G̵̱̼͍̫͐̄ͬ͛̅̍̚iͦ̀v̨͓̺͙͉ͯ̐͐̓ͣ͑ę͈̭̣̗̺́ ̗͕̂m͖̘̖͇̲̬̀̍̆͛ͨ͒ë̹́̀̂ͥͨ̔̎͟ ̱̠͚ͯĘ͛͌ͮ̂v̥̫̪̥̠͈͔ē̦̫͕͇̹͕̔ͬͣͭͦ͂r̳͍͕͚͈̬y͇̟̭̳̭̳͋̊̎̇ͧͤ̚t̯͕̱̒ͪ͑̓͊̓̀h̜̘̟̲̑ͭͤ͗̓ͪͅi̿͑̒n̙͓̥̼̺̱ͦ͒ͫͩ̚g̦͇




 Okona was raised on Ingenium in the bowels of deep-space, a planet lightyears away from any government but their own.  His guardian, a man known to him only as 'Daedalus' was the only companion he had, even despite his 'best' efforts to make friends as a boy.  It was as if the other children could sense the strangeness about him, and so his fate as socially ostracized was sealed.  It didn't help matters any that he didn't attend school with the other kids, or that his guardians reputation as the 'Frankenstein of Genetic Architects' preceeded him infinitely. 

There were few on Ingenium with strange abilities of alien origins, or possibly genetic mutation - most of them were forced into a life of combat or painful experimentation -- this is the life that Okona would have led, either as a weapon of the state, or lab rat..

..if it wasn't for Daedalus, that is.

Long before Daedalus even scanned the datapad detailing the specifics of Okona's adoption as an infant, he had been chosen by his father - a being more entity than man in the eyes of the boy grown to manhood - choosen to groom his son and prepare him for a universe that hated and feared his kind.

So when the day came that Okona came to Daedalus, pale and trembling, his dark eyes full of such rage and sadness that they seemed black pits of tar, claiming to have killed another boy, that it wasn't his fault, he didn't mean to do it, that it was an accident.. 

The Genetic Architect merely patted the young Okona atop the head, smiling down at him fondly. "Wipe your tears, young prince.  This is a prophecied day-- one you should rejoice in!  I'm sure you've made your father very proud today.."

They were ominous words- and only fifteen at the time, Okona never forgot them.  Not that he could have, even if he wanted too.  From that moment on, his life was irreparably changed.

At first, it seemed changed into a nightmare.  Night and day he trained his body and spirit.  Again and again he broke his fingers and toes, again and again he was cut and burned and frozen and electrocuted in order to endure.  By the end of of his training at nineteen years old, he no longer had any feeling in his malformed knuckles and the nature ability to seperate himself from physical pain.

Then, when it was time to shape his mind Daedalus forced him to relive his worst nightmares again and again until finally he overcame them -- at least, this was his plan.  But midway through the treatment, Okona lost total contral and broke from the restraints with a burst of surprise strength - and in the one moment it took for him to rise to his feet, his delirium focused itself upon the good doctor in a fit of bestial insanity.



H̞͍̬̋ͭ̆̐̆o̶̥̮̥̞͋ͨw̫͎̖̭̥̮ͣ͐ ̑̄͒͛҉̣̥̩̲̘͇f͈̦͙å̖̔͗̉͂̇r̽͑̽ ̼̦̭̖̝̻ͯͯͥͧ̅̒w̐̋ͫͧ͋͊ͨi̳̕l̞͎̰̟̊͟l̲̋̂ͧ ̶͔͛̊ͫͥy̼̼̻͙̲̟̟ͣ͆̑̓̚͠o̧̹̰̮͇̟͌͌uͦ͌́͋͘ ̜̥̻̎g̖͆̒̉́̀͆̆o͍͓ͬͫ̏̒ͤͪ̑̕?





Okona was found the very same night, pale as ice with eyes as black as an oil spill, bloodied and trembling with rage.  When he was asked his name, he responded with the cold reticence of a basic automaton - the same way he'd respond to any question, leading up to the inevitable 'whose blood is it?' and Okona's total zombie-willingness to lead a complete stranger, an entity of the law, no less, right to Daedalus' labratory in the center of Kiiaguru city.  Directly to where he left the man who raised him from an infant, all for the purpose of forging him into a tool for a future he might never know.

Daedalus was dead, of course.  Okona's power turned loose upon him having siphoned the strength from the man's body, adding to his own, so it was easy to crush the Genetic Architect's throat with but the force of a single hand.

Almost immediatley, he was arrested and put on trial - though it was merely for show.  The verdict was decided -- the evidence was all there, and Okona did not deny killing Daedalus.  So he was found guilty, sent to a high security prison outside of Kiiaguru where he was meant to live out the rest of his days.  Fennui, home to some of Ingenium's worst criminals -- Miir'æ, settler, and off-worlder alike.

