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 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Plague and Conquest


War and Bloodshed
Kháos Mávros


Famine and Oppression
Virgiliu Dragomir Bathory-Dracula


Death and Ruin

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I have no direct preference in length as long as you check grammar and spelling, as English is not my first language it's sometimes difficult for me to read "lazy" English.

Although most my characters are considered "bad" or outright "evil", they do not always come off as such at first glance. But gore, sex, and other adult contents will occur.

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-   Characters  -


Kháos Mavros - Demigod of War and Discord

 Kas is the son of Eris and destined to become the Horseman of War against his will.

He's a loner and studies contemporary art in San Francisco. 

Loki - Trickster of the gods

Loki is a Fire giant from the forest kingdom of Jǫtunheimr.

Since Ragnarök 2000 years ago, Loki has been wandering the world.

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest of Sutekh

Anpu is an immortal Egyptian priest who was locked in a tomb for nearly 5000 years.

His goal is to restore Egypt to its past glory and create the largest Empire the world has ever seen.

Nathan - Young Erotes of compassion

Nathan is a young British boy in New York with the power to heal and fly.

He's allegedly the son of Eros, and his mother is dying.

The Seeder - Plant/human hybrid scientist

Jason Woodrue is a scientist who tried to cure an incurable sickness by using plant-cells.

He's now able to transform into a plant-man hybrid capable of chlorokinesis.

Jorah - Water Fae of Scandinavia

Jorah Kalder is the current name of the Scandinavian Fossegrim.

Uniquely created by the forest to guard the boundaries between the realms of Man and Magic

Grimhilde - Evil Queen of the Dark Woods

A sorceress queen of a small, yet rich, kingdom in Medieval Germany.

Later the corrupt CEO of a major Fashion and Beauty brand in LA. 

Virgiliu - Impatient Son of Dracula

Irresponsible and greedy, he's the second known son of Vlad "Tepes" Dracula - king of Vampires.

Hellbent on killing, and succeeding, his father so that he may unlock all his dark knowledge.

Agramon - Dreaded Demon of Fear

Great Prince, and strongest among them, he rules The Fade - a separate part of Hell none dare enter.

It's not a matter of not being afraid, but how well you handle your innermost fears.

Lucas - Soul-eating raven spirit

Deathless World War 1 victim turned into a Reaper-like spirit; the Valravn

Wanders the Earth to feed on the souls of the dying and dead.



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  • She could read in between talking at the same time. Her mind had a wider space than most people. She used much of it, even at a child she was close to using 30% of it, with being able to do the small things as a child that she did. Things that even her parents had never told her before. It must have been this, everything else she was able to do with the now 70% of her mind that she was using. Would more of that unlock in the future? She had no idea. She could process things faster though. Thus to conclude it, yes, she did breathe in between talking, and yes, she could read his mind while she did talk. It was a survival strategy, be able to read and do at the same time. She would keep all those little helpful tips in mind. Granted she truly did hope that not all of this was going to be so hard on her. It was one lock of hair after all and she felt like she'd been trying to get it for a year now.

    "We certainly--I--" did he just? Gasp! He did! Her turn to get a little flustered. Again, she loved to talk that talk. When it came down to her needed to walk she was more or less crawling away and hoped that nobody saw the fumble that she did with it either. Not when she made that speedy recovery though! Then he went back all talking bout that again though and she found herself needing to reel in the blood trying to make their way to her cheeks and she cleared her throat. "A lesser human might, but one at my caliber of mental power, and the way that my mind works it wouldn't work. I've mentally been trained. Have you ever seen Inception?" Of course, he's never seen it, dummy. "Well, it's like my mind has its SWAT force ready to attack whatever might have tried to attack me inside of there, yeah? Except we're not in a dream world, and SWAT isn't about to jump out and attack you. My mind is just... resilient." She puffed up her chest a tiny bit. "I like to think of myself as a kinda girl that can't just be bewitched by a common fish boy." She thrust a thumb to herself. "If you want this you need to work for it." Buuut... "Course, physical attacks could work. I've never been shot but I imagine that if I were it would break my concentration and then I would have a hard time. Let's not find that out though, okay?" No shooting the poofy haired chick.

