Carmilla Karnstein 
Born, Mircalla Von Karnstein
The Last Karnstein
335 | Vampire 

Brown Eyes 
Dark Brunette 

Lesbian | 
Married to Laura Hollis 

Current Residence:
Silas, Austria | Traveling 
Languages: English, German, Sumerian.
Supernatural Speed 
Supernatural Strength 
Skilled Swordsman 
Practioner of Magic (minor) 
Teleportation (Minor use) 

With a melancholic disposition; She is strong willed. The only time she will "save the day" is if someone she cares for is in danger. She is by NO MEANS a hero and doesn't pretend to be. Nor will she ever. She chooses not to pretend what she isn't if she has a chance. 

Despite caring for few, she chooses to remain distant from people. She is/was a philosophy student and prefers to spend her time reading rather than anything. 

Despite her outwards appearance, she can be insecure and private about her personal relationships. She doesn't like it when people pry, nor does she like too many questions if she's not ready to talk about it to people she doesn't know. 
She's snarky and a brooder. Sarcastic often as well. While dark, she's not evil but she's not good either. She's rude but charming when she has/needs to be. She'd prefer to be left to herself, her loved ones, and a good book. 

Despite this and her harsh honesty about the world, she does care much more deeply than she lets on by all means. She thinks more and deeper than seen by an outside view. She prefers to keep her thoughts to herself until by some luck they are important or it's inevitable to keep them to herself. 

She maintains a laid back, punk rock, lifestyle. She prefers mostly dark clothing items like corsets and leather pants. She's messy to live with and has none to a little conception of others private property and ownership. 
She's often "cat-like".
"My side of the story? Alright, buckle up creampuff. We're going to be in for a long night, or Wednesday afternoon. 

I was born Mircalla, daughter of the Count Karnstein, In Styria- a dutchy of Austria, in 1680. Austria was embroiled in the great war against the Ottoman Empire, but, such things meant little to a wealthy girl. When I was 18, I attended a ball where I was a murdered. 

Mother raised me- not my birth mother, but the mother I knew after death. I knew nothing of her except she was very old, and very wise, and had pried apart the jaws of death to enact my rescue. 

The wide opened to me in death as it had never been in life. We danced in the mirrored halls of Versailles. We watched the stars whirl overseas no man had named. We saw the birth of a new world in science and philosophy and revolution. Every night was a grand ball...a hunt...a feast. 

But, every twenty years we would return here and perform a strange ritual. Mother would arrange for me too, meet a young girl. I'd be abandoned at a ball or there'd be a carriage wreck and some kind stranger and his ward, like a niece or a daughter would be gallant enough to take me in. Pretty soon, she and I would become fast friends. Inseparable. But of course, my new friend would fall ill. I think you recognize the symptoms. Strange behavior. The weakness of the mind. And before long it would be time for me to rejoin my mother in search of my next friend." 

"Uh, Yo, liquid diet? You aren't exactly making a case for us not being a kidnapper here." 

"I-I was never a kidnapper. I was a lure. And that's how I met Ell. 

t was 1872, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art had just opened in New York and I wanted more than anything to sail and see it. But Maman insisted. The game started off the same. Carriage wreck, a promise of shelter, fast friendship...Only this time, nothing was a lie. And when the time came to take Ell to my mother, I- I couldn't bear to give her up. So I planned our escape and went ahead to make preparations. But, um, when the time came for Ell to meet me, disaster struck. I had...taken great lengths to hide what I was from her. But Maman went to her in secret and revealed my true nature in the most horrifying light. 

Ell believed me to be a monster and led Maman to where I waited. And so my price for the disobedience was to watch Ell be taken away to some certain doom and to be sealed in a coffin of blood so that I may waste away my long centuries in the dark. For decades, I rotted under the earth. And then the war came. The last great war of the modern world. That ran the earth with tanks and mines and bombs. So, my punishment came to an end and I walked off the battlefield in Austria to greet the 20th century. 

Maman found me in Paris in the 1950s and didn't have the heart to reinter me. I was of more use here, where the details had changed, but the game had not. I was to meet girls and make friends and see to it that the blossoms were ready to be plucked when Maman decided. 

I pretended to go along. I had no choice. But I ruined opportunities where I could. I sent girls fleeing back to the safety of mothers and fathers and fallback schools. There can be...great satisfaction in small revenge. And I never knew what use Maman had for the girls. It was always a secret she had kept from me, but I could afford to bide my time so I watched and I waited...until I learned what I had truly been a part of all along. 

What I had betrayed Ell to before she betrayed me. 

