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  • (You still hanging in there friend?^^)

  • He'd missed. 

    And for it, the man would meet his end upon that mistake. Larry closed his sightless eyes,exhaling slowly, just a mere moment of loss before returning to the battle field. The man was on the move once more and with new ammo to back him. The revealation of his indentity was no matter, but it would be one of importance in confirming suspicions upon a certain alien..

    The men tried after Carl, firing at what they could now see, all at once, blast after blast in an attempt to overwhelm him and hopefully obliterate him in doing so, but Larry could see where the aim was reckless, where Okona still held advantage and for this, he decided now was his chance. It happens only after, assuming Okona was able to take all his enemies down, because after, there falls a silence that lasts too long to tell that any other soul remained in that building..  

    Surely Okona had succeeded, had outdone them all..

    ..and then there is another presence and it's within the shadows, perhaps the whole time they'd remained hidden there, but the tall figure stepped forth without fear, instead a sense of challenge in his posture as he stood across from Okona, the mask in place hiding his features, the glow of the optics almost haunting, black hair flopping over a little from the top, his figure mostly dark with little light to give much of him away. The Alien was sizing up it's target, but hadn't made a move..yet. 



  • (No worries, Val is hard to click with techy people anyway, she only recently got a cell. Wanna write with Pride or Fin? or whatever new character comes about?)

  • Larry couldn't have had the optic mods for his body had rejected them time and time again, causing him too much pain and resulting in him losing rank. At the last ditch effort, he'd found another program and this one seemed to suit him juuuust well. 

    Each pulse continued the "sight" of his inner map and it rendered him all the more alert should something shift without much of any other distraction there. Such a pulse allowed him to pick up the moment Okona began to move again. The vibration echoed louder than all else, unigue in it's movement and surely enough Larry was alerting his team just as they'd start to move in and try and track him. 

    Despite the fast movements of Okona, Larry didn't have to rely on his eyes tracking fast enough when the echoes were always much faster..Over the comm came the blind mans voice again.

    " Carl.. 12 o'clock! "

  • (Hey I totally get that busy life thing though. XD I have been stuck in that mess. Take your time with the starter then. ^^ Nadiya having to report to Earth over the Necromorphs would be a good reason for her to go. Otherwise she wouldn't ever go. XD)

  • This is New York.

    The pinnacle of destruction and action. You come here, you better expect some kind of adventure that may or may not kill you. From the outside, things sometimes could look normal, but it was a jungle in here, a concrete jungle more notoriously known as. Lance moved here some time after his departure with Delta Six. He's got his main residence here and some hideouts spread out across the country.. and the land in Canada he inherited from his family. Last resort. Or maybe when he retires. When and if that ever happens. Y'know.. if he doesn't get killed first. 

    You had gods, experiments, eccentric rich assholes, mutants, inhumans and aliens and god fuck knows what else running around here.

    Lance hasn't had much run ins beside his brief time with SHIELD, because they seem to love that shit and go about instigating even more shit with the guise of "protection" of mankind. Pure bullshit. Lance knew what they were all about and they often were shiesty assholes you shouldn't ever fully trust. Don't get him wrong, though, because a few agents were decent enough, like the guy who'd not only supplied him, but steered his ass clear of shaking hands with the devil in theory. 


    Back on track here, Lance was working up another contact. Some kid got on his business line and was looking for a hookup. Sinc when did Lance fuck'n supply? And no, we're not talking about drugs here. Those days were.. thankfully in the past.  Pacing the rooftops of said contacts apartment, he waited on the kid to reply back, who was somewhere in the belly of the city and on his way over, presumably. 

    He glances at the time on his phone when it happens.

    Something breaks the atmosphere ahead.

     Quite a few miles or so out from the cities edge, the ship is small, a tiny dot from this distance but he knew otherwise and that didn't even matter as he stared at it descending through the air. There was no trail of smoke or fire. Was this a direct intended hit? There was nothing chasing it either. 


    There's a bit of tremor as it lands. The sound travels a little slower, but it's enough to know the impact had been harsh. In the middle of some wasteland of a farm, too. Then, over a hill and it's out of sight from his view. Looking back at his phone after a long drawn out minute of staring, he shoots a half assed text to the kid to ditch till next time and starts to head from whence he came to the rooftops, touching ground and aiming for his bike parked across the street. 

