| Γιος του Φοῖβος |

 occupation : Messenger of the Gods   |   age  : 21  |  species  : Demigod   |  ethnicity  : Greek


Kyros was born in Corinth to a mortal mother; she did the best she could, given the circumstances.  But by the time he was six years old -- by the time he was starting to show that he wasn't like other kids his age -- his mother realized she'd have to give him up, for his own good.  So he was taken to Olympos and handed over to the Horae, who immediately opened the gates to allow him entry upon realizing he was a child of Apollo.

And once inside, he was given an Olympic welcome -- a party, hosted by Dionysos himself.  That very night he met the mighty Zeus, king of the Gods, and Poseidon who ruled over all of Earth and Sea, and he met Athena the Wise, beautiful Aphrodite, Ares of War -- all the Olympians and a host of minor gods whose names were familiar to him, but only just. 

And then finally, he came upon his father, Apollo in the flesh.  The God of light looked upon him with kind eyes, and then he held out a hand and welcomed Kyros home, to the realm of the Gods.



. Merely twenty-one years old, Kyros can hardly claim to know the world.  But he is wise beyond his years, possessing a philosophers mind and a warrior-heart. .


During his time in Olympos, he came into contact with numerous Gods and performed many services for them, some tasks mundane, others -- not so much.  His reputation grew as he did, as his skills improved and as he was taught by the Olympians, who blessed him for his sharp tongue and sharper eyes.  He wasn't their equal by any means, but he had earned their respect, and that was enough for him.

At least, it was enough until the revelation of a coup d'etat.  Ares, son of Zeus and God of war sought to overthrow his own father, the King of the Greek Gods.  It wasn't the first time he'd sought to seize power -- but things were different this time.  Ares, having fed for years off conflict, rebellion, war and bloodlust was at the peak of his powers, while Zeus appeared weakened from thousands of years of comfort and a steady decline of worship. 

The battle between father and son lasted an entire day, it tore the sky in Olympos and shook the Earth from the next realm over, causing catastrophic damage to major cities and numerous islands in Greek territory.

The Olympians that sided with Zeus were either imprisoned or beat into submission, made to bend the knee to the new King of the Gods and ruler of Olympos.  And he believed it was time for change, that the Gods should reappear back on Earth and reclaim what was once theirs.. starting with Greece.


| Αγγελιοφόρος των Θεών  |


Many of Apollo's followers were killed during the Betrayal of Olympos, his temple sacked and burned by Ares' own bloody hands.  Many of the sun god's children, as well as children born of the other Olympians were hunted down and killed by the Daimons of Strife, so that they couldn't come to the aid of their divine parents, as they surely would have, as Kyros himself would have, had he not been goaded into a suicide mission by Aphrodite her-fucking-self. 

He was given specific instructions to slip quietly into Asgard, the realm of the Norse Gods, using a hood blessed by Athena to mask the wearers presence, all but making them invisible.  It would be quite the scandal, she said, if there was a Greek, one of Olympian blood-- spotted within their borders, don't you think? Especially if they discovered him within the Queen's bedchambers, which was where he was told to go, to meet Frigg, wife of Odin, so that they might discuss the terms of a treaty between Olympos and Asgard.

But when he appeared before the Queen, she attacked him with the fury he'd expect of a Valkyrie, summoning the einherjar with a rallying call that echoed across all of Asgard. 

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  • Upon having seen Kyros's reaction, the blonde had only raised her eyebrows and hence another reason she moved back, because she so wasn't about to take the brunt of an attack when she hadn't done anything! Levi and Art seem to say nothing of it, a reaction that was bound to come when the demigod couldn't know what was going to end up being on the otherside of that door. 

    Lucille as a young witch, had a fallout with her mentor, but she knew enough of some illusion tricks that Vaughn had taught her, that she wouldn't have had to get so close to get the Daimon to follow a false lead in the guise of the demigod who he'd clearly been hunting after. It seemed to have worked to some extent if Anna was here now to extract them from this hideout. 

    Levi and Art having gone, waited to see if Kyros would make it through without assistance, one or both maaaybe kinda hoping he'd fuck up, maybe kinda dissappointed a little when he seemed to handle the transission with ease, an exchange of a look between them probably unnoticed for it. Anna had her arms crossed and eyed Kyros for a moment or two, expression trying to hide the wonder and curiosity of this man,

    " Anna, and sure thing." she told him before she looked back at her teammates. 

