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Status: Open Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Closes: 10 Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Current: 0



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Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule No GodmoddingBullyingKilling, or Disrespect(OOC) is allowed towards my beloved character

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Grammar/Literacy: I know not everyone has English as a first language, but do try your best when writing with me so we can avoid any complications. I will return the favor.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule If you would like a specific type of relationship do be sure to ask me and give me a heads up!  Usually, I’ll be 100% okay with it as long as our characters get along through chemistry and time!! (As The Writer/Mun, I'm Dating someone IRL. Any relationships aren't me, Just my character.)

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule 18+ : I roleplay mature themes sometimes. Gore, Sexual, Death, Etc. I myself am 20, turning 21. So if you are underage, please inform me so I know to censor myself. 

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule All of my characters story is Original. Everything about Veronica is loosely based around my own ideas inspired by my own life, experiences and even some small references to TV Shows(Nikita/XIII/Legends) and Video Games(Pay Day 1&2). Other than that, she is completely from scratch.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Last but never least; Have Fun


╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ALTERNATE UNIVERSES ━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

(Documents with Details Being Written For Each Below)

(For Now I'll Try To Help With Some Idea Of What It's About)

Marvel (Inhuman - Unfinished Bio Sheet Linked)

The Walking Dead (Solo Survivor)

Star Wars (Resistance Spy/Pilot)

Supernatural (Werewolf)


|F2U| Windows (Rain) by Kuro-qu

She Is A Radiant Sun

With An Infectious Infinite Energy

To Share With The World

She Is A Thunderstorm

Destructive and Terrifying To Some;

While Beautiful and Captivating To Others 

- Veronica Azalea Grym


Full Name
Birth Name Redacted
Veronica Azalea Grym

Nicknames / Aliases / Titles
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Vee

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Ronnie(good friends)
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Az / Azzy
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Grimmie


Date & Place of Birth
May 13, 
1989 Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Southern California



 Swedish Italian  American

Western American

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Operative for CHANGE (former)
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Surgery Center Employee (current)
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Disneyland Annual Passholder 

Henry 'Hank' Kee Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Father Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Unknown
Annabelle 'Anna' Kee Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Mother Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Unknown
Zachary 'Zak' Kee Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Brother Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Unknown
Elizabeth 'Liza' Grym Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Daughter Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Alive 

Physical Traits
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Natural Wavy Brunette Hair (Frequently Dyes)
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Hazel Eyes With Bright Green Accents
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Physique: Thin, Fit, Flexible, Athletic
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Tattoos: NeckWrist
Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Scars: Few, Faded & Scattered

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Piercings: Ears

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Hand-To-Hand Combat: Veronica was trained from a very young age to be a master at hand to hand combat, and she is. She is able to hold her own and protect herself against most people.She can defeat most larger, well trained men. Veronica uses a quick fighting style, consisting of Krav Maga and a mixture of different martial art styles.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Surveillance / Infiltration / Extraction / Undercover:  She is highly trained by CHNG in these fields of skills and frequently uses them. They are some of her best fields when it came to her training and the actual level of skill.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Weaponry: Veronica was trained ferociously by CHNG to be able to handlle and use any weapon with 100% accuracy. It took years but all the work paid off, leaving her highly skilled with all types. Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Over the years, though rusty, she is still an amazing shot. 


(Rough draft, Will Edit Later)

       On May 13th, 1989 a baby girl was born to a small family of three. Annabelle; the mother. Henry; the Father. Zachary; the Brother. The growing family lived happily for about three years, before the home was engulfed in flames. That night, the four year old girl was found outside by authorities as the only living survivor. No bodies were recovered but yet no questions were asked. They simply disappeared and it only took a week for the young girl to be dumped into the foster system. However before she could be placed in a home, someone in a neat black suit and slick black hair enters the agency to take the girl and quickly disappeared without many questions. 

       The man; later known as Jarriah, brought the young girl to someplace where the location was kept from her and this was where her life truly begins. As soon as she enters she is branded with a barcode at the base of her neck, becoming the first of Change's 300 series of Super Soldiers. These are vigorously trained; and in the later 400-600 series, genetically enhanced soldiers built for speed, precision and stealth. For roughly two years, when the girl becomes six years of age, she had gone through conditioning and training to whip her into shape to be an operative. She learned to identify as nothing but a number(306) as well as forget her childhood and family, which to this day she can't recall their names herself. 

