Dragon of the Clouds || 500 Years Young

"There is no source of darkness; it is merely the absence of lights"



Zoriko is a rare type of  juvenile dragon with pointed, white scales. Her small silver talons shimmer on her toes and don't serve too much of a purpose besides grip, and spikes that travel down her body.

Her wings are longer than most dragons of her age; being a dragon of the sky meant having a slender physique, larger chest for bigger lungs, and a broader wingspan to glide through the harshest of winds. 

Zoriko's  crimson red eyes glow dimly at night, and with strong emotions, aiding her night vision. 

Zoriko's photographic memory aids her in protecting herself and others.Zoriko is learning the power of magic, and her latest abilities are often a result of impulse and desire.

As a human, her skin is as pale, pure as porcelain. This and many other features coincide with her dragon form, long, straight silver hair, crimson eyes, which glow with anger and with the twilight. Being a juvenile dragon means she's also a short human, standing a mere 5 foot.  Zoriko has Elven tribal markings upon her arms, and her legs, though she usually conceals them using appearance shifting magic.These markings were given to her by her former dragon rider Zora, though appearing after her death

Zoriko has proved time and again that her appearacne does not define her demeanor, which is rather cautious and shy. She has learned to test people she doesn't know in order to gauge their personality. Shy at first then cunning to really expose a person's true intentions. A lethal combination.



Birth and Banishment:

Zoriko was born 500 years ago in the Cloud Kingdom. However, soon after her birth, she was abandoned, shortly thereafter, forced out of the sky and onto land, for reasons she could not understand as a child. Today it can be described as prejudice.

For the part of her childhood where she roamed the skies, Zoriko was alone, and discriminated against because of her appearance; Pearly white, while dragons of the sky were an array of beautiful pastel colors, sometimes resembling the vividness of dawn and the tranquility of dusk

She was born too early and a sickness in her early stages of life caused her color to develop differently from the others. She was blessed or cursed with silver scales, some silver, and others a pearly white, and destined to remain juvenile; slightly smaller than the rest.

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Zoriko's childhood became mundane, and spent mostly in solitude.Then one day, Zoriko found a tribe of elves. Hungry, lonely, and a bit curious, Zoriko flew over to them and found that these elves were warm and welcoming. They accepted her with open arms.

They didn’t care for her color, or her size. To them she was the most captivating creature they had seen. 

Zoriko's silver color made her unique, and tied with a kind personality, Zoriko was the companion and guardian that this village desired. For the next few decades, Zoriko lived in peace, with the elves, and even made friends with a particular elf who called herself Zora, the daughter of the head of the village. She, like Zoriko had a slender physique but long curly hair which was the color of rich chocolate. 

Her appearance almost doll like, and her ears, long and pointed upwards. She made up for all the compassion that Zoriko was denied in the past, and she  and Zoriko became very close, almost like true blood siblings. Zora had taken her in, allowing to reside in her house, and sleep in her room. In fact, Zora was the girl who gave Zoriko her name, and they lived as best friends, rather than as pet and master.

Everyday in the morning, Zoriko would do her morning rounds, where she would fly above the village to stretch her wings. Soon, Zora began tagging along, riding on Zoriko’s back,whispering "Fly Safe" into Zoriko's ear. It was a statement that warmed Zoriko’s heart. For the first time in her life, Zoriko felt needed, she felt like she could finally protect, her rider, master and best friend, Zora.


Death of a Rider:

Zora fell ill one day, and against her will, Zoriko left her in the village to fetch her some herbs and meat, only to return to a village that was engulfed in flames.  Before she realized, her worst nightmare had come true, as she eventually found Zora, charred, trembling in pain.


Her dying wish conveyed with the words, "Fly...safe...My sister..." and she lay limp as she tried to hand Zoriko her alexandrite pendant.

With nothing left to live for, Zoriko, who could not bring herself to bury her master, took her corpse to an abandoned cave where she lived for a few months alongside her master. Zoriko felt eminently guilty.

With every passing day she regretted leaving Zora alone on that day, because if she hadn’t left her behind, she could have saved Zora. She blamed herself, there was one person who gave her the love a family would give her, and she lost it. Zoriko thought she would live in the cave with Zora until death consumed her whole, and she lay right next to Zora.


Skya and Nightwing:

A few months later, Zoriko was finally able to put Zora to rest, burying her where the village once stood.

Zoriko could no longer bear the happy memories that village bore, and she began to wander, hoping that her life of solitude may end soon.

A few years later she came across a black dragon of the night, named Skya, alongside her rider Lenn. Skya’s motherly instincts took over and she immediately took a wounded Zoriko under her wing.