    " So we should quickly get the hell out of here while we can. Lu got him going off elsewhere, but time isn't to be wasted, soo.." She eyed Kyros, again, before turning to walk along, Art and Levi following after Levi had closed the door for it to slowly disappear and now reveal nothing but a grate into the sewer line below in the middle of an alley, and assuming Kyros would follow them, again,

    " Uh.. I hope you don't mind coming back with us and better explaining the situation. Like.. the fact if more of these guys are going to come after you, because we can't just have you running around and leading destruction wherever you go." Levi said, looking over at Kyros as the four of them walked the streets under Anna's lead who was now checking her phone as though she hadn't just had to run off a Daimon, of course, not that she fully knew yet, but suppose when you've been dealing with these kind of things before, a "mission" is just another like that rest..

  • It actually existed...a place in the world that made the various clashes within the lands of Egypt appear small and insignificant. It seemed as if the gods of Greece were seeking to rage war against one another. The well known desert sands were of course also the battlegrounds of countless battles; one god in particular knew all too well how allies can quickly become your enemies. The details remained vague at best..numerous rumors of one attempting to dethrone another almost spread like raging wildfire and caught the interest of many. Growing chaos amongst Olympus? Now that was worth witnessing with his own eyes.

    But Apophis remained ever so calculating. Seeing the rise of anarchy wasn’t the only reason he would soon find himself venturing to the foreign land; if that were the case, he would simply cause destruction in his homeland and watch the madness unfold. His other reason was surprisingly the result of another rumor, which revealed possible yet hidden ways deep within the realm on how to kill a god. If such a way truly existed, it would be an answer to an everlasting issue – the end of brutal duels against his own brother, and finally bring forth the revenge sought out for years. His departure of Egypt brought security and peace back to the lands of Egypt, a few of his fellow deities even witnessing his leave from a distance to be certain that he was gone.

    The confirmation caused the people to rejoice and celebrate the absence of their greatest antagonist, but such a time would only be temporary. Most that realized were already stricken with fear and anxious about the events to occur when he returned. Apophis at times like these was unaware of just how powerful his influence was – terrifying his own people without even physically being there.

    His venture to the city known as Thessaloniki was actually a quiet one, capturing the intrigue of a few people who happened to briefly observe his unusual golden eyes as he roamed his new surroundings. The serpent was unsure of how infamous he was in the eyes of the Olympians, or if they would even take notice considering this supposed war going on between them. And how was a gigantic snake that stretched up to fifty feet along able to travel without being seen? Simply by shapeshifting into his human form. For now he deemed it better to move in silence, and a human compared to a large cobra would be able to accomplish such.

    Of course his presence still brought consequences, for Apophis generated chaos simply by existing. As he walked items would fall and perhaps shatter, a few rumbles here and there, some people growing worried or afraid as they turned to look at the unknown male passing though, along with any animals near him crying out as he walked by. Very minor incidents compared to what he was capable of. Thankfully, there were no cats. He hated cats.

    A few days had passed; and to Apophis’s disappointment, there were no obvious signs of any god being odds. His seemingly peaceful surroundings brought a look of repulsion to the serpent’s face as he found himself wandering though a forest at late hours. It was a rarity to be in a woods-like area, and for an odd reason, he didn’t wish to pass up on the chance to walk through one again. The temperature was crisp and unfit for a cold-blooded creature such as himself, but his command of fire kept him warm. Way more than his choice of clothing did. A long dark brown hooded cape that covered a white long sleeved shirt and slightly baggy dark grey pants underneath, with his black shoes being visible. Several golden Egyptian rings decorated his index, middle, and ring fingers.

    Little did the serpent know that his desire to witness chaos would soon be answered. Abruptly Apophis stopped, flicking his forked tongue out as if he were sensing that something was amiss. Though before he could see anything, he could hear the sounds of crashing and trees collapsing in the near distance. For once something wrong wasn’t his doing, and it instantly caught his intrigue. Casually walking towards the loud sound, the serpent's ears would be met with another noisy sound – the voice of a woman. What she was speaking about was unclear, but at least who she was speaking to was visible. A boy with a bow..and a number of damaged trees nearby him. A possibility of what had happened began to form in his mind as he stood a good distance away and halfway hidden behind a standing tree. It appeared that the two were about to fight to the death...

    Good, at least Apophis could say he found some form of entertainment.

  • Levi tilted his head slightly, curious to learn this fact of Kyros' mother before the realization seemed to come to him. His own mother had been human and for some time, he'd been merely a hybrid, so that must mean..

    " A Demigod, then.." He said more to himself, while Art was still staring at Kyros like he was one of the most amazing things to see. Snacks avandoned, the boy moved to his knees and grinned, taking all of the older man in, including that bow that he'd been staring at prior.

    "Your uncle..Which one is that?" He asks, all excitement.

