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Wild Child's writer~
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• H O L B Y . H E N D E R S O N •



Single || Peoplesexual



I wasn’t born yesterday. I have lived a thousand lifetimes, maybe more, and still I find myself contemplating the focus of a lens, the stroke of a brush, and the man who lives in the apartment across from my own. He’s in his mid-to-late fifties; tall, dark and mysteriously Italian. Every morning it takes me a hot minute to drag my gaze away from the open window where he stands, flexing in his Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. Sometimes I think he does it because he knows I’m watching. Perhaps he’s an exhibitionist and I the voyeur? My name… is Holby. I was born during the eclipsing of a blood moon. I often wonder if my parents were high trying to write ‘Holly’ and ended up misspelling my name. Wouldn’t be much of a surprise really considering how laid back they were. I say were because they’re not longer of this world, or the next. As far as I’m concerned, reincarnation doesn’t exist, and violin’s are the Devil’s instruments. Among other things. My childhood was a fairly educational and abnormally normal one seeing as both my parents dabbled in witchcraft, or “Devil worship” as our snooty neighbours used to call it. Whatever. Doesn’t make a difference in my world. Anyway, back to the story. The house I grew up in was a beautiful old Victorian manor on the outskirts of a newly erected estate of expensive looking homes with white picket fences, soft pastel exteriors and perfectly manicured gardens. It was like living in Pleasantville or Stepford. I’m leaning more towards Stepford, have you seen those fuckers? Seriously. So, anyway, life was spent in the grandeur of this beautiful house we came to know as home and it was great. We never really fussed with the outside world, and by keeping to ourselves, we became the outsiders. My family’s wiccan heritage goes way back. My mother’s a witch, my grandmother, and so on and so forth. Throughout each generation the bloodlines have thinned; watered down to barely a skerrick of what it used to be and our “powers” aren’t what they used to be. Instead, I’ve got books filling the shelves of dusty bookcases, drawers filled with amulets and talismans, herbs for every occasion, animal skulls, candles, crystals, et cetera. You name it and I’ve probably got it stashed, stored or on display. Did I mention that I loved plants? I’m an avid botanist and herbalist. So, there you have it. I’m a witch. It comes with the stigma that we ride broomsticks, cook children in cauldrons and look like hideous old hags with warts on our noses and hairs sprouting from our chins. If you’re looking for a spinster in a cottage hidden deep within the woods, you’ve come to the wrong place.

FC: Katya Miro



• N Y X O N  • C H A S T A I N • 


Single || ~




FC: John Akan


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• L I BE R T Y . "L I B B Y" . B L U E •


Wherever the work is

Single || Straight


Crime Scene Investigator


FC: Nadja Auermann



• D A E S Y N . G A G E •



Single || Bisexual


Underground Fighter


Daesyn Gage is not your average out-of-towner. He doesn’t bite, I assure you, but you should approach with caution. His quick, closed-fist jabs can leave one’s ears ringing if they decide to brawl with this bad boy. But aside from his ability to win fights with little to no effort, he leads an otherwise quiet, solitary life away from the likes of people. Amidst the congregation of idiots within the confines of this one particularly active establishment on the strip, sat a table of three; two men and a woman. There were papers strewn across the tabletop and the woman was pointing at unmatched distances along the page for Daesyn to sign. He’s the burly guy with the pen in his hand on the right side of the boot. On the other was his best friend and fellow underground fighter, Jackson, and Jackson’s girlfriend and executive producer of said fights, Lilianna. She was a beautiful woman, but she lacked a certain… something. Probably why Jackson had her in his clutches long before Dae wanted anything to do with her. A curl of fingers has the broad of shoulder male lifting his glass of stout to his bristly lips, tongue stroking along the rim of the glass before he’s chugging back a mouthful, swirling the dark liquid around his mouth then swallowing with a neat bob of his throat. “Daesyn, are you listening?” Lili’s sharp, exotic tone pitchforked against Daesyn’s eardrums, causing the male to curl his lip back over his teeth and sneer. “I’m listening.” Flat, more than likely bored, and somewhat tired of visiting the same venue every single time he had to sign another period of his life away to the underground league of extraordinary fighters. Whiskey colored hues swept the bar lazily as Daesyn reclined back against the booth’s cheap leather, grunting as he cocked one arm over the backrest and rubbed his thumb and fingers together absently. No one knew just how this nobody became one of the undefeatables. But fame wasn’t something Daesyn needed. See, Daesyn was never known to remain in one place for longer than necessary.

