I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable. - Iphigenia, from A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky. 

Imagine a woman standing on a battlefield. She is surrounded by a scene of chaos and bloodshed. Men struggle against one another, their swords smashing against shields and slicing into flesh. Bronze armor glints in the sun. All around the fighters are the ones who have already fallen, the dead and dying covering the ground with blood and gore. The woman is wild eyed with excitement. She shrieks and screams with delight as more men are injured, more die. Yet the men are somehow oblivious to her presence.

It turns out she isn’t a woman at all. Instead, she is a goddess, and her name is Enyo.

Enyo - Warlike - Ἐνυώ

Roman Equivalent: Bellona

Connected to Anatolian Goddess Ma

Goddess of War, Destruction, Conquest and Bloodlust.


The Bringer of Devastation and Destruction of Cities as well as Mass Bloodshed. The Waster of Cities.

Parents: Zeus and Hera

Siblings: Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, Hephaestus, Persephone, Heracles.

Favorites: Hephaestus, Ares, Eris, Persephone


"Eris (Strife) was Typhon's escort in the mellay, Nike (Victory) led Zeus into battle… impartial Enyo held equal balance between the two sides, between Zeus and Typhon, while the thunderbolts with booming shots revel like dancers in the sky"




Enyo so delights in warfare she doesn't take sides. She was involved in the Seven  Against Thebes and Dionysus's war with the Indians as well, and even in the Battle between Zeus and Typhon she refused to take sides.


she creates the horror on the battlefield, carnage and bloodshed following in her wake as she moves across the melee, dancing in the rivers of blood and gore in sheer delight. she is only truly happy when death and ruin are all around her.



 I am beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But I am beautiful like a forest fire, or a car crash. I’m the beauty of light shining on broken glass stained with red blood. I am beautiful like chaos. Stunning, but utterly terrifying. I am not the kind of beauty you want to touch, or get close to. I am the kind of beauty you should run from. The kind of beauty you should hope never to see.  -A beautiful Disaster 


5' 11" ~ On Olympus she is over 9' or taller.

161 lbs

Icy Steel Blue Orbs

Wavy Chardonnay Curls.

 Alias: Emlyn Kaltsidis



bring our hero down.
Teach him the taste
of blood in his mouth
and the pain of
torn up knees
slammed into the sand.

round his broken
body we go.
Give him nightmares,
send him reeling,
break his mind,
and tear his city down.

let him screech,
his voice disappearing
against the night sky.
Let his lungs stretch,
you want him sore
when dawn comes.

the walls fall down.
His city, his army,
his brothers, his flesh,
all his safety is gone.
And his mind is
devastatingly corrupt."

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  • “Gods gods.  Oh like the rapist Zeus. Going around pretending to be other women’s husbands , just so he can get his dick wet and spreed his seed across Greece. Then you got like Apollo , gave this woman a gift of prophecy but when she turned his advances down, he gets all butt hurt over rejection and cursed her. So no one would believe her prophetic visions.  Then you got a woman who can sew real good and got turned into a spider because of it. Another had sex with a sea god in some building and a goddess made her into an ugly snake creature. Then the other gods and goddesses have literally nothing better to do with their lives then cause misery for humanity and curse them when their sexual or romantic advances get shot down. And other stuff. 


    You mean those types of gods? Sounds like assholes, bitches, and douchebags all around. Take away their godhood and what good would they be then?”


    She saw those ancient myths of gods and goddesses as being no different then the government or people in power, always  Stepping on the little people and toying with those weaker then they are.



    (Sure. I’m up to play. As you can see. My girl is based mainly off Spiderman and X men.   A mutant on the run from an organization that wants to use her as a weapon. How do you proposed she and Enyo might cross paths?)


                       Right before the patrolman left altogether, Catherine nodded his way, “Of course I’ll be careful.  You too.  Please if the footage pulls up anything concrete, or even small that could be critical later, do let me know.  A phone call, or even via email.  You can reach me here on my personal line for work."  With those words finalized, the detective offered a small, gracious kind of smile, along with her card, which she placed into his hand somewhat, for safekeeping.  Where he decided to place it afterwards? That was up to him.  If he would use it in time? That was yet to be determined.  It didn’t play any further on the detective’s mind as she soon got back to work or was in the process of doing so.

                       The moment the officer left, Catherine saw those firefighters enter, curious if she should stick around a little while longer at least, in the off-chance something critical to would come to light at this scene.  It was either stay here with them (hear in on their conversation for possible findings of theirs if they spoke), and do her work here at the same time, or go with the other officer in time.  Or, if none of them at this very moment, then perhaps she should head back to the precinct, and work on what evidence was there, with her medical examiner to find possible findings, or what, or who had done this.  'Meeting with the medical examiner, it would be.'  The detective decided, knowing full well that he would already be working on something back in his well-equipped office space.

