however Atum did not feel the same and while Atlas was a walking void, the creator was his anti-thesis. After a vast battle that lasted several more eons the dimsension had completely collapsed from the two conflicting powers of Atlas and Atum combatng each other. Atum had the upper hand however and was prepared to completely eradicate Atlas however Atlas fearful of returning to an 'existence' without stimulation unrestrained himself and unleashed his true shapeless form. 

When he had talked to God, he had made a promise he would never unleash his true self unto Creation out of instinctual kinship he had toward him. He had broken his promise in an attempt to fight for his 'life'. The dimension had been completely been consumed by his coloress true form, and all things within faded from vision and were replaced with the black of the Void. Atlas would use this to not only escape, but to run far...far away. Atum however survived and gave the being Atlas his name 'Atlas' as he had no name in which Atum could know him by. Later on the same name would be given to the Titan Atlas whom is said to hold the world as a punishment from the gods. After the conflict the dimension had become a Void. It was a Void that would one day be named the Eridanus Supervoid by modern scientists.

Atlas having not recovered from his injuries went from plane to plane, searching for someone to protect him from the wrath of Atum whom he felt was certainly still searching for him. He was weak, and needed to hide but everywhere he went all rejected him, as his existene was something that brought disaster to all. Often Atlas was driven to the edge of 'death' constantly by other powerful beings and this resulted in more pockets in reality becoming Voids for modern scientists to find.  Atlas traveled for eons like this, and while his injuries slowly healed themselves his memory was being shaved away in exchange. Eventually over time he had forgotten his kinship with God and even the memory of storming Heaven, as well as his fight with Atum. He was once again becoming a blank slate. Toward the end of his journey searching for even a single person to help him before he had completely forgotten whom he was and why, he could only remember the name that Atum had given him.

When he felt like even that was going to fade away as well, he found himself on a new planet in the presence of a woman who would be his guiding light. She took care of him when he didn't even know why he was running nor why he was even still injured. Yet that kindness she showed him revived a once forgotten memory of a being placing a hand on his shoulder and genuinely enjoying each other's company. With a muddled mind and unstable sanity, his memory of God had been replaced with the first meeting between him and weaponsmith he now calls his Mistress, Valkyrie. Thanks to her kindness he slowly but surely was becoming whole once more, one step at a time. Yet when life seemed to be good for a while, because of his negligence his Mistress died. When she died he lost control, preparing to do what he had always done when he lost control, create another Void. Yet with the memory of his Mistress still left in his mind, he decided to punish himself by sealing himself in her beloved weapon for eternity, so he would not destroy the planet she called home. 


“I think therefore I am”

Within the weapon of his Mistress, there is nothing and there was always nothing. He had created a pocket void within so that he could reside forever. With the toll of having killed Valkyrie on his shoulders, he truly felt like Atlas from the legends of old. So he sat there, in the black with nothing but his own thoughts. A man would usually go insane in such a perdicament, but having been birthed from that solitary stillness, it was comforting. That was until the lonliness had set in. He was born as nothing with nothing. Yet now he had everything but had lost everything. He was the sole reason for all of his suffering, and these thoughts tortured him for years within the weapon.

Years within the weapon had taught him many things. A man alone for 5 years can become a very different person. His thoughts turned inward and within those thoughts, a meaning was given to every action that he had done in his past as well as the question Why? Within the darkness, his life with Valkyrie was on constant replay, and he had been analyzing every moment he had with her to the point of pure madness for an ordinary man. Yet Atlas wanted meaning and reason behind every detail he could find to at least keep himself away from the thoughts of being alone. He was discovering more about himself than ever before, even his own virtues and vices that plagued him as though he were a simple mortal. 

In the end he had realized that in the end, all beings are equal. Whether they exist, or they do not. All things hold the same value, even himself in comparison to the trees, the earth, the wind and water of the world itself. He found this thought process to be comforting in some way, thinking that even someone like himself could hold the same weight as someone as his Mistress. While this soothed his thoughts, he began craving stimulation again, so he would constantly challenge his thoughts, and revise endlessly. Watching the memories of Val and himself together allowed him to gain a bigger scope of not only of himself but also the world and universe itself. Being alone for so long his mind became old and wise. A forced maturity was thrust upon him as he began to gather purpose in his thoughts. Thanks to this, Atlas had changed significantly from the blank slate she had taken in long ago.

To know who Atlas truly is, pull up a chair, and prepare to have a nice and long chat.




