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Full Name
Rylee Alura Zor-El/Danvers

Nickname(s) & Aliases
Rylee Danvers(Cover Name), Ryles, Ry(Rye), Starlight, Sunbeam


½ Unknown
½ Kryptonian


Birth Date
July 31, 2036

Birthplace & Current Residence
National City (birthplace)
Traveling (current)

Kara Zor-El [Mother: MIA]
Name Unknown [Father: MIA]



Almond Milk┊Cherry Blossom┊Victoria Secret 'Tease' Perfume

Face Claim & Physical Description
Olivia Holt(young face)┊Claire Holt(adult face)
Rylee is a very beautiful and gorgeous young woman in her mid twenties. She has blue eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, lightly tanned skin and dark brown hair she dyes blonde worn in loose waves. She stands at 5'3" and her frame is slim and petite

Passive < Novice < Master < Expert

Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Rylee's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy spectrum of a yellow sun, she becomes able to perform various inhuman feats.
[Status: Passive]

Solar energy absorption: While Rylee's powers are mildly dependent on the energy spectrum from a yellow sun, her body is able to constantly and passively absorb such energy while exposed to it, essentially keeping her reserves fully charged near-constantly. Direct exposure to the light of a yellow sun will also accelerate her recovery from any injuries she does manage to sustain.
[Status: Passive]

Accelerated healing factor: Rylee's metabolism is tremendously enhanced by solar energy, allowing accelerated healing abilities and burning calories at a superhuman rate, making her practically immune to becoming fat or obese.
[Status: Passive]

Contaminant immunity: Rylee has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth. However, despite being unable to being inebriated or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol from Earth, she has shown herself to have a particularly low tolerance to alien alcohol.
[Status: Passive]

Flight: Rylee is able to manipulate her own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel herself through the air, often at hyper-sonic speeds, much faster than she can travel by foot. As such, she is able to levitate and fly past Earth's atmosphere and near the planet's orbit.
[Status: Expert]

Heat vision: By concentrating every solar energy reserve she has in her body, Rylee can emit blue energy beams of variable intensity and temperature from her eyes. Due to her control over the beams, she is capable of burning through stone and welding metal, causing small explosions and fires, and physically repelling enemies with similar durability, making it useful in combat.
[Status: Novice]

Invulnerability: Rylee is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting whenever they come into contact with her skin. However, her durability has proven to be somewhat weaker than that of her mother, Kara Zor-El. This is probably due to the fact that she has spent more time under the Earth's yellow sun than Rylee has. She is immune to most forms of extreme punishment.
[Status: Passive]

To Be Added


Rylee is a very bold and bright personality, someone very happy and generous. The young kryptonian is very affectionate and loyal with those important to her. Rylee can be known to be highly stubborn and even sometimes lazy, demanding and intolerant. Though her cons are highly outweighted by her pros. People have described her as 'a beam of sunshine' very often, Rylee being a very playful and a ambitious young lady.



(Vague, will be written better later) The future daughter of two superheroes, from an alternate universe than the one you may know famously. Their names are kept secret, but upon close inspection of Rylee it may not be too difficult to put together. However, By Rylee's twentieth birthday, her mother disappeared as did her father. So in an attempt to find them, she tried to travel into the past to the day they disappeared - but instead traveled over twenty-seven years into the past - to before her parents' marriage and her own birth.

More To Come





Rylee can be identified as a heterosexual, though she has never had any experience in relationships. It is safe to assume that she is protective over whomever she comes to care for, over anything even her own life. She is loyal, sometimes to a fault and being blind to someone's negative side.

Rylee, however, has felt an interest towards an older man - almost twenty years older than her - which was unrequited. Rylee's taste in men, from this example, is the older more mature male's. She tends to fall for personality overall, sometimes liking someone without quite 'noticing' it at first.




 Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-ElDanvers

biological mother • single parent & superhero • status: missing

Kara is Rylee's biological mother and her only parent. Rylee was born between Kara and another superhero, who hasn't ever been revealed by Kara to her daughter or anyone in her life - actually. 

