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Character Age

18 bodily, but goddesses do not age physically. She is 102.

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Vielle is single

Character Appearance

Vielle is as warm as the sun. Her skin is the color of bronze, and her hair a fine golden that reflects every ray of light it meets. Her curled, tussled hair is normally in a middle part, the back being braided down. Out of the braid her hair goes a few inches past her shoulders. Because of how far she is from true divinity, her body is covered in scars from her tasks that will eventually heal and fade from existence. There is a fresh scar going up from her jaw line to an inch from her eye. She is speckled in freckles from head to toe, and her eyes are a piercing chartreuse, unnatural to most races. Her face shape is that of a heart and her eyes are round. Vielle's nose is straight and comes to a dull point. She would almost look her part of a goddess, besides her improper attire. She wears a bandage-like material wrapped around her chest and hands for coverage, topped with a golden pauldron on her right shoulder. She wears brown balloon pants that tie around her ankles. She refuses to wear shoes, but due to the infectious circumstances, she has on wrapped sandals. Her figure is pear shaped, but slim and toned to her muscles. Vielle's abs show through her outfit. Her hands and overall shape is a bit angular in nature.

Character Personality

Vielle takes great pride in her lineage, and often flaunts it, regardless of the dreadful knowledge that she is merely a tool. She believes she knows all there is to know, but in reality she knows nothing. Vielle only knows of tasks and chores. She knows nothing about living nor surviving. She has a tendency to not take things entirely seriously, as she believes mortality is out of her reach (it is not). Vielle also believes that feelings and chagrin are things unattainable to her. This is also false. When she is caught off-guard, Vielle is much more emotional than she puts on. She has a obstinate spark to her and refuses to back down.

Character Likes

Vielle has found many joys in the mortal and divine realms including cider, cats, moonlight, armor, knives, and women.

Character Dislikes

Vielle has an increasing distaste in thunder. While she is used to the loud voices in her house, she has shamefully come to know that she may be treated less than ideal. The thunder merely reminds her of these pities. She has any distaste for things with wings, as they are "denying their mortal bounds."

Character History/Story

Vielle is the great great grand-daughter of the almighty Phodon of Vietta. Her father is Hagwin. Due to a curse put upon Phodon by the Goddess of prophecies, Alre, he and any of his descendants were bound to have only one child. So the tree goes Phodon, then Tessadora, then Hagwin, and finally Vielle. This is not to say that there are not any other gods, but this is the extent of their tree. Being the youngest in the lineage, she carries the most responsibilities. Any task, any small peeve, it is set on to Vielle. Vielle has little to no "real life" experience, as she has never lived, she has only served. She takes great pride in her usefulness, however. Her magic is not quite toned, as there is no time in her already brimming schedule for preparations or skills. There came a time in her life where the mortal realm began to fall into disarray. Something similar to a zombie outbreak sprung upon them. Orcs, dwarves, centaurs, and any creature else alike were damned to the same horrid fate: a flesh-eating monster. Of course, the mortal doings were ordinarily poppycock to the divine, but this was troubling. So as per tradition, they sent Vielle.

Character Inventory

Vielle carries on her a dagger forged from gold with the symbol of her family, a sun, carved into the handle. She also carries a few bottles to cure ailments from the Witch, Olpe. Other than that, she is left bare.

Character Abilites

Vielle has yet to learn or harness any of her magical abilities. IF she is to gain them back, she is able to manipulate the mortal elements to her advantage. Currently, she is lucky if she can push wind.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm Mickey :-) I am an avid an avid frog enjoyer and all things angsty. lot of writing back when Wattpad was in its prime (if it ever was), and now I crave more. I'm okay with any sorts of roleplays as long as they are not terribly triggering haha. I also live in the middle of nowhere, so please excuse my lack of experience in city life things. I'm still in high school as well, so my schedule is limited until I am let out.

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