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Abrielle Santiago Beaumont
Sexuality and Romantic tendencies:
Bisexual, Biromantic
French, Spanish and Native American (Salish tribe)
Omnist, Pagan
Focal points in Skill Set
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>> Bond Manipulation and Creation<<
>> Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Readings, Lenormand, Cortomancy, Oracle Decks, ect. << 
>>Sigil making<<
>> Runes <<
>> Spell Casting <<
>> Spell Creation <<
>> Potion making <<
>> Alchemy <<
>> Spirit Working <<
>> Hedge Craft <<
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Magick Types she's Studying
>> Tea magick <<
>> Bone magick <<
>> Blood magick <<
>> Green Magick <<
Personality Description
She used to be the kind of girl you wondered just how the fuck she did it. She was the kind of girl you would want to be, with good grades, a great family, great friends, who was in almost every sport, but then her whole world was flipped upside down.
And all of a sudden, she was the very opposite of who she was before. Her outgoing nature became very selective all of a sudden. Abri became slightly ruder, more withdrawn and it was because of her depression. People weren't as easy to connect with anymore, and emotions just flew out the window. 
Despite her complex nature, she is still very kind. Her curiosity and energy are focused on her hobbies and personal little adventures. Abri's got a good head on her shoulders, and when she puts her mind to it, she can face and do anything. 
Physical Description
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High cheekbones, along with a downturned nose, a natural high light, a tear-shaped cupid's bow, full lips, dimples, naturally shaped eyebrows; she has the makings of a face that looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. Her skin is bronzed, but where the sun hits the most are smatterings of freckles. Abrielle's spine is inked with the lunar cycle, down to between her back dimples. There is also a fern tattoo resting on the inside of her left thigh.
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Whittington The Grimalkin
A Grimalkin is a special kind of cat- seeing as they can speak and perform magick themselves. Whittington was found as a kitten, and immediately she knew Whittington was meant to be her familiar. She felt a special connection to the cat and treated him to health. He was named Whittington, after a tomcat featured in a book, Whittington, written by Alan Armstrong.
Georgie The Birb
Georgie was rescued from an abusive situation. He is very sweet, but can get very nervous. While there is nothing super special in regards to magick to him- he is a normal birb after all; he still has a very strong spiritual connection with Abrielle.

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Also known as Cihuacoatl and Quilaztl.

Queen of Tamoanchan, Cihuateto and the Tztizimime.

Aztec Goddess

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At first, there was the void. Then, a duality god, Ometechutli and Omecihuatl, both good and evil, light and darkness, male and female, had four children. Huizilopochtli, Quetzacoatl, Texcatlipoca and Xipe Totec, each the god of one direction. These four gods began to create, but one of their creations, a fierce sea monster named Cipactli, began to eat any other creation who fell into the sea. When the four gods of the directions destroyed Cipactli, her body parts became the universe. Her tail would be the underworld, her body became the earth and her head became the thirteen levels of heaven.
Itzpapalotl was one of the Tzitzimime [star demons] who had an affair with the earth god, Tonacatecutli and got pregnant with another god, Mixcoatl. She died in childbirth and was reborn in a lower part of heaven, Tamoanchan. Tamoanchan was then transformed into a paradise only for Tzitzimime but also women who had died in childbirth, later known to be the Cihuatetos.
Remember Mixcoatl and Huizilopochtli?
Together the two killed eight hundred star gods who had plotted against Huizilophchtli's mother, being half brothers. Four hundred of those gods happened to be Mixoatl's own sons. Those who escaped Mixcoatl's wrath and took the form of men were seduced then ripped apart by the Queen of Tamoanchan herself, Itzpapalotl. But that's not the only thing that Itzpapalotl did.
Going down into deepest layer of the underworld along with another god that has been mentioned, Quetzacoatl, the feathered serpent, she took the bones of the dead and had the Tztitzimime make them into men. She did this against the discretion of the underworld's king, Mictlāntēcutli.


Come get me, Homme.

Human Form

 Her Vessel is the tan form of a human who stands at a grand total of 5'7" with light hazel eyes, dark curly hair, and a lovely tattoo of the Eye of Ra between her shoulder blades. The Vessel's face is rather symmetrical, with light pink rosebud lips, a strong jawline and hollow cheekbones. Dimples rest in the corner of her smiles and on the bottom of her back. Her nose is pierced, with a septum ring and her ears are lined with piercings on both sides.

Tztizimime Form

 While for the most part, she remains mostly human looking, the lines of a skull appear on a rather now pale face, her cheeks sink in. Leopard spots appear on her forearms, and golden claws protrude out of her fingers and toes, her wings a folding of material, much like obsidian butterfly wings, the tips sharp, as if carved that way. A white cloth covers her head, and if she drapes it over her whole body, she seems to vanish.

Naugula Forms 

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Doe-stag, the two headed deer:

 This one is plenty self-explanatory. This form has a dark pelt, with a splattering of white speckles amongst the flank. One head, the male, is slightly larger than the doe head, with 8 pointed rose gold gilded ivory antlers. On the antlers are designs carved in.

The Deer:

This doe form does not have a second head. Her coat is much lighter, and the spots are much more clear rose gold against her flank, along with a small white rim around the spots. She has dark smokey points along her muzzle and hooves. There is also a white underbelly and undertail.

The Snake:

 The snake is extremely long in length, with iridecent black scales that flash dark gold in the light. The fangs look almost porcelain when she opens her mouth, and at the end of her tail is a rattler. 



The Leopard:





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