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I would also prefer to pitch my characters with characters that does not share their kind. As it is more fun to see what a demon would say to a fairy, than to another demon. Mixing things up can always result in strange, and possibly fantastic, outcomes. And it feels more creative as well, as you get to think more about your character's actions.




Loki - Trickster god

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest

Nathan - Erotes

Krampus - Christmas demon

Jorah - Water Fae

Grimhilde - Evil Queen

Virgiliu - Son of Dracula

Agramon - Demon of fear

Daedalus - Space scientist

Shezemu - Sith Lord



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  • -he knew a little bit about Norse Gods and Godesses as well as about many other cultures deities. Alec remembered that since childhood he wondered if those dieties were real sicne shadowhunters were taught that all the legends are true. However he never met a god before nor he met anyone who did so he ended up assuming that it was a myth after all-

    -he looked more closely at his drinking companion now that he said he was Swedish, he visited Sweden a couple times before well not really the country more like its institutes and from what he could tell most people there didn't looked anythign like Loki- you don't look very Swedish -he said with a smile plaing on his face before he turned to bartender and ordered few more shots of vodka since he figured it was his time to order- anyway I hope you will find whatever you are looking for

    I believe I already told you I came here for a drink after a rough couple of days -he shrugged and finished his beer while bartender poured four shots for them. He then glanced at Loki and realized that the man was talking about this bar specifically. He knew that mundanes visited this place rarelly if ever it was downworlders place to relax and even though Alec wasn't a downworlder himself he was a part of this secret world and he had quite a few friends among supernatural beings who liked to drink here- you have no idea who I am right? -he asked smiling again then shook his head- sorry its just strange to meet someone who never seen a shadowhunter before -he pushed two shot glasses towards Loki- hmm how to phrase this...I'm kind of a policeman of downworld my kind protects people from demons and helps to maintain peace between supernatural creatures basically -he hoped it explained who he was well enough- my friends of downworld comes to this bar so do I whenever I want to get away from responsibilities and relax but yes usually my kind isn't very welcome to a place like this -if fact downworlders and shadowhunters usually don't mingle, but Alec and his siblings were trying to change it they were friends with all inds of people warlocks and vampires and werewolves and sometimes even fairies. Differenty from otehr shadowhunters they saw them as friends and allies thats why Alec was one of a few shadowhuters who was actually welcome there-

    I assume you are not quite human yourself so if you don't mind me asking who are you? -he was curious his first guess would be warlock but Loki didn't had any visible warlock marks maybe a werewolf then- of course you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

  • Jesus, she really was talking a lot? It was like she were on autopilot though. The more she spoke the more came out, and the less she was inclined to stop. She only did as she explained her name, giving a pause in the air to allow him to take in all that she was saying. After all, just because he said that he could understand English did not mean that he could keep up with the language as fast as she was putting it out. the poor guy was likely stumbling every other word. She was nice enough to snap her lips shut, then she came back with, "yeah yeah, I talk a lot when I get excited about things. And it isn't Ben, it's Bel-Ih-cove. Russian if you didn't know. Thought I would shamelessly prance that." Because there was something uplifting to say that she was Russian at heart. Not really, no. At this point, she was a full on 'Murcian girl, but her father was Russian, she likes to think that she harbored some of the traits of it herself as well.

    Anyway, back to what mattered.

    "Could be a horse..." Was that... an improvement? Why would a fish be a horse? Or would he be like a seahorse kinda Kelpie thingie? Her head tilted, golden eyes narrowed as she seemed to consider the thought of him being half of one of those. But weren't Kelpie's evil or something? The more she thought about it though, the more she wanted to see that. Then a look down, oops, leave his junk alone, gurl. When he pointed to her legs and what covered them. the wet spandex and cloth still clung greedily to her chicken shaking legs. She really needed to put on some weight, but that was going to take time. She went through, after all, it couldn't be helped. "These? My tights?" Neseva laughed without cruelty, rather a pinkum of joy. He seemed kinda innocent to her in a way of asking, there was an idea in her head that he wasn't that though. "You in tights, ah, fish booty in tights. I don't know why that's so funny to me. Could you imagine though? Strutting around it the water with tights all pulled up over your tail. Trying to get a taxi? Hah!" It wasn't really that funny, Nes, chill, gosh. Scare the poor dude, would ya?

