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Money. Power. Glory.

 And when the wicked play their games with words that reach the citizens' ears ...



     The utilization of the Vela corporation brought forth a new vision to the policing parameters of Bishop. Tired of human error and what was seen as unnecessary budget spending the entire continent did something that hadn’t been heard of since the beginning of colonization.


A singular written-in option began to take the poll boxes by storm. What originated as a protest in the way the government ran their offices suddenly became a battle cry to the citizens.  



Give us a direct democracy.....

                                                              Let the people make the decisions outright. 

                                                                                                                                            Gone are the days of the politicians deciding for us.


It was an astonishing movement that lit up every media unit overnight, primed to be the end of politics in the nation, the people happily rid themselves of the oppressive structures. 

 In a near-unanimous vote, gone were the official police representatives, the people who reigned all over their government, and most importantly their mayor.

Sixty-thousand employees lost their jobs that day, leaving only those in the jailing system in place. By the casting of the lower levels of Shine, and the cover of Blight's own night the world fell into short-term chaos due to the influx of those who could no longer afford to live in the sunlight of Shine. Crime spread, a devil's wash over the city, a purge on a constant loop.

The government promised their citizens that stripping everything down was going to take time to smooth out, but they were going to need a representative.

It needed a cutthroat person in place that didn’t care how anyone felt. It needed an individual with no notion of weakness and would refuse bribed payoffs. For weeks there was a back and forth as the government crumbled, followed by an attempt on several individuals parts to try and rule as their next dictator. But the military wasn’t having it, and until there was someone in place they applied the uniformed code of military justice as an interim. People were put on curfew, and the nation felt an eerie silence that made them fear the next steps. 

Time and time again as they went through countless applications to the position a single name seemed to fall into the list of proper individuals more than suited for this job. A name that had people following it up with Jackal, Shark, and Wicked creature would become the face of Bishop.

Edrei Vela. 

Funny to think she was their elected official. Their Chosen One.

Much like a mayor, she would make decisions for their community as a whole. Therefor their security, and collective voice. The citizens were now in charge of rule and law. Though one stipulation held. Every two years they held a senate session, with representatives of their community. And each borough would present their issues.

Policing would be abolished. Dismantled. Officers would be stripped of their titles and placed back into society. Vela, ever an industrialist created the SH3 -Rf, generation one policing unit. A promise of a more impartial officer who would go based off split decision, computed choices, and harbored an uncanny ability to process things that the average living creature couldn't. 

What was a scary notion for the city soon became the norm. Sure, it had growing pains, like every new movement, but when all was said and done the people sung the praises of their new automated systems. Capable of implementing their votes, these units were upgraded and updated with the single push of a button. Each senate session allowed for the units to return to their manufacture and the new laws would be hard programed into their boards to avoid hacking.

The most recent rollout gave an entirely new system. Identified as the P0-11C3 these mass-manufactured humanoids found unconditional praise. But with the gain of finances, Vela had moved on to her next pet project and these were left by the wayside.

Units went haywire, hackers had a field day, and then when a huge EMP swept through the city debilitating almost everyone for months on end, the community wound up going back to the near-apocalyptic means of survival.

It took many years to recover, more than the government would have liked to admit. But military reign took over again, and when all settled down they were capable of going back to a style of government Bishop had sworn off….an electoral system.

Riddled with anger Vela began to appear, over and over through the holo projections. Plastered against the white wash of sky risers, her campaign to become an elected official filled with promises of change, and a new force.

She never expected one of her own to rise against her.

Enoch Bracco.

Enoch was tired of all the bullshit. Standing up from behind a desk, the former soldier quietly announced his intentions to run. The shock of it came through his position. He was a man who had been on her left side through everything. Her tasker. Her programmer, her note taker. Her strategic counsel for the legalities and logistics of her policing units. And he was suddenly turning his back on her and telling her to fuck off.

He was tired of it. Tired of the coverups of malfunction, tired of the woman getting as she wanted, and most of all he was tired of unrest. He made it his personal mission to start uncovering all the sordid little details that no one knew about her company, and when he began to expose with an alarming rate all the shady little things that had been going down since the beginning. Abolished or not, people found corruption.

The riots began anew.  

Coining the term windowpane politics, the man who had been a former soldier and corporate paper pusher was suddenly the voice of reason that everyone could relate to.









E N O C H    J A M E S   B O R A C C O


Height: 6'5

Weight: 215lbs

Eyes: Brown/Black

Hair: Black

Body Type: Tall/Corded

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual



- Shifter -














In the sanctity of the dark promises are made to one another. 

Enoch doesn't talk much about his past. 

In fact, most don't know a damn thing about him. 


In the still of a restless night, every once in a rare moon, Enoch might say a singular name in his sleep. 

A name he holds close. 




 Relationship Status: Unknown











T H E   G R E A T   W A R



An unwilling participant of the draft, the war changed Enoch. 

And it wasn't necessarily for the greater good. He'd taken on a vision of a world that didn't run under the thumb and rule of the

average politician.  


 Altered Carbon


 P O L I T I C S


Bishop is a heady, sin-filled land in which half is cursed with eternal daylight, and the other is doomed by eternal darkness. It's a place of witches, of magic, of people who bask in the glory of having enough money to afford to be in the light.  

Those who live in the darkness, whether it be by living in the lower levels of shine or are a permanent resident of blight are those who have lived a life scraping by to survive. 


They say that in order to make a person go insane one must keep the lights on, or off so that a person doesn't know the time of day.  Once that begins to permeate the mental psyche an individual starts to lose touch with reality.  Enoch for some strange reason enjoyed watching the peculiar way that people lost themselves. 


An attempt to run for Shine, and eventually Bishop




-18+ Please, respect me on this. The player is over 21.-

-I am not here to find a relationship, I'm here to play. Of course, I might grow pretty fond of you OOC/IC, but don't expect anything to come of this IRL.-

-Absolutely NO modding my character unless we agree on something.-

-I'm a fan of gore, violence, sex, and narcotics in my storylines. Just don't expect this to turn into some - every time we write - crazy porno. You'll get the boot.-

-I'm dirty minded, and have a dark sense of humor, take it or leave it .-

-Multi Para to Novella Writer-

-If you friend request me leave a comment or inbox message. I have a glitch for some reason on this account that won't let me see adds.-

-Sometimes replies take a while. For this I am sorry. Zoey and I share the same job. Training happens. Court time and sequesters happen. Writers block happens. Life happens. -

-You add me, you start. Unless we've agreed otherwise.-

-Let me know if you have a romantic interest in mind for Enoch.-

- Plotting heavily preferred. -

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