 Skya accepted her with an open heart, and they lived as though they were bound by blood.

Although becoming Skya's daughter gave her new joys in her life, Zoriko finds it hard to trust anyone but Skya, and constantly wants to be near Skya in case she needs her.


Nightwing and the Onset of Magic:

As the days past with Skya, Zoriko finally had a new family. New found brothers, who were Skya’s blood offspring. In fact, her brother Klaus was the one who had taught her to harness her magic so that she can transform into human form at will. She became close with Lenn, Skya’s rider, and companion, and she considered Lenn’s family, her own family.

Zoriko thought her life was complete, and finally when she was strong enough, decided that she would go on a voyage and visit the grave of Zora, so that she could convey to Zora that she had finally found happiness once again.

On Zoriko’s return, she stopped by a mage who taught her other uses for her magic, including mastery of the elements. Although her descent grants her immense power in wind and water, her magic training allowed her to harness fire and lightning. Her training under this mage took years, and she returned to her home as an adult, no longer the estranged child she once arrived as.

Present Day

Today, Zoriko works for a large magazine company; as an artist. Within nature she was able to find her home, as well as her dream job, to simply observe nature and imitate its beauty upon paper.

Though she was given a home in the city, she sometimes relaxes in the wilderness of Nightwing, patiently waiting, for life to take it's course, and so she may enjoy every moment of her new life

Skya:  Adoptive mother
Rigel: Brother; Skya's blood son
Klaus: Brother; Skya's blood son
FC: Ola Rudnicka


  • No god modding, It generally ruins the plot. Give me options to abide by if you must, but no controlling
  • Do not try to kill my character either, a fight is fine, also if you startle her or scare her in any way, she will probably hold an attack stance, but she won't attack you first. Killing her will result in an immediate end to the RP
  • Just know that Zoriko is timid and cries frequently, if this annoys you, I'm sorry. Feel free to criticize it (which may lead to more tears, you have been warned), but if you can't deal with it, don't rp with me.


Authors Note:

  • I'm usually pretty quick with responses, but if you don't get a response for a few days, I haven't forgotten about you I promise. I'm a full time college student and it's crazy                                                                          
  • This song is called Norwell, and it's from the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.                                       



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  • Little bother lingered on his expression to the fact, even as she would frown. Tiredness, to the man, was a mindset. Where physicality would leave him little room for exhaustion, mentality proved to be of greater treasure to guard. He had done that, just that morning. A cup of tea, the sunrise watched. A few chapters in a book several hours prior.  

    Flight. What Rider in their right mind would turn it down with such ease? Was there no longing to the matter, after so many years? How many had it been? Over fifty. Eighty. One-hundred-and-twenty? He wouldn’t count such things. Numbers held so dear for the sake of counting sentiment were also prone to heartache. The matter remained. He wished not to fly without static felt in his veins or rolling thunder felt underneath his feet. Spencer shook the thought aside before it could form any further. The next moment, she had begun to shift.

    Should he have watched, should he have not? Curiosity took over for the most part as he cast the occasional glance. Few times had he witnessed such things firsthand. As the markings caught his eye, he studied them momentarily before his eyes shifted elsewhere once again until all was said and done. Spencer gave a quiet chuckle to the status of the girl’s hair, come the end of it. With the thought of a dragoness having bed head in the morning, he couldn’t help but do so.

     “Coffee has been made, so I would imagine.” Spencer mused in light of the missing party, a grin on his face to the reaction of the other. He could have laughed to it, keeping it in his chest until a small chuckle would escape. The cup of tea was raised to his lips once more. Steadily, he pivoted to head back toward the house, waiting up for her.

    “Quite the event it is… not one, but two visitors. This house hasn’t seen such luck in years.” Spencer stated rather cheerfully, pushing the door open as they reached it, entering the house. Once the living room was stepped into, he had not been wrong. At the end of the space, through the doorway of the kitchen, a tall figure stood. Lenn’s black jacket lingered on one of the hooks near the entryway, the long sleeves of a white shirt pushed to his elbows, as he poured a cup of coffee.

    Lenn’s head turned around when the door opened, the sound of footsteps following. Walking out of the kitchen, he set the cup down on a side table. A pleasant, yet subtle smile lingered on the man’s face. “Good morning.”

  • For the next couple of minutes, he frequently used his spear to swat any low branches and other greenery aside that got in their way, periodically slice them with it. Sticks, leaves, along with other dead vegetation crunched under his feet during their trek through the forest, having to glance down periodically to either avoid poison ivy or possible stickers that might impale his skin. Their journey across the wilderness proved to be somewhat tiresome despite his superior stamina over an average human, perhaps that was because of the low amount of sweat gradually accumulating on his exposed back due to early Summer heat. One hand extended up to wipe his forehead on their way towards a certain rock formation further away.