    The kitty came to save the day though. Whether the oversized tiger-sized lynx was doing it for fervor over this Jorah item for protection from Neseva or it really was to cover his junk, because damn, for a teen girl it was hard not to look. Not that she was gawking at it at all. Ahem. I'm not a pervert, okay? Gross.

    Neseva gave a step back to allow the lynx to get in the way. Nes studied the cat, then the male, the cat again before her face pinched a bit and her eyes came up. "Hey, I've got boobs you know! Like, chick boobs, coupled with chick bits, I'm a girl!" Rude. She wasn't really angry, but she wasn't an it either. To be fair though, she did speak a lot... Touche.

    "Nes, and no, I don't know. I'm thinking some kinda creature. Maybe one that lures people into either do the nasty with em or maybe even eat them considering the way that you sang to me." She was counting those reasons casually on her fingers. "Some things were like that--Kill you what boi?" Struck a little that she would even be considered, her hands paused in the air then she allowed them to fall to her side and she shook her head. "No. I'm not here to kill you or even that Huldra I was chasing. I just needed some of her hair is all, but she was being stingy with it." Growing a little shy about herself, Neseva's lips came out in a pout and she gazed to the mossy floor of the bank, the gentle lapping of the water was nice to her otherwise often crowded mind. it was easy with just him here. She could hear the Huldra giggling somewhere off in the distance though in her head. 

    "I'm-uh.. I'm a hunter." Hopefully, that didn't draw alarm too much to either. "B-But not like to kill. We protect things. Keep them safe and equal to the world so that everyone can coexist and all that mushy crap." She even pressed the toe of her sneaker into the soft moss as though to prove that. "A witch needed Huldra hair for a recipe, a youth recipe. Nothing sinister at all." She brought up her eyes again. "I can promise you that much. I can't even hurt a fly. Much less a naked fish guy and his big kitty friend."

  • Any sounds in the distance would be overlooked and ignored as there was a more pressing matter – removing the remainder of old skin that lingered on his body. The hiss that Apophis made, while perhaps sounded threatening, was instead emitted out of irritation. Sure when a snake sheds its worn skin, a new and more vivid one takes its place..but that didn’t make the process of shedding any less discomforting. Not really painful, but every time the aged skin slowly peeled away there was an itchy, slightly prickly feeling – which was the reason behind the hiss of frustration. Slowly he slithered around the trees, bushes, rocks – anywhere that he could potentially rub against to make the dead skin come off quicker. Of course all the while being unaware that someone was attempting to seek him out.

    The most annoying section to peel was always his face, especially around his eyes – for if Apophis failed to fully remove the skin around the area it would affect his vision, making it near impossible to see. Not good for one with so many enemies. Thankfully, that part had left him a long while ago; in fact, the majority of his new skin was already revealed. His outer layer, or his backside, was as black as charcoal with only a faded shade of crimson sitting on the top of his head. The inner layer, however, was dark grey in color with small nearly unnoticeable patterns within his hood, which remained narrow for now. Bits and pieces of dead skin could be seen scattered around a couple areas nearby the bigger layer of almost transparent skin.

    The other infuriating part of shedding for him was removing the skin around his tail, as the layer of protruding spikes made the task more difficult – the skin forever getting entangled within them. The leaves and dead flowers beneath him rustled as once again the serpent roughly rubbed his body against the durable trees – at one point nearly slamming his tail against one, not completely knocking it down, but resulting in a minor tremor. Nothing more than a few moments of the ground shaking; with him slithering around at the size he was, it was common for tremors and even full on earthquakes to occur, depending on how much or suddenly he moved.

