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A dragon shaman is a magic wielding creature that also can all upon the powers of fire dragons, an powers, but to make sure they dont abuse their powers a dragon shaman is given a companion who works as their protector, as well as their adviser, for the powers of the dragons is great an they as a species cannot allow their power to fall into the wrong hands, so if it comes to it they will have to kill their charges, but for those who master it an know how to wield it are granted abilities an powers of great strength an magnitude. a dragon shaman can control the elements to a degree his real strength comes from his dragon an its current form, the forms ranging from ice to demonic, but if stuck in a situation without his dragon, the mage can still use his fire abilities. Also the Dragon Shaman is can shrink his dragons down to a smaller side so that they may travel with him an not draw a huge crowd.

Character History/Story

I was once a prince in the mighty Dragonheart kingdom, my father King Draconis wanted me to follow his footsteps to become a great warrior king like he was, an that was a life i was willing to accept, an it turned out to be a good life, my father was happy the kingdom was prosperous everything good, but when things go up they come crashing down hard an noone could stop it.Now my father wasnt blind to magic, he knew it existed an the power of it, which is why he had high mage in his court an a school for it in his kingdom, i would venture there once or twice try to see if i had any special gifts, but nothing everytime, but i still kept going learning an reading , i began to befriend a mage there his name was Tyrannus, an elemental mage an one of my fathers advisor, since i was a bot he always showed me things that blew my mind, Tyrannus never gave up on trying to see if i had any special abilities, as if he thought maybe one day it’ll change, i always told him he was mad but i never seemed to shake him.One night i stumbled upon a mysterious egg, when i grabbed it i began to glow different an before i could tell anyone a blue beam shot into my brain, an with it a wealth of knowledge all about dragons, an i began to feel a power that was truly unbelive about, this seemed to last forever, an then i heard a voice speak to me, it said its name was drakzul an that i would be meeting him soon, scared i grabbed the egg put it my bag an headed for the mages tower, once inside i found tyrannus, upon my request he tested me an found out not only do i have magical power but a great deal of it, my father on the other hand wouldnt hear of it he didnt want a mage on his throne, after many fights an tests my father couldnt remove the power that was given to me, hurt he exiled my from the kingdom an barred any mages from helping me, but before i was barred tyrannus was able to give me his grimoire, once i was outside the kingdom, the egg i left in my bag hatched an out flew a small blue dragon, its voice rang in my head, i am drakzul its finally good to meet you vincente, an from there the dragon went on to tell me he knew everything about me an me about him we were a pair now, i was human he was my protector an guardian.With recent events, an lost of many gods an angels, the holy energy in the world needed people who can channel it, an with earlier days training as a paladin, i began to feel the holy energy an power course through me, the power was immense, with the loss of so many gods, the power came unfiltered an raw. Empowering me we all types of new powers. Brother – Drakos Darkheart, Danteus Dragule Sisters – Tablei Darkheart, Tamalei Darkheart Dragule Sons – Achilles Dragonheart, Gabriel Dragonheart (MIA) Daughters ~ Zroya Dragonheart, Mya Dragonheart, Lara Dragonheart, Jasmine Dragonheart, Deyanira BloodLetter-DragonHeart, Agrona BloodLetter Dragonheart, Leola Dragonheart, Monique Paige Dragonheart, Nyoko Dragonheart, Nydia Dragonheart, Carlita Darksky Dragonheart, Ayameko Dragonheart, Vivian Dragonheart, Ashis Dragonheart, Bryn Dragonheart, Aubree Dragonheart, Soteria Dragonheart, Amania Dragonheart

Character Inventory

i Carry around my staff, with 4 prongs the staff is about my height an has symbols down along it, i also carry my grimoire it has a metal protective covering an can only be open an read by me, i also carry a short sword with me, with a dragon on the hilt, as well as two fully an semi automatic magically infused pistols In hidden pouch Pipe, Smoking Herbs, some more exotic than others Scrolls, Grimiore, potions (healing an offensive)Magic pistol x 2 (concealed)

