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T H E     P E R F E C T   T R I G G E R    P U L L

I N    A

D I S A S T E R    O F    A    P A C K A G E





Next to her those rumpled sheets lay barren, a cold void...


"That motherfucker....."

He promised...there's no way....

"Jesse fucking Custer..."

Words lingered in a bitter whisper. 



But there was a way.

His way. 

Like every other time, a simple note of apology lay as an offering. An envelope with what was no doubt money to take care of herself accompanied it. Just like their fallout in Paris. 


But why did he have to do this again?


Standing at his side she worked hard to be his equal in a fight, in every way. Yet he pulled this stunt. His cited concern: Her safety.

Tulip wasn't buying it anymore.

 She didn't have to read his shit scrawl letter to know what resided there. He knew what she was, how her past had brought her here and still he refused to admit it to himself.   So much for the love of a lifetime. 

"Until the end of the world...my ass..." 

He. Was. Gone.





You know, the last time he came around he said: "You're never prettier than when you're angry." Sure she'd had plenty of anger at first, but she'd learned to tuck it all away behind a carefully built wall. She still saw him as the only true love of his life but unlike every other moment he'd been in her life this time she vowed second chances were a thing of the past. 

And that's where this story starts anew.

Eventually, one foot went in front of the other, and she'd  found every opportunity to climb into that plum-hued mustang of hers. Taking it she high tailed herself far away from it all.




- Human -

- Hair: Brown -

- Eyes: Brown -

- Height: 5 ' 3" -

- Build: Lean /Athletic -

- Orientation: Straight -

- Relationship Status: Single/Not Looking -



 "A woman needs to know how to be strong and stand on her own."









- Independent -

- Blunt -

- Jealous -

- Stubborn -

- Passionate -

- Caring -

- Wildcard -






What is there to say about the lovely Tulip O'Hare?

She's the kind to kick ass, take your name, then ram it down your throat; All the while she's smiling that pretty little smile.

Tulip is damaged.

That much is glaringly obvious, but she does have her moments of softness. Especially for those she loves deeply. She's fiercely protective and willing to go to the ends of the earth for those she considers family. Mess with them and you are lucky if you walk away. Home is where they are.

If she wants things done, she's going to do it for herself. There's no waiting around for someone to help.

Tulip has no sympathy for the weak. She will shoot someone without any afterthought and has been known to do things that are not legal in any sense of the word.







- Weapons Expert -

- Marksmanship -

- Agility -

- Intellect -

- Charisma -


A    G U N    F O R    H I R E


Falling down a hole of drugs and alcohol eventually Tulip realized she didn't want to venture the path she was on. Desperately she wanted to get out of her damnation. Unfortunately for Tulip, this had her taking a loan off a shark named MacAvoy.

It was the only way she knew to get to rehab.

The man offered her two options for repayment. Wait tables or strip. Waitressing hadn't gone so well the last round, and well...she wasn't the type to show off her body. So with his insistence that he be repaid Tulip instead demanded MacAvoy make her a hired gun. He scoffed.


Dismayed,  MacAvoy adamantly said no.

He even mocked her as she explained. 

That was until he saw what she could do. 







R E T U R N I N G    T O   T E X A S



So here I am. Annville, Texas.

 I'm not here to chase a man, this time around I have a job to do.

In fact. I have several.

Gotta see a guy in Albuquerque while I'm at it....


Tulip did return to Texas. She had her own plan for what to do there. That certainly didn't involve Jesse Custer. Especially after 5 years had passed since he disappeared on her.

However, plans never go as they are expected to, and she found herself with an entirely different outcome than she hoped for.


Continuing with her life was hard and easy all at once.





The Preacher

J E S S E    C U S T E R

The Ex



Once upon a time, Tulip took what she wanted.


A man so simple, and yet so complex. 


It was a beautiful disaster in its own right.  She wanted him to be a part of her life until the world fell apart. But that was perhaps their downfall. She saw herself as someone to fight by his side, he found her as someone to protect at all costs. No matter what needed to be done.

Together or apart there will always be a connection between Tulip and  Jesse Custer. That will never change. Even if what they were to one another did. Even if it shattered her heart into a million pieces.




Did she need him? 


He was her past, and everything before her was the future untold. 


              Sure, people know Jesse Custer as the preacher. It's what he was raised by his psychopath of a grandmother to be. But that's not his only story. Tulip knew him in so many more walks of life. He's been a sheriff and so much more. He's given up the book and returned to it. Graced with the voice of Genesis he set his path to use his found gift to help, but at every turn, it didn't go as he expected. Genesis had a funny little way of twisting words about. 