    When the symbols embedded in said stone were revealed at the swipe of her palm, her aquatic friend raised a brow and leaned in for a closer inspection. Before doing anything else, he bent down to retrieve the items she dropped and dump everything into their basket. Tempest stood back up to read what was engraved on the boulder they stumbled across, but of course nothing could be deciphered from it. His own digits were about to descend upon it until a certain set of markings unexpectedly appeared on her limbs, making him flinch at the sight of it. With both orbs wide as ever, his gaze snapped towards the direction of a mysterious feminine voice that seemingly came out of nowhere.

    His makeshift weapon was held up and aimed for what was thought to be an intruder, no time was wasted in positioning himself for a defensive stance. Yet, what they found was something far less human than he could’ve imagined. When a realization struck him, Tempest kept glancing back and forth at the markings they both shared. This discovery made him lower the spear reluctantly before a familiar name escaped the Dragoness’ lips: Zora. What relevance did it possess? But then it finally clicked in his head, this was her first companion, the same one who was said to have lost her life centuries before he was even hatched from an egg. If she perished so long ago, then this didn’t make any sense in the slightest, something was off.

    “Mate, I’d hate to ruin this reunion but how could you be back from the dead? Because this is a first.” One hand was hovered in front of Zoriko when asking their surprise visitor a question, in a protective manner of course. After which, he hesitantly stepped forth to close the distance between him and Zora. If she allowed him near, the young marine drake began circling what was thought to be his friend’s long lost partner, fortunately his expression softened since she didn’t appear threatening. Eventually, his steps came to a halt before speaking again. “Well… I owe you an apology. It’s a privilege to meet you, I’m Tempest. Probably the only water draggo you’ll see left in existence.” With the assumption their encounter was true, he attempted to make amends for being a little too defensive over his winged friend in disguise.

    “Still, how is this possible?” Would be the next question given while gradually returning back to the Dragoness just a short distance away. The aquatic male soon parked his rear on a collapsed tree trunk while waiting on a reply from what he suspected was another elven woman, which reminded him of the infamous Shopkeeper back in the city to a degree. For once, he may have just met another that wasn’t her nor Spencer. Regardless of what Zora was, they needed answers as to why she made an appearance after all this time.

    Meanwhile much further away, a seven inch combat knife had just sliced through several vines to cut a path for a certain Captain who landed not too long ago. Low amounts of mud clung to his onyx boots on each step through the lush environment by himself. His formal suit had him tugging at his undershirt color since the black fabric only absorbed surrounding heat, especially since he had on a long sleeve. Regardless of the horrendous build up of sweat, he pushed on towards the depths of that forest alone. Sometimes a horse fly attempted to pester him before he’d swat it away with his palm.

    The middle aged male came to a stop upon discovering an open patch of grass surrounded by smaller oak trees, taking a moment to gaze around the vicinity as golden rays of light peeked through the countless limbs above. What caught his attention would be multiple fragments scattered across the natural terrain just a few feet away. Out of both curiosity and in hopes of finding something to give him a lead on what he came here searching for, one gloved hand descended to retrieve a flat piece of stone containing an unreadable foreign text, likely from a shattered tablet that nature must’ve buried partially. It was turned on each side between his digits.

    In the midst of it, what sounded like a stick crackling under some weight made him snap back up on his feet. That same hand bolted towards his hip where a sidearm was stored away inside a holster, ready to draw it at the first sign of trouble if an emergency called for it. To his relief however, nothing was there in the direction it came from. As a result, a prolonged exhale parted his lips when moving his palm away from the loaded firearm. A tiny button was pressed on his two piece visor before they retracted back to reveal a pair of liquid mercury irises. “Guess I’m just being paranoid again.” He muttered to himself under his breath.

    What was stopping him from having a similar experience to Tempest and Zoriko's?

  • Other than the hinges of the door opening, Spencer’s approach was a quiet one. Barefooted steps were placed carefully along the ground, the cup of tea on standby for his arrival at the dragoness. Silver hues studied her all the while. It was a marvel what time could do, he thought, as he searched for the Zoriko of the past within the form. She was something of remarkableness, in his mind. Although smaller than the beasts of war to which he had supported, her luminous form would hardly go amiss in the landscape of greens they found themselves in.