FC: John Cooper



• C A L L A I S 


Halloween Enthusiast

Single || Straight

Darkest Recesses of one's Mind


Art Dealer

I wasn’t always… this. After the devastating attack on my family, I was taken captive by the monster, afraid that I would be next. But I wasn’t. I survived. He kept me hidden from the rest of the world. From the cold, vermin infested dungeon below the ballroom I could hear the festivities; the laughter of his guests as he entertained them all with his antics. I don’t know whether they were mortal like myself or monstrosities like my captor. It was hard deciphering the screams from the laughter. Perhaps it was a ritualistic feeding? I couldn’t be sure. But I wanted to know. He’d starve me. For days. Sometimes weeks at a time. Allowing for only a little bit of water here and there. I’d begged for death when he visited my frigid cell. Pleaded with him to end my suffering. He refused. Said it would help me come into my own. I didn’t understand. But I would. Upon my lips Death’s icy kiss was granted. I felt the sharp scratch of his fangs as he punctured my flesh and drank deep from the well of my life force. My blood was both toxic and intoxicating. It took every ounce of mortality that monster had left – however little there may have been – for him to pull away, and by that point I was nearing the end. I was a weakling unable to raise my arms or kick my legs. I felt… empty. Void of feeling anything. Every mortal emotion that once coursed through my veins was slipping away. The dull throb of my body begged for that final release. But what I got in return was white hot pain. Everywhere. I could barely move my lips but I drank, deep and until the burn became bearable. My hunger was never ending. The bloodthirst unlike anything I’ve ever known. I was hungry and yet it wasn’t food that my rebirthed body desired. When he tore his body from mine, I shuddered, collapsed to my knees and wailed. What had he done? He never gave his name and I never asked. And yet somehow I knew exactly who he was; the monster from my nightmares, the darkness from a past I longed to forget. He’d kept me for several years, watched me grow into a bountiful young woman from the shadows before ever daring to lay a hand upon my body, let alone my tarnished soul.

FC: -


• E L O D I U S • B E L L V U E 

Coming Soon!

FC: Kj Apa






• - 

Coming Soon

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C H É (Special request) ~ Willow

✓ L I B B Y ~ Virian

✿ H O L B Y ~ Eric






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  • You can try but you have to catch me first!

    Plus it's not bad :3 all I did was give it a new look 

  • (We could go with something like that. If you don't mind, this will start with Mai Ortega recruting Holby into the group. Then once everything is finalized she introduces Eric and the story begins. What is Holby's current location? We could have this taking place in a different location from New York. That way Holby could be seen as local guide. More of a reason they'd want her to join.  Does that sound good? If it does, then let me know your preferred location and I'll get the starter ready.)

  • (Currently Eric has been captured by FBI and is being forced to work for them. His leader is Mai Ortega. This entire story happens over 3 parts but I'll explain those as we get to them. The first thing is everyone is looking for a crime lord known as Ryan Gage. There's a lot of people trying to fight his entire operation and find him. This will eventually end in Dubai. Until then Eric will be searching for this man, or handling other FBI business that his leader may tell him.

    Or if there's something Holby is currently invested in, Eric could get involved into that as well. We can basically do whatever we want really until he has to go to Dubai. If we think that would allow introductions to go smoother, I would be chill with that. What do you think?)