                       Rather than immediately head over to her car to depart, she remained on the sidewalk, looking one by one, on where the bikes had once been, trying to determine, in which space exactly the bike was stolen from, and from there, if there were skid marks, or any marks of any kind that gave away a possible direction, and with that, a direction that the detective could get into her car with, to just follow.   ‘Not just yet.  Get back to work, the precinct, and maybe something will come to light then, so you can get out there again and begin that hunt, so to speak for this offender.'

    ×  ×  ×  ×


                       Minutes later, the detective was inside her car.  Seat belt was fastened, and clicked into place, the drive then which included a patrol of sorts (while heading back to the 125th), in progress.  If anything would catch her attention throughout this patrol, say suspicious activity, or reckless road users with their speed and more, it wasn’t known, yet anything and everything that she needed to, the detective kept her options open in the off-chance something, anything at all would catch her attention.


  • Related image

    Well it is either something we can eat, or something we can do.  If you get my drift ;)

  • *He watches as she takes his arm, but at the same time notices how she is almost reluctant to take it.  He doesn’t say a thing at first, as he realizes she might be nervous, and doesn’t want to disrupt anything that might be going on between the two of them.  It is moments like these he wishes he had like a spider sense or something to let him know how women felt and what they were thinking.  He was new at this dating game, sometimes he wishes it as more like a battle, that he understood, more than women.*

    There a nice little restaurant up the block, I think you might like it…..

  • *Batman was out on a routine patrol, trying to locate the men responsible for blowing up the First Bank of Gotham.  So far all of his questions have gone unanswered, but he had one more place to stop, and see if any of these characters would talk.  He drove over to the old battery district, the place used to be where the rich and famous played, but now a days it is just a run down, disheveled corner of a Gotham City long forgotten, forgotten by the normal citizens of Gotham, but not by the crooks or the underworld.  They call this part of Gotham home, and here is where he hopes to get his answers, as he parks the Batmobile by an abandoned alleyway, and walks to the front of the bar called The Under World.

    He walks in and the place immediately goes quiet*

    Please don’t stop on my account, I’m just looking for some answers and I hope you can give them to me

    *After saying that, they all go back to what they were doing, not caring a rats ass about the man staning in front of them dressed like a bat*

  • I'd love to discuss and come up wth something.  I find Envo highly interesting.

  • (I made an evil ghost character that is called Keres Dusana. Based on what those two words mean in Greek myth and such :)


    i love greek mythology and many others. Maybe we can go with fredda. Since I want to build upon her more and we can do my horsewoman later on if you want.  

    How should we begin with Enyo crossing paths with my dream demon?)

  • ||Sure, we certainly can. Anything else you wanted to add to the plot?||

  • |Hello mortals, War is out once again.. There is always more bloodbaths to create..


                       In time, when the detective was being addressed, she wasted little to no time in standing, in which she greeted the young patrolman briefly, to then listen to his information, what little he had anyway.  It enough to cause her brows to furrow as she sighed, listening to him further, while waiting to hear his words in their entirety.  ‘One bike was possibly meaning, which meant then one person, or dare she think that a non-human being was behind this.  A beast.  Or something else entirely, something new?’   Not sure why her mind would wander there, but that would explain it being one person’s doing, if it was something non-human.  But, if it was human, let’s say two at the most could fit on the back of a bike, therefore two at the most could have been involved.  And possibly others, if there were more than two, could fit in another vehicle, if another unbranded, unplated one had been used for this crime before them.  For herself, small scenarios here and there already running throughout her mind.  Yet, towards the patrol officer, she nodded.

    “That part will come to us, I'm sure, the number of assailants I mean.  But as for anything else, if it does come to light, please let me know, immediately.”

                        Waiting a little longer in a patient manner while eyeing him softly and closely, as if expecting a further, or final response from him.  ‘Let’s just hope this man before me will remain safe, and that anyone investigating into this crime, or possible future ‘others’, if they come along, performed by the same individual, or individuals, do not get caught up in their own slaying, or whatnot, from whoever did this.’  Shaking it off however, she looked around slowly and briefly as to what was around her, while looking back at him one last time - Still she patiently awaited his response.


This reply was deleted.

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"Cold, heinous laughter filled the spacious and wondrous halls of Mount Olympus, causing many in residence to suddenly stop what they are doing and all jerk fearfully as they all turn as one to look in direction of the least known part of Olympus; th…"
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