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ᶰᵃᵐᵉ: Zarzriel Mason 

ᵃᵍᵉ: 19

ᶠᵃᶜᵉ ᶜˡᵃᶤᵐ: Emma Roberts

ʰᵃᶤʳ ᶜᵒˡᵒʳ: Normally brown but dyes the lower half of her hair purple.

ᶠᵃᵐᶤˡʸ: None family had abandoned her when she was a baby. But she was raised by a scientist named Issac Mason.

ˢᵖᵉᶜᶤᵉˢ ᵗʸᵖᵉ: 2% Avian and 98% human hybrid

ᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᶰᵃᵐᵉˢ: Zar, Experiment 29, Agent Phantom Dust, 

ʲᵒᵇ: Works as an assassin and agent, but had to quit. Zar is now a run away experiement.

ᵃᶠᶠᶤˡᶤᵃᵗᶤᵒᶰ: Skyline Corp, The School- Secret Labs hidden in New York, that are controled by Skyline.

ᵖᵉʳˢᵒᶰᵃˡᶤᵗʸ: Zara can be Sarcastic when she needs to be at times, can act like a tough girl with a strong side of being fierce, and very independent. However she's always a nice kind hearted individual once you get to know her. She dosen't back down without a good fight.

ˢᵏᶤˡˡˢ ᵃᶰᵈ ᵃᵇᶤˡᶤᵗʸ'ˢ: Navigation, Raptor vision, good fighter and mastial artist, flight speed nearly 240-225 miles per hour,over 340 in a fast dive. Markswoman, and has good streagth and adept speed. Has the ability to make her wings turn into steel to protect herself from incoming projectiles.


ʷᵉᵃᵖᵒᶰˢ: Can use verious types of weapons to blades, and different firearms. Knife, rifle, baton, handgun.

ˡᶤᵏᵉˢ ᵃᶰᵈ ᵈᶤˢˡᶤᵏᵉˢ: 

Likes- French Fries, rainy nights including moonlight, animals, video games and reading manga. Going to the movies, which techeclly she dosent since her job and life is very hard to live with. Hamburgers, cookies, different kinds of icecream.

Dislikes/Hates- Her father, being controled and losing people she loves, Hunters, Hospitals and needles, sleeping on her back, the labs and Skyline corp, the color yellow. Being an experiment to her father, lonelyness.

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  • (I'm fine with anything! Which would you be interested in writing more?

    It might be interesting to see your Character try to assassinate someone Gray cares about or Gray herself, and Gray stops her somehow maybe?)

  • (Would you like to plot? I'll try and think of something)


    // I'm happy to go along with that, diving in, I mean.

    I do hope this is alright to ask though; Could you please start us off with the thread? No rush to send it out, if yes, but I hope you don't mind my asking.


  • (Let me know when you want to plot!)

  • ( Sorry, life's been super crazy so I haven't really been on here in FOREVER!!!!  XD  How have you been?)


    //Yes, I would like to write sometime.

    I can do either, or;  So shall we discuss a plot/setting, or does diving right in suit you better?


  • (Thanks for the add!)

  • (Thank you for the invite)

  • (Think I saw some e else on here or rolepages with a half avian half human character.  Or might you have been that person? Either way. I look forward to hearing from you. )

  • (Makes me think of the maximum ride movie I’m watching on Netflix that is based on a book.  My character has an affinity with birds. Leading to her Mistress of Birds title. I think she would be most curious to meet an Avian humanoid being. Would you like to write?)

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