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Hello!. I am a new roleplayer and an expert of being one, I'd like to share my roleplaying skills since i have done it in the past!!. So anyways, My character is a new world leader. Fresh from the elections now in a dangerous situation from the climaxes he will reach to protests and real-life issues. Good day!

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

He is a tall man with a classical black tuxedo and a black tie. wearing a white shirt as a protection for his sweat whenever he is away from the office. An attitude like a teenager and sometimes a nice guy who helps others

Character Personality

Sometimes angry... Sometimes not

Character Likes

Likes doing political stuff from the office accepting and passing new laws that would depend on the safety and agreeing to the public and sometimes causing mayhem

Character Dislikes

Disliking protesters and destroying them by force

Character History/Story

He is the son of an former now defunct mafia don, The father of his teached him on what to do in the future. As a guy who loves news and hearing new political news coverages he instead grew up to be a politician and soon be the new world leader. His father sadly died after getting shot in the head by his old rivalry in the opposed family. He came to the funeral and paid respects, Mourned and planning on a revenge. although he didn't do that since the public eye will turn to him and possibly exile him as a world leader.. to an old scrummy serf who is obligated to follow HIS own rules and the old city's rules

Character Inventory

Politician's files, Birth certificate, a new branded phone, a ballpoint pen and nothing else but a nice cup of coffee and the bean bag

Character Abilites

Either cause chaos/havoc/mayhem by mutiple public executions, Accepting "gifts" (which means cash bribes for an easy money or getting pinned of by a criminal activity) or in the good side of his abilities are passing new laws and taking care of the world (or maybe... D E S T R O Y I T)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Action

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