    It would several more agonizing minutes before the skin around his tail was finally scrapped off by some of the larger rocks. The feeling of the final peel was enough to calm Apophis down before slowly halting to take a rest. Where exactly he was within the odd majestic woods was unknown to him, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t appear as if he wandered in too deep. Another moment of slithering led to the serpent coiling, even then his body stretched out pretty far. His head laid upon the leaf covered ground before his eyes closed, not falling asleep – but instead thinking on all that has occurred recently. His no good brother along with most of Egypt was probably cerebrating his departure from the land, likely thinking that they have finally bested him...that very thought caused the former king to hiss yet again, but this time out of a different frustration. He was in an unknown land, cast away by some unknown amulet and irrelevant would he ever return home? Could he? And what of his youngest sister? She was the only one he cared about in his wretched family; oh the issues that were embedded within his twisted kin.

    His thoughts seemingly wore the serpent out further as he felt himself drifting off...only to be alerted to the sound of rustling movement from an unknown direction. An animal? No..he had a feeling that it was something more; besides, he hardly noticed any other creature in these parts and the few he did see wisely ran away. Apophis lifted his head before opening his crimson serpentine eyes to look around, now being cautious to who or whatever was approaching him. Maybe it was one of the villagers? He did ransack the helpless little town for his own needs and pleasure; did they finally gain enough courage to seek revenge? The idea was amusing to an extent, but was shrouded in his irritation. The hood or skin around his head and neck area began to expand outward – a tactic to make himself appear more menacing. "Who dares?!" The giant serpent angrily hissed out in a deep voice. Once more he looked around the forest, wanting to spot whatever was brave enough to draw closer.

  • -Alec chuckled shaking his head- never tried that myself, drinking out of boredom I mean. Never really had much free time it always was either training or working, kind of forgot what it meant to have a day off -he looked at other man curiously wondering what drove him here to sit by some stranger at the bar and make a small talk while drinking not that he didn't liked it- I guess its as god place as any to hand out only usually here's more poeple

    I'm Alec its nice to meet you Loki -he introduced himself, he found it was rather easy to speak to him which was rather unusualy for Alec since he didn't interacted with other people much when it wasn't for business purposes- you have an interesting name its probably really cool to be named after norse god -yes he knew who Loki was as a shadowhunter he was well educated  and knew about various deities, myths and legends that surrounded them as well and during his life he found out that many of those legends were at least partially true-

    -he downed another shot of vodka this time alcohol went down easier than the first time, not that he enjoyed the taste that much. Alec tilted his head looking at Loki, Alec found him attractive and unusualy  also so very different from his ex not that he was thinnking about Magnus right now.There was somehting about him that seemed foreign- I guess you're not from around here? -another hint was his accent even though it was faint Alec still heard it- so what brought you to New York? unless I'm totally wrong and your family lived here for generations -he grinned, bright blue eyes sparkling as he looked at his companion, it was true after a few drinks it was way easier to talk-

  • Did she... break the poor guy? It was kinda looking like that the way that he just stared at her. It made it all the more better to be able to hear him though. Sadly she didn't get much from that, either, the guy was just at a loss of words, losing his train process of thought and the ability to speak in one? Either she was just that damn hot with words or dude really was just... paralyzed? Petrified? She didn't think herself all that scary. Unless someone could open up her head and look at what was really in there. then there might be a reason to be scared of her, but she wasn't anything special aside from that. Just a flimsy teen who talked too much.

    He said something though, finally. She mused, her face lighting up with the finalized recognition that he did understand English. She could have done either, but she could always mix up the words if she said them wrong to him, she wasn't all-knowing after all. At least this way she could say things and know that she would be saying it correctly in English. "Well, awesome. I know Swedish an' all, but I'm not spot on with it. This works though, this is good." Totally rambling, whatever, girl, just be nice to the poor fish boy, ya scared the scales off the guy.

    In all of this, however, she was able to get that good look at him that she had little time for before. he was pretty, and it wasn't at just first glance, or the curious look of him of a person who found the oddities and blacksheeps in life a beautiful thing to behold either, no. He was pretty, handsome, and eerie. Like he was thinking about either falling short of talking with her or eating her--as if, right? Hah. Hah, right? Totally hah.