    As he caught the dragoness’ attention, the mug of tea carried was raised for a drink. His pace slowed until he took a spot none too far from her, sitting down with a quiet grunt.  One leg was stretched out, the other semi bent. The cup lingered in both of his hands. A deep inhale was taken in, as was the scenery. While the other Riders rightfully made their way closer to human civilization, he could not quite bring himself to part with it. To her greeting in return, Spencer let a coy smile show. “I hadn’t. Not a wink. However, everything is in order for this morning.” He replied.

    He watched as the other stretched from the docile position she had been in, white wings spanning above his head. So strange, how a dragon could resemble a feline in the brief seconds she stretched. The question was posed, and Spencer glanced at her momentarily as the words registered. His eyes were then cast skyward, peering up to the clouds along the edges of the trees above them. The Ex-Rider remained quiet for a moment, white locks brushing against his face from the breeze, but a contemplative, sullen expression was present. The corners of his mouth turned down just a few degrees.

    He took another drink from his cup and exhaled a quiet breath. "Lenn is inside. He has agreed to offer some assistance to us, today.” Spencer stated finally as a reply. No matter how calm or quaint the statement was, it left the dragoness’ offer where it was.

  •  Infelix remembered the first time she had seen Zoriko. It was from the clouds, but Zoriko's skin had comcerned her. She had always wondered how could any human be so pale? but the answer was so simple, she was not human. Angels were always thaught there are only three creature that are in existance. The animals, that all try to do the same thing, survive. The Demons, who want to hinder everything that is good about the existance of creatures. And the Angels who were the good of existance and the protector of all creatures, even the demons, because without the deomons surviving would be like obeying orders of god, simple and easy.

    That had been her truth, but she knew now that demons are trying to survive too. They had become demons to entertain God, why else do they have the rage and power to destroy all things good. But she now felt bad for the angels, who had to listen to him and not question everything. When she was born, they all knew that she would be different. Not because she had a natural light, but because God could not even look at her for more than a second to give him her blessing. That hadn't bothered her, why? she never knew.

    The most interesting part of Zoriko was her ruby eyes. They looked like they could see right throgh the ruse that Infelix had made, but she could not let her know who she actually was because then she would know about the plague that had killed her, and it would infect her again. But that is again the truth that Infelix was meant to believe.

    She examined Zoriko and her outfit. She loved creatures with impecable sense of style, by what she could see Zoriko was not really to die for, but it was not bad. Infelix thought it was simple but suited her all too well. A plum cardigan and a black shirt brought out her features that made her beautiful. As for Infelix, she needs more color. It's ironic considering she can't feel colors anymore. So, Zoriko takes the lead in style.

    She knew Zoriko and her dragon rider, Zora closely. More than what angels are supposed to know about anyone. The only thing she didn't know was the fact that they were not human, because she had always assumed the facts thaught to her as a child. All the memories of seeing Zoriko or anyone else in their true form was immediatly erased in heaven, especially for angels. But when she had fallen the memories had rushed back to her. She had seen Zora in heaven a few times. She always wondered what the tattoos meant but she was too scared to approach her. She was so shy for no reason.

    "Um... I don't know where I am going, I was just taking a stroll and now I am here" she said with the most convincing voice she could speak with. She saw the electricity from far and tried to avoid it. She added,"But I don't want to go home." She was now distracted by the electricity. She was only thinking," I cannot let her shock as that might trigger my rage. I might hurt her. I cannot hurt her."

  • “A name? No… not quite yet. As for its kind… it may be the only in Nightwing, yet the magic was written upon as Raiya found it. I have reason to believe there is this creature, and… another. It got away from us within the city, slipped into a drain outside Omnia. Rai is keeping her eyes peeled for any signs.” The thought left a frown present on his features. It was something without ending, and as he thought personally, a potentially troublesome one. In the meanwhile the thoughts vanished when Zoriko picked up the stone. He gave a coy smile, and a nod to follow as she proposed the idea. With a nod of his head, his eyes turned back to the creature.

    As the stone tumbled, the leaves rustled, its small, delicate head rose to the new abrupt sound. The creature rose a single, thin leg off the ground. It ended in an almost paw-like appearance, four toes or so curled. It peered towards where the stone had landed and eventually ambled its way over. A small snout was pressed to the object curiously, prodding it a few times over before suddenly its head raised. Alert to some unforeseen sound, with a sudden deer-like bound, the creature was off and moving deeper into the brush.

    And that was that. For now, that was. Spencer watched the four-legged being scurry off back into the deeper territory, making a mental note of what he had seen, and what would come of his next visiting. It wouldn’t matter, for now. Briefing Zoriko on the plans for the following evening. “Excellent… I shall look forward to meeting.” As their walk back persisted, silence was something the man was long-since used to. The time was spent in the environment, the moment. Pondering just what morning would bring.

