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FACECLAIM/PLAYBY: Eliza Gonzalez & Tiger Pictures



FULL NAME: (Elena Catalina Perez)

DRACULA'S PET NAME: (Tigru de Sange (Tigr), Little Tiger, Tigress, Pet = By Dracula)

MEANING: ([Elena = Shining Light] ~ [Catalina = Pure] ~ [Perez = Stone) ~ [Tigru de Sange = Blood Tiger or Tiger of Blood]

TITLE: (Tigr de sânge (By those close to her and her Master; servants and enemies), Ms. (By everyone currently) ~ Slave (By her former human owners)) | Tigrul lui Drăculea [Tiger of Dracula] (By Enemies)

OCCUPATION: Pet to Dracula [Vlad Dracula, the 3rd] (She never leaves Drăculea's side unless she is undercover and working as an assassin.) | Hired Assassin (Depending on storyline; she maybe undercover going odd jobs, but will eventually kill her targets.)

GENDER: (Female)

GENDER ROLE: (Feminine)


REAL AGE: (1ooo Years old +)

AGE APPEARANCE: (30 Years Old forever)

BIRTHDAY: (Unknown, Assumed to be January 3rd.)

DEATHDAY: (May not have one yet)

BIRTHPLACE: (Somewhere in Romania)

SPECIES: (Were Tigress - Shapeshifter)

ETHNICITY: (Mexican)

EYE COLOR: (Dark Brown)

HAIR COLOR: (Dark Brown (human) ~ Gold (Tiger - Half form or full Tiger)
HEIGHT: (5 feet 8 inches)

WEIGHT: (123 pounds)

BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: (Scars left over from her human life as a slave and being attacked by a group of male were-tigers, who tried to rape her and kill her.)


PHOBIAS: (Seeing others get Raped.)

ADDICTIONS: (Torture, Killing, Drugs, alcohol, gambling, or bad romance)

PAST, CURRENT, FUTURE LOCATIONS: (Romania {Past}, [Beacon Hills, California {Current})


BIOGRAPHY: Elena Catalina Perez's Birthday is unknown. Most of the people who knew of her birth are long dead. It is assumed that she was born on January 3rd. The year is unknown. Her life history is unknown, but most assumed she was a human slave to a Romanian human who treated her poorly. He beat her and left scars on her, forcing her to have sex with whoever he ordered her to have sex with. She was out shopping late at night for her Master, when she got attacked from behind. At the age of 30 years old, the young adult was out in the streets of Romania, when she was attacked and nearly killed by a pride of Weretiger, Male Tigers only, who wanted to have fun. Their version of fun was raping and killing women, who they thought were easy prey.

Elena was one of their countless victims, but the only one to survive, thanks to Dracula, who showed up and rescued her. He drove the men out and took her back to his castle, where he fed her his blood and cleaned her up. He helped her to adjust to life as a Were-tiger and in return for his protection, she would serve him. She had no family or a name to herself, so she gave her life to the vampire, becoming his pet tiger and servant.

He gave her a new name Tigru de Sange (Tigru) and a place at his table. She would lay her life down for her Lord and Master, as she owes him a life debt for saving her life. She travels with Dracula around the world, protecting him and laying her life down if she has to.



Fact 1: Tigru is loyal to Dracula, and will do everything for him.

Fact 2: Tigru wears a necklace that is red, a ruby. It is a shard that allows her to travel through portals, past or present.

Fact 3: Tigr is an immortal were-tiger.



Fact 1: Weretigers are a type of lycanthrope, humans infected with a supernatural virus that allows them to take the power and appearance of a specific species of animal, in this case, tiger. Tiger lycanthropy is one of the harder-to-catch strains, and the weretiger culture sees attacking outsiders as an abomination. Being given tiger lycanthropy is seen as a reward for a job well done, and they think it is a sin to give it to someone not worthy. It is also one of the few forms of lycanthropy that can be inherited, as well as caught. Consequently, the weretiger culture is strongly divided into pureblood clan tigers, who are inherited lycanthropes, and attacked ones, whose coloring matches natural tigers. However, according to the Mother of All Darkness, all of the clans started off as survivors of attacks, and have just forgotten this because the power breeds true. It is hinted that the Yellow Clan might still possess this power of spreading all strains of tiger lycanthropy, which could explain why Anita caught all of them, although there are too few recorded survivors of yellow tiger attacks to draw any conclusions.

