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  Born in the secluded forests of Katalam located in Russia, Maya lived a relatively normal life for a Fairy. Her tribe consisted of mostly Earth Fairies. Still, her clan accepted her just as they had her mother all those years ago. With no mentor due to elemental differences, Maya has barely begun to scratch the surface of her Fae abilities. 

  As the past would state. Maya's mother fell from the Heavens long ago. A Fae servant to the Angels she'd no longer be. Maya's mother had always seen the logic in Lucifer's ways and thus made a choice. This lead her mother through trials like no other. 

  Some believe Lucifer was the reason for her Mother's death. Other's say Ceres (Maya's Mother) lost touch with reality when the Void corrupted her. 

  Either way, Maya was young when her mother "abandon" her. A dangerous quest became her downfall. Only now that Maya has chosen to venture out of Katalam's Woodlands and into civilization has she begun to unravel the great battle that was fought on the very grounds she thrived.



The Golden Child..



 50% Arabic / 50% Unknown

Not such a Golden Child after all. Maya's birth was a complete accident. Not only that, it was completely against her mother's will. Her father not only ran experiments on, but raped Maya's mother on several occasions in order to create the "Perfect" Hybrid. Unfortunately, Maya was not that prize he sought. 

  Once her mother escaped to freedom, she kept Maya a secret from everyone except her Fae Clan. While Maya was completely unplanned and conceived under the worst of conditions, Ceres still loved Maya dearly. 

  While Maya does not know this history, it's expected that one day she will find out. Perhaps the origins of her half-brother will come to light. While Maya has heard rumors of a half-kin, she's yet to see or discover more about him. 

  Her mother has left her specific instructions. Being the good daughter she is, it's likely Maya will follow. "Find Jett, Stay with him, and don't trust anyone else."


"The Stars, They Call to Me"8914942899?profile=RESIZE_584x

Maya is a Water Fairy, thus her abilities mirror her origins. This doesn't stop her from having a deep affinity with the stars. She's always been not only fascinated but drawn to them. While the answer lies in her father's genes, Maya is not yet aware of this. The recessive traits of her father have left her with virtually nothing but his looks. Maya is still learning and has barely begun to develop her elemental nature. Most abilities will appear as her story progresses and she learns!


Fairy Dust: Often Sought after by hunters and witches alike. Maya has never used this dust on anyone and doesn't actually know the effects of it. The dust naturally forms and collects on her wings only falling off when there is excess. It is said to be highly popular on the black market.

Water Healing: Maya can use bodies of water such as Rivers, Lakes, etc. to heal herself or others. 

Water Dancing: An enchanting dance that holds little to no beneficial effects. It is said to cure minor ailments such as poisons and other sicknesses. This ability has also been known to grant rest to the warry, and overall produce a calming effect. 


Relationships and Meaningful Interactions



Maya's half-brother. Vash boasts a different mother, but he's yet to reveal who that is. The two have recently met and not yet shared much information with one another. Maya is much weaker than him, but Vash seems oddly accepting. He appears to have a brotherly protectiveness about him. While he's eager to take Maya to his home planet in the stars, Maya has thus far declined. Perhaps this explains her affinity to the Stars all along.



Maya's protector. Jett had vowed to fulfill a favor to Maya's mother while she took her last breaths. However, Jett was not expecting a child of all favors. While Maya's mother trusted Jett with her life, she trusted no one with the knowledge of Maya's life. Thus Maya followed her mother's orders and sought Jett out. He protects her with his life, and she tells him stories of her mother from the past. These stories somehow comfort the Lost Soul



(My Retired Character of 9 years) Maya's Mother. Ceres cared for her daughter dearly and her quest for power was the final piece she needed to keep her daughter safe. Ceres ended up claiming the Void's power. This eventually drove her to gentle insanity. With a crazy plan to face the King of the Stars, Ceres and Jett eventually became Amir's downfall. This came at a cost; Ceres did not leave the battle alive. However, she entrusted Jett with Maya's wellbeing and happily said her final goodbyes knowing her daughter was free of her looming Father.



(Retired character of Vasharti's Player) Father to Maya. She's never met him and was quickly hidden away from him by her mother. She retains several features of his physically, but virtually none of his Cosmic abilities. While Maya knows of his wrong-doings as well as his passing, she has no interest in learning more about him. Maya was his first attempt and creating the perfect Starcaller. Unfortunately, she was a failure. While she's technically Royalty, she has no interest in claiming her father's fallen title of King "Queen" of the Stars.




About the Writer: Hi everyone! My name is Melody but most of my friends just call me Mel :) I love writing, I was the 5th member to join this site back in 2015! I do have sporadic events going on sometimes with Real Life, but I do try to get on as much as I can! I have made great friends on here and also joined several IRL friends on Writer's Realm! Although I seem like I have a "main" Storyline going on, please don't hesitate to add me! I want you to be part of that storyline too :D I love occ banter and cute gifs! 

