Character Name

Tori Amelia Rogar

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender

Female, Other

Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

due to the enhancements in her angelic genes Tori Glows slightly. Tori has long thick wavy white hair. the length of her hair is about 5'3" long. Tori has a Hourglass figure ,perfect breasts, hips and waist. She is about 5'1 in height .She has a oval face shape and a button like nose. Tori has big round Gold eyes with flecks of purple near the pupil and her eyelashes are thick and long and naturally curl up. Her lips are full, soft and have a natural pink shade. Tori has pale skin with some freckles on her cheeks.

Character Personality

She is a very shy, naive and is very awkward at times but when she opens up she is very warm, kind and fun loving .

Character Likes

- dancing - lilac - sweaters - pastel colors - hugs - animals -books - blueberries

Character Dislikes

- sharp things - any form of closed small area - dog whistles - people in lab coats

Character History/Story

When Tori was born her angel mother Lisa Rose died in child labor. Tori was then taken and left to a old woman who would raise and care for the girl. as Tori grew she was a shy,kind, caring, loyal emotional witch-angel hybrid. due to some of her mental and emotional problems that lead to a chain of events which lead her to be taken into medical care. People that where hunting her because of her fathers families ties to strong magic found and captured her. These people soon took her to numerous other facilities where she went through many painful and torturous experiments and tests. these people where turning her into a form of power source by enhancing her angelic blood and abilities. Soon after countless of painful straining experiments caused her mind to go blank as the project progressed the more she lost her self and soon she forgot who she was and everything she once held dear. though as the years of torment continued Tori's personality remained the same. Getting Tired of the constant abuse Tori was brought to escape for the first time . It wasn't till her fourth escape did she make her way out and away from those horrible people. she is excited to learn more about the outside world . Hoping and preying to not be found by those people again.

Character Inventory

A old locked book, a unfinished pair of pointe shoes and some wrist bands of all of the facilities she belonged to.

Character Abilites

- Tori can float at will but because her legs are to weak to support her body she floats everywhere - her blood has healing properties that can even bring someone back to life if not death for more then 40 minutes. it can also enhance any form of inhuman ability for about 20 minutes at a time but it depends how much of her blood you drink - Tori can remove the gravity in small areas though she currently doesn't know she can do this - Tori can share her emotions with other - she can see small things that will happen to a person. this ability comes and goes if she has more practice sh would be able to control it better

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Child Friendly, 18+, Comedy

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