    .  .  .

    Sleep was not to be had on the Ex-Rider’s behalf. He truly shut off his mind only on occasion… a half-present body was seemingly an efficient one in that regard. His nose was in his journals that had come to pass over the years. As the sun started to rise, he was in the kitchen soon enough. A cup of tea was made, curiously alongside a pot of coffee brewing, filling the home with the scent as the pot filled. It took a single glance out one of his windows to catch the sight outside. A grin spread across his lips, and out the door he went.

    The sound of the door’s hinges complaining was heard as the door shut, out walked Spencer. Dressed in a loosely fitting pair of cargo pants, and a white t-shirt that hung loosely on his shoulders. The mess that was his hair showed that he hadn’t quite made it to a mirror. “Good morning,” he greeted as he approached. He walked barefoot across the grass, the cup of tea in hand.

  • As she felt the ground underneath her, Infelix realized where she was. She was where the colors were in a symphony, she had always wanted to know how the green blended into all of the colors, she wanted to live here. She noticed in that moment that her eyes weren't even open yet. People have the misconception that Heaven is the symphony, but it wasn't. Heaven was always only one color, white, and frankly she was getting bored of it. If anything, it was supposed to a euphony for the dead who have "earned" to be there. These days, if  you haven't done anything stupid, you got into Heaven. Still, not a lot of people make it. She never thought much of it, until now.

    She finally opened her eyes, but she knew she was going to be disappointed. The colors were there but it didn't speak to her, it was like it was a mask to hide the greyness that was buried inside of each and every tree, flower, and fruit. She got up and looked around. Then she said to herself," What is this place? I must find someone to talk to. Why am I...". Before she could finish, she heard a voice inside of her. It was so powerful that it had brought her to her knees, but she could only hear ringing. It stopped in a few seconds and everything went to the same infuriating scene from before.

    She decided to get up and walk towards the sun. She then started to recollect what had happened to her. She was an angel, who was banished from Heaven, but that she already knew. She saw her past flash before her, how she was always regarded as God's enemy, even by God, but she had loved him the most. She would have never done what she did if she didn't believe what she did was going to cause him to hate her more. "The plague was going to kill all of your creations, did you really want that?", she said outloud, unknowingly.

    The red hot anger inside her chest just boiled over in a second. Everything turned red, her wings opened and she flew to the nearest tree and burned it down with just a look. She glanced behind her and saw what her wings turned into. It was the grey color she had seen under all of the facade called the wilderness. At once, she was on the grass crying, she didn't know what to do. She had never cried before, the water on her cheek was hot. She caught it just in time to see the tranparency of the tear, it fascinated her. She could not stop the crying, but she had to. After what felt like an eternity, she stopped crying and started walking again. This place is becoming more and more familiar.

    Of course, this is where she used to look at and saw all the people, she had revived all of them here, but that is a secret that she will not tell even to a dead soul. And again there was another ringing, but this time it was clearer. It said," Welcome to your personalized Heaven and Hell. You are not one of us nor are you one of them. Choosing good is not always right, is it now, Infelix?" Before she could answer, she knew it was gone. Her personallized "Hell and Heaven" doesn't sound like a place she wanted to be in. She looked at her wrists, afraid to see the color of her blood. By her estimation, it would be an ungly combination of black and gold. 

    She suddenly noticed her dress, it was someting she would never wear it was a white and black dress. She swore she looked like a zebra. Out of all the punishments he gave, this was by far the worst one yet. The white was almost a dirty yellow and the black looked like a wash cloth. Why couldn't God give himself a sense of fashion? She, using the power she had changed into something better. The shirt was white and was a button down and the pants were black and just perfect. 

    After walking for atleast one hour, she saw someone in the distance. The person had the most beautiful and most whitest of all hair. She could have recognized her from a mile away. It was Zoriko, one of the many that she had revived, in fact, she was the first person she had brought back from the dead. Infelix, trying not to startle Zoriko, said in a lower tone,"Hello...I am Taara. I got lost in the woods. Can you help me find my way?"

  • Make that strike three with angering her.

    In the immediate aftermath of his horrid reaction, Tempest shook his entire figure off to rid himself of any lingering grands of sand. But then, he ceased all motion when experiencing what felt like some sort of unsettling aura washing him, as if that sixth sense of his was going off. Already having a hunch on what it could be, his head turned to find one relentless glare being shot towards him. For the Sea Drake, it almost like she were impaling him with a knife a thousand times over, or at least that was what he imagined.

