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  • (oh it's ok don't need to apologize! I have been busy working and had bout with Covid so I had to isolate and recover.. maybe we could do an Avengers plot?}

  • Thanks for the add! I really look forward to engaging with you on here. If you have anything you want to explore or promos you want to work on, don’t hesitate to give a shout.

  • Β₯- The idea I had involved The God of War Ares entering New Asgard and started to pick a fight with the Asgardians expecting a chance to fight them and test their metal while having an army with him. Meanwhile, Thanatos watches closely to make sure that Ares doesn't go too far. Not only that the reason why Ares was picking this fight is because they wanted to see who is worthy.-Β₯

  • (Thanks for accepting the friend invite. If your up for plotting fee free to shoot a message to my inbox)

  • (Aurea is the Dragon of Justice, also Queen of Justice for the Gold. She is a light or sun summoner as well with her magical abilities. Her alter-ego is the Punisher and that is when she enacts Justice. For her job, I am stuck between a few different options that could give her an ear to the ground so to say for quick information to hear truth and etc for her Missions to Enact Justice.


    She is Judge and Jury, on severe she will be Executioner as well, sometimes she will give perpetrators to the police. Justice isn't Nice but it is Fair, Aurea knows that it's not all Black and White it's Grey zones as well. Like the Law is Black and White, women who kill their husbands for abusing them are often found guilty and sent to jail or the desperate Mom or Dad steals food for their Kids, they're usually prosecuted and various other cases like that, that the Law doesn't help, or even separate occasions when the Guilty are found Not Guilty and set free. Aurea would stand for them or go after the ones that are guilty even though the Courts say they aren't..)

  • (Great, I am familiar with the marvel universe of Thor and Norse Mythology. I may have a plot that may be interesting involving Asgard Β or New Asgard being under attack and some Asgardians going missing.)

  • (thank you for accepting the friend add :) if your ever wanting to plot let me know. Happy new year )

  • (Thank you for the friendship, if you ever wish to plot we can whenever you like.)

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  • /Notifications as well, they doesn't exist lol. And I refuse to use the email for that.

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