    Seriously though, right?

    Neseva found herself in the predicament of wondering why he was stuck in such a thunderstruck state though? Was it her talking to him at all? Could she... see him when others couldn't or something? Or was he elusive to the point that it was rare that if anyone saw him even once that he would just freeze up like this? That kinda reminded her of a Leprechaun for some reason. Granted, she didn't know everything about them, but there was always something when a person saw them.

    She could see when his thoughts froze, then kicked back into start again, then froze once more. Her face remained just as it was, waiting for him to make the first move if there was the first move. And there was one, he released himself and plummeted back down into the water. Neseva's golden eyes blinked in a small surprise. Was that... that then? Run into the creature then poof he be gone again on the next turn? That was kinda... Oh hey, there he is again.

    Wet hair flopped as Nes quickly turned her head when she picked up on the sound of him dispersing from the water once more. Hopefully, it dried soon, or this would get annoying. But, who was worrying about that when the fishy.. snakey? The guy was showing himself. Maybe to her, maybe just to show what he was capable of in general, or just to sit there at all. Nes jumped a little, bringing her feet under herself to which she crawled towards the edge of the cliff, closer to him, then sat there, leaving him to have his freedom of her not being all too close but close enough that they wouldn't need to shout to each other either if he decided to talk.

    He came closer though, coming back to the cliff himself, but not too close, naturally. She was a big scary human after all.

    "Jor-uh," Nes sounded out to make sure that she had said it right. "I'm Neseva Belikov.. or just Nes or Nessie if you wanna be fun with it. That's a relief," she blasted after giving out her own name. Didn't want you getting... Afraid?" She laughed, it was husky and breathy like her voice was. "What? What's there to be afraid of? Sure, you're unusual, and not normal in the eyes of a human might think, that doesn't make you scary, it makes you interesting. It's people, humans in general who put in that mindset that things that are strange or different are meant to be scary. It's probably why Aliens haven't come down to earth yet if you think about it. Thaaat, and maybe because of lightyears and stuff they might still just be seeing a ruined earth with no people on it too, but whatever, right, aliens would come if they want to. I'm rambling, my bad, I do that sometimes... And oh my God, you're nakey."

    Her eyes were as wide as dinner plates. Maybe she noticed him changing but she wasn't really trying to you know. It was until he was standing up full throttle that she found it hard to take away her eyes. Pretty yeah, pretty pretty.. Legs, right, there wasn't three there at all--I mean what? Dammit, don't make eye contact, it smells hormones. Just--

    She finally looked up, up to his face where her lips snapped shut and the red was already patchy on her cheeks. "Af-f-fraid, right not. Ahem!" She scrambled to her own feet after some stumbled laughter. She would first notice that she was taller than him. Not by much, just two inches. She was still wet, damp in some places. Her hair was already beginning to dry and curl up at the ends as they always did. Nes kept her eyes up for the sake of both of them. She wasn't a perv at all, but it was impossible to miss what was right there and all. She did see the scales though, and how they glittered on his skin if the sun caught them just right. That made her wonder if he really had skin? Or was he silky smooth like a fish? Well, fish were not silky... moving on. She wasn't going to just touch the guy.

    Before anything could get out though, Nes turned her head when she heard the almost silent, if not for the mindstream that entered the area cat who came up. It was bigger than any normal lynx though Neseva had never seen one up close to one, certainly not one this big, either.

  • I played Origins too, it was good.  Not exactly my style, though.  I much prefer a bright, vibrant greek setting.  Doesn't hurt that I know a hell of a lot more about the myths and legends than I ever will Egyptian.  I've always been intrigued by Greece and the Greeks, even the Romans, although they copied fuckin' everything from the Greeks lmfaoooo.

    That being said, Origins is my second favorite assassins creed game, right next to Odyssey.  But that's probably no surprise.  

