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Fidel Neternum


NAME: Fidel Giovanni Neternum10440909098?profile=RESIZE_584xRACE: Human
AGE: 79 Years, born in 1378
STAR SIGN: Capricorn

GENDER: Agender
PRONOUNS: He/Him/Himself

HAIR COLOR: Black with Grey Strands
HEIGHT: 6'0"

BACKGROUND: Clergy-Raised
POLITICAL VIEWS: Crown-Neutrality
WEALTH: Aristocratic

VIRTUES: Smart, Practical, Disciplined
VICES: Apathetic, Harsh, Bigoted
ENNEAGRAM: The Moral Perfectionist

RANK: Conplus Leader
TERM: 1401 - Present

Born in the Conplus' exile commune in the winter of 1378 to unknown parents of Fidatim citizenry, Fidel had been designated to be the next Archteacher within the final month of his mother's pregnancy. Upon birth, he was taken from his biological parents and placed in the care of Archteacher Socrates, as was tradition.

Fidel had developed to rebel against Socrates' teachings of acceptance and non-conformity by strictly conforming to the scripture of the Conplus. He took out much of his displeasure on Frederic, the only half-magical being in the Conplus at the time. Frederic also happened to be the primary beneficiary of Socrates' fatherly affection, leaving Fidel feeling neglectful and only intensifying the rivarly between the boys, who were only three years apart.

Fidel was one of the last children to be raised in the Conplus with knoweledge of the Lost God, or the God of Magic. Fidel had trained and honed his own magical abilities, but eventually disbanded the order of Magic for good when he became Archteacher in 1401. He is not open to the public about his ability.

When speaking or writing, he is fluent in Common, Historical, Fidatin, Montagese, Rougeish and Aktiporian, and knows some Akcamuran.


Frederic Desespoir 

NAME: Frederic Archimedes Desespoir
10440936677?profile=RESIZE_584x RACE: Half-Szarkai
HOMELAND: Montaggarde
AGE: 82 Years, born in 1376
STAR SIGN: Scorpio

GENDER: Demigender Man
PRONOUNS: He/Him, Feminine Titles

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEALTH: Aristocratic

VIRTUES: Diligent, Studious, Creative
VICES: Pessimistic, Loathing, Bigoted
ENNEAGRAM: The Romantic

RANK: Conplus Archclergy
TERM: 1397 - Present

Born in an isolated manor in Montaggarde in the autumn of 1376, to Conplus Greatpaladin Cedric and a captured Szarkai spy. His mother had passed on in childbirth, and Frederic was raised by his father, who loathed him over Frederic's drow heritage.

Frederic was raised to be faithful to the Conplus of Aeldria, at the time led by Archteacher Socrates Elkund, who saw promise in the boy and eventually assigned him to be the next head of Art's Order after Archpainter Arina's passing. As per tradition, since Arina had died and not retired, Frederic was granted a choice of new title, of which he chose 'Archsurgeon' after his medical specialty.

Frederic has a deep passion for Art, his patron Goddess, and expresses this through his medicinal practices. He believes his work as a doctor is also serving the Gods.

When speaking or writing, he is fluent in Common, Historical and Montagese, and knows some Elvish and Undercommon.

Zain Glorian 

NAME: Zain Emir Glorian10440999082?profile=RESIZE_584x RACE: Human
HOMELAND: Theocratic Kokkasa
AGE: 48 Years, born in 1410

GENDER: Male, Cisgender
PRONOUNS: He/Him/Himself

BUILD: Bulky
HEIGHT: 6'4"

POLITICAL VIEWS: Crown-Neutrality
WEALTH: Upper-Class

VIRTUES: Loving, Generous, Patient
VICES: Vague, Sadistic, Overbearing
ENNEAGRAM: The Helping Hand

RANK: Conplus Archclergy
TERM: 1436 - Present

Born in the newly acquired Theocratic Territory of Kokkasa in 1410 to a noble Akcamuran family, Zain's family moved to the Holy City to avoid tension and further Zain's father's political career as an ambassador. Zain grew up as a dedicated member of the Conplus, raised in the faith from youth.

Zain was selected by Archmother Volca to be her protoge when Zain was twelve. Zain was trained by Volca intensely, but she also served as somewhat of a mother figure to him, and had since youth, as all of his family had been in her Order of Life. When Archmother Volca retired in 1436, Zain took on the title of Archfather. He was 26 at the time. He gradually found himself attracted to Archsurgeon Frederic, and the two became partnered in the early 1440’s with Zain taking the more dominant role.

Zain also shared a strong bond with Archteacher Fidel, the elder mentoring him. Furthermore, he had a good relationship with Archjustice Trice as well, due to them being Volca's domestic partner.

When speaking or writing, he is fluent in Common and Akcamuran, and knows some Montagese, Rougeish and Historical.


Lithos Aurumgait

NAME: Lithos Nicholas Aurumgait10440976900?profile=RESIZE_584x
RACE: Human
HOMELAND: Aktiporio
AGE: 34 Years, born in 1424

GENDER: Male, Cisgender
PRONOUNS: He/Him/Himself

BUILD: Athletic
HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEALTH: Upper-Middle Class

VIRTUES: Bright, Charismatic, Just
VICES: Fiery, Vengeful, Selfish
ENNEAGRAM: The Challenger

RANK: Conplus Archclergy
TERM: 1454 - Present
ORDER: Death

Born in 1424 to a family of Aktiporian heritage who ran a cobbling shop in the midst of Vitance's common district, Lithos came from a humble start. His family were not members of the Conplus, and he aspired for greater things than to be a repairman like his father, and his father before him.

By 1445, he had become a recruit for the Crown Guard, and quickly ascended the ranks. While serving the Crown, the Conplus had caught his eye, and he joined their ranks as well- ascending equally as fast due to his sharp wit and impeccable physical strength.

When Archjustice Trice passed suddenly, Lithos was seen as the most fit to take over as the Archcleric of Death's domain, and he gladly accepted the promotion. With it, however, came a caveat of an arranged loveless marriage to Fidel's successor, Maeve, who remains his fiancé. The purpose of the arrangement being to seal the union between the Conplus and the Crown, as by this point, Lithos had earned a minor nobility in knighthood due to his guardsman service.

When speaking or writing, he is fluent in Common and Aktiporian, and knows some Draconic, Undercommon and Historical.

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Rosario | 21+ | x/xs/xself pronouns


Hi! I'm Rosario. I reply rather quickly and my timezone is EST. I work with animals as a job!


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