I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable. - Iphigenia, from A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky. 

Imagine a woman standing on a battlefield. She is surrounded by a scene of chaos and bloodshed. Men struggle against one another, their swords smashing against shields and slicing into flesh. Bronze armor glints in the sun. All around the fighters are the ones who have already fallen, the dead and dying covering the ground with blood and gore. The woman is wild eyed with excitement. She shrieks and screams with delight as more men are injured, more die. Yet the men are somehow oblivious to her presence.

It turns out she isn’t a woman at all. Instead, she is a goddess, and her name is Enyo.

Enyo - Warlike - Ἐνυώ

Roman Equivalent: Bellona

Connected to Anatolian Goddess Ma

Goddess of War, Destruction, Conquest and Bloodlust.


The Bringer of Devastation and Destruction of Cities as well as Mass Bloodshed. The Waster of Cities.

Parents: Zeus and Hera

Siblings: Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, Hephaestus, Persephone, Heracles.

Favorites: Hephaestus, Ares, Eris, Persephone


"Eris (Strife) was Typhon's escort in the mellay, Nike (Victory) led Zeus into battle… impartial Enyo held equal balance between the two sides, between Zeus and Typhon, while the thunderbolts with booming shots revel like dancers in the sky"




Enyo so delights in warfare she doesn't take sides. She was involved in the Seven  Against Thebes and Dionysus's war with the Indians as well, and even in the Battle between Zeus and Typhon she refused to take sides.


she creates the horror on the battlefield, carnage and bloodshed following in her wake as she moves across the melee, dancing in the rivers of blood and gore in sheer delight. she is only truly happy when death and ruin are all around her.



 I am beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But I am beautiful like a forest fire, or a car crash. I’m the beauty of light shining on broken glass stained with red blood. I am beautiful like chaos. Stunning, but utterly terrifying. I am not the kind of beauty you want to touch, or get close to. I am the kind of beauty you should run from. The kind of beauty you should hope never to see.  -A beautiful Disaster 


5' 11" ~ On Olympus she is over 9' or taller.

161 lbs

Icy Steel Blue Orbs

Wavy Chardonnay Curls.

 Alias: Emlyn Kaltsidis



bring our hero down.
Teach him the taste
of blood in his mouth
and the pain of
torn up knees
slammed into the sand.

round his broken
body we go.
Give him nightmares,
send him reeling,
break his mind,
and tear his city down.

let him screech,
his voice disappearing
against the night sky.
Let his lungs stretch,
you want him sore
when dawn comes.

the walls fall down.
His city, his army,
his brothers, his flesh,
all his safety is gone.
And his mind is
devastatingly corrupt."

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  • Good Evening Enyo.  Holidays were great and I hope you enjoyed yours as well.  Comment was perfect, I just hope you can answer mine, if not let me know.  Hope to talk soon….  Thomas

  • *He stood there, not realizing there was someone else in the room that decided to join, or perhaps watch.  He didn’t care, the only thing he wanted was answers, and if it meant spilling blood tonight, then so be it.  It didn’t stop him before, it won’t stop him now.*

    Ok, perhaps you didn’t hear me the first time, I want answers, I want them now, and I know that one of you have the answers I want, who blew up the First Bank of Gotham?  *No one answers*  Ok have it your way.

    *He walks over to one of the tables where 6 men are playing poker, pulling one of his guns out of its holster he cocks it and points it right to the back of the head of the first man.*

    Do you still not know who blew up the bank?

    Man:  Listen, I don’t know a thing man I swear, if I blew up the bank and took the money do you really think I would be sitting here?

    Good point, but that isn’t what I asked *He pulled the trigger and the guys fell forward onto the table, blood running across the table*

    Who’s next? 

    *By this time the other patrons in the bar all stood up and pulled out their weapons, ranging from shotguns to knives.  He just shakes his head, as this wasn’t what he wanted, but hell he will give them what they want.  No one will be left standing tonight in this bar, and his conscious will be clear.*

    So this is how it is going to be?  Seems fair, but I’ll give you one last chance to answer.  What will it be?

  • (ALright. Modern day or different time setting and who begins or how do you want to begin?)