All too tragic for sock puppets."
On the eve of her 18th birthday, Mircalla was killed. On her way home from her birthday, her carriage was crashed by an unknown animal, she bled out and died shortly after. Fortunately or unfortunately, Lilita Morgan, her sire, took the young girl and "had pried apart the jaws of death to enact my rescue." She was risen and taught to feed, despite initial hesitancy. 

Lilita had planned to help sway Mircalla away from her family, despite this, on the day of Mircalla funeral, Lilita's plans to break Mircalla from her family were sent awry. She'd given Mircalla enough time for a funeral after? She would be Lilita's completely, unfortunately, a man and long time admirer of Mircalla stole her body before she could properly arise.
He claimed this was to "protect" her, but Mircalla does not hate this deeply without reason. Her body was kept, and after she awoke? She was hidden and locked in a cell, used for his purposes he saw fit. She was kept and put under this torture for a full two months until she escaped her cell, and with rage filling her to the brim, his family was slaughtered. Leaving Baron Vordenberg to die. She left under Lilita's wing. 

Because of Baron Vordenberg's actions, a seed of hate was sown into Mircalla. Not just for the man, but his cruel words about her existence caused a struggle initially to accept what she was, and tried to deny it. This wore thin on Lilita's nerves. The woman presented herself as a caring mother, a savior, but was nothing but cruel. It soon became obvious to Mircalla. With the help of Mataska, a fast becoming friend, she forced herself to accept her nature if only out of fear of disappointment. 

In the 1710's, Mircalla was taught how to hunt, bury the proof, and get away if need be. Soon after proper training begun on how to control both her hunger and strength, two very important things. Any time cockiness, presumptuous, or boastful traits arose, she was punished. Chastised. Threatened even. 

Mircalla received her first 'charge' in the early 1720's, a young girl. The daughter of a politician. Unfortunately, Mircalla was still young in her vampiric years and very naive in her ability and knowledge about herself. The girl died as a result of an attack on the man and his family. She got away but not without being punished for failing to do as her mother had asked of her. She was sent back to train longer. 

During this time period, Mircalla was forced back into Training until she was seen as skilled and careful enough to be trusted with more of the girls Lilita had picked out for whatever plans she had. Any question about WHY she needed the girls lead to more questions, threats, and even punishment. She soon stopped asking and focused on training. 

in 1740, Mircalla had become quite good with a sword, and well enough with her abilities even those that seemed to just happen without a second thought. Lilita saw strength and will in her that she didn't have many of her other children, and because of this, Mircalla was sent to deal with any that would oppose her, attack, or stop her. This meant she faced a number of other supernatural creatures and hunters. She became good at either escaping or killing those she met. 

She became something of her mother's favorite guard dog, itching to do what she could for awhile to be in her mother's graces. During this time, she enjoyed the violence. Thrived on finding a good fight to endure and even win. This didn't mean she won all, in fact, she lost quite a few, and learned from the mistakes she survived. 

And so began another round, another game, and certainly more devious. She had learned, by this point, not to question lest she desired a fast end to her life. So thus she listened and never questioned her mother. She did as asked, when she asked, and refused to get on her bad side again. Thought accidents did happen, and while her mother was a smart woman, she was very short tempered with her children. 

Mircalla coined and favored the name Carmilla for herself. 

Carmilla was given a new charge and did so willingly. She became so very used to the game, though she never knew the true rules of the games, she never crossed them. She stayed on her mother's side and made sure that all the girls that had been picked by her mother, were ready and unharmed when the time came, of course. 

Another set of years, another turn of events. She became used to the way the game was played, doing as asked, and trying to avoid punishment where it might have happened. This didn't stop her curiosity about each girl she was set to watch over. Befriend. Betray. In the end. This would happen, five girls, every twenty years. Like clockwork. She had already grown an emotional detachment to most, if not all, if possible. 

Despite her detachment and cruel sense of the word, romantic feelings and curiosity did happen. Though they never grew far enough to be considered love, she was smarter than that, by far. This time frame also posed another challenge, the awakening of a few new powers. She trained. Controlled. Every so often would be sent out to deal with trouble, for her dearest mother. If need be. 

A disagreement between her 'family' and another vampiric one, led to a short-lived battle. An old very sure of himself, vampire led the charge against Lilita. In belief he had her on the ropes, where he wanted her, little had he known, little had anyone truly known, the scope of her magical capabilities. The fall of an opposing 'family' led to the slight rise of Lilita's name as well as her children's. Few tried to oppose her or start another fight again. Carmilla still has scars from this disagreement. 