    When Neseva spoke of her organization, and the way that they worked to help keep the world ignorant of an inhuman sort of life out there she went quiet to let him think and talk. Her head cocking and eyes on him occasionally as she looked ahead to see exactly where it was that she needed to be going and not trip on a fallen branch or long while she did it. Where he went on with it, and the emotions that he tried to hide under his skin and rock hard heart she could feel it. And a sense of sadness overcame her because of it. It did not show, he just might notice that she had less of a pep to her step, a little less willing to look at him as silver-lined the bottom of her eyes. And for as long as he went on she listened ad never said a word to let him get off his chest what he needed. It was partly his fault and part he humans then. Because where he stopped singing, there were still those curious souls that still came around, that believed in such lore and wild passions for a world, not like their own. Ones who would be weak and wish to be serenaded to while he caressed and dragged them deep underwater for a feast. A rule of thumb for the HSHQ was that you could not save everyone as much as they wish. Sometimes some had to take a fall so that others could survive.

    "In the end, there truly isn't a blame that needs to be passed. We hope to keep everyone safe and healthy. That doesn't always work out though, and it's just something that needs to be accepted."Her one and only conclusion that would act relative to maybe help him to not feel so bad about it. His warnings worked, and their attempts to keep the world hidden worked, at the cost of loneliness for those of them, like he, who was now only a myth.

    "I am not laying naked on a mossy hill during a full moon to attract some cow-chick just so I can get a little bit of her hair. If anything maybe I could snare her or tackle her from the tree's but I ain't getting booty naked for no one but the person in the mirror." For now. She didn't plan on staying... well... that forever. She was still a person and still wanted to live. "Rolling in the grass does sound fun though. With hair like mine though I can't imagine that it would be fun getting all those twigs and things out of it. I can pass on that." Will pass on that. She basically just had a bath because of one, she didn't need another. 

    Baba Yaga existed? Should Nes really be all that surprised, she knew the world that she lived in. "She's popular in lore and stories. A well-known witch. I can't say I know much about her, or the other witch covens out there or how they are. I could study, just not right now." Neseva told him while she looked away to give him that privacy that he clearly didn't seem to care for. She stayed that way until in his mind he gave any hint that he was dressed. Normally those being keys like, 'one leg... now the other...' Things like that. She tapped her foot on the ground and turned once he said that they fit. Good. She didn't imagine her girly figure and his shorter smaller one would be too big or small for him., just right in fact. She grinned merrily and took in the clothed sight of him. "Good! I have a shirt maybe if your body gets a bit cold." She crouched down to her bag again and went searching. Only perking up again and giggled some about the words. "It's not--" She sniggered, trying to get it out. "It's a figure of speech. It just means that you've got a big and thicc booty and you want the world to know it. Take pride. I think your ass fills those pants out better than mine ever will." Totally not jelly.

    "Anyway, this is my little home for now. A place to plot and plan how the hell I'mma get one of those girls. Since prancing around naked isn't an option. And I'm not as risque as you about it either." She plopped down on the leafy floor, now pulling the bag into her lap to look for the said shirt. 

    The little campsite wasn't too crazy. Her tent was hardly a tent. It was more like a bed with a tent on top. How she ever carried that all the way out here was probably the biggest question about it. The bed inside looked to be about the size of a twin, blankets, and pillows thrown inside of it. She had a small chair as well. And while she didn't have a fire going she could make one rather easy out here. Next to the tent was also a travel fishing pole in case she did need to catch any dinner. Basically, she was set for the time she meant to stay out here, for however long that was going to be. 

    "This is me." She said and motioned around to her little campsite. "It isn't the glories of the bottom of the lake, but it's nice. Feel free to take the chair." A hand was waved towards it. And I'll see about making us a little snack if you want. I've got stuff for PB&J's." She pulled out a rolled up tube like shirt and showed it to him. "I've got this?" A vlassic Nirvana band tee. He could always just go chest to the sun like he was. It wasn't like she would hate the view.