    -Draws back his bowstring, conjuring an arrow made of living sunlight-- writhing, superheated plasma.  Attempts to write the male a note, but it burns up everytime the papers gets close to the arrow.. so in the end he just walks away, comes back with a lone arrow, and a note attached to it.  Stabs said arrow into the ground.- There, lol.

  • It must have been extremely painful.
    Searing fiery bursts of pain would have freely been allowed to ravage throughout his body, intensifying with each passing moment, jarring and brutal. With no way to be able to tell the time in this pitching darkness, the man would had to have guessed just how long he had left until the pain started to go away, as his nerve endings would slowly start to wither, along with the rest of his body.
    Slowly, his consciousness would fade into nothingness.
    Black mists would swirl at the edges of the man’s mind, drawing him into sweet oblivion. Death had frozen his face into a rigid snarl, a final, eternal lamentation to the heavens, Dracula, or hell...anyone who would listen to his screams of anguish.

    But it was far too late now, and the only thing that spoke of his struggle was the blackened marks on the lid from where he’d viciously clawed until both nail and skin, as well as flesh, had all been stripped off, leaving him to scrape uselessly against the stone with just the bone-tips of his extremities.
    It must have taken a long time to get to that point, a very long time.

    It was well past the point of no return, so that inner voice telling him that it was wrong, was simply wasting its time.

    This was now something he needed to do.

    From the wound that tiny first drop fell slowly into the open maw, past the dried up mummified lips, and past yellowed fangs and teeth, landing gently on what little shrivelled up tongue there was left, then that little red drop trickled downwards, moving into the gullet.
    Nothing happened.
    No twitching of the fingers, nor the movement of any toes, and certainly no orbs of dramatic red or icy blues staring back up at him, just a pair of hollowed out eye sockets and residue skin, stubbornly clinging to the skull.

    It was utterly useless it seemed, as there was no life that could be given for his brother, and so...there was no answers.
    The mystery regarding his mother, his place in this world, would be a book, missing those very last important pages. All he had was an old tomb, carved from the very stones that made up the network of caves that came to be his brother’s final resting place. A forgotten memory, buried deep beneath the earth.
    And perhaps he would join his brother in this fate, as Virgil’s father once said;
    “If they ever slash at you with betrayal,
    You parry with vengeance, cold and sweet.”

    But perhaps he should not despair so much, as it could be that what was needed...was just a little bit more? A little more faith, a little more blood.
    Then perhaps that final chapter would be revealed to him, and his place in this world would be shown to him?

    Another slash at his arm with those razor-sharp claws, now tipped with red, and the blood came thick and strong, running down his arm and fingers, cautiously lingering at the tips, as if unwilling to part with him.
    But eventually gravity won the battle, and the blood began to dribble down onto the man's lips, into his mouth and over his chest, and even slipping into the skin cracks of the ribcage, spilling over and covering the wrinkled internal organs.

    Perhaps he would feel weak due to spilling so much of his precious life fluid, perhaps he would fear, that maybe this scheme of his was going to fail miserably, and he’d be left to contend with his father.
    Either way, the flow stopped, as if someone turned off the valve.

    Then nothing again.
    And without the sound of blood being spilt, the silence would cling to Virgil like a poisonous cloud, seeping into every pore.
    But then, the silence was broken, as the air was filled with the faint sound of something rough, scraping across some unknown surface.

    If he looked down, he would see that withered tongue, licking those old lips.
    The blood was gone now, almost as if the skin itself had somehow absorbed it, leaving splotches of skin that looked to belong more on a freshly slain cadaver, than one who had been laid to rest almost eighteen years ago.
    And slowly, those areas began to spread, as time itself seemed to turn back on this corpse.

    His father had been right.
    Blood, blood is the life

  • Heh, I regret nothing.  

    First time I heard it, I was absolutely stunned.  I knew I had to use it for something like this..  and thanks, you've got lottsa pretty faces here.

  • ||No worries! I’m sorry for my own delay, it’s just been too busy lately. I would appreciate you sending an atmospheric starter, especially since I said I would start and I haven’t even done that yet...Please take your time with the starter, no need to rush.||

  • *creeps right back*


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