  • Willow frowned watching the cats movements trying to gauge the mood of the animal. She could read most creatures but since this was not wholly a cat she didn't know what to make of. The sounds it was make sent a shiver through her body, almost like it was trying to talk to her but sadly she had no idea what it was trying tell her. She could feel the confusion caming from the cat or maybe it was just her own over powering her common sense. If she had of stop to really think about any of this she would not still be sitting there on her knees facing a cat that could potentially hurt her. But no she had to let her curiosity get the better of her. Your so fucking stupid Will she scolded herself yet again. Biting down her bottom lip again she kept her gaze focused on cat. Think, come on. Your strong enough to get out of this mess she said and yet her mind came up with nothing. Great time to blank on a plan to get out of here.
    Hearing the cat snarl only increased her worry and made her more nervous. But she couldn't hide the frown forming on her forehead when she noticed the large cat sit down. What is he up to? she asked herself. This was getting beyond unnerving and Willow was feeling a little to vulnerable for her own liking. She took a deep breath straightening her back as she lifted her head. Fight or flight? she thought. But she could not bring herself to harm an innocent creature no matter what the  circumstance were. After all it was only doing what nature had created it to do. Or what ever it was born to do. Confusion set it in deep within her mind as the cat stood back up. A gasp left her lips as she watched the cat turn from beast to man. The fuck she though. Looking up at the scruffy male that now stood on two legs instead of four she frown."Shapeshifter" she muttered more to herself then anything. Frowning she looked down at the ground before pushing herself up on to her feet. She brushed the dust off her bare legs before looking back up at the male.
    "Shapeshifter? Seriously? " she said softly. Signing she ran her hand over her face taking in a deep breath to try and help calm her racing mind. She had heard of shifters but never meet any. That didn't surprise her though, her and her siblings tried to keep away from other for fear they would lose control and hurt someone. "So your a large ass cat? Nice" she said reverting back to her natural defense of sarcasm. The male before her both interested her and confused her. She had so many questions but knew it would be rude to ask.
  • Willow smiled closing her eyes as the first rays of sun hit the mountain top. A soft sigh left her slightly parted lips as the warmth of sun began to hit her bare legs. So peaceful and so warm she thought. Opening her eyes she watched as the sun rose higher in the sky. Marveling in the beautiful colours now shining in the early morning. Moments like these reminder her of the good in the world when everything seemed so dark and lifeless. She was glad she had come up here this morning, the need to be reminded of the beauty in the world ever so high. Today was a day when Willow needed to feel happy and safe, she needed to put on her brave face and prove to herself that what happened all those years ago did not break her. Though sometimes it was harder then others. Smiling she once again closed her eyes focusing on the feel of the sun warming her cold skin. Enjoying this little moment.
    As quickly as she felt warm she also felt uneasy. Someone or something was watching her. She could feel eyes boring into her back. The soft down hair covering the back of her neck stood up letting her know it was something to be careful of. Biting down on her bottom lip she tried to resist the erg to turn around and see whom had been watching her. Her hand gripped onto the ledge of the mountain, her back stiffened. She could feel her power raising to protect her, but she would not fire off anything until she knew she was in danger. Slowly she turned her head to look behind her. Eyes now wide when she focuses in on the rather large cat. Fuck. Shit. Don't move.  She told herself over and over. Willow knew all to well what kind of damage could be done when an animal felt threatened. And being that she had no way off the mountain other then a drop to maybe her death or back the way she came past the cat. Chewing on the inside of her lip she sighed. Well what now? I can't hurt it. Its not doing anything wrong she thought to herself. Slowly she turned her body so the cat was no longer facing her back but now her front. She stayed on her knees, the rocks digging into her skin.
    "Alright kitty. Please for the love of God don't move" she whispered. A soft sigh left her lips as she reached out with mind trying to encourage the cat to move away so she could walk out of what she thought might have been his territory. But what she found when she touched the cat had her confused. Not a cat, well not all cat anyway. Willow looked up at the large animal with a frown. "What the fuck are you?" she muttered. She hadn't come across many supernatural creature in life time. Not any that could take on the form of cat, a wolf sure but a cat. Shaking her head she kept watch of the cat worried she may have pissed it off with her probing. Clever will. If he eats you its your own fault she scolded herself.
  • Fiction shows crime as a mysterious brute. Happening during the dead of night, a masked villain-- someone with no real past or possible shame for their actions-- kills a complete innocent. Sure, realism may be implemented here and there within the main characters, but everyone else? The plot that begins everything? Isn't it usually just so plain and obvious? Not in this tale.

    Yes, one cliché this tale is guilty of, and that is of the night. At 2:35 am exactly, the doors to the nightclub of L'Éclipse opened to welcome a newcomer. As it was a Saturday night, it was almost packed full, just as usual, and the security guards were on full alert. A few innocent lovers quarrels and dance-room arguments had occurred, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Things seemed to be going fine, and the club owner seemed to hold no worries at all.

    At 2:41, the dead body of the newcomer was found in the bathroom, with the cops arriving just about twenty minutes later.

    And so, with that, the whole thing was shut down, and the owner felt much different than he had felt just a few minutes ago.


    As the scene became alit with flashing cop lights, everyone that had been inside the club was ushered out by a pack of police officers. The night was cold, and no one was allowed to leave without their name being taken down. And so, as it's customers huddled together, the club was empty and fully lit as normal lights were switched on. Watching this, Virian stood by the door talking with his hired security guards quite seriously.

    As the owner, this was the most serious thing that had ever happened at his club. Sure, he'd had a couple of people OD in here and a lot of fights, but no one had ever died. How was he supposed to even handle this? Apparently, the police officers didn't know any way to handle this other than kicking everyone out to preserve the crime scene. No one went in until two other cars drove up, with some sharply dressed people jumping out. They seemed even more important than the police, and Virian soon knew that they were the detectives that had been assigned to the case.

    Watching them walk in, he frowned bitterly. Not to be distasteful or anything, but Virian knew detectives only to be bold and proud. But anyway, they were there to do a job and that was it. As he was standing by the door, Virian took a step or two away as they passed through it. Just then, as he had turned his head dismissively away, a chill ran down his spine.