  • -3200 BC, somewhere that is now the modern northeastern tip of Sweden- 

    The Summer sunset cast light in a crooked windswept pine forest, and camp for Noita had been set up hill of a river bank the night before. Across from where the sun was setting, a breeze from the east carried the smell of the Baltic Sea salt, making the scene of the river seem just as primordial as the ocean. ‘Summer is the relaxed exhale of a sharp inhale Our Mother Earth took,’ Mian had once told her daughter, and while Noita had been young, she clearly understood that out of all the seasons, the Summer season is a season of life, part of why the ritual took place in the Summer. There was a certain power of renewing life in the air that waited to be harvested, and Noita had every intent of harvesting it.

    Preperation was important. Noita's horse, Ley, had been put on a lead of sorts and kept to the camp. A leather tarp was draped between the trees, dressed with fur, like a canopy that she could lay in at night. Carp was being smoked up above a dim campfire slowly, and would be ready by the time the ritual was over. Wild animals would be scared of the flames, and at most, would attack her horse. Her other materials had been hidden away, just in case of tresspassers, and Noita knew she would be exhausted, so she wanted to prepare for relaxation after the ritual.

    Noita started the ritual by using a double aged flint stone blade to bleed her arm out and cast a circle around her camp to protect it. Then, slowly, she unbuckled the leather buckles of her outer tunic, and stripped to a white wool tunic. The blood turned scarlett against the material, staining it all over, and she slowly added stones with runic engravings to the apron like middle garment she wore, until the stones were too heavy for her. Noita slowly waded into the river, the stones weighing her down, and the white water threatening to sweep her away. The deep cut on her arm and loss of blood was making her dizzy, and the effects of the river swept in and out of her sensories. Noita's heart pounded, pulsing the life blood quicker, making her more dizzy, way more quickly. Her moon kissed yet freckled skin shuddered in fear with goosebumps as it felt the river nip at her ankles and make it's way up. She tried to fight her instinct to tense up, or to hyperventilate, soothing her thoughts with a hum that escaped parted rosebud lips. She calmed her most chaotic thoughts with one thought, "A fear of facing death was nothing to the fear of being claimed by death," by repeating it in her head.

    So, this was it, the start where she would cross the threshold of life and death, then come back. All she had to do was get deep enough into the freezing, angry waters without backing out, and stay under until the sun completely set and the swolen full moon reached it’s peak point in the night sky. And it seemed as if nothing but Fate could stop her.

  • Dolai tried her hardest not to think about Eris. Granted, no bitch had shit on her, and that was a fact but Eris had taken so much from her. And that wasn't just Ares. They had met during her vacation to Corinth with her ladies in waiting, soon after she had earned a position as a craftsmen. In the seaside villa, he came to her and at first, she had rejected him. How dare some strange, although ridiculously attractive, God come to her out of the blue? But he persisted, attempting to shower her with gifts and praise for her foreign beauty- it had irked her that he always called her an Aethiopian. 

    It was when he had brought her an Adamantine sword and shield, and they had sparred until the sun rose that she found herself growing fond of the God of War. They wrecked havoc and mischief in the city just for the hell of it, rode along the cliffs at the edge of the sea and disrespected the hell out of Zeus' temple as she threw it back for Ares beneath the altar. 

    But there was more to him than she could've ever known. He incited wars just because, to fuel his own power at the expense of human lives. He was unpredictable, lashed out and caused all sorts of discord all over Olympos- perhaps that's what drew Eris to him, how could Dolai know. They would argue, go at it for days on end, physicality became evident after some time. 

    When she told him of the child that grew within him, he had embraced her as if she hadn't back handed him the day before. Finally, their saving grace, the child would fix them, right? Dolai named him Eumenes, for the golden heart she "knew" he would have. She couldn't have been more wrong about the entire situation. She would catch Ares with nymphs and human women soon after, watch as he sparked more unnecessary wars and ignored her pleas to let Olympos carry on without his antics. And when Eumenes was a mere toddler setting fire to homes and strangling small animals to death, she blamed Ares war-prone genetics for the defect of a child. 