Character Abilites

Spells Without Dragon Fireball – A basic fireball that can be charged to increase its damage, it also explodes on impact covering a small area with fire Fire blast – An up close an personal fire spell that has a short range but does alot of damage Flamethrower – My hands become jets that spew fire from up close to meters away Fire Bombs – small projectiles that can either be set an set off or can be set to explode on contact. Each bomb is filled with Napalm Fire Whip – Created from my hand, i can create small stream of fire an use it like a whip, when struck causes both fire an physical damage, it can also be used to retrieve items Fire Armor – A protective armor that melts most damage causing weapons before they reach me, also in a time of great distress, the armor explodes outwards causing a massive fire nova Fire Ward – A protective ward against fire, able to absorb massive damage before failing Fire Absorption an red uses – With time to prepare I am able to absorb an fire attack used on me, then with the added power launch a powerful counter attack Spells with Dragons Fire Spells Fire Rain – From the sky dragons launch fireballs on a designated area, causing mass damage Meteor Strike – A massive ball of stone an fire crashed to the ground destroying all caught in the blast radius Wall of Flame – With Fire from the dragons A massive wall is made that repels every attack against it Volcano Summon – Able to summon either a small or large volcano, depending on time allowed an power put into it Fire Tornadoes – From the Sky the Dragons begin to fly in circles to create funnels an from the ground i add the fire before they touch down Ice spells Ice Blast – A blast of ice, capable of freezing the intended target Ice Cone – An Blast of Ice in front of me freezing an slowing the targets Ice Ball – Like the Fireball but when it exploded it sends out sharp icicles in a 5 meter blast radius Ice Rain – From the Sky the Dragon Launches giant icicles onto a target area Ice Thrower – Like a flamethrower but instead ice an sheet is launched instead of fire. Ice Whip – A Long flexible stream of ice that can use in a whip like matter Dark/Demonic Spells Dark-Fire – Unleashing a stream of fire an darkness, it covers the target in burning fire as well as a life draining poison. Life steal – Calling upon the dark arts, I am able to drain a target of its life essence. I can then use this to heal either my wounds or those of my friends an allies. Air Spells Implosion – Creating a bubble over an area that sucks the air from it, causing the victim to choke, then at a point it explodes inward obliterating the victim Wind Push – Summoning a powerful gust of wind, targets in a 5 yard radius are blown backwards with great force. Tornadoes – Summoning one powerful one or several, I can summon tornadoes at will an use them to either destroy an or disorient the victim. Air Shield – Summons a shield that blasts back ranged attacked an stuns those who strike it with a melee weapon. Earth Spells Earth Shield – Summons a shield of solid earth an stone around the target, protecting it from ranged an melee attacks for a decent amount of time. Earthquake – summons an earthquake a specific location, that ranges in power. From light earth shaking to splitting earth an massive shaking causing massive destruction. Earth Missiles – Summons multiple projectiles an launches them at great speed an power at targets. Artificer Spells Robot spiders – Small little robots spiders that can used to recon an area or deliver many explosive charges Shrapnel Grenade – A powerful grenade that when detonated sends out chucks of metal in all direction Machine Hack – with an in depth knowledge of machines i have learn to hack almost any machine or vehicle Lightning Bolt – Being around Electricity so much i’ve learned to control it Lightning Arc – From my hand i can create an arc that strikes any point i want Paladin Abilities an Spells Heal – From the smallest wound to life ending wounds, all can be healed with my hands an from a distance. Magical Auras – These Auras differ in their uses. ~ Fear Aura – Causes weak enemies to cower an others to run away. ~ Retribution Aura – When struck in combat, the attacked is dealt that damage instead. ~ Purify Aura – This Aura is used to pure people an can be focused on the area of toxin an poisons. ~ Healing Aura – This Aura is used to heal nearby allies in combat, The Aura is powerful to heal minor an severe wounds, letting them fight on. Empowerment – To help those who are weak an faltering, Empowerment gives them a moral boost that doesnt go away. Divine Missile – A projectile of pure holy energy that does extra damage to evil targets. Protective Barrier – A shield comes up an over the caster an party, protecting them from all types of damage. Holy Fire – Blending Holy energy an Fire, Holy Fire can spread when it hits its target or targets, doing extra damage to evil beings. Regeneration – Now most of my wounds will heal on their own Chains of the gods – Chains made by the gods used to retrain who ever gets caught up in them, infused with holy power these chains cannot be broken by followers of darkness or evil. These chains can be used as weapons as well, lashing out to choke or to disarm.

