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Character Appearance

Short, black hair that consists of a black bun at the top of her head; a green and yellow headband with white balls at the ends that stop on top of her ears; and long black bangs that dangle over her misty blue colored eyes, white skin, green and yellow bands around her wrists and ankles, barefoot, and green and yellow clothing.

Character Personality

Funny (sometimes, if she doesn't anger people), and stubborn (sometimes)

Character Likes

Making jokes about her sight, fighting, and being herself.

Character Dislikes

Being treated like she's helpless, being told what to do, being treated like a royal, and being bossed around.

Character History/Story

Toph was born in a rich family, the Beifongs. She was treated like she was royalty, but she hates that. She was also born blind, but she never had a problem seeing. She feels the vibrations in the ground with her feet. She can feel slight movements in other people, tree branches swaying in the wind, and even tiny ants crawling on the ground. But her parents never understood, they always treated her like she was helpless (which she hates as well). She couldn't take their treatment towards her anymore, so she ran away and now, she's wandering around, trying to 'see' where she would belong. Toph was voiced by Jessie Flower.

Character Abilites

Feeling the vibrations in the ground with her feet so she can see.

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Comedy, Action, Adventure

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(Same as Ty Lee)

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  • [I'd like to keep the one with Ty Lee going.]

  • [If you like, you can add Toph to the current thread we have going with Ty Lee? If Toph and Ty Lee know each other we could make it work.]

  • "Oh. I've been good, Toph. You?"

  • Ty Lee gasped before looking at the blind girl.

     "Toph?! Oh yeah! It has!" She was glad to see Toph again.

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