    " And yes, that is how I found you, but.. I only call myself The Hunter." He shrugged like it was nothing to be explained. Thing was, Art didn't like returning to the memories over obtaining his abilities and the others knew this now and no doubt Kyros might figure that out eventually, too. 


    There was a knock at the door, suddenly. It was soft, muffled sounding, but Levi went right over and opened the door to reveal an odd angle of.. the sky and a blonde looking down-er side ways at them? Her brown eyes darted from Levi, Art in the background and then Kyros and then she smirked,

    " Well I think the coast is clear! Lu led that pissy dude away and so far so good! " She continued, then moved aside, knowing how awkward the transission was andwaited while Levi glanced back Kyros, Art standing and brushing crumbs off himself. The vampire came over to Kyros and glanced back at the opening, trying to think of the best way to explain the whole thing..

    " Just uh..go with the motion best you can." He grinned and turned to walk back to the open door, turning around to face them both and jumped to grab the edge of the door at the top and pulled himself through, the motion transforming so that it were as though the man was pulling himself out of a hole, which he was, climbing to stand again on solid ground outisde and turning to look back down at them. Art, smirking, just ran for it and jumped into, and out enough to sense the shift and grab the edge to pull himself upright, a more daring move if you weren't used to the transition.

    That just left Kyros..

  • Levi knows, too, of the other breeds out there. He's not sure the name of his specific breed, but he knows the loose story of his mother being human and his father a full fledged vampire, who later returned to blood him fully and recruit him and...well that's all a story for another day. More or less, he wasn't of the ones Kyros was more familiar with. It's unsettling to know how many could exist, dilted or not in the guise of the mundane, but for Kyros' luck, this one in particular would not be one to be too worried about, at least. 

    Levi said nothing more on that matter, though, merely crossing his arms after finishing the candy bar and staching the wrapper in his jacket pocket. 

    " Oh." Art only says at first, not having expected the man may not have ever been anywhere else before. So he's never been here in America and yet, now he is. They both have the same line of thought that it must be something bad to get Kyros to run all the way this way. Art certainly felt bad for Kyros, frowning as he thought about that, neither of course still not knowing his full origins, including where specifically he was from. 

    Art continued to watch Kyros, eyes drifting to his bow, curiously, now that he could more properly look at it. However both look right at him in his next breath of words and kinda... stared.

    "...A God.. you're a...god?" Levi questioned, looking stunned.

    "Woah! So that's why I'd never felt your power presence before!" Art exclaimed and grinned.

  • Levi only at first raised his eyebrows, glanced at Art, then looked back at the demigod and nodded once, before he bared his fangs to him. His typical canines were usually more set back, shifting there in order for the fangs to have room to come down through his gums as they have now for Kyros to see, long and sharp. He hoped that was answer enough for the demigod to believe him now. 

    Neither of them seemed offended by Kyros's questioning their intentions and instead, expected it. It was far too rare that anyone stepped out of their own safety and dangered themselves to lend a hand to you, so both didn't take it to heart or anything. It's a natural response. 

    " Greece huh? " Art smiled, thinking to those books back at the library he'd read of greek gods and ancient greek philosphy. Art was a smart kid, a prodigy, really, and a lot that came with Greece held his interest, down to even the food, so you can imagine his eyes will light up when he finds out of Kyros's bloodline. He answers back to Kyros for himself and Levi.

    " He was from London, orginally, but came here like a whiiile ago. I'm from Oklahoma. It's boring." He shrugged and continued munching through his snacks, Levi snorting softly before his focus fell back on Kyros, leaning now against one of the lower empty shelves at his waist height. As he spoke, it might seem odd the accent wasn't quite there, but Art had said he'd came here some long time ago. 

    " So, care to share the whole story while we wait? Is there anything we should know? Y'know now that we're getting ourselves involved." He says this as though he regrest doing this, but he doesn't. He likes helping people as the rest of his team, but there's always this part of him who is also protective of these little misfits, like he's the oldest sibling that has to watch out for them. 

  • The likely outcome would only be to draw the Daimon off Kyro' tail long enough for him to continue his path in avoiding him. Neither of the misfits could assume that Kydoimos would simply go back and they knew a fight was sure to come sooner or later, but hopefully by then they had all the details and knew how to better help the demigod then. Essensially, they were only buying Kyros more time to figure out a plan to handle this better. A demon was no easy to deal with, more so of one of this calibre. 

    "For now." The vampire commented.

    Upon Kyros' speculation about Levi being stronger, the vampire thinks about for a second and realizes he doesn't know much about a Daimon to know where the extent of that possibility went. He takes another bite of his candy bar while he thought about that before he simply gave a statement to see what Kyos would say about if from there.