    If this were to happen with another other Draconian beast who survived Nightwing, there was a high possibility of someone ripping him to shreds by now, and such a thought sent shivers down his spine. Perhaps it was better to receive a scolding like that plus a chilling reminder of what could possibly happen if mortals caught wind of his recent actions. Maybe this was one issue that could be ironed out before such a day comes. Still, her words left him mildly petrified for a moment or two since they were quite cold to say the least. To say that she was cold when speaking would be understatement. While her guest hated admitting it, she was correct about what could go terribly wrong.

    In what felt like a prolonged period of time, he remained still as both frilled ears pinned themselves back. If she used the glamour just before this minor incident, most of his face would’ve gone dark red just from hearing all that. All he did in response was turn away and gaze at the sands below where that crater was made, only to wipe his maw using a talon. Nothing else was said now that her rant was over. For once his arachnophobia actually got him into trouble aside from one event where he wrecked a room in attempt to get rid of one.

    Now that she had him under a human facade and all their essential items were ready, the young drake who had been sitting there atop of a fallen tree trunk was still left feeling mentally numb after what transpired earlier perked up when his question was answered. Normally he would have protested the idea of not using the trident for their own protection, but arguing back seemed like a horrendous idea with how agitated Zoriko was just a few minutes ago. As much as her partner disliked their current plan, he hesitantly agreed.

    “If this is the best way to go about it, alrighty. And you'd probably be better at doing the talking anyway, I'm a terrible liar when it comes to acting. If you get thirsty, find me a pond or river and I can purify the water myself. I can use sea water if all else fails.” The trick required to pull such a feat gave him flashbacks of when he met a certain someone before eventually encountering his non aquatic counterpart, where that technique was used on a large scale. It eventually made him speak about the man in question. “I remember running into someone the last time I used it. I haven’t told you about the supposed rider I met, have I? He’s an awesome bloke, and the same one who explained to me what Nightwing is.”

    When the hints couldn’t get anymore obvious as to who he might be referencing, Zoriko was finally asked a particular individual they both knew by surprise “By some crazy coincidence, have you heard about a guy named Spencer? White hair, taller than me, pale skin? His partner was said to be Chanook before vanishing one day.” Another beast was brought up based off what the former rider informed him about as they stopped to gather a few herbs. For the sake of giving her a hand, Tempest reluctantly picked through them and frequently glanced back at the Dragoness to copy her methods for removing each one properly, only to drop them in their basket. While plucking them out, another mutual friend of theirs was brought up. “The second one I found by accident was Raiya, she was a shopkeeper. It’s a long story about what happened afterwards.”


    Meanwhile much further away on a different portion of the coast well beyond their eyesight, a series of tiny bubbles rippled at the water’s surface consistently. The amount rising up only increased as an artificial silhouette occupied all the space below, only to somewhat increase in brightness when rising up gradually. Any surrounding marine life within the vicinity immediately fled at just its presence alone, which was something Tempest and Zoriko might be ignorant unless her pendant went off despite the current distance.

    What broke the surface was the bow section of a blade shaped hull that cut through those waters with ease. The rest of that enormous aquatic vehicle then came up with the center structure on top towering over the rest of its frame, easily keeping itself balanced thanks to its side pontoons for support. It’s dual propellers came to a gradual decline in rotation when approaching a barren wooden pier up ahead, where it maneuvered into position for docking. A side panel opened up, just before a boarding ramp of sorts extended outward.

    A pair of onyx boots set foot onto the boards below, where the surrounding forest was reflected through a two piece visor that resembled sunglasses. One gloved hand reached up to lightly stroke his own facial hair once as the figure in question made way for an abandoned trail not too far ahead. His short, onyx strands were brushed backwards when gazing at the scenery surrounding him, contemplating on his next move from there as an uncomfortable amount of heat already accumulated around him from his black trench coat and undershirt already absorbing it.

    “Apologies for the intrusion Captain, but may I ask where exactly you’re going?” Behind him came a shorter, brunette male of a much younger age, roughly in his late twenties or so with a similar uniform. One gloved palm was raised to motion for him not to follow before a summary of his objective was given to his lesser crewman who wished to know of his eventual whereabouts, all while not turning around to face him.

    “This place holds historical significance to the alleged Draconian Empire, according to legend at least. Somewhere out here there likely exists a relic from its time, and I intend to find and bring it back in hopes it might give us a lead on what my contact told me about. Hopefully we won’t leave empty handed. I’ll be gone for awhile, you’re in charge until I’m back later tonight. Just stay with the sub and keep an eye out, I’ll keep in touch.” His serperior informed him until a prolonged exhale parted his lips for what he thought was going to be a painstaking search that could last an entire day. While reluctant at first, the Captain began his trek towards the forest in a separate direction from where the two beasts were.

