Richard Ardelean

Ratislav of Wallachia

638 years old, deceased at 48



v a m p i r e

 With a little extra sin.


Charming - Bold - Insatiable appetite

 Curious - Silver-tongued - Affectionate

Tenacious - Possessive - Impatient9876663894?profile=RESIZE_710x


Mortal life

1383, Wallachia, a place rife with war. The country now known as Romania was under the rule of the house of Basarab with many appointed nobles to control their territories. A mountainous region just south of Transylvania and north of what would later become the capital of Romania, Bucharest, is where this story begins. Just a few snaking roads made their way through the dense forests of the wild region infested with bears, wolves, lynx, and many much less natural threats. The people were heavily religious and superstitious, knowing that creatures not of this world lurked in the night. 

Ratislav did not begin his life as the monster he is in modern-day, the only heir to a warlord with his mother dying in childbirth; he was treated with the utmost respect and lived in the lap of luxury from day one as the peasants struggled to merely survive. His father hammered home the importance of glory in battle and taking things by force. To be strong and to be feared. Ratislav learned from the best sword fighters of the region, he learned strategy and how to command an army. While not initially sadistic in his ways, Ratislav had little care for peasants and upon taking the seat of power from his father their struggles would not improve.

Richard never did marry, though it’s certain he sired illegitimate children during his life, none were known to him. It didn’t matter, for he never planned to give up his seat of power willingly.


Death, and Undeath

1431, a mere five years until the legendary Vlad the Impaler's predecessor, Vlad Dracul, would take control of the region. The country’s rule would change hands no less than eighteen times within the fifteenth century. Had Ratislav not met his fate, he may well have taken the throne himself. War was on the horizon and Ratislav prepared for it, unknowing it would be his final battle as a mortal man.

With such strife and unrest for many years, supplies waned and the smiths of the region could only work so fast creating and repairing armor and weaponry. There were words on the wind of an enchanted sword that would promise a victory in the upcoming battle. Stories of such a blade were mixed, though most told of a powerful sorceress trapped inside. Upon witnessing the blade, Ratislav was entranced, paying the merchant that brought it to him a great sum of gold without realizing the state the man was in. The sword had sent the merchant mad. From the moment of touching the hilt of the legendary weapon, a voice echoed throughout Ratislav’s mind demanding freedom from her steely prison, but Ratislav had plans and was not about to bargain with an inanimate object. 

The day of battle came, leading his army Ratislav appeared to be on the verge of victory once more until a sharp pain shot through him, or rather, a sword had placed the perfect blow in a gap of the warlord’s armor and forced its way between the man’s fifth and sixth rib piercing his lung. Upon seeing their great warrior leader fall, Ratislav’s army retreated, leaving the Wallachian lord dying slowly on the cold blood-soaked ground. Hours passed, the battlefield emptied, leaving only corpses, scavengers, and those on the brink of death. As his lungs slowly filled with blood, Ratislav looked at his sword, with the sorceress in the sword looking right back. Those yellow eyes filled with sadistic amusement at the fallen warrior that had initially declined her demands. Fearing what waited for him upon death, Ratislav made a deal with the eyes staring back at him; Her freedom on the grounds she saved him from death. Deal. 

With his very last strength, Ratislav raised the sword above his head, coughing up a few specks of blood whilst doing so, and struck the sword over a rock shattering the blade into pieces and freeing the dark soul trapped inside. Ratislav didn’t see the afterlife that night as agreed upon, however, his heart no longer beat. Ratislav was not dead, but undead. Stuck between the two worlds, a cursed creature that burned in the sunlight and would be a scourge upon the living; a vampire.



From monster to civilized

Ratislav would eventually return to his castle, the very place he sat already being fought over by his lessers. Furious his army would abandon him in battle, even though he had fallen, Ratislav flew into a rage. His entire court, torn limb from limb by the ravenous vampire. With each person’s blood drained, the vampire learned their memories and saw their treachery was always on the horizon, it was only a matter of time. 

Reinvigorated, the vampire became the terror of his land feeding on whoever dared approach his castle, and often those that didn’t even try. Many locals fled the region in fear and those who stayed grew superstitious and carried symbols of their god with them at all times which seemed to deter the creature. When word reached the Order of the Dragon, an order of knights sworn to defend the cross and fight enemies of Christianity, the castle was sieged. Greatly outnumbered and weak to their holy weapons, Ratislav fled his castle and Wallachia. He would never hold as much power again, though he would never simply lay down in defeat. 

