❝I'ᴠᴇ ᴅᴏɴᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢs I'ᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴘʀᴏᴜᴅ ᴏғ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ɪᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜɪs ʟɪғᴇ.❞
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Rᴇᴍʙʀᴀɴᴅᴛ Mᴀᴄʜᴀɪᴢᴇʟʟɪ Pʀɪᴄᴇ
A Rebel Pilot & Mercenary
Son to Machaizelli Price (Unknown) • Lunala Price (Deceased)
Father to None
Brother to None
Uncle to None


Rembrandt Machaizelli Price
{rehm-brae-nt maa-kaah-zehl-ee pr-eye-ss}
Rem, Brandt, Remmy, Mac, Mr. Price

DoB & Age: Unknown DoB
Thirty Years Old

PoB: Somewhere on Ankara

Ankarian(Human) • Male

Affiliated With
The Rebellion

Rank & Title

{Interested in No One, Yet}

Faceclaim: Chris Pratt


P h y s i c a l   A p p e a r a n c e

     Rembrandt is often described as ruggedly handsome. He has light brown hair and green eyes. He is roughly six foot four and one hundred and sixty pounds of well-kept muscle. His facial hair is trimmed and well-kempt. His clothing usually consists of blue jeans, brown boots, fingerless gloves, black tee, and a dark maroon leather jacket. His space helmet is gray with glowing red 'eyes', made out of a silvery-like metal. The helmet materializes by the press of a button, located on a device coiled around his right ear. At the base of his neck, Rembrandt has an implant that allows him to communicate with other lifeforms over millions of languages. Seven years ago Rembrandt got caught in a firefight, losing his right leg up to his mid-thigh. The leg itself has been replaced with a bio-mechanical limb - that he keeps updated with the next best technology. 


(Small Thing: This Story Is Entirely My Own Creation. So Enjoy!)

The Planet Ankara and It's Legacy

❝  I'm the last one. No more after me. ❞

  In a time of war, Ankara had been successfully colonized on two of the three large land masses, the rest of the planet containing crystal clear blue water. The first colony was known as Varsalis; to this day this Colony is the largest and most elegant settlement on all of Ankara - quickly becoming the capital of the planet. The second colony is named Artosai; a less elegant but just as beautiful colony still around to this day. All of Ankara was unified under one set of rulers, picked by all the populace through vigorous questioning. However by the next two decades, when Ankara was stable and growing, an all too familiar enemy found it's way to Ankara: The Dark Side. The faction at the time, The Galactic Empire had invaded Ankara - taking the land and its resources under its rule. 

      After some time a Resistance formed on Ankara, that was quickly snuffed out. However, a few years shy of the end of the Resistance (after the Battle of Endor), the leaders gave birth to a child.  This child was named Rembrandt Machaizelli Price, The stress of birthing a  baby killed the mother, leaving Rembrandt's father to raise him for the first ten years of his life while hiding on world from the remnants of the Empire - which later rose as The First Order. This made it rough for Rembrandt's father to raise a child, after losing his wife/mate to childbirth.

      When a child reaches the age of ten, they are put through vigorous testing. They are tested to discover knowledge, durability, and health for possible recruitment for the new growing Empire. With his father aware that his son would get discovered as a rebel offspring, he was placed into a ship that took him off world. Rembrandt found home on Planets like Ankara. To grow up on a foreign planet was difficult to accept, to say the least. Rembrandt was painfully aware that he could never see his father again nor his homeworld. But he did make it his mission to never allow the same thing to happen to any other planets, like what happened to his home.

      As Rembrandt grew up he slowly started to grow comfortable on the planets he called home. His parents; he was told, always wanted the best for him. The hope was for him to grow up and perhaps have a happy life with his own kind. With a deep desire to someday take back his planet and fill it with his kind once more. Until then, he had no choice but to try and live normally. During this time he discovered a strange knack for being an amazing cook.

     With no real citizenship from Ankara; from his birth being secret, Rembrandt is never able to get a normal paying job. He takes up a life of crime and becoming what is known as a ‘mercenary’. Rembrandt learned how to fight and handle firearms, even creating his own equipment to fight with. This vaguely consists of laser blasters (or handguns), jetpack(for flying), boots with rockets(for flying), and a mask(several uses). Because of his mercenary 'career' Rembrandt was able to purchase his own spacecraft, that he uses to travel between planets. 


