Name: Zabella

Sex: Female

Species:  human, new born witch




Long ago in Canada a young girl was born in a hospital, she never met her father, her mother passed away giving birth to her. So the local priests and nuns took her in, feeding her, bathing her, teaching her basic mathematics and literature in St. Judiths. They did the best they could to cope in such.a large church with many followers that pray and ask for forgiveness to an unspoken force.    She believed in God, just how the nuns and priests taught her to believe. But there was something there, a nagging feeling as if there was something more than just the church.


One day when she was in one of the confession booths to speak of her sins she witnessed a strange man standing near the altar. No one but the head priest was suppose to stand, she became curious and took a few steps toward him. "Excuse me sir, why do you stand on the altar of god?" She spoke up which earned a turn from the gentlemen in black who just smiled and bowed to her. "God has many altars, but he does not gaze upon them for he has cast his gaze from Eden a very long time ago, therefore I see no reason why I should not stand atop it."   

She was complexed by the answer that she was a loss of words, after that confrontation she began to question herself and the beliefs of her 'family'  but it didn't stop her from attending her studies. Years had passed and on her 18th birthday she finally finished her teachings and became a Nun.  But not only that, things started to change around her, she noticed that the flowers she grew near the statue of Mary in one of the depictians of history was bleeding tears, it has never happened before, but when  she brought it to her fellow sisters attention they couldn't see what she saw. Whenever she does her walks in the garden flowers would bloom in the cold days of winter.  As the days go by things get more stranger and stranger until one day when she was cleaning her room she noticed a ouiji board under her bed.

No one in St.Judiths was suppose to have such things in their quarters or else suffer to be cast out.  But she became curious so she kept it to herself. Late at night she would use the board by herself testing the waters.  She was very superstitious about the paranormal after the events that lead her to this path.  For days she has been speaking to a spirit talking about things that have happened but not yet. She took them as premenissions and tried to prevent them as much as she could. But she soon became afraid of the information when the spirit revealed to have dark intentions.



It began to fight against her where ever she went, showing signs that it was no spirit but a demon. One of the priests noticed her behavior and was aware of the strange occurrences forming around Zabella. The priest captured her taking her to the woods with a mob and tied her onto a stake to get burned alive. She screamed and pleaded but they did not listen, so all she could do was pray.  As the fire was lit, a miracle had happened; the demon that plagued her possessed her body and broke free along with killing those that wronged her. Fearing that she may hurt her fellow sisters and priests she left with just the clothing that she wore.

Moths have passed as the demon poisoned her mind making her feel a large weight on her shoulders. Now with her power and the demon inside her she tries to avoid any contact leading her to go mad. Where ever she goes a flock of ravens follow her  leading the path.


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Character Species


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Character Personality

Can be rather shy , can be self-aware and insecure about her surroundings. She can be a bit harsh a times but she can be nice when she meets certain people.

Character Likes

Ice cream, reading

Character Dislikes

incompetents, stress,

Character Abilites

Incantation telekinesis elements

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, 18+, Gore, Comedy

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  • (AYYYY! I am so pumped to hear that! :D This is gonna be a great RP.)

  • ((Hope ya had a great New Years.. Would ya like to write perhaps?))


                        ‘Who are you, what are you, what do you want? What is that girl to you, and why is she afraid of you?’ Catherine muttered to nothing, or no one in particular, while she continued to examine the claw marks.  And, from there, she walked back to where that little girl, soon to be monster had showed up, wondering if anything would seen in that position.  Or, if anything had been left behind.  Yet nothing, not at all, except claw marks on a tree, which could not be linked to anything, or anyone, not even if they tried to link it somehow.  Sighing heavily in defeat, the woman shook her head, knowing the only way to go now, was to follow the girl, that runaway.  And, with that, the detective turned upon her heel, making a semi jog, or even a near run for it, hoping it was not too late.  Hoping that whatever lead, or link, or information she had to this crime, and whoever had done it, wasn’t long gone.  The more she ran however, trying to trace the girl’s step, the more it seemed like a lost cause.  Well, until Vincent returned, back from wherever it was he had taken off to.  And, at her side, he stood, while showing her a shoe.  That caused her to stop in her tracks, while that shoe was taken in her hands, she then watching him with a questioning gaze, for that explanation.

