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Kháos 3/3

Kháos - Kyros

Kháos - Nova

Kháos - Diana

Loki 2/2

Loki - Alec

Loki - Caesarea

Anpukanefer 1/2

Anpukanefer - Dracula

Nathan 0/2

Anonymity 0/2

Jorah 2/3

Jorah - Neseva

Jorah - Malory

Grimhilde 1/2

Grimhilde - Apophis

Virgil 2/3

Virgil - Dracula

Virgil - Isabo

Fear 1/2

Agramon - Auna

Daedalus 0/2



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Writer's notes:


I only roleplay in Direct Messages or Comments

I have no direct preference in length as long as you check grammar and spelling, as English is not my first language it's sometimes difficult for me to read "lazy" English.

Although all my characters are considered "bad" or outright "evil", they do not always come off as such from first glance. But gore, sex, and other adult contents will occur.

You are allowed to unleash whatever hell you wish upon my character, but remember that it is I who determines whether they are hit or not.

I do not write senseless smut, but sexual acts may occur story-wise.

All threads are canon, and important or life changing events may be mentioned in other threads.


I would also prefer to pitch my characters with characters that does not share their kind. As it is more fun to see what a demon would say to a fairy, than to another demon. Mixing things up can always result in strange, and possibly fantastic, outcomes. And it feels more creative as well, as you get to think more about your character's actions.




Loki - Trickster god

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest

Nathan - Erotes

Anonymity - Vampire clan leader

Jorah - Water Fae

Grimhilde - Evil Queen

Virgiliu - Son of Dracula

Agramon - Demon of fear

Daedalus - Space scientist

Kháos Mavros - Demigod of war



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  • -- I'm so sorry its been so long. OH! I like that, parademons it is then.. I can try to set up the scene, please bare with me, I'm not very good but I'll give it my best shot--

  • Hi people! Sorry I haven't gotten to your replies. I'm currently occupied with a number of costume projects and will be working on them for another 2-3 weeks. After that I will be working on props and demography for another event happening in May. So between the end of March to mid May I won't be able to be as active on here as I'd like to. I hope you will be able to have patience with me during this time.

  • ||Hello, Jorah. I am terribly sorry that it’s now been...about two months since you left your comments and I’ve never gotten back to you. I am so sorry I haven’t replied, a lot has been going on for my lately. If you’re still interested in writing, let me know so I can send a reply. Already have one written up. But if you’re not interested anymore since it’s been so long, I totally understand that. The choice is yours.||

  • (Hm Grimhilde sounds like an interesting choice, what do you think? Although it is an close call between her and some others..)

  • She blinked when he said that. Right up staring at him as though he'd lost it then she broke out with a jittery smile and a semi-nervous laugh. "Haha, I'm not... I'm not disagreeing or all. I'll admit I'm a piece of well-tenderized tip of the round steak and all, but maybe not to that extent. I thank you though. I do. And it's not... Its..." Alright, she grew a little flustered there the more that his mind when on. They widened, then she had to look down to the lair of the beast and up again with a small cough. "I um.. yeah, thank yooouu..." She wasn't thinking about it, you're thinking about it, you pervert.

    Double whammy right there. It was as though her eyes could have popped out of her head and rolled snake eyes in that second. Might as well lower her into that grave slowly at the point the cloth fell again. She wasn't looking. Don't you look either, shield the children! She was looking up to the clouds and trees because so pretty. Look at the delicate way the sun came bearing through the foliage of the forest to dare to kiss the ground. The supple shape of the leaves, the stem, the curve, the veins running through the individual leaves if the light caught it well enough.... You're still thinking about it, aren't you? Fine, we're all pervs after all. "Nope, you're fine, it's fine. Willy nilly stuff here. Noooope." Wait, do fish, how do they even manage dicks? If there was a female would they do it fishy style? Rub up on all her all nakey like then when them eggs pop out just cloud the air with the baby batter? Riiiiight. She imagined the shimmy and everything. Her cheeks had to be as red as an apple. COUGH.

    "Y-Yeah, fishtail, like the pretty one you've got?" or did he not see it as a tail. Maybe it was just considered the body to him. Whatever, fish anatomy was not her strong suit, clearly. She hadn't became a hunter to go for fish. It was quite the opposite.  Anywhooo vamps. His surprise was caught and her teeth showing in a smile. "Yep, you heard right. Vamps in the real world don't sparkle though. They also don't live in the water, though I'm sure some could if they really wanted. Like if I were were a vampire I'd just sink to the complete bottom of the ocean! I mean, if I could keep from the crushing depths of it at least. But I'd still love to try! An ocean floor is a fascinating place. Lakes too I guess. I've never been to the bottom of one but I've heard spoopy stories about monsters. And hey, Loch Ness Monster, because of me. Hahahaaaa, lame joke, I know. I hear it all the time. I've gotten used to it." Another tangent that was becoming a norm that he would soon get used too. She was only excited to talk. When she did it came out of mouth faster than she could stop it most times.

