"You can't tame the spirit 
of someone who has magic 
in their veins."

Age:  Twenties
Height:  5 feet 5 inches
Weight:  104 pounds
Hair:  Varies (currently white)
Eyes:  Crystalline Blue
Tattoos:  Many
Piercings:  Ears (lobes, cartilage), Nostril
Species:  Human (Witch)
Abilities:  Spellcasting, Potion Making, Telekinesis, Atmokinesis, Healing, Sixth Sense (Intuition and Premonition)
Location:  Manhattan, New York
Occupation:  Mixologist
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  None
Pets:  Mischief and Mayhem (Maine Coon Cats, black smoke coloring)






"She remembered whowhat she was
and the game changed."

Eden Michelle Moore | Thirties | 5 feet 4 inches | 125 pounds | Chocolate Brown Hair | Moss Green Eyes | Tattooed & Pierced 
Lycanthrope (Wolf) | Exotic Dancer | Single (Widowed) | Mother (Emily, 8 years old)
Located in Seattle, Washington (on the run) | Possesses Heightened Senses, Strength, and Speed

Post-Apocalyptic Character Coming Soon!


Fox Augustine ✨ Eden ✨ owe (as of 10-2-18)

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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Aspiring author, avid reader, and detailed AF roleplayer (since 1996).

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  • Interesting characters, I´d love to discuss plot with you sometime.

    Let me know if you´re interested :)

    - Soley

  • < No rush, sweetheart. Just look after yourself first. That's all that matters. >

  • || Sorry to hear about your migraine. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Sick with a migraine.
    Will get to responses when I feel better.
    Sorry for the delay.

  • (Thanks for accepting. Care to plot?)

  • It’s late into the month of September and into the early hours of the morning. The Augustine household is quiet. Too quiet. Fox is seated at the dining table with a coffee cup centered between his palms, the lip of the decorative “Happy Father’s Day” mug perched at his mouth. Coffee was a morning ritual of staring out one of the dewy kitchen windows as the sun rose and spilled warm golden rays across the kitchen tiles. A moment of peacefulness before the children roused from their beds and could be heard fighting over the bathroom or tearing down the hallway screaming bloody murder at one another. Lord knows he’s watched them fight over the Lucky Charms cereal box too.

    First in, first served kind of thing (and if it’s a new box whoever gets the goddamn toy).

    “Ry, it’s my turn to use the bathroom!” Ondina’s banging on the bathroom door in desperation.

    “Just use mine, ‘dina.” Fox calls, replacing the cup upon the wood and rising out of his seat.

    Ondina’s light footfalls can be heard scurrying towards the main bedroom, the ensuite door slamming seconds later. Laughter erupts from the main bathroom as Ondina’s younger brother, Ryopp, comes prancing out to the kitchen, a strut to his step as he climbs up into a seat beside his father. With the mug safely across the other side of the table, Fox grabs his son and pulls him into his lap for morning snuggles.

    “Oh! Dad, gross! No!” Ry protests as Fox tickles the boy with the well kept thicket of sandy-blonde facial hair adorning his handsome jawline. Ondina rounds the corner and beeline’s directly for her father and brother to join in on the tickle action. After both children have surrendered with their hands up, Fox is rising from his seat and heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

    “What’s on the agenda today children?”

    After they’d spent the morning running errands and hanging out at the local park, Fox suggested they try their luck at pumpkin hunting. The children’s eyes widened, their screams of excitement filling the Jiminy as both threw their hands into the air. So off they went.

    “What about this one?” Ondina’s standing in the middle of a large patch of the carving kind, a finger pressed to her plump little lips as she debates whether or not it’s worth getting him to add it to their push along cart. Meanwhile, Ry’s rushed ahead of his sister and had decided it was best to climb underneath the overgrowth and wait, silent, for her to pass so that he might jump out and scare the living daylights out of her.

    Which, funnily enough, had their father grinning stupidly as he lumbered along behind them, hands in the pockets of his skin tight denims.

    There’s something about him that attracts the unwanted attention of women wherever he goes. It’s not something he does on purpose, and he really has no intention of scouring a pumpkin patch for a woman to take home and ravage for the duration of the spooktacular month. Besides, he’s got his children and to some women that seemed like a huge turn on. That plus the fact that he could’ve passed for Groot from that Guardians of the Galaxy movie the kids adored so much.

    Ondina’s pushing the pumpkin cart along the dirt pathways specifically made for easier access and so the vines weren’t caught on the wheels and ripped out of the ground. A rustling nearby has her startled but it is nothing more than raven beating its glossy black wings atop the scarecrow nearby. Creepy definitely and it wasn’t even Halloween yet.

    “RAWR!” Ryopp’s shaking the undergrowth before springing out at his sister who, in turn, lets rip a high pitched squeal. Fox chuckles but the soft laughter soon wanes as Ondina bursts into tears.

    “Well done, Ry. Now apologize to your sister.”

    Ry whines and hangs his head. He didn’t mean to make his sister cry. He just wanted to have a little fun with her. Fox is knelt in the dirt, the sobbing child at his chest as she sniffles, the heels of her palms dug into the sockets of her eyes as she rubbed at the fat crocodile tears. She’s definitely Daddy’s girl. With the cart filled to the brim with an assortment of carvable pumpkins, Fox and the children head for the pay station. Ondina’s dried her eyes and Ryopp’s stubbing the toe of his sneaker into the dirt. He’s complaining about standing in the sun for the longest time.

    “Is it our turn yet?” Ry mumbles, getting grumpy and hungry.

    “Daddy, I’m thirsty.” Ondina leans her little shoulder into her father’s hip, his arm going around her protectively.

    The thing about Fox, aside from his menacing height and apparently good looks, was that the man wasn’t entirely human. And neither was his children. Ondina is the elder of the two and the diamond of her father’s empire and Ry is a troublemaker, but he’s smart and cunning and intuitive. Fox had ordered the children to go and play while he waited to pay for everything. When he was done, he had the kids help him load up the back of the Jeep.

    “I’m still thirsty,” Ondina pouted. “We forgot to get drinks.”

    “I didn’t forget, ‘dina.” Fox reassured his daughter with a kiss to her forehead. He took the children’s hands and headed back in for round two; feeding time with the Augustine. With the kids satisfied with their beverages; Ryopp ordering a soda spider, Ondina a strawberry and mango smoothie, Fox ordered himself a coffee as per usual and stood just off to the side. Nearby there were hay bales skirting the cornfield.

    Families, couples, single parents and children of all ages had gathered. But it wasn’t the looks he was receiving from the women that startled the man like a deer in the headlights. Instead it was a little girl. At first he thought it might have been Ondina tugging on his shirt, but when he peered down, the child was different. She had darker hair and very pretty eyes. The frantic cries of her mother drew Fox’s gaze as he watched her approach and scold her child. But that didn’t deter him whatsoever from the request the child had made.

    Raising a hand, Fox chuckled. “It’s quite alright, ma’am.” Those shifting hurricane hues of his dart to where his own children were running around with a bunch of other children, straw jutting out from Ondina’s wavy blonde curls as she zipped after her brother in a rage. Fox had noted Eden staring at him but said nothing on the matter, he merely stood there with a lopsided grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. “I’d be happy to assist,” he replies as he took the camera from Emily and waited for the mother-daughter duo to get into position before snapping a beautifully crafted portrait.


    < Sorry this took so long. Hope it's alright! >

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