    VINCENT:   "This belongs to the young woman.  After having dealt with the other thing, I made my way back to her, but she was already gone, by that stage.  This left where I tracked her to last.  I didn’t track her from there, but I thought you might want this..."




     "Thanks Vincent.

    I hate to do this now, but there are too many people and officers around here, so I think you should go.  If something else comes up though, if you find something that I need to know, meet me later at my fire escape.  Okay.."

                        From there Vincent simply nodded, and then he was gone, as if he too had never been there.  A few hours were spent at the scene, a thorough and proper examination and investigation conducted, some evidence collected, all of it enough for now to be transferred down towards the 125th.  From that moment, slowly yet surely all officers cleared out, one by one, walking back to their respective cars first, before driving on out.  With Catherine’s arrival to her car, that lost shoe would be placed into the back seat, before the woman eventually climbed on in the front, though simply sat there for a while, a long while, while watching everyone else leave before and around her – She wouldn’t stay behind long, or hadn’t planned to, though she didn’t leave instantly either – All that she did do was look out her car window, back towards the forest area, wondering if something would come to her, something that didn’t before.  Now that was all quiet, would she pick something up, or it was a lost cause?’  Shaking her head, because why bother, and nothing would appear, not just for her sake, that a given.  So, with keys already in the ignition, she turned them fully, so the car softly sounded to life.  Looking back through her rear-view mirror, first and foremost, before the woman then placed the car into drive, beginning to drive herself on out of there.


  • (Hmm Ok. I’m eager to begin using Murphy and exploring him as a character. For a plot. Not quite sure. What does she do from day to day or what is her mission in life if she has one?  Does the demon do anything to impact her choices in life?   They could cross other somewhere by chance.  He is part demon, so maybe something her demon does causes him to track it or maybe get demon senses something. Like some low level demons that he summons up or some unusual magical activity which bring her across some zombies that have a demonic signature, his demonic signuste and that leads her to finding Murphy? Still thinking. )

  • (Thank you for the invite. Care to write?)

  • (Hey I am doing okay. ^^ Glad you are well! I was just concerned since I hadn't heard from ya and I'm sorry you lost the muse. I was actually proud of myself for pointing our Martin Li in the new Spiderman game because of our rp. XD)

  • (How would you like to begin and which of my characters would you like to write with??

  • (If you ever want to write. Let me know 

  • (Hello there its been a while :) as a refresher recalling our small idea of the sort, you mentioned about Z meeting David as they have a relation of the sort with both being orphans and could meet during criminal activities and go from there? If that idea of a starter of the sort works for you then please let me know and I'll be happy to send out a starter. As per if they should be enemies or not for their relationship I do not know as in this line now he is a former detective and is all about criminal activity. :)


                        Catherine shook her head a little, soft shade of hazel-hues resting upon the woman, as if without words, her eyes were asking the question of, ‘What do you that we can’t save you, and that no one can? - What do you mean, you must leave me alone, or it will happen again?’  When the detective soon saw the girl run, Catherine ran too, without even thinking, because running to get her, and try to help her, or well continue to try, it was the right thing.  Not even five steps later however, something caused her to stop and blink, while she remained glued in space for what seemed like forever, before turning slowly and hesitantly in her step somewhat, to hear where that childish giggle was indeed coming from.  And, from who, it was coming from, if it wasn’t a what, that is.

                        Without even thinking on what came next, the detective had been about to walk towards that tree, and that little girl, yet she soon blinked, and walked backwards a few feet, once seeing what took the child’s place.  She took in this thing, this man, whatever it was, as best as she could (especially if it would help her later, research wise, fi she was to look into this thing), but the moment a yell did occur from him, it caused the woman to cover her ears tightly enough, but all the while she looked his way, hoping she did not lose sight of him – She did however, lose sight of him, or rather lose him entirely.  One minute he was there, and the next he was gone.  Spinning around, pivoting somewhat at first, before she made a whole 360 circle to find this thing, wherever it had gone to, yet it nowhere to be seen, not at all.  All that she had left now, was the claw marks that he left upon the tree, which she spotted once facing that tree once more.  Furrowing her brows deeply in thought, the detective step by step made her way towards that tree.  Once having closed most of the space, fingertips reached over, to trace themselves over the claw marks, as if to analyse it internally, though openly as well, “What the hell is this? What just happened? And more importantly, where is that woman we tried to help? Was this who she was speaking of, and could that be who she was running from?"


This reply was deleted.

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