    It was Eris who would swoop in, a snake in the garden that took his side and whisper lies and plant seeds of discord in Dolai's shattering family. But not even the ancestors could predict Eris plotting to steal away the child she had wanted so bad. 

    Dolai halted in her tracks, her eyes narrowed to a venomous glare as she looked back at Kháos. She didn't doubt Eris' power, but there was nothing the goddess could do that would hurt her anymore than what she had already done. She parted her full lips to interject as Kas said he was going to come along, but the demigod was already continuing. Bring him with? Was he insane? 

    She would rather bathe in a pool of acid, slit a paper cut on her toe and launch herself into the depths of Tartaros than have this little jit come along with her. But then, he started to build an argument. Eris did hate her, Dolai wasn't quite sure why but she knew that Eris would not make this easy. Having her son tag along would make this a lot easier, at least she hoped. Before she could speak, Kas was already fleeing the scene. She shook her head, turning to Phobos. "Is he always like this?"

    Soon enough, Kas had returned. "You look like a bisexual white squirrel," Dolai snorted. "But I've decided. You may come along, but I don't want no shit on the way. I will be taking the Apple, one way or another at the end of this, I refuse to let some bullshit kill millions, even if you don't care." Without much hesitation, she turned on her heel and started to strut out of the cafeteria. "Now, unless you have a faster method of travel, teleportation is not one of my abilities. I can summon a friend to take us there, I can use my Falcon Cloak or we can take a plane. Up to you."

  • Dolai had the strangest feeling that her plight was not working. She even feared that she could not procure the Apple. How could she steal something that she could not see? Breaking into his dorm was easy, she could detect the Apple's presence but that only went so far. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a looming, dark aura that surrounded Kas, as he spoke his true name. A chill ran down her spine.

    Here she sat, face to face with one of the four beings said to bring upon the destruction of mankind. The beings she had lead from the Homeland, the beings she cherished and told the tale of. The center of her purpose. And he was destined to destroy it. His presence begged the question that she feared to answer; was there truly an end to her? If mankind was brought to an end, would she follow them? Or did her purpose extend beyond that? Pushing the thoughts from her mind, she regained focus.

    Slowly, she clapped her hands. So, he was a child of Eris. That trifling whore. "It must be so difficult for you, exhausting your entire vocabulary in one sentence. However, your lineage explains a lot, your rude tendencies, why you can't open your mouth without bitching. Oh, like mother, like son," she muttered. She was all too familiar with the Goddess of Discord. She had been there to swoop in after every argument she had with Ares, no matter how violent. She could easily say she 'stole' him, but it was impossible to steal someone who did not want to be kept. Her tryst was Ares had began with a flame that ignited her soul, only to burn down her very being. And the embers had danced in Eris' eyes. 

    "Forgive me for not bothering with your trifling pantheon, I was off creating empires," Dolai spat. "Why is it that all you Greek deities are so pretentious?" She shook her head. "Bumbaclaat! Fuck the Fates, I don't think you're understanding me. You keeping the Apple will bring harm to mankind, you see, this affects more than just the humans. All balance will be thrown off, if you do not let me take the Apple to a safer place!"

    The ancient had enough of this. Part of her knew that Kháos was not giving up the Apple, the other part felt that she should persist. Dolai was no fan of wasting her breath. She dragged one hand across her face, her eyes rolling. She then threw her hands up. "Fine. Fine! Let them perish, no big deal. It's not like millions will die, including the Gods and your mother. It's not like the ancestors know what they speak of. No, no, excuse the crazy ancient, insolent children know better," she stood, tossing her dense dreads over her shoulder.

    As much as she did not want to, if Kas required that his mother approve giving away the Apple, then approval is what she would get. Eris despised Zeus, she knew this, Dolai hoped that they could put aside their differences to ensure that the God did not get his hungry hands on such a weapon. "Since my word is not enough, perhaps your mother can be of some use for once. I have a feeling I will be seeing you two again, for now, I am off to Greece," she turned to Phobos. She hadn't expected to meet him, especially not when she was so heated, but she hoped to talk more with the God. "Pleasure to meet you, Phobos, I look forward to seeing you again," she said with a curt nod, before turning on her heel and alighting away.