    The chances of them encountering this stranger were low, and it would be awhile.

  • “I think we ought to be glad our little detour on that ship is over, because I ain’t going back there. Who was that headless guy though? The one who saved us at the last second?”

    That was a fascinating question to ask, one they never got a straight answer from due to some extreme circumstances back on their last misadventure. As much as he loathed the memory of engaging their extinguished adversary, they could only speculate on who the mysterious undead being was, and why it chose to appear there. Perhaps they could invest some time into searching for him or learning of his identity later, whenever they would have time after their eventual return home.

    Her plan for fetching breakfast was noted when being informed about it, which made him shrug with a mild sense of hesitation. As she proceeded to wash her clothing without taking the rest off surprisingly, his snout rested on the sand as the spinal fins running along his neck laid themselves back. Both serpentine irises closed themselves for a brief amount of time in hopes of relieving some of the lingering pain due to his prior wounds not having received a full amount of care. In the short amount of spare time he had, he began tapping away at a rock's surface with his Draconic digits, mostly from boredom. When Zoriko’s priorities were made known, he spoke back even while his emerald hues were still sealed.

    “I would say let’s both use our real forms, but all those trees would be a problem. How is this going to work though? Only time I’ve hunted as a human is when I’m in water, and out at sea. If you think this is the way to do it, I’m game. Be careful though.”

    In whatever length of time it took for her to return, one frilled ear perked up from hearing her light footsteps approaching again, only for him to pick up on the rustling of various things she brought back. While his mostly healed wounds still stung, the Oceanic beast managed to open both eyes and raise his head to see what projects that female had going. It was easy to notice all her crafty work go into the creation of multiple primitive weapons that he guessed could be used on land based creatures, or anything they can find. Both brows above his eyelid rose up with a sense of approval at what she was accomplishing with what little resources they had. Normally his suggestion would’ve been to get a hold of knives or maybe even a firearm, something Gleeon once taught him how to use.

    During the midst of her work, he could feel a set of tiny limbs crawling up the center of his snout and spotted a black spec. When focusing both hues on it, turns out the creature in question was a little arachnid. “SPIDER!!!” At the realization of what was on him, the large male thrashed about violently, almost creating tremors beneath their feet were it not for the sand. Immensely loud snarls, growls, and even a mild roar escaped his dense maw before bucking around like an enraged Mexican fighting bull. For a moment, it was like he completely went feral, mentally.

    When the insect in question finally landed on its back from being flung off several feet away, his jaws opened wide before erupting with a beam of pressurized water. Such liquids being sprayed at high speeds sent mounds of wet sand and mud hurling on the opposite end of where Zoriko was, where it created one large crater. With every ounce of rationality still out of his mind, the Sea Drake managed to bring up sea water and create ice spears from them, which bolted over to impale the hole he made. One can only wonder how such a primitive bug managed to induce that type of reaction, talk about arachnophobia.

    Prior to his overkill attempt at destroying it, the Sea Drake let out multiple fast paced breathes from almost hyperventilating. At the realization of the mild destruction he caused, his shoulders raised themselves briefly as a shrug before she received an apology in case the Dragoness were startled by it. “Sorry… I hate those things. Continue.” He’d casually say, hoping said female just brush it off for now and resume.

    Moments later once she was finished, Tempest had a quick glance at her newly crafted makeshift weapons, nodding in approval once. Her next sentence made him tilt his head slightly at the objectives she had in mind that he didn’t quite expect. A few steps were taken to close the distance between him and his non-aquatic partner until a question was asked in response.

    “Wait, what? AH SHI-”

    Before the marine drake could talk her out of this, his whole figure shifted again to take on a whole new shape and shrink down with a flash. The attempt at hollering profanity was cut short from him having an unexpected impact towards the ground below, easily face-planting on his stomach and chest. After getting a mouthful of sand, he stood up to wipe it all out of his azure locks and eyes. Once he was given a moment to recover from that comedic fall, the young Dovah grunted while she nudged him to retrieve two items. As much as her friend hesitated, both the dagger and spear were picked up gently, the smaller weapon having been placed into a pocket.

