T O R P I D 

a stark dissonence,
merged screams and clashing metal


The sound of war was no stranger to him


Everything was distant. Everything hurt.

- - -

 Noise grew closer, bouncing off the walls of the ancient cavern in which he lay captive for hundreds of years. It did not stir him. Why would it? Even breathing took all the effort he could muster. 

 The unfamiliar waft of intruders cut through the air, no doubt that of an enemy hoard sent to attack the sanctuary. There was another, more familiar scent that accompanied them, however...  

Heavy doors were thrown open, allowing the faintest thread of fire light to pour into the darkness. 

Urgency. Fear. A rabbit fleeing wolves. 

The young boy's voice rang sharply out through the caverns, and with it, a flash of light. Enchanted chains exploded and crashed loudly onto the ground. Hands were felt upon the beast's face. So incredibly small and nearly undetectable compared to the titan that lay motionless before him. Despite that, their intentions screamed loudly in both voice and gestures. He was begging, sobbing, pleading for him to get up. 




 The "wolves" came barreling through those doors, yet their feet scraped against stone as the persuers skidded to a dead halt. Eyes wide and mouthes agape, they stared in pure bewilderment at the house-sized teeth and at that singular blue eye that blazed down upon them with a newfound fury. 

Old joints creaked, and thick sheets of ice snapped and fell from a form that was rendered immobile for what felt like a millenium. A loud growl then shook the earth, and a stream of blue FIRE demolished all before him. 

Adrenaline muted the pain that shot through his limbs, yet he cared not. The dragon clawed his way forward, pushing, surging out of of his confinement. Stone crumpled and bowed before him, yeilding effortlessly in his advancement to the outside. Screams from all directions erupted as he broke through; He cared not who he trampled, he cared not what was crushed beneath him in this underground kingdom of ice and stone. 

He wanted OUT, and he would stop at nothing to get there.


For the first time in centuries, he was free

....And he was angry


a STORM is coming

the STORM is here


December 4

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  • "Hey big guy!!"

    From a short distance away came the hum of an engine, with a pair of lights fixated on the enormous reptile as he neared his position. Within seconds, the white mech shifted from vehicle mode into his humanoid form, where both feet scraped against the asphalt to bring him to a halt.

    By simply reaching over a fence, his servo gripped a whole pig it as screeched frantically in his metal digits. Without any second thought or consideration of the consequences, said livestock was aimed and tossed at an incredible velocity at the Draconian beast. Soon, the bot transformed back into his facade as a sports car before flooring it away, allowing his false motor to roar when attempting to put distance between him and possibly ground zero.


  • Prays to the good man upstairs


    Hurls the fat pig at him and hauls ass like the freaking wind

  • <3 <3 <3 c:


  • // Would you be interested in plotting at some point? I like your page by the way!

  • Quick few things ;

    • I'm a busy person, it'll take me a bit to actually start writing on here
    • When I do start writing, I'm going to be rather picky with who I write with
    • Plotline planning must happen
    • Chanook is a grouchy old man who has been through some shit. Don't expect him to be nice
    • No, he is not a new character. He has been around since the early 2000s. He is an old character with a rich history formed by countless rp interactions
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