  • [Hmm I think I'd prefer your first idea.But which one would you prefer to use? Oh and Tony isn't from specific earth more like I base him on movies and added few extra bits and pieces like extremis from the comic. So yeah we can create whatever we want this rp to be. Hey wwhat if Loki has been sent to the alternate dimension but he doesn't realize it at first that world is way to similar to the one he came from but later he realizes that all the gods are gone here and he's the only one. That couls send him into search for someon who could possibly bring him back home?]

  • He was infuriating, insolent, a nimrod, enraging, with his smug look and painfully slow movements. As he lifted his cup, she wanted to snatch it from his hands and assault him with hot bean water. Beneath the table, nails dug into her leg, the other hand gently clasping her coffee, lifting it to her rosebud lips to take a sip as he did, as if the caffeine would soothe her ever growing impatience. Dolai had it in her right mind to intensify that headache, give him more than just a headache even, but she refrained, refusing to lose her composure over a damn child.

    At his hypothetical questions, Dolai scoffed before laughing in his face. "Ignorant child, I have made no claims to my age, but if you must know," she quirked one eyebrow. "I'm older than any God that I've ever met, save for my father. The Olympians can't detect shit unless I want them to, how else do you think I kept Ares off my ass back in Mycenae?" As if Kas would know about her dumpster fire tryst with the God of War. She shook her head. "Nevermind me, this isn't about me. And don't play more stupid than you already are, you and I both know what I speak of-"

    Her brows knit, eyes widening, the vein in her temple pulsating as he spoke of the possibility that he may be Jesus Christ. "Bitch, I have met Jesus, and trust me, you ain't him. Time is of the essence here, jit, we cannot spare it so you may talk out your neck!" Dolai spat, growing more agitated by the minute. "All it takes is one any magical being to know where the Apple is and bring it out of the mortal realm. If I can find where it is, imagine who else can. But in my pocket dimension, only I can access it. No mortal, immortal, spirit nor God can enter without my say so."

    By the ancestors, she wanted to strangle this stupid boy. She wasn't interested in trying to prove to him that she spoke the truth, that she knew of what was to come, that she did not have time for this. He was just so-

    Dolai nearly leapt from her bronze brown skin as a black hole manifested beside her, ready to spout an Udug Hul to banish whatever demon was about to present itself. To her surprise, whoever the raging homosexual was that appeared at her side was, he was taking her side. Tawny eyes looked the entity up and down, placing her hand in his for a firm handshake, before shooting Kháos a menacing, bone shaking glare. "Tell me again about how you don't know about the Apple? You've got Gods manifesting in a cafeteria," she hissed. 

    So he was Phobos, a God she had never met before. She was familiar with him, however, she wondered if he had heard a thing or two about her from Ares, Aphrodite or Hecate. Of course, no good word of her would come out of the dirty mouth of Ares. "Dolai…" She muttered in response to Phobos, before turning back to Kháos. "You do not understand. I have seen what is to come, a God will take the Apple as long as you do not give it to me. At least until the war is over," she said. 

    "And, correct me if I'm wrong, the Trojan War was started over men being absolute idiots, as usual. Paris of Troy left Sparta with Helen. However, I wasn't there, at the time I was sailing with the Igbo across the Atlantic, where I'd build the Olmec Empire. If you like, I can jump off the roof and tell you again, anyone with my blood could withstand it. Oh wait," Dolai absently touched a henna tattooed finger to her chin. "There isn't anyone else with my blood. When the Anu doubted me about the coming of the Ice Age, the ones who stayed in the Homeland would die of starvation, as I foretold. When I told Alexander the Great that his Empire would fall, he died believing the lie that it would live on forever. When I told Queen Nzinga that her efforts against the Portuguese were futile, she perished in hiding from the white man after she did not heed my word."

