| Γιος του Φοῖβος |

 occupation : Messenger of the Gods   |   age  : 21  |  species  : Demigod   |  ethnicity  : Greek/Olympian

.know thyself.

.nothing in excess.

.make a pledge and mischief is nigh.


Kyros was born in Corinth to a mortal mother; she did the best she could, given the circumstances.  But by the time he was six years old -- by the time he was starting to show that he wasn't like other kids his age -- his mother realized she'd have to give him up, for his own good.  So he was taken to Olympos and handed over to the Horae, who immediately opened the gates to allow him entry upon realizing he was a child of Apollo.

And once inside, he was given an Olympic welcome -- a party, hosted by Dionysos himself.  That very night he met the mighty Zeus, king of the Gods, and Poseidon who ruled over all of Earth and Sea, and he met Athena the Wise, beautiful Aphrodite, Ares of War -- all the Olympians and a host of minor gods whose names were familiar to him, but only just. 

And then finally, he came upon his father, Apollo in the flesh.  The God of light looked upon him with kind eyes, and then he held out a hand and welcomed Kyros home, to the realm of the Gods.



. Merely twenty-one years old, Kyros can hardly claim to know the world.  But he is wise beyond his years, possessing a philosophers mind and a warrior-heart. .


During his time in Olympos, he came into contact with numerous Gods and performed many services for them, some tasks mundane, others -- not so much.  His reputation grew as he did, as his skills improved and as he was taught by the Olympians, who blessed him for his sharp tongue and sharper eyes.  He wasn't their equal by any means, but he had earned their respect, and that was enough for him.

At least, it was enough until the revelation of a coup d'etat.  Ares, son of Zeus and God of war sought to overthrow his own father, the King of the Greek Gods.  It wasn't the first time he'd sought to seize power -- but things were different this time.  Ares, having fed for years off conflict, rebellion, war and bloodlust was at the peak of his powers, while Zeus appeared weakened from thousands of years of comfort and a steady decline of worship. 

The battle between father and son lasted an entire day, it tore the sky in Olympos and shook the Earth from the next realm over, causing catastrophic damage to major cities and numerous islands in Greek territory.

The Olympians that sided with Zeus were either imprisoned or beat into submission, made to bend the knee to the new King of the Gods and ruler of Olympos.  And he believed it was time for change, that the Gods should reappear back on Earth and reclaim what was once theirs.. starting with Greece.


| Αγγελιοφόρος των Θεών  |


Many of Apollo's followers were killed during the Betrayal of Olympos, his temple sacked and burned by the Hands of Ares.  Many of the sun god's children, as well as children born of the other Olympians were hunted down and killed by the Daimons of Strife, so that they couldn't come to the aid of their divine parents, as they surely would have, as Kyros himself would have, had he not been goaded into a suicide mission by Aphrodite her-fucking-self. 

He was given specific instructions to slip quietly into Asgard, the realm of the Norse Gods, using a hood blessed by Athena to mask the wearers presence, all but making them invisible.  It would be quite the scandal, she said, if there was a Greek, one of Olympian blood-- spotted within their borders, don't you think? Especially if they discovered him within the Queen's bedchambers, which was where he was told to go, to meet Frea, wife of Odin, so that they might discuss the terms of a treaty between Olympos and Asgard.

But when he appeared before the Queen, she attacked him with the fury he'd expect of a Valkyrie, summoning the einherjar with a rallying call that echoed across all of Asgard.  It seemed his only option was to fight - to kill, or die.  But he did not wish to incur the wrath of Odin, nor any member of the Norse pantheon.  So he threw down his bow and his sword and asked.. to talk, of all things.  And although he did not expect the glorious Frea to entertain his request, she bid the einherjar stand down, but she did not lower her weapon until the end of his tale, until finally she understood that they had both been betrayed.

By the time Kyros realized why he'd been sent away, it was already too late.  Ares had claimed the seat of the world, and laid waste to half of Olympos with his fiery wrath, and the only smart thing to do-- was run as fleet of foot as swift winged Hermes himself.


| Μαντικός |




A handsome young demigod; Kyros has his mothers blonde hair with dark brown undertones carried over from his fathers genetics.  His eyes the green-blue color of copper rust and his skin deeply tanned from an Olympian sun, etched with lines of taut muscle.  Perhaps, on the outside, he appears mortal.  

But on the inside he couldn't be further from; with bones and muscles as dense as steel, if not more durable still.  His DNA is an amalgamation of magic and natural biology and because of it he is faster, stronger, smarter and sharper than the average human, and simply capable of exerting extreme feats a mortal could only achieve in their wildest dreams.  For instance, firing an arrow across the length of a city and still hitting his mark, or healing a broken body, or taming beasts of the wild with little more than absent thoughts in the back of a distracted mind.