     For the following decade 306 was molded into an assassin capable of killing a dozen men before even breaking a sweat. She was Change's star trainee and they came to value her highly. In order to graduate and become an operative one must go on a solo assassination mission, completely by themself, and take out a high value target. There are no exceptions to becoming a field operative, unless Change decided to draft you for another section of the organization. There are several tiers of operative, some with higher clearance than others. 

       When 306 was sent on her graduation mission, she was sent to somewhere in South America to assassinate some kind of Militia leader, whose name she wasn't told. 306 was given coordinates, a long range rifle and a picture of the man she was to blow a hole into. 306 was only sixteen and completely cold, when it came time to pull the trigger she didn't hesitate. Later, 306 found out the man she assassinated was a father, husband and all around good man. However before the discovery of this information, she graduated and was granted the identity of Taylor Marshall.

       Taylor Marshall was a young journalist in Southern California working for a magazine. Taylor was stationed there by Change and given the objective of creating a cover. She attended Taylor's job, went out for coffee, made friends. Before she knew it, Taylor felt at home in what she was doing. This was a new experience for her, since Change had kept her miles underground from age four. After a few months of establishing stability in her cover as the Legend* Taylor Marshall, Change contacted her and gave her another job. 

       Taylor was sent to assassinate an entire household of people, including a husband, wife and three children. Another agent was actually sent to assist her who wound up shot and killed alongside the entire household. Taylor was blamed for it and severally punished, having her Legend destroyed before being pulled back into Change's bleak walls. For another two years Taylor; now stripped of her name and reconditioned as Operative 306, went through hell before being placed on another mission. 

       Before she could be placed on a flight out of the US, she stole someone's ticket and took a flight to Australia. Taylor disappeared from Change's radar and took up the name Quinn Patterson, continuing to live somewhere near Melbourne for a few years. It was here in Melbourne that she met a man by the name of Anthony Madej, he was a man that worked somewhere in the city. They ran into each other several times at coffee shops and grocery stores before she wound up asking him on a date. The two of them quickly connected and she fell madly in love with him, due to him being her first experience of this emotion in all it's intensity. They were together for roughly a year when Quinn got pregnant with her own baby girl. Tony and Quinn had planned to get married and live together hoping to grow old and die happy and satisfied with their lives. But roughly three weeks into her pregnancy; before she discovered it, she found Anthony cut to pieces in her living room with his blood splattered all over the room. Change had found her and was trying to take her in and kill any of her connections in the public world. 

       She managed to flee the retrieval units by the skin of her teeth, Change coming to believe she had perished in a dock oil explosion. Quinn was quickly running back to the states under the radar and it was here where she gave birth to her baby. Her newest identity is Veronica Azalea Grym and is by far her longest lasting. Roughly six years have passed since she gave birth to Elizabeth Grym and for now they have a stable home and life. Veronica and Liza live in Anaheim, in a small two bedroom apartment. Her new job is one at a medical center that pays well enough for her to support the both of them and a frequent habit to visit the theme park Disneyland. Veronica tries to give Elizabeth a normal life, since Change isn't aware of her existence. They don't live too far beyond their means and they are happy, truly. Elizabeth gives Ronnie a true happiness that can't be taken from her and she tries not to look or achieve too much more. Veronica doesn't have many friends now and has absolutely no family aside from her daughter, so she is considerably alone.

       This lack of people in her life doesn't upset her or bring her down, in fact she likes the independence. Veronica tries to avoid relationships in order to keep herself off the rader and keep others in the world safe from Change. Though that hasn't stopped her from unconsciously gaining attachments. Veronica lives her life now normally, getting very comfortable where she is. It seems as if Change might not be looking for her actively anymore, so this gives her very slight breathing room. The mother-daughter duo frequent Disneyland and even go to beaches and other things. They don't shy away from being in the public eye, but Veronica is careful not to push it.


       Veronica is often described by friends as bubbly, outgoing, loyal and loving. Some have said that occasionally she can be seen during a time of depression and sadness but is quick to shake these negative emotions off. Whether or not this is something she does to keep her friends from worrying, or if she truly recovers and is happy, is unknown to anyone but Veronica. Veronica likes to consider herself a very loyal and loving person to those she gets close to, though this is a rarity.

