I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. I've touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they'll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give. . . for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever. "



~ Name(s) ~

Diana of Themyscira

Diana, Princess of Amazons

Diana Prince

Wonder Woman

Goddess of Truth

 The God Killer


~ Race ~

Amazonian Princess / Demi-Goddess


~ Age ~

Appears to be in mid-20's





~ Relationship Status



~ Interest ~

Steve Trevor ✟ Deceased


Close Friends - WWI ~

Sameer, Steve, Chief, Charlie ✟ Deceased


Etta Candy ✟ Deceased


Mother ~

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons


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  • (Thanks for accepting! If you'd like to rp at any point let me know!)

  • Just as Bucky was ready to go back as the Winter Soldier to take out these Hydra agents, and no, not take out like knock them un-concious such as graciously Diana had done to keep them alive - Bucky was actually going to kill them, a quick kill in a dark ally, snap their neck so they couldn't report back in, he would have spoken in code on one of their radios after to report into the Hydra base that they lost him so they could re-count their efforts and try another time to at least buy him some time, instead though, he heard the men grunting behind him, he could sense another prescence. Coming to a stop in his walk, Bucky turns halfway around with a cold stare wondering what the hell just happened.


    At the mention of his name, 'Bucky' his eyes narrow at the woman, he sadly does not recognize her, not yet at least that is if he decides to stick around long enough for a conversation with her. His mind is still blank in many areas and he doesn't trust anyone, he may see her as a threat right now, someone either higher up in Hydra to collect him or above Hydra. "Who the hell are you?" Bucky demands with a harsh voice ready for battle with her, he wasn't going to be taken in so easily.

    People passing by have already made a run for it, they had watched Diana in action and when she shifted into her Wonder Woman outfit people fled not certain who this being was, alien or a threat as they have feared Wanda Maximoff and seeing The Winter Soldier on the streets doesn't help any either. Bucky's metal hand clenches into a fist, he was ready to make the first move if she doesn't explain who she is in the next few moments.

  • ||Great.~ How do you suppose the two could meet? Since Kom is wanted by most, Diana could be sent to try to apprehend her or...maybe she is attempting to find her sister and the two meet by chance?||

  • (Ah ALright. I was thinking if we could use that somehow. Maybe a signal that some threat had come to the world or dimensional breach.  Just a thought. But yeah he would be in Gotham, causing a huge mess and they can cross paths that way.  )

  • *Fury didn’t say a word, and he didn’t have to.  He was after all the Director of SHIELD and he knew who she was and what she has done to form SHIELD, it is just that Cap is an asset to SHIELD now, the point of the proverbial spear so to speak, and he will use him any way he sees fit to get the job done.

    When Diana entered the Escalade and grabbed a hold of his arm, a small smile came across his lips.  He was beyond glad to see her, and he had so many questions, but he didn’t want to ask her now, he would wait until they were in private and then begin the conversation.  70 years is a long time, and he has a lot to learn about this brave new world.*

    Thanks Diana, waking up in a strange place, for me it seems like it was just yesterday.  I can’t even fathom what has transpired over the years. 

    *He takes hold of her hand as she grips his elbow, staring straight out the front window as the Escalade drove off towards SHILED HQ*



                              One of New Yorks' Finest, Catherine Chandler arrived, and parked her vehicle as near as possible to the latest scene from a terrorist attack.  At having already exited her parked, and still vehicle, it would be locked behind her, while she moved forward rather quickly on foot from there, eager to get to work as soon as possible.  Police shield, that unique ID of hers would be prepared, it held securely in her hand for that right time when she would need to present it to those who were on watch.  Ten to twenty feet later, the detective lifted her ID, that shield of hers to the eyes of those who were securing the perimeter, "Detective Catherine Chandler.  Special Crimes.."  A nod given, and the tape lifted for her.  Nodding in return, giving her thank you in silence before the detective ducked under it, to then make her way to the other side.  As the tape fell behind her, and sprang back into its correct position, the detective continued walking forward, not even casting one single backwards, or sideways glance.