Despite this, she was still forced to do her duty. So she did. Until the time came she was given a sword and ordered to fight. She did. Though the battles short, they left a lasting impression on Carmilla. A reason why she doesn't like to resort to violence first unless it's needed, though part of her will always enjoy the thrill of a hunt 

A troubling year, anyone who knows of it knows why. She was given a new set of charges, and all had been delivered as asked. Save for the last. It was meant to be a clean break or as clean as can be, as all the others had been. But Ell? Ell enchanted her, endeared her, and in return, Carmilla fell in love truly for the first time. The possibility she might deserve more than her damned mother's existence told her? 

She made plans to escape with Ell, but far too late. She was discovered. Lilita appeared to Ell and revealed what she was in a horrific light. The last few words Ell had for her were many, and none nice. Ell was taken to be part of her mother's rituals. Carmilla couldn't save her, Carmilla herself was given no other alternative. Her mother was stronger. 

Because of what her mother viewed as a betrayal and weakness, Carmilla was hidden away in a coffin feet below the earth, filled with blood to waste away her long centuries in the dark. She became the very definition of hopeless. Every hour was solid torture to her, eventually, blood became stale and unclean, horrible to drink. With every sip, she became weaker and weaker until it took far too much strength to even move an inch. For awhile, she lost herself, in despair, hopelessness, and depression. She was doomed to what a corpse's fate normally would be. 

It wasn't until the bombs and battles of world war two in 1945 set her free, that she managed to regain some sort of sanity, and forced herself out of the literal hole she was trapped in for so long. Hunger overtook her, she was forced to feed off of the victims and fallen of the battles. Barely managing to escape. Her strength came back and she fled to Paris. 

She spent a good five to eight years in Paris before she was sought out and found again by her mother. Instead of being retired, she was forced under the rule of her mother's hand again. This time...she was smarter and didn't challenge or think to challenge her mother. She made herself small within the new line of "Morgans". 

She was sent back to Austria with her mother, to the university, her mother was dean of. Silas University. A perfect lie and act to find new sacrifices for the rituals. Carmilla took great pleasure in turning away girls that she could, scaring them off back home, without getting caught. Though her mother had her suspicions. Great joy in small revenge. 

She game was still played, and she still played it oh so carefully. The amount of girls she turned away, became lessened for a time when her mother became very suspicious. She managed to evade it and convince her otherwise, but Lilita never really trusted Carmilla after the events of 1872. She kept an eye on her for some time until she was almost convinced otherwise of Carmilla and her part in the missing girls running away. 

Carmilla became the enforcer of her mother's rule for a short time at the university in 2013, any mishap caused by a student or even faculty, Carmilla was sent to investigate and get answers or be punished for failing to do so. Whether or not the answers were ones well liked, Carmilla did this begrudgingly. She kept to herself primarily. 

In 2014, she was given a new set of charges, and a new plan was given. The unexpected variable? Laura Hollis. When her roommate went missing, she seemed to catch on and unveil a deep-seated ancient plan not even Carmilla truly knew about. Despite being tied up (literally) and accused of many things, Carmilla still found the frivolous girl endearing. Once frustration and annoyance at the other turned to understanding, and then, eventual love. Carmilla was lead by her feelings to save Laura on the eve of the ritual. She ended up saving the entire campus

Despite initially believed to be dead, she was saved, and with Laura as well as a few of her girlfriend's friends, they attempted to flee the campus but were forced back to campus instead. 

The campus was a mess, almost a battle zone. So much happened within a short amount of time. betrayal, breakup, death, a war of sorts, and continual frustration. Eventually, she came face to face with the descendant of Baron Vordenberg. An old man who had her chained and planned to kill her, but Laura stepped in and saved her, by default killing him. This left her in a catatonic state for a few days. 

Eventually, it was discovered her mother hadn't died and had plans yet again. This time for their own safety and to be rid of her, they tried to stop her.
They did stop her, but not in the way you'd have guessed or thought. Sacrifice wasn't only Carmilla's destiny. Both lived. Both loved. Both moved on and strengthened.

Currently, Carmill resides in many places according to rumor.
Deaths demi-god
  • She can't be killed by sunlight, however being in sunlight for an extended period of time does take it's toll on her causing her weaken greatly and/or faint.
  • She can survive long periods without blood.
  • She has great control over her bloodlust.
  • She is not invincible but is not easy to kill. Silver doesn't effect her as much as Iron does. (Inspired by a scene in the Novella.) 
  • Carmilla is a panther shifter but also possesses the ability to travel  distances in a smoke form. This is different from her teleportation ability, as it's another form.
  • She knows magic, but doesn't find use for it often.
  • She is claustrophobic.
  • She's a well-trained swordsman. A hidden secret.
  • In the future, she has a daughter. If you chose to RP in the future, remain aware Sonne might pop up.
  • She is aware she's NOT the strongest vampire nor does she pretend to be.
  • She DOES NOT judge based on race, sex, skin color, status, blood line. People are just people to her and will be treated the same, which is usually not nice. Everyone is an idiot
  • She wears a cross neckless she stole off of the corpse of a priest she killed.
  • She is highly unlikely to turn someone.