But, much like Tulip, Jesse didn't always do things that landed on the side of morally white. He was more like a splash of it all, gray with a few droplets of the occasional black. 

  Jesse, her long-time lover, the man she returned to time and time again. 

What can she do this time? Who knows what will happen? That story has yet to be written. 





The Vampire

P R O I N S A I S   C A S S I D Y

The Disaster



He fell in love with her.

Or so he said.

"All you need to know is he's a mind fuck, and I'm not going into details." 


    Cassidy was too much of complication for Tulip and so in a difficult yet determined decision she walked out the door of the hotel room they'd holed up in. Weeks had turned into months and Cassidy had taken over her life when Jesse was thought to be lost from the picture. He manipulated her into becoming what he wanted from her.  Something he'd done to so many of the women in his life. Most, if not all became shells of what they were when they parted from him. 

She wasn't going to become the same thing.

And so Tulip walked.....




The Father Figure

 J A K E   O' H A R E

John William Grady O'Hare




For as long as anyone could remember Jake O'Hare wanted a boy. Had the name picked out already. Unfortunately, life likes to throw a few tragedies along the way. Like having your wife die and that boy he wanted so deeply turning out to be a daughter. Jake might not have known what to do with her at first, but eventually, he made it his goal to teach her everything she could ever need to gain an advantage in life.



His ultimate game plan with this goal? Raise her like he would have if she was his son. An idea that garnered enough dirty looks of its own. 

 The issue that people found in Jake's methods was that Tulip became quite the tomboy. Where her peers had expected her to wear skirts and play with dolls, Tulip enjoyed the rough and tumble things in life. It truly outcasted her over time. Despite this Jake fought hard to make sure she was treated just like everyone else, to have her feeling confident and as sure-footed as one of the boys. 

Life threw her a few lessons the hard way about how girls were treated compared to boys, so in order to make her feel better Tulip was taught how to shoot. If this was going to happen she might as well go all the way. 

By the time she was a full adult her shot was spot on. Deadly and accurate. 







The Best Friend

A M Y     G I R D E R B I N D E R

The Instigator



In her early teens, Tulip and Jake decided to go hunting one early morning. Unfortunately, that trip didn't end well and a freak hunting accident took her father from her in the worst way possible. By friendly fire. 

The people who did it were never charged since it was an accident and since she was now an orphan the state stepped in.  It was all downhill or in Tulip's view uphill from there. 

It was during the adjustment years that Tulip met her best friend. The one person who encouraged everything that she shouldn't have to the woman  - Amy Grinderbinder. Convincing Tulip to drop school and join her on the trust fund spending spree of a lifetime Tulip gave up the idea of what her future was going to be and took things into her own hands.








While you would find Tulip as a normal part of the unholy trinity that is the Preacher three, she has her own story to tell. She wasn't always a part of the mix, and her past and future are riddled with intriguing moments of her own.

In other words, you don't have to be a part of the canon storyline to play.

In fact, that's what I was hoping to explore.

Yes, I've mixed a bit of her story, but in having played her previously I wanted to keep some of it while giving room to explore other aspects. Feel free to call me out on it, but if you want to play the canon line, I can happily follow it.






- **I will not accept anyone wanting to write as Jesse.  Period.** There is only one who writes him that I'm alright with. He knows who he is. Sorry.-

-Looking to explore the complexity that is Tulip.-

- 18+ ONLY, Writer is over 21.-

- Blood, gore, violence and drugs are part of the story line.  -

- Writer most likely will take several days to reply .-

- Smut happens, I'm fine with that. But Tulip isn't your daily porn fix. -

- Plotting preferred. -

- Writer has read the comics, so if you want to go there, let me know. -

-Sure, I may grow pretty fond of you IC/OOC but that does not mean I'm looking for a romantic relationship. I'm here to have fun and escape the daily stresses. -

-I work. A lot. I handle a lot of life. And I get writers' block sometimes. It's not you, it's me. I will let you know if I have to pause, or you can check my comments.-

- Skype: Ask me. -

  Face Claim: Ruth Negga

Song: Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down (Remix)




- Tulip is the creation of Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, and Glenn Fabry.-

- Appears in the PREACHER comic series. (1995 - 2000) 75 Issues. -

- Published By: Vertigo Comics -

- All comic images were captures edited by myself. -

 RIP Steve Dillon



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Tulip O'Hare

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Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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