                              As she approached the scene, and debris, the woman placed her shield back into its correct position, to then allow her slow yet steady steps somewhat guide her the remainder of the way.  Sighing to herself, shaking her head, she looked over and over around the area, before beginning to get to work, yet something, or someone stops her.  After the detective heard the voice of a woman, who was addressing detectives, Catherine's shade of green-hazel hues turned towards that voice, and then spots the face that was behind that voice.  Whatever the woman had to say, Catherine took it seriously, nodding towards her eager to get that information and take on this entire situation, 

    "I'm Detective Catherine Chandler from the 125th.  I'd love to hear what you have, and if we talk here, it's okay.... What can you tell me?"

                              From there, the detective trailed off, watching the woman who she did learn was Wonder Woman. Whether there was another name for this woman, or Wonder Woman was it only, she didn't know, but to dwell on that, it was not needed, nor of high importance in that moment.  All that was important was getting answers and getting to the bottom of this investigation, one way or another.  And this woman seemed to be the key to that, or one of the immediate keys, at least - It wasn't known what the times ahead would bring, or if a future attack was looming, but here was hoping that nothing like this would occur again.  Not for a third, fourth, or fifth time, and so on.  If something else was coming however, which was more than likely, then they needed to figure out who had been behind this one, while preventing the next one, in whatever way that they could be done - A long road ahead of them, of course, but here and now, she continued to watch Wonder Woman, while waiting on her response - Whatever it was that would come her way, the detective was one of the small few that remained to listen, while other surrounding officers, got to work examining the debris and more that currently surrounded them.


  • It had been some time now since the events in Washington where SHIELD or better publicly known now as Hydra had fallen (though not entirely) where you cut off one head and two more shall take its place is but a promise with the soemwhat comprimised Hydra. They lost one of but many of their leaders, Alexander Pierce to one of their top ranking best agents Brock Rumlow who is actually shockingly still alive to one individual in particular, their most valuable asset that they made and spent over seventy years creating, The Winter Soldier. After Bucky's fight with Rogers, Romanoff and Wilson - Bucky didn't know who to believe anymore. The man named Rogers insisted that his names is 'James Buchanan Barnes' or to his beloved friends 'Bucky' but this didn't make sense to Bucky at all, he knows his name is James, at least that's what his 'adoptive' parents have been calling him whereas everyone else in Hydra has been referring to him as an asset or The Winter Soldier. Yet when Roger's said his name it sounded like another James entirely, one he has never met, another person that shares the same name as him but isn't him. Bucky couldn't shake this off, its probably why he decided to not finish his mission and kill Roger's whom he has yet to remember that Rogers is his best friend since childhood. For now though, Bucky or James is just trying to stay low and find himself, why his memories are all clouded and always looking over his shoulder as he feels those prying eyes and Hydra can grab him off the streets anywhere's at any given time. This is where Bucky is most vulnerable because he can easily have his mind wiped again when he is just now starting to find himself. 

    Stopping at a local supermarket off the street Bucky picks out a few delcious, plump plums, handing a few over to the farmer to bag he asks, "how much for these?" to which the farmer will give him a price and Bucky grabs out his pocket change and takes the plums in return. All seems to be well for now but anything can happen at any given time, the good or the bad. Is there anyone out there that can help him find out who he really is? He is too scared to go back to the man named Rogers because he doesn't know him but if there is someone else preaching the same thing or along those lines that this other 'James' was this good person, that he was this version of James, Rogers mentioned then maybe Bucky will be more listening. 


    "I have eyes on the asset" murmurs a Hydra agent under-cover across the street spotting Bucky, "how should we take him in? Want me to trangquilize him?" the agent radios in awaiting further instructions.


    Bucky makes his way away from the stand raising the plum to his mouth to take a bite out of it while walking ahead and starting to have that feeling like he is being watched, and he is.


    "Use any force by any means necessary even if you have to shoot him multiple times, we'll get him medical help if it comes to that but make sure he is alive" the other Hydra agent radios back.


    And with that the Hydra agent across the street starts to match Bucky's walking to slowly making his way across the street to follow pursuit behind Bucky.


    Bucky being no fool starts to pick up his pace and start a new plan on where he will lead this Hydra agent so he may get the upperhand.