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Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • (Maybe Desi could accidentally end up in your characters territory while in her feral form?)

  • ฯ * Tilting her head curiously she frowns, not understanding, that on his shoulder was an dragon, weren't they supposed to be big? Shaking her head she shrugs and brings up her legs and hugs them to her chest, hiding her frown at the name Aubree, why did it seem familiar to her? * ฯ "A-A-Aren't they s-s-s-suppose to be really big? Oh... There isn't anyone else here not for miles, I'm the only one here.. I am sorry, I think you might be in the wrong place, you can stay here until the storm passes.."

  • ฯ * Frowning she stood still unsure of what to do now, shrugging she walks to the supplies and goes to the back to gather the dog food and pours some in the bowl she had for the Malinois, filling up his water bowl next she smiles to the Malinois and pets him as he walks over to her. Taking a seat on the bed to leave the chair for the man she watches him curiously * ฯ "W-W-Who you l-l-l-looking for? I-I'm called Calixte, my dog is Bane. W-W-W-What is that on your shoulder?"

  • =standing by his side she lifts her chin to meet his gaze= "Another fight Father... I'm fine, they bother me slightly, I can handle it.. If you could  help reduce the irritation please?" =for the first time ever she actually requested help, her eye bothered her quite a bit. It was becoming an ever increasing problem, she had to deal with.=

  • ||looks up to him as he stares off into the distance|| "Lucky, Father? How?"

    ||rests her head comfortably on his shoulder|| "Yes Father.. I love you very much."

  • "Father.." =a rare smile formed as she silently approached from the shadows, the two scars on her left eye inflamed= "I am happy to see you.."

  • (Ello! Thanks for accepting, an dragon type character how interesting! Desi is called the Abomination, she's an Hybrid of Golden and Black Dragons. The gold being good and light and the black evil and dark. I hope we can come up with an plot.)

  • ~sniffles hiding against Papa, peeking up only when the pictures appear and then looks at them, wiping at her eyes she looks to Papa and shakes her head~ "This different Papa... I fell... No longer good... "

    ~shaking she curls in tighter against him softly crying~ "That not all... Start remember somethings, bad things afraid they true!!"

  • "No one can Papa?" ~looks up to him then searching his eyes, curling even more closer to him if it were even possible, enjoying being close and feeling safe and also using him as a shield. Looking away she pillows her head on his chest and closes her eyes, turning her head to hide her face~ "I dark Papa.. Nothing to be proud of now..."

  • ฯ * The Malinois growled lowly as he noticed that the man and creature on his shoulders paid much attention to the cottage, rising stiffly to his paws he circled the man and sniffed trying to figure him out, pausing the Malinois shook his head and sneezed. Turning he trots back to the cottage, deciding on bringing the man to the cottage. At least there he could decide if the man was a threat or not. Scratching at the door first he barked to gain Calixte's attention and then leaped up to his hind legs, biting at the door handle and opening it just as he hears footsteps from inside. Dropping down to all fours he pushed inside and looked up to Calixte.


    Looking from her Malinois to the man at the door she frowns as her eyes widen, looking from the man to the creature on his shoulders, then down to her Malinois, shaking her head she steps back nervously. Peering past the man to the outdoors she looks as best as she can to become fully sure that no one else was around, looking back to the man she stares. Who was he? Why was he here? Maybe he was caught in the storm! * ฯ "C-C-Come in.. C-C-C-Come in please.. Y-Y-You were caught in the storm?"


    ฯ * Unable to help as she stutters as she speaks she turns nervously to the small fireplace, placing the last of her logs within it to build the fire up. Smiling happily as the Malinois presses close to her side, reaching her hand down to pet around his ears she stoops down to hug him tightly. Lifting her head to look up to the man she rises and steps away to the very last of her supplies, wondering what to get him. * ฯ "W-Would you like something eat or drink?"

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