    Helmet pulled on and bike roaring with life, he's gone as soon as he hits the throttle and gives it speed. Lucky it's a dead end street with little to any witnesses, but most the times he's too fast for anyone to truly notice besides a bike and a man suddenly disappearing completely. So you can imagine this also means he'd arrive fairly quick to Okona's location. Bike parked again some distance away from the crash site, the biker stood up and allowed the HUD of the helmet to get a good scan of the area, reading the power source of the ship if any remained, the rate of toxicity if there were any and overall spitting other tech jargon off the ship, but he ignores it after not getting what he really wanted and pulls the helmet off, eyes landing right back on the ship, but he doesn't move closer... not yet. 

    Was anyone else around? He hadn't got any life readings, not even on the ship, but he's almost positive the ship probably had some inner shield mechanism for that... if it's alien like he suspects. 

    Welp... only one way to find out! He slowly starts to walk around. 



    Unsure of what to make of this circumstance. So she chirps and screeches and shuffled around. 



  •   The creature caught Valkyrie's eye first. It oddly caused the whole battlefield to pause and acknowledge its presence. It wasn't until realization hit the Astromancers that they began once again their barrage. Another cosmic sphere of energy was thrown in Valkyrie's direction. The Mistress rose her scythe as if to block. Oddly, a hazy purple smoke emanated from the weapon. As the sphere collided with Valkyrie's weapon, it shattered the energy ball, only knocking Val backward a few feet. Her heels dug into the ground upon impact. 

      The screech, however, diverted everyone's attention once again. The creature had one of the Mages in its mouth. What was its next move? As much as it appeared they were on her side, Valkyrie could never be too sure. But first matters first, Golden hues returned to the last three mages that remained. In one swift hurl, The Mistress's scythe was projected in the direction of the trio. While two of the remainders dodged the twirling object, one did not. 

      The scythe's blade pierced the chest of the victim. As if everything slowed down. Valkyrie watched the woman grasp the curved blade in attempts to remove it from her chest. Soon after, the Mage's breathing became quickened and eyes became wide as she fell to the ground. However, mid-air her body burst into brilliant oranges and purples. The cosmic dust dispersed into the air leaving no trace of her behind. Valkyrie then rose her hand as if beckoning the weapon back to her. 

      The Scythe melted away into that same purple haze that protected her earlier. Quickly, that familiar haze reappeared in our Mistress's open hand. As it cleared it was apparent the scythe had been recalled directly to her hand. This was a new trick she'd learned since she became infected with the void years ago. It didn't work well on high tier creatures that were smart enough to see it coming. Though it did seem to work this time. Golden hues gave a swift pulsation once again from their usual yellow to an electric purple. Eventually, the purple died down, returning them to their usual golden.

    And that left two...



  • The system was tripped.

    There's a sharp ping of a noise followed by the gruff voice of their leader on the coms, via an implant under the skin below the ear, the voice telling them what they'd all been ordered here to do today. Milky sightless eyes flickered up, the placement processor replacing them mapping out the area around him in an echo or a pulse of iridescent blue hues. He doesn't quite see, but he feels each body of his team near him, feels the thump of their hearts almost just before they actually beat. His team are already in place and he, too, was in place some feet back from everyone else. 

    His team can't see Okona as the sightless man could. 

    He breathes in and out.. 

    A pulse reverberates the area in a tremble and there, beyond his team, is their target.

    No, they didn't know Okona could see heat signatures through walls, but they had leverage of their own, now didn't they? Lawerence Grant or "Larry" as he's fondly called from another life utters the coordinance of Okona's position for his team to hear through their personal com link.

    Okona may know their position, but they know his now as well. 

    Larry could feel and then hear the exact moment his teammates pushed ahead to carry out their duty. His face was a blank slate, emotionless, looking away as if he actually could in a way that might suggest he wasn't at all prepared for this, or perhaps was being forced into this, who knows? Who knows this mans story? It doesn't matter and maybe it never would. He knows what he must do and that's all that matters... 

  • [Thanks man, I'll be sure to toss you a message here in a bit. I've got a few threads that I'm sorting right now. I don't want to get overwhelmed. As soon as I get a count, I'll hit you up.]

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