    Dolai leaned forward, ancient eyes boring into the Greek. "I have never been wrong, not in sixty thousand years, you prideful fool," she muttered. "You keep the Apple, you are responsible for the death of millions- mortal and divine alike."

  • [Still it works I know about real Loki from Norse Mythology he's actually way more interesting than MCU one, yep he's not a villain he's a trickster and he's definitely not Thor's brother :). What I find problematic though is how he would meet Tony, do you have any ideas? ]

  • Dolai rolled her eyes, almost back into their sockets, as he spat insults at her again in Ancient Greek. "Yes, me again. Did you miss me?" She muttered, following him over into the line for coffee. He was quite talented at roasting someone, but she didn't mind, she had a mission to accomplish. "Save your breath, boy, your spite means nothing to me." How many times was she going to reiterate that? As she waited in line, she looked Kas over, the burning sensation ever present in her core. Still, she was left guessing as to his Godly parentage, if he even was a demigod, she couldn't be sure. 

    After he ordered his hot bean water, Dolai was up next. "A white chocolate mocha please," she told the barista, the corner of her rosebud lips twitching, an attempt to smile and be pleasant and not bear down on every single human she encountered. With her husky voice, impressive muscle, and for being so tall for a woman, in addition to her dense, long dreads, she took up space. This intimidated the humans, more often than not. It didn't help that she was so stoic. She slid the barista cash, as well as a tip. Dolai then collected her coffee and moved to sit down across from Kas.

    "You can cut the shit now, boy," she took a slow sip of her coffee, eyeing him. "I'm not hungry, but thank you. I'm talking about the Apple of Discord, specifically. I know they don't sell those in grocery store." She set down her cup. As she could see, the boy insisted on being difficult. She had wanted to avoid going into detail, but it seemed she had to earn his trust. It would be a tedious process, but she refused to leave Los Angeles without the Apple.

    "Look, kid," she began. "I didn't want this to be difficult for either of us. I see you don't believe me. You know, Ares? An ex of mine? Well, he's leading an entire army against Zeus, Olympos is divided, and someone far worse than me is out for the Apple. Not no grocery store apple, the Apple." She took another sip of her coffee, eyeballing his reaction to her words. "I'm not sure what you are, nor where you come from, nor how a jit like you got his grubby little hands on the Apple, but I need to take it to a dimension that only I have access to. There, whatever evil is after the Apple, it will be out of their reach." 

    The pocket dimension was Dolai's own creation. Filled with beautiful landscape, she had built her home into the side of a mountain. Her pets, such as cats, monkeys, horses, even a Mishibijew resided there as well. She also had the Library, a massive architectural feat where she stored every petroglyph, hieroglyph, cave painting, stone tablet, scroll and book that she had written the story of mankind within. Only she had access to her pocket dimension, there she knew, the Apple would be safe.

    "The ancestors have shown me this. They've shown me Ares, Zeus, Eris, the fall of the Gods. Boy, I cannot stress the importance of this enough, you must give me the Apple!" Dolai exclaimed, before lowering her voice as two students passed by, giving them both awkward stares. She gave them a look that clearly said mind your business. She turned her attention back to Kas and the task at hand. "Look, you don't have much reason to trust me, I know. What can I do to prove to you that I speak the truth?"

  • [Hey, first I just wanted to say we talked before :) as for now I would be interested in talking to Loki. As for plot would it be alright if I presume that your Loki is Loki from MCU. If so lets say Loki escaped his prison which wasn't as nice as it was shown in the Dark World movie and his magic took him straight to Stark tower because reasons? Tony helps the god and story goes from there?]

  • Hands streaked with black, light brown and white paint, her small brush ran over the surface of the vase, tracing the edges of the figures she painted, lining them with black. Dolai hummed, her tawny gaze following every stroke of the brush. The art depicted Perseus defeating Cetus, the minion of Poseidon bursting from the sea, the demigod head of holding up the head of Medusa. That fateful day, the day he saved Andromeda, the day Dolai had faded away from his thoughts- if she had even been there in the first place. She never would understand him; after all that had happened. She guided him through North Africa to the cave of Medusa, made the sword that severed her head, and yet, Andromeda allure overcame the journey Dolai went on with him. 