    His concept was not unheard of to the world. People were much the same. If a child had a sock on their hand and they stuck it under a fence to play with the dogs on the other side and the dog bit down and took the kids arm off. Who's fault was it? The dog for thinking it a toy, the parents for not watching the kids? It wouldn't matter in the end. Because in the end the dog would be brutalized for it. Only because something was not understood. "I can see why you would think that way, but that's why we Hunters are around. If something bad happens to a person that caused another reaction then that one in more. If the world knows only to kill what is different then we would not have most the world, it would be broken down like the rest of things. But if people understand it then it calls for better of something better coming from it. It helps to know that different is okay."

    "Well then... you learn from those mistakes. The best you is who you choose to be. It's what makes you the happiest. If being, normal, is the best you then don't deny it. It's just accepting." Whoa now, hadn't he shown a lot at that point? All fleshy bits of it and everything. She got his meaning and all but the shlong had shown its truth and she didn't know what more could be shown to her. Neseva's jaw worked as she tried to think of something that could remedy this. But how could she be normal if she wasn't herself? "Can't say I'm the best normal role model out there. I grew up the freak my entire life." She also did not have a fishtail though.

    Busting up in laughter, Neseva bowled forward with her hands on her knees to his declaration. "Wise? yeah right. I just say things to make myself sound fancy is all. And, as awesome as that sounds, I don't know if you could? I can't breathe underwater, or at least I haven't tried. I've got a lot of cool powers but none so far that told me water is a strong point. I'm blabbering. Shitfoot? The pretty naked woman with the tail? Oh, I just needed some hair from her for some witch. Witch is getting all fugly looking and I guess the hair hold some property to keep her pretty or somethin'? I couldn't say. I get something in return so it's cool. See, not all hunter stuff is hunting. More like a goose chase. No idea where she ran off to..." 

    And for the first time, Nes did look around for her. She spotted the overgrown cat. Then around the surrounding brush of the forest until she turned her gaze back to him. "You've got legs don't you? How much more normal would you want to get?" She felt a particular ape song come to mind about wanting to be like you-oh-oh.

  • Of course, thank you for accepting! Would you like to write?

    If you have any idea's up your sleeve let me know!! :)

  • It was doomed to happen sooner or later -he knew that he will not get a happy ending with Magnus when he entered a relationship with him, he just didn't expected it to end so quickly and it hurt when it did.He looked back at Loki when other man stopped him from leaving his seat- Oh I know what horrors lurk in the streets all too well i hunt them for a living after all -he shrugged and yes he might have been a little too drunk at this point- yeah I guess you are right I might have had one too many drinks

    -Shadowhunter frowned a little but he took back his money and watched as Loki payed for both of them instead, then he thought about his request, it wasn't common thing to do to bring supernatural creatures to the Institute but Alec thought he could probably do it if everyone would stay quiet about it or even better if no one would see them, and tonight he felt strangely adventurous so...- alright, I think I could offer you a place to sleep tonight but it would be better if we could avoid being seen -he offered his companion a faint smile- to avoid unnecessary questions from other people that lives there 

    Lets go? Institute isn't that far from here and I can answer all the questions you have there -he met those bright emeral eyes as Loki leaned extremely close to him, it was a strange sensation Loki had an aura of someone very old and very powerful and at the moment as Alec stared into Loki's eyes he could feel it, it was frightening but on the same time strangely arousing.- I'm sure you do -he whispered and blinked pulling his gaze away from enchanting green eyes.Alec stood up even though he was a little tipsy he still had a perfect balance and better than average human reflexes so he was good to go- shell we? -he gestured towards the exit. Once they were outside Alec stated leading Loki towards his home- I still can't believe you never met a shadowhunter before, how is it even possible?


  • -- Very intriguing, I thoroughly enjoy those ideas. Perhaps Cheetah could be the villain, or stray parademons like from Justice League? Let us move forward with this.. Perhaps... Perhaps I could start us? At least to set up the scene of Diana fighting? --

  • /Yes that sounds like a plan. I apologize I've been busy

  • Sorry everyone for delayed replies. Have been struggling with motivation this week.

This reply was deleted.


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