She is beauty, she is grace.

But she will punch you in the face.

She has always been a quiet and nervous girl when it came to being social or social occasions in general. Parties were typically something she never fancied. Some say though when she attends any of these ‘parties’, she is an instant wallflower. She stands out, stays silent, and typically is only there with one friend. Although she is quiet, the ones who get to know her call her ‘Darling’. If she was ever put in a violent situation again, she will fight back. Though nobody that has ever met her wants to put her in that situation. Her name is Destiny Lynn Séydoux.

While she is innocent and quiet, her body was not built so innocently. Her friends often refer to her body as “goals”; as her body is quite fit naturally. She has large breast, them being a size D. Her bum being fit. In height she is merely 5’0”, below average height for women her age. Though she is shy, for the camera she is not. She enjoys modeling as she states it is a “passion” of hers. She believes the female body is art in all shapes and sizes. Body is art forever in her mind. She would even love to one day paint somebodys body to make art from it.

As far as her life goes, it wasn’t always so easy. Dealing with an abusive father while living in a small village in France. Her mother, also dealing with the same abuse, never spoken out against it. For years she sort of hated her mother and blamed her mother for all the her horrible things she was going through at her fathers hands. Now, she just feels bad for ever hating her mother as her mother was a scared little girl— just as she was then too. She once had a little brother named Mikaél, but he soon passed away due to blood poisoning. She was saddened by the lost of her brother but soon found herself using that as fuel in a way; that being what empowered her to leave. She ended up following through and moved to the U.S.A. when she was merely a teenager. She smuggled herself over and settled down in a little town in Virginia.

It’s always a bad thing to never know your family past...

She was never aware of her family history. She never wanted to be aware of it. She now regrets that decision. While walking home from the town restaurant (Mystic Grill), she was attacked by police officers during a festival because she collapsed onto the ground. A strange ringing noise causing her to do so (later it was figured out that it was the ‘Gilbert Device’). While being brought to a building, she overheard that they were gonna burn it down with her inside. Panicking, Destiny quickly sprung into action and began to attack the cop holding her— once out of his arms she realized he dropped his gun so Destiny picked it up and kept it aimed at the cop. Though when another rushed in to attack; she shot him, killing him instantly. Feeling quite horrible for what she did, she immediately broke down into tears. Unknowingly she unlocked her werewolf trait. Running away, she eventually met the whole supernatural gang of Mystic Falls. They helped her fight through it all. Even when Klaus came around and turned her into a Hybrid, which is half-vampire, half-werewolf. Despite the fact she now hated Klaus for what he had done, she found interest in his older brother Elijah. She ended up leaving Mystic Falls and moving to New Orleans in the Mikaelson Compound with Elijah— that is where she now currently resides.

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Single and Lonely as Hell

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  • |. Nice FC by the way. I remember seeing her in the French version of Beauty and the Beast.

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    Opening her eyes, Destiny had awoken. Her face blank with thought as she regained where exactly she was. But then it hurt her like a ton of bricks. As her eyes wandered the area she was in, she put together her location. She shaken feeling the area gave off, the loud noises, and the overwhelming smell of gasoline. She was in a trunk. The dark confined space almost immediately put her into a panic attack— quickly gathering her strength. But obviously the one who had kidnapped her knew what she was. Wolfsbane flooded her bloodstream. Too weak to use her enhanced strength to shove off the trunk hood, she laid there in utter defeat and found herself feeling completely hopeless. Then, her hearing picked up on the voice of her captor. 

        “Elijah will be better off without her... If my dear brother shows interest in any girl, he either ends up killing her or pays no attention to me”. Klaus. “K-Klaus! Let me out now!” Destiny shouted to the best of her abilities, though it was clear from the way she stuttered that she was weak. Hearing a small chuckle and a silent breath from a women— she quickly put together whom the women was. Hayley, a hybrid, like her— but one whom enjoyed using Elijah. She jumped from one guy to the next and now that Elijah is off her radar, she wasn’t so pleased about it. Soon tears pricked the young blondes eyes. What exactly were they going to do to her? It is not as though she was dating Elijah, they just talked a lot. If he liked her so much why couldn’t he just get a firm talking to? But to put all this effort into kidnapping her; it was clear she was not going to make it out of this alive.

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