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Fae and Human

April 9th, 1707 - Today

Didn't age past her early twenties


Seelie Court, of the house of Amber

Retired Ballet Dancer

Owner of  La Couronne 

Juliet Medea De Amber, also known as "Jules" or Lady Juliet De Amber, is the offspring of Duke Charles De Amber and Anne Antoinette, his servant. She is the last surviving De Amber.

Being born out of wedlock, she had to work hard to impress her father and take on the last name of De Amber. Juliet was sent to America during it's revolution in an overseas study of dance, and stayed in America with her uncle due to the French revolution. It wasn't until years after both revolutions that she returned to her home. After her uncle's death, she inheratited his estates and property.


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Chaotic Good
The Social Butterfly

The expectations of being a leader pushed Juliet to grow up as an extrovert. She has an approachable manner, despite her manner of being harsh when insulted. Juliet is an eleqouent speaker, but will steep to subtle, backhanded, petty and belittling insults towards those who offend her. 

 She appreciates long range plans that finish her vision. Juliet is ambitious, intelligent, and to her downfall, a bit vain. She has a rather delusional sense of ability, granting her an enourmous amount of energy and a strong-will push herself past her limits. Her work is often efficient and well done. 


Classical and Indie Music
Cooking and Baking

Sudden changes of plans
Being ignored



Juliet likes to be in control, and it is rare for her to let others dictate what she does.  (Unless she has something to gain from them.) Being proved wrong is a bitter pill to swallow. She tends to put herself above others, and a sense of self perservation that stemmed from the sacrifice of others.

Stubborness has caused her to not be flexible in certain situations. Intolerant of sudden changes, she tends to stick to tradition, causing rather unique behaviorisms. (ie: she doesn't tend to hold hands or hug, rather, she places her hand lightly on the forearm when strolling with others.) Touchy on certain topics, Juliet can tend to jump to conclusions, and her arrogant, vain, ruthless flair ups have burned bridges before.

Juliet has a fear or distaste to her own supernatural abilities. She wears iron corsets to stunt the growth of her wings, as well as medicates on mood stabilizers in order to surpress her powers. As a result of being part fae, she cannot lie- but she can dance around a question. 




Juliet has long blonde hair, styled to be either in golden locks or up in a braided bun, as well as wide, judging blue eyes with a deceptively young face. She is short, but her physique is well-toned, with curves from decades of corset use. Juliet wears a smile at almost all times, and her mood is hard to pick up, as it takes looking at the subtlest hints- such as a malicious stare- to figure it out. 

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She is often seen wearing clothing inspired by, if not actually from, the renissance era. If not, then she wears retro clothing, such as bomber jackets, high wasted jeans or poodle skirts. 

Ever since she started ballet, Juliet has six scars where her wings should be. She trims them off and doesn't let them grow most of the time. However, when she does grow them, they are unique in each pair. The first pair is the largest, with white and silver feathers. The second set has sharp, ivory over arching everything, with leaves and flowers growing off of the bone. The third set is a small set of elongated butterfly wings. 





She can create, shape and manipulte plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants. Juliet's ability even extends  to creating plants (up to five at a time) that grow and "walk" in a humanoid form. They tend to be a bit on the taller side, wearing suits made up of petals. Inside their head, seen through their skull of vines, is a floating 'soul fire' of sorts. She calls them her "nymphs". Using this ability does drain her energy.

Bird's Eye View
Juliet is able to inhabit the back part of any bird's conciousness, thus able to see what they see. However, her physical body will slump into a state of unconciousness.

Fire Bursts
She can create little bursts of flames based on her emotional state. She has very little control over this ability. This has caused many wildfires and accidental arsons during arguments. This ability in particular is what created her distaste for magin in general. It is possible for her to learn how to control it, but so far she hasn't been able to figure out how.




Juliet Medea De Amber was not meant to be born into this world. She was the result of an affair between a fae Duke and his human servant, Anne, and remained with her mother most of her childhood, unaware that Duke Charles was actually her father.

The Duke’s wife, Madame Belle, despised Juliet and her mother. In retaliation, Madame Belle took on her maiden name, (De Fayelyn), and ended up killing Anne. Madame Belle showed young Juliet the farm pigs feasting on Anne’s body and proclaims that from that moment forward, Juliet would act as Madame Belle’s own child.

Once Madame Belle took Juliet in, Juliet had piles of work and education to catch up on. Duke Charles taught her fencing while Madame Belle taught her domestic affairs and how to run a house. Juliet was later enrolled in ballet classes, where she developed a fondness for music and dance.

After years of training, Juliet was allowed to take on the De Amber name with King Louis the Sixteenth giving her one requirement: that she go over to America to help the rebels’ morale while living with her Uncle Arthur. Her task was to boost the morale of soldiers with parties, dancing and teaching them self respect again.


The Revolution Arc

During her time in America, Juliet grew close with one soldier in particular. He started to court her, but before the promise of marriage could arise, he ended up dying in one of the final battles of the American Revolution. Juliet wanted to leave America after the Revolution ended, partially to escape her grief, but her father forbid it, as the French Revolution was underway.

She stayed with her Uncle Arthur, learning how to run the family business, La Couronne, a brand of perfume. When she received word that Duke Charles and Madame Belle had been murdered by angry mobs, Juliet decided to stay with her Uncle Arthur, fearing the same would happen if she returned to France.


The Arthur Arc

After years of ballet and a sheltered life, Juliet had yearned to help her Uncle Arthur more. The older he got, the more sick he got, and when he died, she inherited everything he had. This included La Couronne, and with the brand finally managed under her, it would grow into branding fashion lines, makeup and furniture.







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