P e r s o n a l i t y

❝  I am a man of simple pleasures. ❞

      Rembrandt is a very strange individual. Often he can be very serious, especially during jobs. Most describe him as immature and outgoing, often annoying people. He is fairly laid back and easy going with most things in life, taking pleasure in simple inexpensive things. Rembrandt can sometimes make inappropriate jokes with his fellow mercenaries, having a sense of humor.

      Rembrandt can be very touchy and reclusive when it comes to talking about his past unless he feels like he can truly trust someone. When it comes to thinking on his past Rembrandt can show signs of depression and other negative emotions. He can get frustrated and angry, most times. Rembrandt shows kindness to most people, by default. Even sometimes being kind to those who don't deserve it. Rembrandt has a soft spot for children, though he suffers from a fear of someday failing as a parent.





R e l a t i o n s h i p s



(will multi-ship)

      With Women, Rembrandt is highly inexperienced. Rembrandt has never been involved with anyone romantically or sexually, leaving him awkward and uneducated in all forms of the subject. He never throws himself at women, but won't shy away from a conversation with them. Due to never experiencing love, Rembrandt doesn't know how he would treat someone he is in a relationship with. It is safe to assume that Rembrandt would be loyal to a fault(even putting himself in danger) and would put his everything into the relationship. Though, Rembrandt does hope to maybe someday find someone to settle down with. Haunted by a deeply hidden desire to rebuild the family he lost; and never truly had, on Ankara.



 KORIG (core-ig)


Obnoxious, Nosy, Loud & Arrogant


Korig is an alien Rembrandt met while in the outer rim for a job. Korig participated in what are the equivalent of underground boxing for that region. Korig was very aggressive and shot first, ask questions later. However since joining the crew with Rembrandt, he has found a way to channel his rage into assignments and has found a purpose for himself. He is loyal to Rembrandt, often offering to kill for him(yikes), but all in all views the human male as family. 






 X I R A (zeer-ah) 


Sarcastic, Sassy, Well Spoken





{ Currently Being Edited }




Status: Open - Accepting | Closes At: 7 | Current: 4

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Genres: Action & Adventure, Violence, Sci-Fi, Romance, Rated M/R, 18+

Universe(s): Star Wars (current movies), Multiversal

Ideas For The Future: Join Resistance, Settle Down (marriage/kids/whatever), Join Dark Side(unsure how)

Roleplay Rules
1. Be polite, and I shall return the favor. 
2. Do not come to me for smut, any relationship built for my character is through Chemistry and I am a big fan of roleplaying a good relationship. Roleplays can have separate relationships.
(OOCNOT LOOKING for a relationship. Understand IC from OOC, please) 
3. Do Not Control/Kill off My characters. Rembrandt is my pride and joy, and I'm perfectly capable of controlling him on my own. 
4. 18+ Rembrandt is an Original character. So please be careful when coming to roleplay with me. There is cussing, violence, blood, death, some gore even. Things get crazy here. I am 21+ years old as a writer and would like anyone I write with to at least be 18 or older, due to mature themes in my roleplays. 
5. Have Patience, I'll try to get to reply to anyone and everyone when I can! The max a reply should take is one day, to a week. If I am busy.

Thank You and Have Fun!




Kalindi Has Been Moved To Side Blog: Link coming soon


Rembrandt is Portrayed By

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  • // Lol I've noticed and theres a lot of maybes in that idea but I like it. So turn those maybes into a yes and we have ourselves a plot idea 

  • // Haha yes we could do something was after endgame were she somehow ends up in Rembrandt's universe. So let's say he is on one of his mercenary trips and she somehow intervenes in it because she ends up getting dropped in his universe. Somewhere along the lines of that but if you have anything to add or change to it I would love to hear :)

  • // Thanks for accepting me! I look forward to making a fun story with these two. Let's plot next time you are available ^_^

  • [ No worries at all, thanks for letting me know! ]


    I Owe




  • (No worries man, but I've nothin.  You got any? I'm honestly down for whatever, I just figured a .. partially abandoned dreadnaught would be fun, but we could kick it anywhere in the Galaxy.  My boy gets around.)                                

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