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Update Notice 12

Hello Fellow Writers!

Today we have some smaller fixes coming your way. These will be key features that we believe will accommodate newer members as we start advertising Writer's Realm globally! So sit back, relax and check out these updates!

  • In ord

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Update Notice 11

Hello, Again Wrealms Members!

Two times within a week! We're on a roll here and bringing you even more features as promised! So let's dive right in!

  • First and we think the most exciting part of this patch would be our new Badge System! This can be l

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Want your profile coded?

I've decided to take on some profile coding requests. Most of these profiles will be relatively basic, based on the amount of requests I receive. (One column layouts probably.) Inbox me or comment below.


What I need from you:

- Your info: email & p

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Update Notice 9

Hello Wrealms Members! 

  Today we've pushed out a few small tweaks that we believe were needed, Below you can see what we've changed!

  • Changed "Full Name" To "Character Name" On profile sheets. Now when people sign up they won't be confused! Charact

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Update 7

Hello Wrealms,

Tomorrow we kick off our next Madness Giveaway event. With that being said, we've made things a bit easier to find. We now have an 'event's tab at the top of every page (Navigation.) From here you can see, participate and even create y

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Update 6

Hello, Wrealms memebers!

  We've visually updated the "Members" section of our website to make things a little bit easier to navigate. This is only the beginning as we plan to work even more on that page. We're coming up on our 2 year anniversary and

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