With his name carrying such weight, a new one had to be developed. Taking the name Richard Ardelean the vampire would travel the world remaining undetected by most, and those that did discover his true identity or what he was, were soon silenced. As the years progressed, as did mankind and the technology they created. With each victim, Richard learned something new, reading their blood like an autobiography. The vampire found he could learn an entire language through someone’s blood, how to sail a boat, and in more modern times how to drive a car. The victims he prayed upon went from lesser beings to intriguing creatures. His need to blend resulted in him being quite fond of good conversation and company, though the warlord he once was still burned in the back of his mind. He still found pleasure in striking fear into mortals and watching them grovel at his feet.


From darkness to absolute depravity

In the modern world, Richard thought he had all he could ever want, but that former self still burned in the back of his mind, haunting him at every step. On his own, he could not risk rising to the power he once had, too many now knew how to put a swift end to his kind. He grew comfortable in his secretive ways, though temptation lurked around every corner. This particular temptation came in the form of a pale figure in a crowd. Intrigued, he approached, lured by the promise of blood far beyond what he’d ever sampled before. A weak spot the creature knew how to exploit. That creature? A demon by the name of Mammon. Son of Lucifer. For some time Richard was little more than a slave to the demon’s cruel antics, showing him some mercy only to apply pain tenfold. There was a method in his madness, however, drawing out that sadistic creature imprisoned in the vampire’s mind. 

Eventually, Mammon revealed he had known Richard since his days as a mortal man, even disguised himself as such to observe the warlord closely. The sheer brutality and skill in battle was the perfect choice to lead the demon’s armies. The first choice. The demon’s favourite. When Richard had fallen at the sword, the demon assumed the soul was lost forever, in a sense it was, however the body and consciousness lived on. Growing in power over almost six centuries apart. Richard was presented with an offer; devote himself to Mammon, lead his armies, and in exchange he would take away the crippling bloodlust that drove his unnatural life and give him more power than he’d ever experienced before. Without hesitation, Richard accepted.







There are rules, you know

  • The vampire cannot enter sunlight, for they will be burned alive.
  • The vampire detests the symbol of God and cannot gaze upon it, for it is a reminder they have turned their back on death and their own salvation in the afterlife.
  • The vampire requires the blood of the living to extend their unnatural lifespan.
  • The blood of the dead is detested by the vampire.
  • The blood of the sick is poison to the vampire and will induce vomiting.
  • No mortal may pierce the vampire’s skin without divine intervention.
  • Blessed items are corrosive to the vampire.
  • Fire cleanses sin and burns the vampire, though it will not kill them.
  • The vampire cannot enter a holy building or risk bursting into flames.
  • The vampire cannot generate their own body heat, a constant reminder they are dead.
  • All food the vampire consumes will become but ash in their mouth.


Well, aren't you special?

  • Richard can know a man’s memories, inherited skills, and knowledge through blood alone. This however does not extend to supernatural powers.
  • Richard can scale walls like a spider, even if there is nothing for him to grip onto.
  • Possessing inhuman speed, it can almost give the vampire the appearance of being in two places at once.
  • Bearing strength beyond that of an ordinary vampire, thanks to the demonic blood gifted to him.
  • Victims may hallucinate and dream when being fed on, this can be addictive to mortals and offer them a strange high. It comes at a price, too often, and the mortal will die from blood loss.
  • A master of disguise, Richard can hide within the bodies of his deceased victims, even mimicking their voices. The only part he cannot mimic is their eyes, for their eyes are the window to the soul.
  • Richard can transform someone into a vampire without the use of his own blood, however, it’s rare, and most end up deceased or mindless ghouls.
  • Richard's body may burst into a swarm of bats to make a quick escape from a situation, though it's rare he uses such a power. 
  • The vampire can locate anyone he's fed on that is actively bleeding, it's a convenient way of summoning him.
  • Richard can heal a wound by pinching it shut, convenient for feedings. This only extends to soft tissues, he cannot heal bones or extensive internal damage.  
  • Severe wounds can be healed by consuming blood.