    " I'm a vampire. Born a halfblood before I was fully blooded. " He shrugged before circling back to Kyros's other inquiry previously.

    " None of us asked ourselves why when we helped each other. Suppose we just take the chance because not many out there will and someone's got to, yeh?"  He walked away, sorta calmly just walking around and he didn't stop nor even look at said door when Kyros mentioned it, but he did answer,

    " The way out."Levi answers and him and Art grinned a little, seeming to know something the other man didn't and that was maybe a little unsettling. After another moment though, Art eats enough to be satisfied to stop and ask Kyros out of curiosity of him,

    " So...Where exactly you from?"

  • ( I don’t mind starting us off or winging it, great choice Wesley gets along with anyone weather their human or not he’s not one too judge unless it’s someone he dislikes. Oh and before we start what location should our roleplay take place. )

  • The vampire had eyed the staff, too, now that he was close enough and not currently, y'know, running. He imagined their leader would be all over it soon enough, that is if the man actually pulls through. It looked powerful and it no doubt held magic and therefore set the vampire slightly wary, but he's hopeful it's never got to be used against him or any of his teammates. 

    Levi nodded, seemingly interested. He couldn't know the Daimon's gender when he couldn't have seen the man in all the commotion. He'd been more fixed on covering Art and helping him get Kyros away from there. His eyes narrowed as Kyros gave him answer to his other question as he considered that. So, the picture painted was a boy being trialed for something of his father's doing. That certainly could be a complicated situation. 

    " I see.." He trails off, but looked back at Kyros and offered his own name in return,

    " Kyros. Pleasure. I'm called Levi and that there is Art." He thumbed to the kid who turned and waved at him before digging back into the bins. Levi shook his head and looked at Kyros. 

    " This is...Well this is what we do. We help people and whether that means humans or others like yourself, it depends. We were all pulled together by helping one another escape our own problems and now we've just stuck together." He shrugged and smiled as Art then came rushing back over with packs of beef jerky, mostly the bacon kind and a few candy bars and small bottles of water. 

    " Ha! He did get them!" The boy laughed, referring to the candy bars he'd suggested Vaughn also stash at their hideouts, and Levi, again, shook his head but quickly took the milkyway off the boy while Art offered what he had to Kyros, too. Assuming Kyros took something or not, Art went and sat in on the floor, back to the wall in which the hole they'd entered through was now entirely gone. Levi tore the candy wrapper and took a bite, glancing around.

    " We should hopefully be safe here. Our other teammates will find their way back when the coast is clear." That's hoping they do- he thinks to himself, but he's been with them long enough that he's come to trust them and hopes Kyros could, too, even under the circumstances.

  • ( Sure got anything in mind for either Rose or Wesley? )

  • Of course these two had to know Kyros was no mere human just as he must have come to realize they weren't either if they were so eager to help him and knew of the Daimon's existence. Sure, this could all be some ruse, a trick, but for what reason can't be determined now. Surely these two had to be on Kyros' side to some degree to be going up against something so powerful that could slay them probably a lot easier than Kyros could be. Sometimes, it was difficult to tell where the misfits deeds lied. Were they helping another misfit like themselves? Or doing this for the greater good of the mundane world? They like to think both.

    " I told you! It leads to our hideout! " The boy yells back to Kyros. 

    The vampire gave him a knowing look, running almost alongside him, because he knows how Art is in the events of these missions in all the excitement. 

    The vampire settles on explaining a little more as they run through the tunnel which does come to take a slight turn left and right, but overall the passage still seems endless.

    " Look, we're trying to help you. Under the circumstances, there's not much of an explanation to be given better than that right now. Once we reach our goal, then we should be able to answer all your questions." That's hoping that this thing back there can't track them. These passages have been of great help in escaping in the past, but there's always doubt around new potential opponents they haven't dealt with before. 


    Assuming nothing would actually happen in the events of reaching their goal, also assuming Kydoimos couldn't properly track them, the goal reached would be coming upon a decsent a little ways down to land into a wide room like some kind of vault. It had one larger door ahead, while the room itself was like a damn cell, but there were shelves on either side of the room with black bins holding unknown items, probably in the events of needing basic aid and whatnot. 

    Art goes about these bins, opening the top on a few and looking through them while Levi faced Kyros properly. 

    " So, i've got one question and then you can ask yours. Yeh?" And assuming Kyros agreed, he continued,

    " What exactly is that hunting you down and why is it hunting you down?..Okay, that was two questions, actually, but.." He shrugged and awaited Kyros's response.

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