8990214680?profile=RESIZE_400xWriter's Favored Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy❤️, Twisted Romance❤️, Minor Gore, Magical / Mystical, Adventure

When Writing with Me:

Trigger Warning! I write & have written out several Dark Themes Pertaining to Torture, Rape, Death Scenes, etc. Please Understand this Moving Forward!

  • Para to Novella Style, please. I like detail and try to add as much as I can. I do not accept/nor write One-Liners. 
  • I do not do random Smut. In fact, I don't really write smut at all. So if that's what you're looking for - I suck anyway :p
  • I assume it's common sense not to kill someone's character, force hits, all that basic RP stuff. 
  • Please try to use good grammar. I'm far from perfect myself!
  • Don't hesitate to message me if I haven't replied to you. Sometimes I do go away for a little while, a jab every so often is nice!


Thank you Mar-Mar for the Profile Layout and Music Video

Face Claim is Dina Denoire

Music will change with Character's Storyline - It could be directed at another Character or simply the way Maya is feeling at the moment. 

Word art from Cool Text

Photo Editing by Mar-Mar






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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Child Friendly, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello ^-^ I love writing with just about anyone so don't be afraid to ask. I can plot or wing things. I'm probably better at winging storylines since I suck being put on the spot for ideas. I'm just now getting back into the RP world after about a year long break. I'm happy to meet some new people and hopefully make some good friends :) - Mel

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  • Will be back soon! Busy start to Sumner with family!

  •  [Thank you for having accepted, I apologize I hadn't spoken beforehand.. I've been busy with RL. I hope we can plot sometime?]

  • Hey, thanks for accepting. Interesting character you have. Would you like to try and create a story? 

  • -So I write strictly based off of the original film, Sleeping Beauty, along with the Grimm fairy tales. I did see the two Maleficent films, but they really did not capture her character. She was basically just Maleficent in name only. I write her as the villain she is meant to be. I have a decent amount of information regarding her character on my page, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. ^^ In case it is not obvious, I love talking about it haha. Maleficent was exiled from the fairy community a looooong time ago, so her relationship with other fairies is not great! Are there any plot lines you have wanted to try out with Maya? Does she dabble at all in dark magic?-

  • A glass of bourbon was intertwined between his fingers as the smooth but strong liquid moved past his lips and down his throat like honey, sweet with a little bit of edge to it. Buzz Buzz Buzz Ashers phone went off in his Jean pocket before placing his drink down and lifting the phone to his ear "Yeah?" He spoke, short and to the point how he'd always been.

    Ledger Guard One - "Young woman walking among the streets, curled dark hair and blue eyes with caramel like tan skin. Woman seems to be headed east of the city, heading towards.." Asher cleared his throat before his deep voice echoed through the phone towards Ledger interrupting his words "Bring Her, Now." Asher hung up the phone with a click, tossing his phone towards the desk before him while he fell silent, his storm gray hues watching the flames that danced within the fireplace infront of him aimlessly. 

    Ledgers red orbs glowed bright like little orbs floating through the darkened alleyway along with his other fellow demon companions. Ledger was soon right behind the young female "Ma'am" A deep unholy voice echoed from behind her, when and if she turned a black powder like substance was blown into her face from his scaly like hand with sharp dark claws sending her into a very swift and deep sleep. 


    Main Capital - Underground Holding Cell - Approximately 4:25am Early Morning

    The cell the woman had been placed in was dark, nothing other then a beaming red light up in the corner of the cell. A double bunk laid to her right with a toilet and sink on the left, thick steel bars holding her captive until further notice.. while her body laid asleep on the cold concrete floor. Cameras laid prominent up in the high corners of the cell and hallway while cries and whispers could be heard from afar from the other women whom either were being held and awaited to be placed elsewhere like Maya, or killed for going against the rules of this new world order.

    Asher stood while his eyes watched the large screen where Mayas camera was turned on, taking a moment to analyze the young woman laying unconscious on the ground.. Ashers jaws clenched tightly as his muscles contracted from the pressure with his arms crossed towards his chest, waiting.

  • // He uses a special powder to do it, and it's a rare site for Temp to actually use it, mostly because of the compression causing him to get sick a lot. It'll likely happen if they venture into an urban environment.

    As for unfilled roles, I gotta think about that one. I feel like we should have some kind of mutual goal for the two, something that starts almost right off the bat to keep things interesting. 

  • I will get to your reply here within the hour, sorry about the wait! Just moved so everything's been a little crazy on my end in real life, thank you so much for the patience.

  •  {I apologize, I had read back and realized I owed you a reply for our plot.  yes rescuing from Fairy Hunters, Morganna would assisting Maya against Fae Hunters. Having her own grief with them she'd help, Maya. Oh we can go anywhere, Supergirl show has it placed within National City, I believe but I don't mind it being elsewhere... Hm, why not Philadelphia, PA. Would that be fine? It actually doesn't matter lol. If you wish to start, that is fine with me :), and if you wish me to I will try}

  • -I think it would be interesting if these two met. Are you interested in plotting? I can place Mal in any time period.-

  • // Welcome. And I think I'm interested. :) Do you want to plot first or just start to see where it goes?

    I was going to ask if you could write the starter as well.

This reply was deleted.

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