Nice to eat you

Richard’s sexuality isn’t bound to a single gender, in fact, gender rarely is even a factor in whom he's interested. The vampire can charm just about anyone into bed, and often has as an easy way to feed. The real challenge is claiming his unbeating heart. Richard appreciates unique individuals, power, and anyone that can make him feel alive, though what that entails exactly changes between each individual. Those that don't fit the bill are quickly discarded without much care. The vampire can't stand to spend much time with people that fear him, while it's amusing to Richard it gets tiresome quickly. The only exception to this is if the individual has untapped knowledge, only then Richard may consider sticking around as a means to get what he wants.



  • It amuses Richard greatly when mortals and younger immortals fear him, though is intrigued by those that don’t. 
  • Richard's sadism fluctuates. While he does show mercy in some cases, his inner warlord and rage come through more often since his new calling.
  • Richard fears death, or more accurately, what waits for him after death. Perhaps his only true fear.
  • Richard has been known to be cannibalistic, drinking the blood of other immortals. If anything, it’s to learn from them and enjoy their unique flavor. He considers it a bonding experience. 
  • Richard is hesitant to share his blood, for he has the memories of thousands of people that are now a permanent part of him. It’s been known to send people mad. 
  • The man is a shameless user of dating apps, he can often be found scrolling through people like a dinner menu. Fast food, delivered right to your door.
  • Because he gained the knowledge of the language through blood and not traditional learning, Richard speaks languages perfectly and without an accent. 
  • Unlike many of his kind, he does indeed have a reflection.
  • Richard has a housekeeper named Magda, she also originates from Romania. Despite what most think, the woman isn't enthralled by the vampire, she's just paid well enough.
  • 'Ratislav' means 'Glory in battle'. 'Ardelean' is a region or Romania. His name is not far off the one he went by originally.
  • Richard is something of a masochist, pain makes him feel alive, among other things.
  • Richard has not dreamed since becoming a vampire until recently, though rare, he now has nightmares.
  • When enraged, his irises will hint a slight fiery glow. 
  • While blood is his main source of nourishment, nothing stops him taking a bite out of his victim's flesh and consuming that too.

Richard's Rules and Information


Status: Slowly coming back, bear with me. 



  • Two to four paragraphs are best, I can do more but it takes me considerably longer.
  • I use a spell and grammar checker because I'm mildly dyslexic. I try my best, but there will inevitably be some errors. If something doesn't make sense, please ask me about it and I'll correct it.
  • Anything from gore to fantasy, to romance to 18+, is fine with me, if there's something you'd prefer I avoid in our threads please, please let me know. I want to respect all writer's boundaries. 
  • Inbox is best. I have the site muted so I don't realize when people use the chatbox.
  • I go through writer's block a lot, bear with me.


Character Interaction

  • You can beat Richard to a pulp, I encourage you to do so, but don't kill him. I feel that goes without saying.
  • I don't expect all vampire characters to follow the 'vampire rules' Richard has. We'll just call it different bloodlines.
  • If you want Richard to turn your character into a vampire please discuss it with me beforehand, I don't make heavy decisions like that for your character. 
  • He might seem a little OP initially, but Richard's weaknesses are easy to exploit. If you need ideas should your character fight him, I'm happy to help.
  • You can interact with Richard at any point in his undeath, I'm not limited to the modern-day.
  • Fantasy settings are also acceptable, I'll adapt his story to not include any real-world places. 



  • Hi, my name's Victor (or just Vic). Nice to meet you.
  • If you ask nicely, I'll show you pictures of my dog, his name is Arthur. 
  • As a disclaimer; I haven't really roleplayed, or written anything for that matter, in the past few years. I'm rusty, to say the least. I started back up near the start of October 2021.
  • Richard is my own character, though inspired heavily by various vampire stories and lore.
  • I used to roleplay as Valentine Grimm and Lucas Howlite, I'm always happy to chat with old friends.
  • I have good days and bad days, sometimes I can write a bunch, sometimes I can only reply to certain threads, and sometimes I can't write anything at all even if it says I'm online. Please understand it's nothing personal. 
  • Face claim: Claes Bang


Plotlines I'd like to explore

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  • Faust would take a moment to process  that Richard was changing in front of him. He would then turn around to not stare idle at Richard. He would then take a moment to cough under his breath. "I have not forgotten you, i was merely held back by the shopkeepers that wanted my  opinion on a best healing remedy for a flu. But not to worry, I believe I have gotten the right size for you."