Valkyrie is someone extremely important to Atlas. She helped drag him out of an extremely dark place. She was also the first person since beginning his multi-versal to show true kindness toward him. Beause of this he feels an unconditional love toward her. He sees her not only as his Mistress but whom he admires most. She is everything to him. He currently resides in her weapon without her knowing, not leaving the weapon purely observering her from afar, as he feels if he were to leave despite her being alive, he would only bring disaster to her.


He is known to also have a very protective nature over Valkyrie, and will often disregard the lives and values of others and even himself in order to better be of use to Valkyrie even to the point of him being a tool to use at her own discretion. He feels this is the way to find redemption for his sin. He etnerally loathes himself, but as long as Valkyrie is alive he can live happily no matter the the outcome. 






Atlas has a very obscure vision on himself and life as well as creation. He is an extremely passive entity with few cares. He once believed that he could find purpose through stimulation, but after those ideals were crushed he had lost the destire to consume or chase stiumlation. Yet and still he goes out of his way to experience new things. He is extremely empathetic, primarily because he feels extremely alive when his emotions can connect with others and vice versa. Atlas is a complex dreamer, he wants to see great things and do great things, however he will not do said things without Valkyrie whom he nigh-obssessed with protecting after she'd died the first time. 

Atlas is also big on smiles, even in horrible situations. You can always find him laughing or simply having fun being 'alive'. He sees the ways things are connected and loves to forge paths for himself and others using said connections. He truly believes all are equal and will not discriminate nor bully others. However he has a psychological fear of specific deities because of his past and prefers not to interact with them at all, for a reason he has forgotten. Overall Atlas is more 'human' than he truly realizes. Yet he continues to strive to figure out the human condition itself. He is a deep thinker and a free spirit.


Atlas is an extremely powerufl and potent being. However he is also heavily restrained because of his promise he is trying to keep with God. He is still powerful, but nowhere near his peak when he able to release his restrains on his 'existence'. The only time he does this is when his life is in genuine danger, or Valkyrie is. Though while he is restraining himself he can still create exotic phenomena by sheer will. While he still has a broad range of abilities it would be best to keep things more generalized. Whenever he unrestrains himself he slowly reverts back to his true nature of the all-consuming Void and causes him to rpaidly lose memories whilst unrestrained.


Entity of The Void: With this unique aspect, he is a being of pure non-existence itself. Not truly 'real' nor is he an illusion. Yet because of this, his mere presence can cause things around him to begin fading from existence if there is prolonged exposure. Yet he can control this area around him so these things don't happen. Thought because he is an intruder on existence and the walking Void he is able to stimulate the Void via pure will to do his bidding using his body as a conduit. With this he is able to erase things from existence and even erase the barrier between worlds and dimensions in order to travel to places or even instantly move from one point to another. Though because of this he is generally unaffected by most things. He cannot create anything but only erase and destroy. This passive ability generally allows him to be detached from the Void using a vessel such as the one he is using now, molded from the Void itself allowing him to be a walking Void that erases and destroys whatever it''s influence comes into contact with. Otherwise in all other aspects of capabilities he could be easily confused with some ancient divine being that garners worship.




Creation: His primary weakness is creation itself, or rather the act of creating. As he is empty and non-existent as the walking Void, an individual with a potent grasp on Creation phenomena and magic are able to deal damage to him even to the point of death. However in return he is also Creation's worst enemy as well. Both are destined to nullify each other eternally, but because of his past he tends to avoid anyone with such power.

Valkyrie: His Mistress and secondary is a weakness simply because of how much he cares for her. She can cloud his judgement and even make him act unusually irrational. If she decided to betray him, or someone decided to use her as a hostage, he would be in a serious perdicament.  

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  •   Stillness, that was the first thing Valkyrie sensed. It was as if a tornado was plotting to rip through the place at any moment. The sheer tension of the situation caused the Mistress to instinctively clench her fists. She was no longer being hunted. She no longer had enemies, yet the sheer instinct of the brute took over. 

      The first thought that crossed her mind soon after was her scythe. Who was wielding it? Who could wield it? 


      Could it really be? Valkyrie did not dream, even in her sleep. This could not be a dream. More so, she could not stop her brain from racing. It had been years. Years since her death, even more since her Ressurection. Golden hues stared blankly through the naked figure as he approached. Something had to be wrong, had she been forced into some sort of mind deceiving magick? 

      Valkyrie's heart, on the other hand, did exist and it was beating wildly. She wasn't in love, nor was she aroused by his nakedness. It was the shock of his return that had her at a loss for everything. Her mind was full of questions yet empty at the same time. The shocked expression remained until the realization hit of what her Servant was doing. 

