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Character Age

28 (28000~ Eldritch age)

Character Species

Enhanced eldritch moldshifter

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance



Character Personality

Very intuitive and can be counted on for consistency despite their high expectations that could be overbearing. Close others will tell you that they're an independent perfectionist who oddly enough doesn't mind being the center of attention if it means growth. Not a leader nor a follower but enjoys getting information on others for influential gain. Another note will explain how possessive (shockingly not toxic possessive) and affectionate this creature will be with significant others and considered family. Not even to mention his "Unfortunate" kindness with LARGE sarcasm on unfortunate because he acts like a total dad.

Character Likes

- Mythology and folklore = Necromancy - Scabiosa = Extreme cold - Rain

Character Dislikes

= Whining - Unmeaningful conversations (Depends on who you are if he'll tolerate you) = Mess or Clutter - Flashing lights (Light sensitive) = Surprises

Character History/Story

In a very long story short he originates from the corner void where nothing would usually reside, his void particles spread out to find somewhere which would be perfect grounds for habitation. Not much is (or will be known yet) of this creature besides the fact it shows up outta nowhere with one objective of either A: Continuing their legacy OR B: Attempting to find new life and blend in for their time being primarily for information

Character Inventory

- Golden Fluxroot (A root that can cure illness at a cost (Ex; Your leg is undecayed but it is weaker than before) = Notebook - Box of bandaids (For anyone who may need them)

Character Abilites

- Telepathy and mind control - (through dreams or hallucinations.) = Going without air, food, or water for extended periods of time, and able to hibernate for healing. (Weakens them) - regenerative powers (Slow) = Madness Manipulation (Works on only the weakest minds) - Teleportation (Only where they have been) ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Their most useless (in their opinion) abilities) = Lust manipulation (18+ only ability and can be overcome by Chastity)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Who is Foregen? I am an experienced roleplay that enjoys taking time to create entire worlds of lore with others and watching as it takes off

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  • Hello! And sorry I'm very late to this, but thank you for the add! I saw your writing inquiry and was very interested!

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