    Feeling Richard's hand on his lower back he would turn to look at him only to smile seeing that the clothing fits wonderfully. He wanted to to chuckle from how giddy he was but before he could even make a sudden laugh he was interrupted by a knock on the door. Faust would raise a brow for a moment before stepping toward the door and opens it seeing a beautiful red head woman with a black dress holding a basket in hand. He would blink for a moment as he would then nod his head biting his lower lip.


    "Margaret,  what are you doing here at this time of day?" He asked while noticing that she had roses in her basket and soon plucks one out and hands it to him. "Thought you might use the company since you are always stick yourself in your work till the moon comes. What say you, a nice cup of tea and warm meal to stuff our bellies~"  She would say as she wrapped her arms around Faust in a rather tight embrace.


    She would then finally notice that they weren't alone as she spotted Richard from the corner of her eye. Before she would ask who he was Faust would slowly unravel her arms from his neck and coughs under his breath. "I apologize Margaret but I am having dinner with my new friend Richard." This seemed to have a curious effect on her as she would squint at Richard before it changed to a perky smile. "Oh, how quaint, you finally decided to join the land of the living."


    She teased before crossing her arms holding the basket close to her chest. She would then do a curtsy toward Richard.  "Margaret Gretchen, tis a pleasure to meet you MiLord. Faustus, will you br attend the Ball in Valentin's estate? You did promise him to be there." Faustus would widen his eyes before placing his hand on his forehead as if just remembering an important detail.


    "That is correct...well I suppose we can go there after dinner, do you object Richard?" Faust would ask turning his head to look at Richard.

  • Faust would shiver for a moment when he felt Richard's arm around his waist making him bite his lower lip. He  would become rather flustered as he would then look down for a second as he was quite flustered. He would then nod his head when Richard only asked for the clothes. He would then blush hard as he was flustered from the part about him wearing nothing. He would take a deep breath before looking away.


    "Must you tease me so?" He would say before feeling Richard hand trail to his jawline making him look into his eyes. He would slowly close his eyes as he deepened the gentle kiss as he succumbed to it. He was practically melting into the kiss as he wrapped his left arm around Richards neck.  He would then slowly open his eyes realizing that Richard spoke and soon nods his head before muttering 'right'  as he would step outside to do his task.

  • Faust would jump at the sight of Richard seeing him just lean against the hallway. He would then smile slightly as he would shake his head for a moment as he would then sigh softly. He would then roll his eyes for a moment before stepping forward only to press the back of his hand against his chest. "Sorry, did I wake you up, I didn't mean to."  He would then lower his hand before pressing his lips against Richard's right cheek. 


    "As I said, I will be heading out to get you new clothes for tonight. I will be back as soon as I can, do you want anything while I am away?" Faust asked curiously while tilting his head for a brief moment. His eyes would stare into Richards while biting his lower lip admiring the Vampire.  He had dreamt about him, but he would not dare admit it nor tell him about it.

  • Meanwhile outside of The Faustus Estate


    It began to rain, covering the city in a watery fog. The harlots, thieves and under dwellers would flee to escape the rain. But one did not, a cloaked figure in purple would make their way through the city till they stopped toward Faustus estate. They stepped forward as they glanced up toward a window which lead to the bedroom. They held their hand out but seemed to hesitate which lowered their hand. "Soon you will be mine Johann, no matter who tries to steal you away from me."


    They said before turning away from the estate, lightning flickered causing their face be glimpsed just for a moment covered in shadow. Soon they took their leave into the night where she vanished. Her presence left a cold feeling from where she once stood, along with a black rose that lays in the middle of the road. Something wjcked this way comes, and it will come eventually.


    The Next Morning


    Faust would slowly awaken from his slumber as he would then get up and put on some clothes. He puts on a dress shirt and a strapping pair of pants before stepping down stairs to get ready. He would fix his buttons on his shirt before looking around for a moment. "Richard, are you still asleep, if so I will be taking my leave to fetch a new pair of clothes. Do you wish for anything else while I am gone?"