(More to be written if a Kara role with Rylee)




Kal-El / Clark 'Superman' Kent

biological uncle • temporary mentor & superhero • status: alive

Clark is Rylee's Uncle, her only and biasedly - her favorite. She has visited him in metropolis a few times and actually trained with him on occasion, to help with the honing of her own abilities. She loves to fly around with him, especially. 

(More to be written if a Superman roleplays with Rylee)



 Alex Danvers

adopted aunt  DEO agent  status: alive

Alex Danvers is the daughter of Jeremiah and  Danvers who 'adopted' Rylee's mother Kara when she arrived on Earth. This makes Alex Rylee's only Aunt, and one of Rylee's favorite people to be around. She thinks her Aunt is totally kick ass and loves when she comes over for Dinner. 


(More to be written if an Alex roleplay with Rylee)


 More To Be Added Over Time



Steve Rogers • Comments/Inbox • Starter Sent

 Dark Supergirl: Kara Zor-El II • Comments • Banter Sent



RP Goals

• Roleplaying with an Oliver Queen/Barry Allen

• Finding her mother (Kara Zor-El)


More to Come

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    Happy holidays Niece

  • ((Thanks for acceptin' my add :) Hopefully we can plot))

    And also, get well soon

  • ☠Hi, oh wow what an interesting character! Thank you so much for accepting my request, I hope it was ok to send. I hope to plot an role-play if you have an opening available. ☠

  • “Well you are lucky to find me when you did. In the beginning, I wanted to kill both your mother and her cousin. Also wanted to torment her friends and family and make their lives hell. Then I discovered Twin Telepathy. Me and your mother can hear each other’s thoughts, speak telepathically to one another, and gain access to each other’s memories, though we need to be around each other for a good length of time for that one to occur. 


    By that point. I got paranoid. Afraid that this mental link meant we were bonded. That our lifeforce was shared. That should she die by my hands or the hands of another, that I would die with her. This “”fear”” prevented me from succeeding in killing your mother or trying to kill her ever again. It’s a theory I wish not to test and have proven true or false.  It also means I’m force to intervene time and again when her life is in jeopardy. To protect her life to protect mine. A reason , One of them, that lead me to seek out more power to become stronger. First a lantern power ring and thrn a Reach Scarab. “


    She placed a hand on Rylee’s shoulder and then moved in to place a kiss on her forehead then looked her in the eyes.  

    “You time arrival may be off but funny enough, you arrived ar the point in time where I’m not as evil and hell bent on destruction as I was at my birth. If you arrived back when I was first born. We wouldn’t be having a civil conversation like we are now. Instead we would be fighting to the death.  So be glad you didn’t arrive any earlier in time. Also. If you believe my theory of my sister and I being linked. Then if I am still alive and kicking, it means she is too. Cause if she was dead, I be dead too. Course that just to the theory and fear I have about our lives being one. So you can take some small comfort in that. Also, if she is missing, maybe she is on some journey with the man who becomes your father. Have you considered that possibility? That she is not missing, missing, but on a journey that will one day lead to your birth. “


    She then unexpectedly gave her a strong hug and held her for several seconds before releasing her hold on Rylee. 


    “If you are her flesh and blood. Then you are my flesh and blood. That makes us family, Rylee. I was secretly jealous of your mother for the family and friends she has but now that you are here. I have family beside her, I have you, my “”niece “”.  I will not harm you as I wil not harm family. Because as tough as I am, I secretly hate being all alone and could never bring myself to kill my sister, even if I felt suicidal in doing so one day.  You can call me Aunty Darky or Keren, or Kira/Keira  if you wish, if you want.  I’m hungry. How bout we get some ice cream?”

  • Her eyes went big as saucers and her mouth was agape in shock!

