I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable. - Iphigenia, from A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky. 

Imagine a woman standing on a battlefield. She is surrounded by a scene of chaos and bloodshed. Men struggle against one another, their swords smashing against shields and slicing into flesh. Bronze armor glints in the sun. All around the fighters are the ones who have already fallen, the dead and dying covering the ground with blood and gore. The woman is wild eyed with excitement. She shrieks and screams with delight as more men are injured, more die. Yet the men are somehow oblivious to her presence.

It turns out she isn’t a woman at all. Instead, she is a goddess, and her name is Enyo.

Enyo - Warlike - Ἐνυώ

Roman Equivalent: Bellona

Connected to Anatolian Goddess Ma

Goddess of War, Destruction, Conquest and Bloodlust.


The Bringer of Devastation and Destruction of Cities as well as Mass Bloodshed. The Waster of Cities.

Parents: Zeus and Hera

Siblings: Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, Hephaestus, Persephone, Heracles.

Favorites: Hephaestus, Ares, Eris, Persephone


"Eris (Strife) was Typhon's escort in the mellay, Nike (Victory) led Zeus into battle… impartial Enyo held equal balance between the two sides, between Zeus and Typhon, while the thunderbolts with booming shots revel like dancers in the sky"




Enyo so delights in warfare she doesn't take sides. She was involved in the Seven  Against Thebes and Dionysus's war with the Indians as well, and even in the Battle between Zeus and Typhon she refused to take sides.


she creates the horror on the battlefield, carnage and bloodshed following in her wake as she moves across the melee, dancing in the rivers of blood and gore in sheer delight. she is only truly happy when death and ruin are all around her.



 I am beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But I am beautiful like a forest fire, or a car crash. I’m the beauty of light shining on broken glass stained with red blood. I am beautiful like chaos. Stunning, but utterly terrifying. I am not the kind of beauty you want to touch, or get close to. I am the kind of beauty you should run from. The kind of beauty you should hope never to see.  -A beautiful Disaster 


5' 11" ~ On Olympus she is over 9' or taller.

161 lbs

Icy Steel Blue Orbs

Wavy Chardonnay Curls.

 Alias: Emlyn Kaltsidis



bring our hero down.
Teach him the taste
of blood in his mouth
and the pain of
torn up knees
slammed into the sand.

round his broken
body we go.
Give him nightmares,
send him reeling,
break his mind,
and tear his city down.

let him screech,
his voice disappearing
against the night sky.
Let his lungs stretch,
you want him sore
when dawn comes.

the walls fall down.
His city, his army,
his brothers, his flesh,
all his safety is gone.
And his mind is
devastatingly corrupt."


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  • “Who put this Zeus guy in charge and why do people follow him instead of having a mutiny?”


    (Sounds good.  Do you think you can start us off please?)


                                        As the woman, that bike rider complied and pulled over to the side of the road, Detective Chandler silenced her sirens as well as turned the flashing lights off.  And from there, she exited from the police vehicle to walk over towards the bike rider.

    "I just have a question or two for you, miss.  It is regarding a case I am currently working on— This place here, does it ring a bell to you, Miss?"

                                        The photo of the club before it had been destroyed would be shown to this woman, from the detective’s phone.  An after picture, she had one of those as well, yet if she didn’t hear ‘Yes’ from this woman, or anything else of the sort, as in the woman had a clue about the scene that had been, then there was no need to continue.  Or, was there?  Time alone would tell in which direction this conversation would move to.


  • *He glared at the woman from behind the red lenses of his cowl, as he stepped forward pushing his way through the crowd.  It was almost as f time was standing still as all eyes were now on the scantily dressed woman.  It took him about four steps before he was literally toe to toe with the woman, as he then smiled*

    I wasn't referring to you, who ever you are, I was referring to the little man sitting over there, trying to hide behind the masses.  *He points a finger at the scrawny little guy, who is now shaking as he trieds to drink his beer, spillinghalf of it on the table the other half on himself*  I know he has something to hide, you?  I'm not sure about just yet.  Now if you will excuse me...  

    *He brushes past her, heading for the little rat that is about to jump ship*

  • *He stood up and his eyes narrowed at what she said.  How he thought how things would be different if he had his shield with him, but being Captain america wasn't always a 24/7 job, and he would look awkward carrying it wherever he went.  also, he never hit a woman before, helll he never go the chance to dance, and that was over 70 years ago, and how he regretted not doing it then.  but now he needs to concentrate on what is in front of him, a Goddess it would seem and he can't hold back.  So much for small talk he was having with her earlier, as it would seem she was here for him or possibly all of the Avengers*

    Fondue or no Fondue, I would worry about how you are going to take what I have to bring to the table.