  • Faust would take a moment to hum slightly as he would then nod his head for a moment at the mention of a new shirt. He would then cough under his breath before opening his mouth. "Right, I'll be sure to get you a new shirt bright and early tomorrow. Till then I believe I should retire for the night.  Owe, and I will make sure that the place we will go has no garlic...that was a jest."

    A joke about vampires and garlic, he knew that it was a myth but he thought it was a proper moment to make himself laugh. After that he would walk toward the stairs heading to the bedroom where he would remove his Wardrobes and laid in bed as began to sleep in the nude until  morning comes.


    As he sleeps the book that he just bought; the Arc Goetia would be where it was, on the living room table. The wind would pick up causing the book to open toward the page that had the description of one spirit known as Marbas. Outside of The Faustus's estate it began to rain as thunder sparked the sky and echoed through the night.  Was it an omen, or mere coincidence?

  • He tried to listen to Richard when he explained about the addiction of blood. When Richard said that his blood had some type of attraction it made him smile. He would run his hand through Richard's hair when he held him. He would then shake his head for a moment.


    "Do you act this way to everyone or are your trousers too tight?" He asked before slowly getting back up standing straight. He would then cough in the back of his throat. "If you are truly that serious I would request that you take me to dinner first."


    He instructed as he fixed himself and suit rub his hand through his messy hair. He would then look at Richard sternly as his face was flushed. "That way we can both talk. Before anything else of course."

  • Faust made sure to hold his moan in as he watched Richard drink his blood. The sight of the Vampire enjoying his blood made him a little excited. But when he realized indecent thoughts were flooding in his feed he shook his head to clear his mind. He would close his eyes only to sigh once Richard had finished.


    Once Richard was done and he closed his wound Faust brusfes over the left over scar on his wrist. "You acted like that was your last meal, do you always act like that when you are feeding? Or was my blood perhaps better then you've ever tasted?" He asked curiously while suddenly becoming limp and soon loses his footing falling  towards Richard. 


    "Ah, I am terribly sorry. I am glad that you are feeling much better then before."

  • Faust ignored the insinuating comment and merely Richard's shirt back. He would hum slightly before clicking his tongue. "No blood unlike before, you must have drank more  then you anticipated. But the scar looks fresh...fresher as in it just appeared to have been just made"


    With that said he would sigh to himself before  rubbing his chin with the back of his left hand. He would then smile slightly as he came to a conclusion. "I'd say another dose of blood would fully heal you."  After saying that he would take a moment to grab a knife from the  table with his right hand, he would then hold out his left only to mak a small cut on the wrist  letting his blood run free. He would then extend his bleeding hand to Richard taking a deep breath.


    "Go on, have a drink..."

  • As Richard explained about his reason of not killing him, Faust would continue eating to regain his strength. He would then nod his head as he understood his reasoning. But he did feel like there was more to it then just mere recklessness. But for now he did not question it.


    At the mention of searching for knowledge he would quirk his brow. 'A fellow Knowledge seeker, not only that he could gain knowledge by every drop of blood?' He was curious now, something to take note for later. For now he just stared at Richard watching his movements.


    When Richard's claw reached forward to tilt Faust's head his breath would hitch and his blood starting to pick up. Hearing Richard's words  his face turned red before smacking the claw away. "Please, as a guest I request you show some decency. Now then, let me see your wound."


    Faust spoke calmly with a bit of sas as he would then move both hands forward to undo Richard's shirt and lift it up to see what remains of Richard's wound.

  • When the man he now knows as Richard spoke and confirmed his suspicion he would close his eyes and nodded his head. He was correct, so hid suspicions of the occult were true. If that were true, then perhaps his other discoveries are as well. He would then open his eyes once more to take another bite out of his loaf of bread. 


    "Believe me, I am as much terrified as like any other who'd  discovered a murderer was before their very eyes. But the only reason I do not turn and flee, is because I know that you would have killed me right when you first bitten me. Which  i am curious...why didn't you kill me? For one such as yourself it would be much wiser to finish me off so that I would not live to speak the tale."


    He was curious about Richard's answer, completely ignoring the fact that  he called him pretty young. After finish his loaf of bread he took an apple and takes a quick bite out of it. 

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