    ”shah whabsha. Shaka vababbab walky. Wait. Hold the phone. You are my Well I am Kara and she is me but I also see her like a sister and I know I’m not having any rugrats in the future. Soooo. My sister. Has a kid. Guess she finally lost her V card and got knocked up. Funny. Didn’t think that prude nature of hers would break though to be fair. Not sure I could call her a prude since she can’t kiss a guy without accidentally breaking his nose. Not many people she can shag without breaking them. That doesn’t stop memthough but I have better control over my own strength where she has better emotional restraint then me. If you are telling the truth then this means we are related by blood then. Like a pseudo mom but more of an Aunt in this case. So you are my niece from the future. Lovely.”


    She fold her arms across her chest and slowly began to walk around her, checking her out head to toe.

    ”Well you are  very pretty. No doubt you got our side of the family looks, instead of papa bear.  Pretty just like me and your mommy. So kiddo, what now? What do I do with you?”


  • { Thank you for the request. Doing some changes to my character. I do have the info of his original meta version self but working on some new stuff that is. It DC related to much but bit more fantasy. :)

  • “Rylee. Cute name. Now exactly who is your mother? Though now that I asked that outload. The answer to that is making me feel.,,,,, nervous. “


    She wasn't sure what to make or think of this kid. It wasn’t until she looked closer at her and focused on the scent that it hit her. No!  She smelled like.! No! Herself. And she couldn’t fanthom having any offspring and starting thinking of clones or some time displacement aberrations. But then thought of her twin. She had a kid? Wait. How. No. This one must be from the future? Or some other earth? 

  • “Depends. On who you think or want me to be? I am. Kara Zor-El II.  Dark Supergirl. Pet names Darky by Alex Danvers.  Evil Supergirl. The evil twin. The Doppelgänger. Cadmus’s biggest mistake.  The Mirrored half of Supergirl. 

    Recently took the name Overgirl or Supergirl X. Since the Nazi one is dead and gone and she sure as heck ain’t using it. Since many of these hero types love reusing the same name over and over , when passing the mantle or paying homage to those who came before. Figured needed some different name and outfit to go by and wear. Though I toy with the name, Ultra girl, a lot. Thanks to that evil Superman, Ultraman. So strange. I came back here to find my sister and I find you instead.  I can tell you are not human. The smell. Funny how my sister never really used that part of her sense much. What’s the point of super sight and hearing, if you can’t use super sense of smell either. “



  • (Tiny spoiler but I can’t wait for the new season for the Russian Supergirl. May update my stor to reflect it. I used the comic version of dark Supergirl on rolepages and then made my own version on here to use the tv show universe for her story.

    in excited. I love when she is evil on the show. Soooo sexy. :). I was playing Ultraman from smallville on here as well but couldn’t find many people to write with as they all kept going poof. 


    Im excited to write and plot.  Darky can play the role of “cool” / evil auntt.  Lol. Like Astra. I was playing a powergirl Supergirl show version. My history for the tv show universe but could never decide on like a twin sister thing or Kara from another universe. So may not play Her as much longer. Played a red lantern Supergirl but I think on earth Supergirl is enough for me. Lol. 


    Barry and Kara. They make a cute superfriends team. How do you want to begin this and want part of the show, if any you want to go with. Do you want our story set that Supergirl just went missing so then my character returns to national city or yours finds mines like in Gotham or meteroplis as she was spotted there.  I made her story evolved . She had a yellow power ring but now has a reach Scarab.  So any story content you want to add in? )

  • Kara couldn’t help but blink but who or what she was seeing standing before her. She smelled kryptonian and smelled very much like herself and her “twin” as she often referred to the original Supergirl , from whom she was Split in two, from. 

    “This......... I have no...... words. Except if you are what I suspect you are then well. Least you got the good looks. “


    (Lol.  Random rp banter. Hi. Nice to meet you!  So is this character like andaughter of Supergirl? If so. This could be fun.  Since I play the evil twin doppelgänger of Supergirl and she calls Supergirl her twin. Learning she has a mmmm niece. / daughter??? Could change how she behaves. There was a Supergirl player on here and she was working on a story with me. With her Supergirl trying to “redeem” mine. To break her freed from the evil that Cadmus wanted her to be and that she doesn’t have to be define as the “Evil Twin” and can be a hero. Well anti hero at the least.”

This reply was deleted.

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