    With his breath hitched in his throat, the high elf whipped his head to see who had walked through. There was a vampire here, he was certain of that. Able to detect energies was one of the elves' natural talents-- one that was so logical to him that he immediately knew what had just passed in. 

    Having nothing to do but wait, Virian peeked his head to see inside before the door closed, only to be politely asked to move back by an officer. He lost his chance to see who the vampire was. Curiosity flowed through his blue blooded veins, but despite this the prince stepped back again. Suddenly, all thoughts of the murder (?) were drained from his mind.

    Had the vampire sensed him, too...?

  • [ If you'd like, we could do something with Ms. Blue. Perhaps it could help you with finding her better? We could start with Virian being a witness to a crime that she'd investigate, but ends up becoming a person of interest, and eventually an ally? What do you think of that idea? It's quite rough, I know, but it's something we can start with. ]

  • It was a cold wet morning as willow rolled out of the comfort of her warm king sized bed. Rubing her hand over her face she stretched out her limbs. The alarm clock next to her showing it was 4am. Perfect time to go for a hike in the mountains behind her home. Grabbing up her clothes she made a beeline for the master bathroom to have a quick shower before heading out. This was her Saturday morning routine she loved to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. Once showered she dressed in her favourite shorts and a simple black singlet. Hair still wrapped up in her towel she headed to the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee. Adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar and a splash of milk she took her cup to the table where she had her pack all laid out. Doing a quick check to make sure she had everything she needed just in case she ended up in trouble, not that it ever happened but better safe then sorry she thought. Repacking her pack as she finished off her coffee the sound of heavy metal meet her ears signalling her brother was awake. Sighing she rinsed her cup out before finding her boots.

    Boots on her feet, pack on her back phone in her pocket she left home and the sound of her siblings now arguing about the volume of the music. Just another normal Saturday morning she thought as she headed off into the woods. A smile on her lips as she began the long trek up the mountain. All around her she could hear the sounds of the wildlife waking up. Birds singing there sweet turns, rabbits running through the undergrowth. And the odd chuf of the mountain lions and there cubs. These sounds were what she enjoyed the most about her hike, being one with nature being free. It was times like this she didn't have to hide who or what she was because there was no-one here to see her.

    Half way up she stopped by the edge of the stream. Placing her pack on the ground she sat down removing her boots and socks before placing her bare feet in the cold water. A sigh left her lips as she sat there eyes closed enjoying the peacefulness of her surroundings. When life got hard or stressful she would often come to this spot to just relax and think. It was so far off the track that no-one could find her or see her. She would spend many hours just enjoying being alone. Often so stuck in her own head she would come face to face with mountain lions, though never once have they tried to attack her. She often wondered if it was because of her demonic side or if they just never saw her a threat. Time passed by as she glanced down at her watch. Only about an hour till sunrise. She dried off her feet before putting her socks and boots back on.

    Once back on track she headed straight for the top of the mountain. Once reached she smiled. Placing her pack down she walked to the edge of the cliff sitting herself down with her feet dangling over the edge. Glancing at her watch once more she smiled " Good morning cruel world" she said to herself as the sun finally rose. The view beautiful with all its bright colours. This was the perfect way to start any horrible day. And today was one day she hated most. The anniversary of the first day she was beaten and raped. A day that shaped how she looked at the world and everyone around her.

  • Dawn broke over the city of Minneapolis. It wasn’t the peaceful morning that usually persisted in a city such as this. Down in the streets laid a body. This twisted sight was found by a small girl on her way to school. It wasn’t too long after that both the police and media swarmed on the sight. Attention was drawn to the pathologist as she talked lowly to the detective both looking over the body. 

     “As you can see detective the chest cavity has been ripped open. From the bleeding and lack of other injuries this is likely the cause of death.” The detective responded in turn. “ what could have caused this?” The pathologist looked just as confused as the detective. “ that’s the problem if we were in the woods I would say a wild animal. The force it takes to rip open a chest cavity is far above anything a human can do with out specialized medical tools. But seeing as the cavity has been filled with flowers and the hands lain over the chest. This body screams remorse, human remorse.” This body was the start of a frenzy as two others popped up across the city in the next two weeks. They had what they believed was a serial killer on their hands. The medical examiner swore that the chests had not been ripped open by tools but instead something like small hands. The bones were crushed too much to be tools. The media only expanded on these myths calling this killer the ripped of the Mississippi. The nighttime tv was filled with stories of the bodies and who they were as people. Bodies that were missing blood and ripped open, it wasn’t long until the first conspiracy theorist cited vampires.  

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It's a long process, I'm sorry, but we're getting there. 
Have some Che to tide you over. <3"
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