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Character Age


Character Species

Animatronic Bear

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Freddy, being tattered from head-to-toe, is a dark brown robotic ursine with unaligned, dark blue eyes. His right eye tends to have a mind of its own, and is often half-lidded or closed completely, staring sightlessly off to a side. He has a black hat and bowtie, and completely dysfunctional knees. His kneecaps were torn off after having been tossed out and left for dead, and are now his weak point, as they often leave him either walking with much difficulty, or temporarily handicapped.

Character Personality

Freddy's, quite the stubborn fellow. He's very strong willed, yet, with a bit of a troubled past, it makes it hard for him to even speak up in hard times. He can be very crafty, smart, and sly. Freddy is very logical and is a strategic thinker. Sometimes people think he is cold-hearted, which is not true. He has a warm heart for those he finds worthy. He often can often get too emotional and get indecisive sometimes. He's fiercely loyal and fears lashing out at the ones he cares about. He gives a discerning eye to strangers, but this is simply because he feels the need to protect others. He keeps himself close to his friends and watches their backs, showing that behind that intimidating glare is a cuddly little teddy who just wants to be your friend. Freddy is not taken to being told what to do and very much prefers things his way. If someone tries to think it's a bad idea, he will take matters into his own hands, and deal with the problem straight on. He is intelligent and highly aware of his surroundings. However, under his tough-guy persona, he's rather sensitive, and greatly fears emotional connection, in fear he'll lose them in the end. He has a severe phobia of physical contact, and will even freak over having an intimate object he doesn't know of simply brushing against him. He's for sure not a flight when it comes to being startled. He will not hesitate to whip around and start punching. He's also extremely prone to panic attacks due to past experiences. He can tend to be a bit over-bearing and obsessive when it comes to his friends' safety, but that's just because he's scared. His voice is lower in tone due to his voice-box cutting his words if he raises his voice above a certain volume. An Eastern Tennessee accent, that’s a bit higher in pitch than what one would expect. He often speaks in a semi-lazy manner, where his words are often slurred, mumbled, or cut short.

Character Likes

Collecting small items has always been a big thing for him, along with tinkering with anything he can find.

Character Dislikes

DESPISES physical contact, any sort of gore tends to give him bad memories.

Character History/Story

Freddy was originally created by Henry Emily and William Afton to perform for children in a local Diner. When he was first built, he was .. we'll just put it in simple words .. a nuisance. He was extremely close to Fredbear, and the cockiest thing alive. Though, a few months into performing, he found Fredbear dismantled in the office, and in short words, it completely shattered his reality. He grew cold, and blank, refusing to get close to anyone emotionally. However, after some time, he finally snapped, and all he recalls from that one day was feeling a child's hands on his muzzle, and a sickening snap of hard bone shattering between his jaws as he bit down. That had led him and his band to be thrown out and replaced by the `Toys`. That was also where he developed his phobia of touch, simply because he's terrified of hurting someone again.

Character Abilites

Despite the whole of his right side being rather useless, Freddy still has enough strength to lift a small car, if he wanted. Despite not being able to see all that well, his hearing is, scary, even. He can hear a pin drop if it's quiet enough.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm a FNAF fan that's been in the fandom the whole 8 years, and has been roleplaying for a good 5 years. FNAF roleplaying is really my specialty when it comes to this, and it's just something to ease my boredom.

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  • {// Hey, welcome aboard! Just wanted to pop in and say that I love your character choice. FNAF was my jam when it first came out, I really gotta get back into it.} 

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