    *Without another word, he rushed her, he flew up into the air, and used the walls of the buildings to run across and gain speed, and enough force, that once he leapt from the building he would be able to use his feet and slam into her.  He did exactly that, gaining the momentum he needed, he leapt off the building and squared himself off as he slammed into her, driving her back, as she flew across the street, almost a blur and he landed in a three point stance waiting for the next move.  The force was so strong that it literally slammed her into the wall across the street and through it, concrete falling around the newly formed hole in the wall.*

  • (Wasn’t sure how to begin.  I hope this works for you.)

  • Sleep, something many creatures were plague with. Few beings were able to function all day and night, all the time without rest.  Sleep was when a being was at it’s most vulnerable, and it was often the best time to strike. Dreams. There were three sibling gods that where known for their roles in dreams. Morpheus being the most famous while Phobetor and  Phantasos.  Phobetor was known as a god of nightmares but he wasn’t the only one with nightmares as their domain. 

    No, there would be a goddess, a literal nightmare, that would emerge in present day that was a self proclaimed Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares.  It would be a strange night on the sea when a crew of sailors began to dream on their voyage home. It would not be a peaceful voyage as one of the crewman would disappear, fallen overboard with multiple claw marks on his body. The next night another would join and another. This act was like chumming the water. Causing the sharks in the ocean to go into a feeding frenzy as they swam towards the boat to eat their prey. 


    Things would get worse when one of the crew was sleeping on the deck of the ship. The sailor got into the local cache of dynamite and had begun lighting the fuses and throwing them overboard. Blowing up several sharks that came to feed and a few dozen fish. The noise woke up the rest of the crew as they scurried to see what as going on. The marine life no doubt would be in a state of panic or shock at the sudden explosions and rivers of blood in the water.  Usually sailors did not act in such a fashion and there was no other ships around to indicate a battle was commencing. So what was it that happened. ?


    Things took a turn for the worst when a large crate of timed explosives fell overboard followed by the sudden explosion of the ship.  The crate would slowly fall to the ocean floor where it exploded a few minutes after.  Course it wasn’t the deep ocean floor as it would soon be discovered the explosions happened on a landmass that turned out to be an underwater cave.  A cave where the god, Zeus, Imprissoned a goddess, so long ago.  Poseidon had been entrusted by Zeus to guard her  prison and make sure she was never to be awaken.  Sadly the time of gods had pass with the coming of modern day.  Now the prisoner had a chance to be free as the explosions caused a cave in that damage  the tomb and broke the seal placed by Zeus.   Now the world would soon face the return of a goddess and deal with not one, but two threats to life.

  • Hello Mortals, War is returned! Many other bloodbaths had gained my attention, I am returned now.


    |A couple OOC comments are owed, otherwise all comments have been answered, on the off chance I am mistaken please give word I did not reply to you.

  • *Before he could answer her, she was on him.  He felt the strength in her hands as she lifted him up off the ground and literally threatened him.  And right when he was going to break her grip on him, he feels the back of the wall slam against him, as she threw him like he was nothing but a rag doll.  The impact didn’t faze him as the super soldier serum was running through his body, making him invincible, but now he knew who he was dealing with, not an ordinary woman but a Goddess, and to top it off the Goddess of War.

    Picking himself up off the ground, he dusted himself off and smiled at her saying six simple words*

    I can do this all day!!!!!!


    Related image

  • *The shotgun blast nearly missed his head, as he was taken aback at how fast this had escalated.  But no worries, he was ready for them, and no one would leave this bar tonight unscathed.  That was when he noticed the woman who was out of place and time it would seem.  Who was she, and she seem a little too interested as to the outcome of the little standoff he was in*


    Lets see you fired the first shot, that means that I get to ask my question again and if it is the wrong answer someone else dies.  Lets see…  *He scanned the room, and noticed the one person in the bar he had never seen before.*


    You, yes you trying to hide behind all these goons who want to meet death.  You are the only one not aiming a weapon at me or fiddling with a knife or anything.  You know something, and you are going to tell me now aren’t you?


    *With that he made his way over to the little man, and along the way incapacitated a few men, breaking arms and heads, but not killing anyone yet.*

  • (ALright.  Will try to work up a starter. Could possibly write a blog as I was thiking of an event of her getting revenge on the government and it could work with that building being built into of an old tomb that she is imprisoned in cause ancient times really loovvveeeeeed their Tombs.   I’ll figure it out)

This reply was deleted.