                      While reflecting over what she had witnessed within that bar, the words from the patrolman, the words of the firemen, when she had been eavesdropping somewhat, throughout her own investigation into the matter, something about this entire situation and case, screamed bizarre to her.  How soon something would come to light for her? Time, and time alone would tell.  Continuing to drive along, Catherine passed several bikes along her patrol session, stopping a few of them here and there, whether they in groups, or single riders, to pose questions their way, while trying to determine if they might have been the ones behind this gruesome crime and arson attack.  In a roundabout way.  ‘Clear.’  Those she had come across up until this point, it all clear.

    ×  ×  ×  ×


                       And then, another biker came into view, perhaps half an hour later, a lone one.  Nothing seemed off about the rider, but to ask if she, or he might have seen something.  Or could know about what had happened? Was it worth a shot? Nodding to herself, and perhaps.  So, just after the two had passed each other, Detective Chandler safely turned her car around, and from there, immediately flashing lights are flicked on, while she followed the mystery bike rider, who was Enyo.  If Enyo would pull over in time, and allow the detective to talk with her and then ask questions? That was yet to be seen.  If one did speed off however instead, and try to lose a law enforcement officer, when they clearly had nothing to hide, then why speed away to lose a cop? It wasn’t certain where this situation would lead, but until something told her that this bike rider would not stop, she remained close behind, lights still flashing.   A recognition of sorts and the bike rider to pull over to the side of the road for her, that is what the detective waited upon, patiently so, to some extent— If it did not happen as soon as she would like it to, then plan B, would come into play.  Yet for now, considering she had only begun to follow this road-user, a benefit of a doubt was given.


  • |Hello Mortals, War is returned.. Did you miss me? 



    PS: I have two OOC comments too answer, everyone else should have been answered, if you are missing a response from me, let me know.

  • (Can’t help but think of spartacus for this idea cause of your face claim. Hehe but when I watched that show and some others. I sometimes think what would it be like if another creature or something was put in. Crossovers and Alternate universes and such.  


    I got two ideas. Depends on if you want modern day or ancient Roman Ancient Greece days. 


    For modern. Maybe it has Enyo wake up in Like DC world as it has its own take on gods and you got Wonder Woman connection to them. Maybe she wakes up to a world of aliens and meta humans and heard stories of a Superman and Supergirl. Having the power of gods and being like gods among humanity and she decides to look into that or they just cross paths when one is causing destruction.  I haven’t put as much thought into modern day as I have to Ancient Greece one since I thought of this often when watching Spartacus.



    What if Kara got sucked into a time vortex and dropped in Roman gladiator arena or some battle field In Ancient Greece. And she is attacked only for swords, arrows, Spears and such to shatter upon her flesh. She starts tossing people around like rag dolls and move at super speed and fly. So word spreads rapidly of a woman with invincibility of Achilles minus the heel. Or strength of Hercules.  Speed and flight of Hermès and shooting fire from her eyes and making hurricane winds from her breath, etc. 


    So naturally Greeks, romans, Persians , Athenians, etc begin to think a goddess is among them. A Demi god like Hercules or an unknown goddess of Olympus.  So word gets back to Enyo about this woman who massacred everyone at a Gladiator arena match or some battlefield. And instantly she wonders if this is some new kid from one of the many family members or possibly a goddess from another lands like Norse Gods , which tv shows Hercules and Xena had crossovers with them which was cool :)


    Or maybe she thinks this Dark Supergirl is a Titan, related to the ones the Greek gods overthrew and therefore a possible threat to the Olympians so in any case. She goes to meet Kara to see who and what she is?   I think that works as a viable idea as wouldn’t Enyo want to know what this mysterious woman with the powers of a Titan or goddess, is?  )

  • “Why accept them? What purpose does worshiping them or anyone brings? What purpose do God’s serve? Why cater to anyone but ourselves. In the end. There is no one to trust or help you but yourself. You can only trust and count on your own self in the end. No one else cares about you. Gods love no one but themselves so why should we love those who don’t love us?  Sounds like gods need us more then we need them. Is it not true. Without our worship, that they would slowly lose power and die off or fade away and be forgotten forever?”


    (much like I think they mention in second clash of titans movie. Humans began to forget the Greek gods and slowly began losing their power but since Hades had no one who worshiped him, he gained his power a different way. 

    They could cross paths while Enyo is on a rampage. Probably idle curiosity or maybe hunger. She gets hungry for brains and people to eat and with Enyo causing havoc, there be “food” laying around)


  • “Care to raise hell?”



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    Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!!!!!!!

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