I fight for Ivarr, you will do well to know that priest. - Volk after a priest tries to bribe him to kill his king.

I bled a little too much, need to even it out with the blood of my enemies.- Volk after a battle with king harold the thirds army

You think me an animal, I think of myself as a test of you faith.- Volk right before he tortures and kills King Harold

Bleed and you'll feel alive, run and you have truly died inside!- Volk giving a speech to his men before battle.

I'm a dog, I'm scum. So what. You're the one on the ground begging for your god and king to save you!- Volk Screaming at a group of english soldiers after the battle of Britanias shores.





Priest talking about Volk: His screams..... They were inhumane and sounded like a demon from the deepest circles of hell. Such rage that it would strike fear in the bravest of souls as he cut them down. But the worst was the laugh, I haven't heard laughter like that unless you were to be enjoying the company of those at a party, joy. He found joy as he killed the poor bastards as the cripple smiled and watched. The priests.... the priests call him the Devil of Norway.



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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


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Character Appearance

Viking Armor in the style of Ivarrs Army Two battle axes pegan braids Caucasian Stubble along with sideburns Skinny and muscular

Character Personality

Rabid Unpredictible and pained

Character Likes

Worshipping his gods Battle Mead Women and men

Character Dislikes

Dominant partners people talking ill of the pegan gods Wasted Mead

Character History/Story

The last of Ivarrs army, Volk was Born during the kings early reign and when old enough proved himself in battle. But the strain of Battle has set in, now he looks for a reason to live whether its love or battle.

Character Abilites

high pain tolerance and a berserk rage that sparks fervor in his allies and fear into his enemies.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm very much into horror and battle Roleplays. I just turned 27 and am here to make friends. ^^

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