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Nonfiction and Fiction writing has been around for many years, but some people still don’t know it’s difference between them. But do they have things in common? Well the actual fact is that one wants to entertain (Which is the Fiction) and one wants…
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“Demons are what they are! They are the one ruining our villages with their evil mysterious powers, they must die! They have succeeded in killing over a thousand people, sucking the innocent blood is their pleasure, seeing people cry is their ultima…
Oct 8
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Comedy has lot similarities with professional sports. Always have it in mind that pass successes are termed history. You can only be paid for today’s success.  Trust me, if you are intelligent can learn comedy, develop it, and even produce your own…
Oct 7
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Witches in the hives are lurking around, there is no run for cover, hahahahah! 
Throughout history there has been different perceptions and images of witches which have appeared in several forms, forms like the Witch with a pointy hat riding through…
Oct 6
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Adventure top the list of the most wanted and requested genre for short stories and it's very popular in Novel and the motion pictures as well. Too many writers getting wrongly, most times, they will tag their work to be "Adventure" while in actual…
Oct 5
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Anime is becoming huge on the Big screen in these past years, the secret of the huge success lies in the great story telling and the outstanding graphical image representation. Now, as a creative writer, how do you go about writing a great anime sto…
Oct 3
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Werewolf have become a household name in the Hollywood cinemas, it is one popular mythological animal and one of the most talked about throughout the world, you find. Werewolf stories have gone really global in recent times, you find them in movies,…
Oct 1
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Vampires are known for their  enormous success in the Halloween custom (season), Movies (Cinemas). Looking back at many years ago, they were considered to be an epitome for disease. The modern day Vampires characters are well known and one can easil…
Sep 29
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Sep 27
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Fantasy is a genre on its own in literature and it comprises of magic or superficial components as part of the plot, theme or setting. When it comes to Fantasy literature, mythology, and folklore most times play a major role or has a very strong i…
Sep 27
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Storytelling is simply the activity of telling or writing stories dramatically or creatively. Here are Three free Perfect rules for a great storytelling.
1. Perfect storytelling is universal
A perfect storytelling is the process of taking a piec…
Sep 26
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