    She lifted her brush, eyeing her creation before standing and setting her down her brush. Once the paint dried, she would present her pottery to King Atreus. As one of his many craftsmen, she made art for the palace, for the King. With quick indignation, she removed her apron, pleased that not too much paint got on her blue, red and golden dress. The neckline plunged down her chest, completely exposing her breast. Wild, bold, and in some places, an illegal fashion statement now, but it was traditional Mycenaean women's dress. A golden headband wound around her forehead, her ebony coils spilling down her back, taking up space and bouncing as she made her way through the House of Columns.

    Leaving the courtyard of the Palace of Mycenae, heading into the city and into the marketplace. She'd grown used to the looks that the flat haired, olive skinned faces gave her, learned to ignore them. Some had grown used to her, a few of her neighbors were kind, but not all Mycenaean's were fond of those they grouped together as Aethiopian. She made it to her ashlar home, opening the front door with a paint streaked hand.

    "Eumenes! Mána is home," Dolai called, her eyes scanning the room for the neighbor's daughter, whom she had paid to watch her son. Her brow knit as she found no one, and quickly alighted up the stairs to her son's room. "Karpathia? Eumenes?" She turned the corner, and what she was met with nearly stopped her heart. A cry escaped her, her hands flew to cover her mouth and she nearly fell to her knees. 

    Before her, Karpathia lie, blood soaked the rug and pooled on the stone floor. Her throat was crushed, her neck bent at an unnatural angle, her spine protruding through what used to be her throat. A little honey brown skinned boy bounced up and down on the bed, his blond-brown curls as bloody mess, blood splattered on his shirt and coating his hands as he played with a wooden sword. "Mána!" He exclaimed happily once golden eyes landed on Dolai. 

    "Eumenes- Eumenes… did you do this?" Her voice trembled, her body as well, amber eyes wide with a flurry of emotions. Eumenes giggled, hopping down from the bed. "Yeah, she's boring," he said absently, beginning to rummage through his toys. Dolai fell to her knees, very muscle tightening as she sat against the wall. "na, you look scared. She wasn't you, Mána, I missed you," the little boy paused to look over his shoulder, before grinning broadly. "Come play with me!"

    A hand flew from her side and slapped him, and he burst into tears, his face reddening. "You do not kill people, Eumenes! Do your hear me, stupid boy? You don't fucking kill other people just because you think they're boring," she hissed through clenched teeth. Eumenes sat on the ground, covering his ears and wailing. "Quit crying, and pack your things," Dolai spat. "I'm cleaning this up."


    Opened eyes were greeted by the hotel ceiling, skin drenched in sweat, shaking as if she had just seen Karpathia's body again. With haste, Dolai rolled over and arose, peeling off her dread cap and setting it on the nightstand. She made her way into the bathroom to shower, to rid herself of the coat of sweat and to prepare to torment the insolent boy again. It was strange, she hadn't dreamt of that fateful afternoon for quite some time. She had bore Ares a son some thousands of years ago, how happy she had been. She thought their child would fix them, make him change, but she discovered she didn't know the God of War as well as she thought she did. Nor did she expect to bring a monster into the world, a monster than not even Cetus could match. 

    She stepped from the shower, rubbing cocoa butter into her bronze skin and running argan oil over her scalp, smoothing her edges against her temples and winding her black dreads into a massive bun atop her head. She threw on light blue, heavy ripped loose jeans, white shoes, draping a dark green flannel over a white crop top that revealed the scarification on her stomach. Dolai followed the bustling city streets, the putrid smell stringing her nose as she made her way back to the campus. 

    She managed to reach the campus, slipping past students and security, practically able to blend into the rest. And as if the ancestors guided her by their hand right to him, there Kháos was, advancing towards the cafeteria. She was suddenly at his side, walking with him. "I hear having your head up your ass can cause headaches, how's that going for you?" Dolai muttered. "Good morning, by the way, you do any thinking about what I said?"

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