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Born to a mother who was a confessor and was obsessed with having a male confessor child. She was one of 10 children before the murder of her family by villagers. She barely made it out alive and was wounded. Now that she is a grown woman is still on the run for her life as her kind had almost been murder to extinction. Her kind is want for power or for death. A Confessor's power was described as the power of love. If a Confessor could obtain contact with a person, she could release her power into that person at the speed of thought. After having been touched, a person lost his or her sense of self and would do anything and everything demanded by the Confessor. One of the drawbacks of the Confessor's magic was the fact that after its application, the Confessor became physically weak and required time for recovery before her power and strength were regained. The speed at which she recovered as well as the level of control a she had over one touched by her power determined the strength of her magic. In addition, Confessors with an exceptionally strong power were capable of tapping into the opposing portion of their magic, the Con Dor, also known as the "Blood Rage," which has its origin in vengeance and hate. Leila has learned to control the Con Dor inside of her and can tap into it at will. A Confessor's natural state is one in which her powers are active, so she must be trained to constantly hold them in or accidentally unleash the power. This meant that a Confessor could never marry for love.

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