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  • He holds up three fingers, apparently pleased with this news.

  • "Hey. Am I an uncle again yet?"

  • He couldn't imagine someone so cheerful getting upset - but that's how life works. Eternal happiness just doesn't exist no matter who you are. Children are always cute until the tears come out, which is when the real test of parenthood will come out. Taylor is simply grateful he only has to deal with a giggly child right now. 

    At the mention of his stolen heart, Taylor blushes such a deep shade it would seem as though Carm has hit the nail on the head. He forces a laugh to ease his own awkwardness, but it's clear she's caught him off guard. Yet, as embarrassed as he is, he can't deny Sonne's adorable request. Red cheeks and all, he quickly boops her nose once more and grins.

  • \\I'm so sorry its taking me so long with your starter, I'm just about done with it and it will be sent to you tomorrow :)

  • Sonne's excitement throws Taylor off. Not in a bad way, but he never expected her to be so thrilled about being held by him. He's nervous, only because part of him is expecting her to suddenly cry. Thankfully, she doesn't. It reminds him of days long ago, when he'd hold Mouse back when she was tinier and innocent. Those are fond memories. As he takes Sonne from Carm's arms, he settles the small girl on his hip. He takes on a smile that's rare to grace his face - a wider more genuine version of the timid one he often has.

    "You're the biggest bundle of joy I've met." He says, even laughing along with her a little. It's not a lie. Innocence is near non-existent in his life. This is the closest thing he'll ever come to it.

    "I thought she looked a lot like you at first, but now I see her close up, she reminds me a lot of Laura." He admits, finding it strange to be holding a person who is quite literally a combination of the two women. Taylor's free hand pinches the tip of Sonne's nose gently, then boops it. His heart should have known better than to hold her because it seems Sonne's already held it captive. 

  • It's hard to not smile back at that small, giggling face. Sun is a fitting nickname, she's a glowing light in a dark room. Taylor remains reluctant, but it would seem that his hesitancy has dimmed a fraction. A smile goes a long way, and as it turns out, it's the easiest way to an amnesiac vampire's heart. He smiles back. Any more of this and his cheeks will begin to ache. Slowly, he wriggles his hand up and down, pulling Sonne's with his movement, "Stronger than you look." He whispers like it's a secret Carm is not mean to hear. 

    Blue eyes dart back into Carm's direction, his head tilting in just the right way for him to appear younger. At over 200 years, passing off in 20's isn't too bad, "I guess life never does go the way we expect it to." He says, his own words making him think of all the things that he's done in his life. Even the things he doesn't remember.

    Maybe Carm doesn't mean to make Taylor flustered, but she does. His cheeks go red, and he knows they are because he can feel the heat on his face. To lessen his embarrassment, he looks away and laughs sheepishly, "You know... I feel the same way. It hasn't been easy, so it's really good to see you too." As he thinks about it, he peers up to look between Carm and Sonne, "Can.. Can I-.. hold her?" He asks, sounding only a little cautious. 

  • He looks surprised by Carm's words as if the idea that she would be bad at motherhood never occurred to him because, well, it didn't. Though, in defence of others opinions, Taylor has always seen a more motherly side to Carm than anything else. Their relationship is different. She took him under his wing even when she didn't have to. Hell, she practically raised him in a sense. Without her, Taylor might still be chewing on ice to numb his gums and complaining about all the noise in the cities. Maybe she never did spoil him, or dust off his shoulders every time he fell. But she pushed him when he needed it.

    Taylor smiles, "I think you're a great mother. Sonne's lucky." His eyes go to her, and he reaches out to softly grab her small hand, "And you are too." He adds. A part of him so deep and far away that even he might not even realize, is perhaps a little jealous. Lately, it seems as if he's lost so much. Even so, he's happy for Carm and Laura.  

    "Of course I wanted to meet her. How could I not?"

  • Unsure what he should be doing with his hands, Taylor closes and opens them at his sides. He doesn't say much as he slowly looks between Carm and Sonne, but it's obvious he's nervous for whatever reason. It's a relief to be liked though. Taylor wonders if it's normal to feel a sense of pride at having taken second Sonne's second word, but he doesn't say anything.