      As Atlas spoke, Valkyrie's eyes closed, her right eyebrow twitching at the sheer stupidity. As soon as he finished his last words, the Mistress struck the tree with her first in a sweeping motion. This sent the foliage flying to the right and smashing into a segment of the privacy fence. That same hand outstretched its palm in the direction of her scythe, recalling it to her person. In one swift motion, the weapon disappeared in a cloud of Void smoke, only to erupt back into her grasp in the same manner. 

      With that, Valkyrie turned her back to her naked servant. "I expect a new tree planted in place of the one you destroyed." She jabbed, sliding the glass door open and taking her first step inside. "Fix my fence." She barked again. "And for the love of God, put some clothes on." 

      Slamming the glass door shut behind her, Valkyrie left Atlas outside. The Mistress placed her scythe upon the counter to her right before moving further into the house. Sliding onto the sofa that bordered the front door, Valkyrie rested an elbow on the arm of the furniture. Her chin now resting in her hand as she lent forward. From this location, she could partly see her backyard through the glass door, however, she was not looking. Golden hues blinked as she delved into her own thoughts. How did this happen? Examining the front and back of her free hand, she concluded that everything in her body still felt the same. She didn't lose any power, did she? What was she going to do now? Concern plastered itself clearly upon her features. 

      Golden hues now turned their gaze elsewhere. The Hallway. It was full of rooms for her servants. These rooms lined both sides to the end of the hall, leading to a staircase. Upstairs were her own quarters. Her gaze lingered, only two rooms were labeled, all the rest presumed vacant. The first plate read 'Ceres'. The door itself and the metal plate were dusty and worn with age. The other room was equally as abandoned, cobwebs hung from the doorknob indicating the last time it had been opened. 'Atlas'

      Why had Valkyrie kept these rooms? Perhaps she truly did mourn them in her own way. Either way, it was only a matter of time before Atlas came inside to fetch clothes; if there were any in the abandoned room anyway.



  • Katalam | 3:37pm 

       Alone. That's how Valkyrie felt. That's how Valkyrie was. Most of the time, it was a calming feeling, she loved it. How did it come to be like this? After the great war, Ceres did not return home. Amir had been killed but at the cost of her Fae servant. Her other servant Nik was constantly roaming. Valkyrie didn't care. She hadn't kept tight reins on any of her servants over the years. Not since Altas vanished.

      The Mistress extended her right arm outwards; fingers gracefully rolled open as her palm faced downwards. Sunlight danced across her cream-colored skin in waves. It was a cooler day in The City in the Sands. Cool of course meaning upper 90's. Valkyrie's backyard, however, had a decent amount of shade from the large oaks that bordered her home and the forests that her property line ended at. She remembered venturing through those woods. Deep inside the brush once hid a Fae clan. Our Mistress had slaughtered them all at the mercy of someone else. A single brow lowered in agitation until she pushed that thought to the back of her mind. Amir was dead now, that was that. If only it had been by her own hands. 

      A pale purple haze slowly seeped through the pores of our Mistress emanating from the shoulder of her outstretched hand. The smoke coiled and circled its way down her arm and eventually spiraled around each finger. The noxious smoke finally took form, starting in the palm of her hand. The outline became evident. As soon as the outline could be identified, the haze burst in every direction, disappearing within seconds as if never there. In its wake, a beautiful hand-crafted scythe remains. Valkyrie stopped to admire it, lifting her gaze to the curved blade. The metal was a dark onyx color, tungsten to be exact. Though the blade itself was a soft, sheen of silver. This weapon had been with her for as long as she could remember. In fact, it was by her hands that the blade was expertly crafted. 

      It was a quiet day in Katalam, Valkyrie's home sits not too far from Merchant's Road. Although the front of her home was partly viewable from the road. The backyard of her home was not only fenced with a tall wooden privacy fence but also faced away from the city. It was peaceful here; Ceres' favorite place to linger. A brow lowered at the thought of Ceres. She really didn't miss her all that much. Nik was still around after all, somewhere. She wasn't all that lonely. Then why was she so angry? Be it the Berserker gene, or the peaceful tension of the day. 

      With an aggravated growl, Valkyrie hurled that precious scythe of hers. The force of her rage sent the blade spinning through the air with a whirling noise. As quickly as it was hurled, however, it came to a halt with a thud. Curved end first. The scythe had found its place exactly where aimed; in the trunk of a nearby tree bordering the Mistress's property.

    Where would she go from here...

  • Ooo oki! I will be reading :D

  • Good ^-^ I missed you! How do you write with someone that's sleeping in a weapon???

  • Ready for Writing Requests

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  • UC

  • I'd offer to write but ceres will be dying soon. Along with Amir! We're going to 2nd gens :D

  • Yo checking to see if you're still around before I reply to ya.

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