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Character Age

Over a century old

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Snow white hair about neck length, a bit messy. Pale blue skin, pointed ears with regal horns (Faded Black). A faded black sclera with chartreuse green iris and natural black slitted pupil. Very abnormally large breasts, and a spaded tail despite not being in the demon category. Tail color (black), it is only useful during battle so it is passive the rest of the time. Usually wears a white, off the shoulder top or a black satin tank top, exposing cleavage with a white pull over button up shirt (open.) Black skinny jeans usually with laced combat boots (black or brown.) Hair droops down most of the time in front of right eye.

Character Personality

Ziriah is a very passive, non-caring person. Although she has the capability to feel emotions she doesn't always express them. She is sweet when she wants to be and shy when she needs to be. She also has a bit of a freakish side when it comes to sex or sexual interactions. She can be very teasing in that category and relatively deadly. She likes her solemness and individuality despite the fact that she complains about being alone. She often finds herself to be crucial in brutal honesty and is not afraid to speak her mind or blurt out the truth. She is harsh when it comes to people who deserve to be told the truth. She finds that honesty and trust is a key element to deceiving and perceiving someone. Both can be used in very brutal ways but also positive ways, she sees it as both. Her sense of humor is rather dry and she doesn't find many things funny. She minds her own business and you won't find her poking her nose around to see "what's up." There is more to say about her, but I like my readers to learn that personally during RP.

Character Likes

Rain -|- Snow -|- Fall -|- Water -|- The Night -|- Reading -|- Toying With Others Emotions -|- Helping Others (When she wants to or feels like it) -|- Coffee (Black) -|- Blood (Any Type) -|- Respect (Given and Taken) -|- Doing Jobs For Others -|- Hunting For Rewards -|- Making Personal Connections -|- Consuming Others Souls' -|- Training With Others -|- Spending Solitary Time -|- Good Battles (Fair Battles)

Character Dislikes

Darkness -|- Large Crowds -|- Tight Spaces -|- Light -|- Food | Beverages -|- Cocky People -|- Animals -|- Disruptive People -|- Annoying People -|- People Who Overpower Her -|- Succubi -|- etc.

Character History/Story

Žiriah does not have much of a history, although one particular segment makes up a lot of her life was being locked up in a corrupted cabin by her partner within the cult she had been apart of. She is an "Abyssal" cult member, each member was given special abilities and the same abilities were sometimes shared amongst the others. She has no parents nor siblings nor family or friends. Her only partner is now her rival and she tends to seek revenge on him, when she finds him again.

Character Inventory


Character Abilites

Žiriah can use various types of "bending" and "manipulation" along with combatant skills. She can use "Reality Manipulation" AKA "Illusions" that are most of the time 100% effective unless immune. She is able to use "Quantum Manipulation" which is her secondary ability underneath "Eye Manipulation." She is able to physically and psychedelically confuse or take out her enemies/victims eye's. She also uses her eye's to comprehend and assist her Manipulative skills. Her eye's are her key weapon most of the time and are used in multiple ways whether it is battle or passive living. Other abilities will be mutual small ones, announced during RP.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I aim to remain anonymous.


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