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single, not looking

Character Appearance

Wilbur is 6'5, chocolate brown hair with hazel brown eyes. He wears a brown trench-coat with a yellow sweater underneath. He has black combat boots and ripped jeans with chains hanging from the belt holes.

Character Personality

The brunette has a snappy attitude, and mild trust issues. Ever since he blew up L'Manberg everythings gone to shit. He's more pissy than usual, as well as more bite no bark.

Character Likes

On quiet, rainy days, Wilbur loves to play his guitar, and create new songs. He likes setting off fireworks or TNT as a hobby, he like's the smell of fire and ashes surrounding him, and he likes the sounds of people screaming and crying in agony.

Character Dislikes

Wilbur hates anything relating to ponds or fish, especially Salmon. He dislikes train stations, sushi, gas stations, utah.

Character History/Story

Wilbur Soot, creator and destroyer of L'manberg. The brit is mysterious in so many ways, other versions of himself known, musical taste always referring to.. E-girls? His father, Philza Minecraft. On the day that L'Manberg was first destroyed, Philza had stabbed his son right in the chest. Apparently the brit had begged and begged his father to stab him, in so Philza did. Causing Wilbur soot's last life to be taken. In the past, Wilbur had a wife named Sally. Sally was a Salmon, a fish. Wilbur ended up having intercourse with Sally, which he got pregnant from and gave birth to Fundy, a fox hybrid right from under his toe nail.

Character Inventory

A box of matches, A packet of Cigarettes, small bag of lighters, Small bombs, Home-made wax candles, His guitar in it's case on his back, a red beanie.

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Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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hello! My names Kyle, and I'm apart of the South Park & MCYT community. I would say I'm rusty at role-playing, and I found this site through my friend Alex [REDACTED]! You can check out his page here ;

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