    “Since I’m already getting hot in this thing and because it’ll just slow me down, might as well~”

    By reaching down in front, each and every button on his shirt was undone one at a time. Beneath that was one well toned chest underneath with a flat stomach below, having slightly pale skin given how rare it was for him to use such a form. With the upper half of his body now exposed, the clothing he wore was folded up and placed aside for now, having kept his pants on. After a taking a moment to stretch both arms, the spear was firmly gripped in one hand until the other was offered to Zoriko now that they were ready to see what the forest ahead had to offer.

    “Ready when you are. Just one question though. What do we do should we stumble across any humans? Like hikers, campers and such? Not that I think we'll find any."

  • Silence persisted well after she had gotten up and out of his hold, where he resumed laying there motionless. His heart rate kept its declined pace for nearly the whole duration as she went off to claim a spot on the shoreline, not once did her movements wake or stir him. Their recent brawl must’ve taken a great toll on him with how light of a sleeper he was.

    When the fractured leg, in addition to all cuts and scorch marks that were sustained earlier had been patched, the beating rhythm in his chest finally increased. A few shutters ran down his lengthy spine prior to receiving a dose of her healing magic, which would be just enough for him to make a gradual but full recovery. A mild huff escaped his nostrils from the massive relief that washed over him, at least now he could rest without the risk of waking up dead. Each of his dense talons loosened up before twitching slightly, which signified the likelihood of him regaining consciousness soon. In the event she attempted to use the glamour on him, all that did was create a formation of cobalt static around him from his body rejecting it. For him to revert back, more recovery time was needed. The rapid transformation already caused him to get sick and hurl up everything in his stomach earlier.

    Within moments, his sealed eyelids began to flicker open with his vision initially being blurry. The first thing he would notice was the absence of his partner, who was nowhere to be seen for the first few seconds. That short lived panic came to a cease when finally spotting her just a few yards away from where he rested, and the crimson stains they both left behind on the surrounding sand. A quick glance was given towards the wounds he sustained earlier, shockingly enough most of them were healed to his own amazement. Then that left a troubling thought in his head: Her own health.

    As sore as his legs felt, the large male stood up and approached her anyway from behind. By raising one claw, the Trident from a certain deity materialized in front of his chest before gripping its handle gently. The three prongs were pointed towards the cuts across the Dragoness until several streams of water were sprayed onto them. On a microscopic level, the water molecules sped up her body’s natural healing process by repairing damaged tissue and regenerating cells instantaneously. The result was Zoriko’s gashes being closed, all that likely remained now was dried blood on her skin.

    After this, the legendary item broke down into a mist of azure sparks and swirled back into his golden chest. Once finished, Tempest proceeded to lay there alongside the white haired female before resting his head on her lap. His right eye rotated up to gaze upon his non-aquatic counterpart, who he couldn’t help but appreciate what she did for him. A few soft grumbles of content were given when softly nudging her waste with his snout, pinning back both webbed ears until he chose to speak.

    “I’d hate to nag, but you should’ve focused on healing yourself first.”

  • A grin spread across the man’s face to her response. Laughter was to be expected. Had he seen it play out in third-person it would be no different. Instead, he was left with a memory- an exhilarating one. His amusement went hand in hand with it as he watched the girl try an reign in her laughing.

     “Evolution at its finest… we adapt to time as time presents us the opportunity. Change comes of its own accord. It is up to your own self to decide whether to be dragged, or to walk.” Spencer’s hand raised, brushing unruly white locks from his face with a semi-dismal expression on his face to the matter. He wiped it away before too long and exhaled.

    Their ‘walking’ had ceased for the creature, meanwhile. As his whistle spit the silence for a brief moment, he listened to the echo that came of it, watching the creature closely. It was a new encounter for the floral-esque entity. A new sound, unfamiliar. There were no centuries of evolution to tell the being what to do with it. As its head turned to and fro at a rather gentle pace, small, lithe feet moved the sprite about, back and forth upon the stream bank without crossing.

    As it did so, Spencer paused his observation to cast Zoriko a glance at the question. His calm tone lowered to slip under the creature’s hearing. “Perhaps… It has no origin. No ancestry, no habits of its kind passed down. None other than the plant life from where it started. It’s a whole new world… from what I have observed it is docile. It strays none too far from the stream, wandering out to the clearing from time to time. I will give it some time in this world before I approach it any further.”

    Time passed- another five to ten minutes or so before he was content. As the creature strayed further down the stream he eventually stood. A hand was held out to Zoriko if she chose to take the assistance, eventually finding his pocket instead, he gestured to make their way back to the main path.

    “We will pick up on it tomorrow at eight. While punctuality is advised, an early man rarely finds himself penalized.” Spencer shrugged his shoulders. The smile he cast her way was challenging. “We’ll waste no more time, we start on healing basics come morning.”


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