He was in constant danger in Fennui, young and easy on the eyes.. wanted for his flesh, to feel and tear and pull and cut.  To bleed and breed him.. 

But he wanted to be sure the first man who tried was also the last.  Okona made a public display of him - grabbing the front of the inmates face, squeezing tight and tighter as he siphoned the males strength away, adding even more to his seemingly endless reserve.. 

Then with his stolen power he crushed the man's skull, and thought it all too easy to end a life with such an unfair advantage.

After the incident, he was placed into isolation for six total months.  But he was used to solitude, so he sat and waited for them to open the door, doing absolutely nothing with his body while his mind churned in on itself.  When they finally did come to let him out, he was slapped with a collar that could sense when he was about to use his power and respond with an 80,000 volts of reprimand.

He was defenseless - but as far as he was concerned Fennui's populace didn't need to know that, so he kept his distance and maintained the illusion that he had every bit the advantage as before.  Perhaps he did, after all, he carried within him the strength and ability of two men - three, including his own.

Over time, other inmates were drawn to his dark nature; his subtle fascination with chaos, the promise of protection from someone with alien powers, his confidence.. whatever it was, they rallied around him like wolves to form a pack, and in two years he was surrounded by twenty.  Three of which he actually trusted, odd as it was to trust anyone in a hell-hole like Fennui.

Kiiza, Burdok, and Aiald. 

Kiiza was one of the Miir'æ - a blue skinned people with tentacles in place of hair, webbed fingers and toes, gilled necks, large fish-like eyes - she was a religious extremist with the belief that Ingenium is sacred among the stars, the holy birthright of the Miir'æ, and all but their race are unwelcomed and unworthy unless first cleansed-- through death.  She ritually murdered 26 human settlers before she was caught and sent to Fennui.  She told Okona he was 'just dandy' when he probed her for an opinion regarding his own race.

Burdok - a dark skinned human male with vibrant neon implants in his eyes, changing colors to suit his mood.  As violent as he was eccentric, it was only a matter of time before he ended up getting arrested for his multiple crimes against the galaxy.  Far too many to remember, let alone list.  Perhaps only Burdok himself could accurately recall his heinous achievements.  Okona never bothered to ask.

Aiald was an enigma.  Hard to recall the details of his species, other than his favor of a red cloak and hood, and that he was extremely tall.  Aiald was there from the beginning, the voice of certainty and logic.  It was his brain that got the four of them out of Fennui without any of them dying.



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  • |Thank you for accepting. It is all right, whenever your ready I look forward to plotting.|

  • Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Would love to write with you. Let me know if you like to plot or wing it. Also pick a character. 

  • (I can tell o3o You revamped a loooooot of stuff. XD It looks great! We both have galaxy themes too.)


    “I still await the codes for those letters in computer tongue. When you are back online. Please send the data files.”


  • HeY Sexy

  • (Still alive here?<3)

  • (You still hanging in there friend?^^)

  • He'd missed. 

    And for it, the man would meet his end upon that mistake. Larry closed his sightless eyes,exhaling slowly, just a mere moment of loss before returning to the battle field. The man was on the move once more and with new ammo to back him. The revealation of his indentity was no matter, but it would be one of importance in confirming suspicions upon a certain alien..

    The men tried after Carl, firing at what they could now see, all at once, blast after blast in an attempt to overwhelm him and hopefully obliterate him in doing so, but Larry could see where the aim was reckless, where Okona still held advantage and for this, he decided now was his chance. It happens only after, assuming Okona was able to take all his enemies down, because after, there falls a silence that lasts too long to tell that any other soul remained in that building..  

    Surely Okona had succeeded, had outdone them all..

    ..and then there is another presence and it's within the shadows, perhaps the whole time they'd remained hidden there, but the tall figure stepped forth without fear, instead a sense of challenge in his posture as he stood across from Okona, the mask in place hiding his features, the glow of the optics almost haunting, black hair flopping over a little from the top, his figure mostly dark with little light to give much of him away. The Alien was sizing up it's target, but hadn't made a move..yet. 



  • (No worries, Val is hard to click with techy people anyway, she only recently got a cell. Wanna write with Pride or Fin? or whatever new character comes about?)

  • Larry couldn't have had the optic mods for his body had rejected them time and time again, causing him too much pain and resulting in him losing rank. At the last ditch effort, he'd found another program and this one seemed to suit him juuuust well. 

    Each pulse continued the "sight" of his inner map and it rendered him all the more alert should something shift without much of any other distraction there. Such a pulse allowed him to pick up the moment Okona began to move again. The vibration echoed louder than all else, unigue in it's movement and surely enough Larry was alerting his team just as they'd start to move in and try and track him. 

    Despite the fast movements of Okona, Larry didn't have to rely on his eyes tracking fast enough when the echoes were always much faster..Over the comm came the blind mans voice again.

    " Carl.. 12 o'clock! "

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