But his greatest powers lie in the mind and the eyes; the power to read a persons heart and see the truth of their soul, to weigh their words for honesty and deceipt.  This means, while it is possible to form a lie and speak it, he will always know it is a lie.  But to do so is no easy feat; mere proximity to Kyros is enough to make a person want to speak the truth, to share every lifes-secret until the throat is raw and dry.  Using physical contact, he can actually drag the truth from the depths of a persons consciousness-- an extremely painful, but overtly useful tactic.

And his power of the mind is to see things before they come to pass; a scroll with ever changing script, the doors to the future are open to him.  He can peer through, look along the thousand broken twisted paths that lead to a thousand futures.  He doesn't always understand his visions, but they are his nonetheless- burden and gift.

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  • Among those scrutinizing eyes were those of another, far less divine being. A creature of ancient power, born when the world was still new to mankind. Not a god, nor a mortal, nor a monster that murdered savagely...but something in between these things. Yes, the gaze of an unusual immortal laid upon the demigod's form, examining him like one would a work of art. 

    He sat in the farthest corner of the room, watching the unfamiliar entity wander in. While he didn't recognize his features, he certainly felt the familiar tinge of power that came from his bow. A power he knew to be that of The Huntress, Goddess of the Moon and Purity- Artemis. In ages past, she had blessed him with a similar gift in exchange for his unwavering faith in her, and kindness towards the living things of nature. For all intents and purposes, it seemed as though this youth had a connection to her as well. 

    Curious about this matter, the ancient wrote a small note on a napkin, and kindly requested that their 'waiter' deliver it to them. Written upon the note was a simple but carefully conceived message, penned entirely in latin. "Beneficium de Sola et Luna voce. Curiositas percutio mei, et rego mei oculi divinus voce forma. Donus mei vos anima et sino libere oro." Sadly, the writer himself could not be sure that the grammar of his note was correct, as it had been many centuries since he'd spoken extensively in Latin. As best as he could determine, the translation was- "Blessing of the Sun and Moon to you. Curiosity strikes me and guides my eyes to your divine form. Give me your will, and let me speak freely."

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  • The intended sign of respect was taken as a form of surrender because that’s what he was used to – people submitting to him. Yes Apophis was a god, but he was not one who had the respect of his people. His servants obeyed without question and some of his fellow deities went along with certain things out of fear of his capabilities. Kyros bowing to him was one of very few times the serpent was shown genuine respect; and because such an occurrence was a rarity, it was easily overlooked as compliance.

    Apophis continued to gaze at Kyros as he spoke, surprisingly giving the male his attention; though the comment of liking the sound of his own name caused the serpent to briefly look away with a roll of his eyes. There existed the smug nature that most other deities had, himself included. But there was a valued point made; usually it was not best for a god to announce themselves. No matter if an Olympian or Egyptian, no good came from a god’s introduction – in fact, within the lands of Egypt, most took it as a bad omen. Though none of which had anything to do with why Apophis refused to introduce himself, he simply just did not want to.

    Interestingly, despite Kyros not knowing what the terms meant he managed to still answer the question well enough. It also made the serpent remember that he was not in his homeland, so some words may confuse others – not that it would hinder him from still speaking in his own tongue. Once again Apophis gave the demigod his attention, actually being intrigued by his father being able to heal and cause sickness along with being able to ward off or bring about evil. But then the mention of Apollo being a protector followed; and just as quickly as he gained the god's attention, he lost it. Apophis then averted his gaze from Kyros before displaying a look of disapproval, yet still allowing him to speak. It was true that the serpent had no interest in learning too much about a god of light, but he didn’t fault the boy for being talkative. He did ask after all..

    When the time came to give an answer about the proposition, Apophis stood motionless, expecting for there to be some form of disagreement or even an outright refusal. But to his surprise the young demigod agreed to travel alongside him. Well that was easy. The following mention of removing blood along with that impish grin of his caused the serpent to narrow his gaze before looking downward to see wiggling toes. "Very well then, we’ll move on your terms." It was unlike the god to go along with what another wanted, but he was in no true hurry to visit a place that might not even exist.

    The spoken words of keeping close resulted in another narrowed stare. As if he would allow himself to get lost. Though in this case it would be close to impossible; for even if he were to lose sight of Kyros, Apophis could still locate him through his scent. He remained motionless at first, waiting for minor distance between them to be gained before deciding to follow, using his hands to move his cloak over him; all while wondering where his new guide was taking him.

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