       Due to her current lifestyle, she tries not to make many friends. Though this doen't exclude the off chance that she'll grow close to someone regardless of what she believes is right to do. Veronica does tend to make friends and be social, even having her own social media accounts that she uses to talk to some of her close friends, all while having to be careful not to be found by CHANGE. 

       When it comes to her heart, it isn't very hard for her to fall in love with someone. Though this happens through personality and if someone truly catches her interest - drawing her in like a fish on a line. But if she catches herself falling for someone she can be very quick to draw back, suddenly cutting all connection with the individual off and disappearing from their life. This has happened a few times, Veronica seeing this as the only viable option. Veronica is unable to live with the thought of getting someone she loves killed without feeling physically ill. 

       She has been known to act very childish, since her childhood was spent in solitude and silence. So despite all her intense training she is able to expression emotion like a young child, which winds up being very obvious and in-your-face. Ronnie tends to be sort of bad with words and trying to put things in a way that doesn't seem rude or bad to say, when she means it in a surprisingly caring way. Veronica sometimes describes herself as the 'most awkward person, ever.'. Some of the stuff she does appears awkward in her eyes, maybe even in the eyes of others. But this doesn't stop her from being a happy-go-lucky person when she can be. Even if sometimes her personality can be too overwhelming and hyperactive for some people to handle.



Being Written

More Information on Veronica 

Orange, Purple & Black
Warm Summer Nights & Cold Winter Nights 

Sudden Loud Noises
Having to Kill
Unnecessary Rude Behavior
Flashing Bright Lights
Personal Space Invasion

Drinking Wine/Beer
Singing to Elizabeth
Dancing/Singing Disney Songs Randomly
Binge Watching TV & Movies 

Things She Enjoys To Do
Sitting Around An Open Fire
Swimming In Hot-Tub/Pool
Going To The Beach
Visiting Disneyland
Watching TV/Movies Curled In A Blanket

Dreams For The Future
Move to Austin, Texas
Posssibly Settle Down & Have More Children?
Free Herself Completely From CHANGE

Falling In Love and Finding Them Dead (again)
Getting Elizabeth Hurt/Killed
Getting Turned Back Into A Soulless Assassin
Killing Someone She Cares About / Loves
Slight Pyrophobia(from Childhood Trauma)

Image result for Hayley Marshall gif tumblr

"I'm scared to love someone and watch them die, again. I can't put someone in danger." 

Status: Single • Orientation: Heterosexual • Interests x00

Friends • Enemies • ETC




Other Fun Facts About Veronica


Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica has a universal blood type: O and extreme hatred for needles making her unlikely to give blood unless under dire circumstances.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica has suffered a mental breakdown; after the discovery of her ex-boyfriend's body, and had to spend roughly four months in a facility from hallucinations. To this day Veronica will hallucinate Anthony Madej and talk to him in highly emotional or stressful situations.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica has several bad habits but her worst and hardest to stop is when she chews on her fingernails to deal with stress and high levels of energy.She will bite her fingersnails till they bleed sometimes, often not wearing nail polish just so she won't accidentally poison herself. 

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Few times; that she can remember, has she gotten fully drunk and embarrassed herself. Nothing crazy, but enough for her to be careful from then on. When she is fairly drunk; not black out, she can be known to swarm a karaoke machine with her slurred songbird nature. She's no professional singer, but she isn't terrible. But alcohol doesn't help her. 

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica often has an irrational fear she doesn't 'belong' somewhere. Despite all the places she has lived, not once has she felt at home since her days with Anthony. She denies herself this emotion and keeps herself strong for her daughter, who feels right at home in the world. 

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica has a strict driving habit, daily checking for someone tailing her. She will take different roads everyday, occasionally change her schedule at the drop of a dime.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica often does some form of yoga, as well as other excercises to keep herself in prime fighting shape, should anything arise. This is done early morning.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica still keeps an unworn engagement ring somewhere within her belongings, from Anthony that she found the morning of his death. After he died, she kept it as her only real attachmment to him left. 

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica has a best friend; whom she tells everything and usually babysits Elizabeth, who is named Charlotte O'Hare. Charlotte is a mother, wife and Veronica's co-worker at the Surgery Center.

Icon Mickey by AndreaSweetRule Veronica is a great cook, despite having a bad habit of eating junk food. 


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