Tigers tend not to announce they are infected, and entire families may stay in "the closet" for generations. Intermarriage is common in order to keep the bloodlines pure, and forced marriages between clan members aren't unheard of. Most weretigers have arranged marriages, and they have been known to abduct known tigers if an arranged marriage cannot be done.

They are a matriarchal society (led by a woman/queen), unlike most of the other lycanthrope societies which are patriarchal (led by a male/king).

Fact 2: Abilities of a weretiger:

All werecreatures have the ability to lift a car with ease. Move far faster than any human in human form and when shifted they can run faster than 50 miles an hour if on all fours. They have heightened hearing, sight, touch, smell, and night vision. They can regenerate from almost every wound in three hours no matter how big or how small, life-threatening wounds send them into a deathlike sleep until they can heal. Unless their head is severed from their body. They can leap almost 15 feet into the air. Any were-creature can absorb the pain from creatures and in some cases heal them. They can't get drunk.

Weretiger's Abilities

The weretiger is said to be able to calm tigers and alphas are said to be able to control them. They have increased vision in the dark. They are extremely nimble and have amazing agility. Their claws are about 5 inches long and their teeth are a whole lot sharper than a werewolf's.

Effects of the Moon:

Unlike Werewolves, a full moon nullifies most of their powers they are unable to shift into their full form and their other powers are lessened. They still have them they just aren't that powerful. On a new moon, it is the absence of the moon's light that brings out animal instincts.


A weretiger is vulnerable to some types of wolfsbane, Mistletoe is poisonous to them, and Mountain ash is said to be able to form an impenetrable barrier against the supernatural but is extremely rare. A wound cannot heal if something is blocking it. Example: Arrows and Crossbows can be the most common choice to prevent healing because unlike bullets arrows don't go all the way through.


Weretigers can survive off of normal human food but it every so often they need to hunt live animals.

Types of Wolfsbane/Monkshood and Its Effects

Purple Wolfsbane:

Most common of them all. They grow everywhere. Effects to were-creature: If werecreatures are close to it it can cause uncontrollable shifts.

Nordic Blue Monkshood:

Extremely deadly, is hard to find most hunters use it to coat their bullets/arrows in them and without the bullet then after 48 hours, they will die unless treated.

Yellow Wolfsbane:

Extremely rare and extremely expensive, it causes paralysis in werecreatures if the toxin penetrates the skin.


Character Age

30 (Human appearance) / 1ooo Years old + (Immortal)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Personality


Thread Tracker

This is where all the threads that I write will be written. They will not be ordered really. Just put down with whoever sets up an RP with me.


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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)


USERNAME: Tigru de Sange (Count Dracula's Pet) <br>

FULL NAME: Elena Catalina Perez! (Name) // Tigru De Sange (Tigr) [Title given by Dracula and Crime people) <br>

OCCUPATION: Pet to Dracula (Vlad Dracula) | Hired Assassin (Depending on the storyline) <br>

CHARACTER TYPE: Original Character <br>

WRITING LENGTH: Para to Novella Writer <br>

WRITING PLACES: Messages are for OOC & Plotting ONLY! - Comments for Introductions ONLY - Blogs for Writing Stories Only!<br>

PROFILE CREATION: Profile established on: November (11) - 21 - 2022<br>

VERSES: Drăculea, Van Helsing, Crime, True Blood, Other Supernatural Verses, 18 + Mature!<br>

GENRES: Supernatural, Crossovers, Gore, Horror, Open, Villain/Heroes.<br>

DISCORD: Tigru De Sânge#6271<br>

MEMBER OF THE: Blank RPG <br><br>


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