    (I hope that is a good starter? :)

  • Genome tech. No matter how many she evaded, how many she dealt with, they just kept coming. Like a New York Cockaroach, hard to kill, and step on one, another one takes its place. She got careless one night when she wrestled control of the Symbiote from ,Well, the Symbiote.  She reverted to her natural apperance and by bad lock got spotted on an cttv camera down he Hell’s Kitchen. She still thought that name was dumb and should be Hells armpit or toilet or something. 


    She or her “other” , tried to engage in some deal or whatever with Frank Castle aka the Punisher. That didn’t seem to go to well and she decided to say fuck it and do her own solo act like she has been. She didn’t hear from Hawkeye after the whole Ultron floating city thing and the Iron Man/  Captain America civil war thing.  So she was looking for some details on an archery range as she really  enjoyed those lessons and was grabbing some pizza from a local pizza joint when her danger sense went off. Something her suit adapted from Spiderman’s spider sense, but way more accurate. 


    She barely got to savor the pizza before she dashed out without paying. Course the owner couldn’t argue much once a grenade came through the window and exploded with a tremendous  Bang. She nearly chocked as she tried to stuff the food down her gullet while falling out the door. The noise hurt like a Bitch and she scrambled onto her feet before the bullets came rupturing into her body. 



    She yelled out at the top of her lungs  as one of the bullets hit her right in her left breast.  Panic set in and she tried to web swing away but her Symbiote was wounded by the modified sound Bang grenade. She ended up flipping an oncoming car on its side as the Symbiote partially covered her body to protect her injured left side. She didn’t stop in her running or cared about what people got hit by the flipping car or those inside it. 


    She was too busy evading the men with guns and weapons designed just for her. Mariko barreled her way into an alley and turned around to fire a massive barrage of ice spears that impaled several of the men. Most had vital parts targeted and hit by the ice spears and no doubt soon they would be dead and dying. One or two of the men got impaled to the walls of the alley like Christ on the cross.  She smacked right into a heavy garbage can when her back had turned to fire upon her attackers. He body did a 180 spinning flip and she landed hard in the back of the abandon alley way.


    Her head cracked upon the cold, piss covered pavement , where no doubt some hobo used as a toilet the night before. She could barely keep her eyes open as she heard running footsteps and saw that she missed a guy or two. Great. Just great. Either she was a goner or they were going to take her back as make her their SLAVE, once again. She swore she would die before she became the lab rat at the hands of those MEN, ever again. She coughed up blood as she stretched her right hand out as the left was covering her left breast that had the bullet wound and possibly the bullet still lodged inside. 

    “You,  humans,,,,  men. Always the same. Always treating those who are different like they .... are inferior.  Making us women.... your slaves, making us mutants,,,, your bio weapons.  “

    :: cough. Cough. Cough::

    ”A curse upon your houses you bastards. I hope my kind rises up and enslaves  yours. “

    She was losing track of her thoughts and some of what she was saying seemed more focus on the actions of men she met in the past instead of just the Genome Tech soldiers and scientist. Whatever the case, most of her life troubles had been at the hands of a man, one way or the other. This was just another example of that. 

    “Damn..... You..... alll!”

    With that she rapidly lost all strength she had left in  her petite body, her eyes shut, as the entire world went pitch black. 

  • ||You're welcome. Would you be interested in writing together sometime?||

  • *Fury, stands his ground, as he is used to the repercussions of not being honest with everyone, and keeping secrets.  He turns to Diana*


    Fury:  First off I don’t need to tell you everything that is going on, you don’t work for SHIELD and we wanted to make sure he was ok first.  You would have been notified, but when we thought the time was right.  So now if you will excuse me, we need to get him back inside and get him reacquainted with the new world so to speak.  You want to see him, you are going to have to wait.

    *Fury signals to his men to get back in their cars and head back to HQ.  As Steve turns to Fury, and then looks over to Diana*

    I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on and she stays.  If anything she is the only thing I remember from 70 years ago, and she can get me reacquainted with the real world.  *He then turns back to Diana*  We will go with him, and let him have his say, but you will be at my side the entire time, then I’ll take you up on your offer for that meal.  *Turning back to Fury*  We have a deal?

    *Fury nods in acknowledgement, and lets the two of them go together into one of the black Escalades*

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