    He smiles awkwardly and is greatly reminded of why he had no desire to have children of his own. Not that he doesn't like them, but he's fairly certain he wouldn't make a very good father. And it's possible, too. Though, he doesn't know if he really can have children in the normal way, nor does he have intentions of finding out soon.

    Taylor doesn't question the way Carm talks to her daughter - how else are kids meant to learn to understand fully?

    "Sorry, I'm not good with kids." As if it weren't obvious enough.

  • Carm is replaced by a curiously deep purple smoke. All he can do is wait anxiously with one hand holding the other arm's forearm. He looks like an anxious teen about to knock on his prom date's front door. But, he never went to prom and it's not a date's intimidating father he's nervous he might see. It's silly to think a kid barely a year old that he's never set eyes on has a vampire's stomach turned into knots. He takes a deep breath.

    Before he knows it, Carm returns with Sonne in her arms. Taylor stares, unsure what to say or do. He looks back and forth hesitantly, then tries to smile once he realizes he's been frowning, "Hey. Sun.." He mumbles timidly, voice barely above the volume of a whisper. He can't believe how much like Laura this tiny twin of Carm looks like. When a little hand reaches out, he freezes still. Surely with the blush across his cheeks, he'll feel warm. 

    "She's cute." He finally says, letting the nervousness roll off his shoulders.

  • "Fair." He shrugs. "I guess I brought this on myself."

This reply was deleted.


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Dec 10, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
"Sonne seems pleasantly happy with Taylor's admittance of her strength. She giggles more at the confirmation and whisper and Carm? She couldn't be happier for the moment. It's such a rare precious moment...they mostly spend their time at home, with l…"
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"She gives him a sad smile, because she recognizes the look on his face. While it's been years for her since the loss of the only brother she's ever known, it's been shorter to Taylor. He is still grieving and has every right to. In a twisted way she…"
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Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
"She doesn't blame him, kids are hard and honestly, this wasn't something she thought she'd have. Not because she wanted it- she is, in fact, indifferent to kids usually -but because she's dead. She's a mess. Sure she'd fuck up a child and be the rea…"
Dec 9, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
"Sonne giggles as her name is said, trying to turn in her mother's arms to reach for him with both hands. Like she wants him to hold her, but Carmilla has a feeling that won't be comfortable for Taylor, so she simply readjusts her daughter on her hip…"
Dec 7, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
"She stalls for a moment. She doesn't correct him nor does she second guess wanting to introduce the two, she just seems to think for a moment. She gives no indication of what, though, but more than likely her daughter's schedule or perhaps a number…"
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""Teleportation, me? Yes. Her? Thank go no. Telepathy to reach her stuffed cat and pyromancy usually. She loves to conjure things too."
His question makes her blink in shock. It's a surprise but a pleasant one because she loves her daughter and is al…"
Dec 6, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
""Yeah," she laughs lightly, "she has...powers, abilities already. Fire usually happens after nightmares. If you know a good place to get fireproof charms, please let me know. I need it."
She shrugs. It's ridiculous how many times she's had to buy ne…"
Dec 5, 2017
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"She smiles in understanding.
"I meant that I'm using my child as an excuse. If you ever want the company I'm more than happy to send her to one of her many...aunts or uncles. I'm also not going to force you into it," she doesn't seem offended only u…"
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Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
"She smiles, happy to tell the tale of her daughter, "My sire was...a goddess turned the wrong path. Laura saved her, let her return to the heavens she once knew as home. Her siblings, I suppose, thought she needed to reconnect with the humanity she…"
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Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
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Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
""If you want," she answers truthfully, "It's not a surprise to anyone I know in- well the future for you I suppose. It's just a big change." She rummages into her pocket and pulls out a small wallet photo, but she doesn't hand it over, "only if you…"
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Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Taylor Connor
""Thats not all of it, I-" she thinks for a moment, "I have a secret now."
She studies him as he speaks, and for a moment it's like she's trying to remember his face. Part her is still in disbelief that this is very much real, that it's not a dream.…"
Dec 4, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Liliána, The Spider Princess
"(Sorry for the late reply!)
Carmilla, of course, never looked out of place in a party. It was where she thrived. She'd been raised to work them in her favor, to seek out her goal, and grasp it in her hands. She was never a truly fair nor innocent gi…"
Dec 4, 2017
Kᴀʀɴsᴛᴇɪɴ left a comment for Obergeist [Dr. J. Steinholtz]
""Jesus christ, sure," she holds the bridge of her nose with her thumb and index finger for a moment, "I'll pay. How many do you want?""
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