| Γιος του Φοῖβος |

 occupation : Messenger of the Gods   |   age  : 21  |  species  : Demigod   |  ethnicity  : Greek


Kyros was born in Corinth to a mortal mother; she did the best she could, given the circumstances.  But by the time he was six years old -- by the time he was starting to show that he wasn't like other kids his age -- his mother realized she'd have to give him up, for his own good.  So he was taken to Olympos and handed over to the Horae, who immediately opened the gates to allow him entry upon realizing he was a child of Apollo.

And once inside, he was given an Olympic welcome -- a party, hosted by Dionysos himself.  That very night he met the mighty Zeus, king of the Gods, and Poseidon who ruled over all of Earth and Sea, and he met Athena the Wise, beautiful Aphrodite, Ares of War -- all the Olympians and a host of minor gods whose names were familiar to him, but only just. 

And then finally, he came upon his father, Apollo in the flesh.  The God of light looked upon him with kind eyes, and then he held out a hand and welcomed Kyros home, to the realm of the Gods.



. Merely twenty-one years old, Kyros can hardly claim to know the world.  But he is wise beyond his years, possessing a philosophers mind and a warrior-heart. .


During his time in Olympos, he came into contact with numerous Gods and performed many services for them, some tasks mundane, others -- not so much.  His reputation grew as he did, as his skills improved and as he was taught by the Olympians, who blessed him for his sharp tongue and sharper eyes.  He wasn't their equal by any means, but he had earned their respect, and that was enough for him.

At least, it was enough until the revelation of a coup d'etat.  Ares, son of Zeus and God of war sought to overthrow his own father, the King of the Greek Gods.  It wasn't the first time he'd sought to seize power -- but things were different this time.  Ares, having fed for years off conflict, rebellion, war and bloodlust was at the peak of his powers, while Zeus appeared weakened from thousands of years of comfort and a steady decline of worship. 

The battle between father and son lasted an entire day, it tore the sky in Olympos and shook the Earth from the next realm over, causing catastrophic damage to major cities and numerous islands in Greek territory.

The Olympians that sided with Zeus were either imprisoned or beat into submission, made to bend the knee to the new King of the Gods and ruler of Olympos.  And he believed it was time for change, that the Gods should reappear back on Earth and reclaim what was once theirs.. starting with Greece.


| Αγγελιοφόρος των Θεών  |


Many of Apollo's followers were killed during the Betrayal of Olympos, his temple sacked and burned by Ares' own bloody hands.  Many of the sun god's children, as well as children born of the other Olympians were hunted down and killed by the Daimons of Strife, so that they couldn't come to the aid of their divine parents, as they surely would have, as Kyros himself would have, had he not been goaded into a suicide mission by Aphrodite her-fucking-self. 

He was given specific instructions to slip quietly into Asgard, the realm of the Norse Gods, using a hood blessed by Athena to mask the wearers presence, all but making them invisible.  It would be quite the scandal, she said, if there was a Greek, one of Olympian blood-- spotted within their borders, don't you think? Especially if they discovered him within the Queen's bedchambers, which was where he was told to go, to meet Frigg, wife of Odin, so that they might discuss the terms of a treaty between Olympos and Asgard.

But when he appeared before the Queen, she attacked him with the fury he'd expect of a Valkyrie, summoning the einherjar with a rallying call that echoed across all of Asgard. 

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  • Kyros might be able to take the Daimon on here and now and fare well enough through it, but this was no place to pursue such activities. The mundane were such fragile and yet powerful beings of their own. Instead, this little team was trying to avoid the mess that would inevitably come with said activities by offering Kyros an escape route. You know, just until they can figure out what the hell was going on here and plan accordingly afterwards. 

    The boy shot Levi an amused look at Kyros's words of clowns, Levi remaining stoic, but offering a slight smile back before looking on as Kyros would lower himself into the unground passage it no doubt led to. Seeing the other man disappear into it's dark depths, the vampire looked back at the boy, 

    " You're sure the spell is strong enough to deter.. that?" He thumbs in the direction of the Daimon. 

    " If Vaughn is sure of it, I am, too. " The boy answers with a determination that couldn't be challenged. He clearly trusted this Vaughn if that look and his firm tone was anything to go by. Levi of course trusted this person enough, too, as with a nod, he crouched down and easily lowered himself down into the passage, the boy casting one more look back before doing the same. After all three were down under, the vampire moved back to climb and reach up to grab the muffler and whatever leverage he could use of the car and his strength to drag the car back over the hole to at least save his sanity even though there was an illusion spell already masking the area. Levi had always been a little particular in trusting magic of any kind for his own personal reasons, hence why he'd questioned not Vaughn himself, but just the use of magic altogether.

    The boy pulled out a small flashlight from his back pocket and turned it on. Levi winced, it wasn't uv and the sun didn't seem to bother him anyhow for curious reasons that as for another time to be explained, perhaps, but the flashlight kinda ended up flashing right in his face. The boy lowered it, smiling apologetically, before waving it more carefully to seek out Kyros and if he was still there and hadn't ran off without them, the boy would grin a little, rushing ahead to explain the situation.

    " This will lead to a hideout of ours. The entrance is masked by an illusion spell and will compel most who aren't granted to see it. You could see it because we purposely led you to it, but without an actual lead.. well I don't know much about that thing, but here's to hoping it compels it long for us to get far from here!" It must occur to Kyros that none of them knew fully what they were dealing with, besides him. Art only could sense the power and aura of each individual and that meant to some extent, he's measured out Kyros and Kydoimos' power energy and so far, he's more familiar to Kyros's energy level.. a half breed.. a..

    Something tremors and the boy loses track of thought long enough to push himself ahead to once more take the lead down the long seemingly endless passage, yelling for them to hurry along. The passage itself was like a carved out tunnel, like someone had dug their way through here at one point and it didn't seem to intersect the tunnels of the sewage system. Perhaps, Kyros could have felt a sense of the magic, but it was cleverly masked well. 

  • ( Not a problem and thank you :D you’re character is quite interesting too. Hopefully we can write sometime. )

  • The moment her job was gone, Anna tore off at an unbelievable speed, well that was dramtic because she ran about as fast as a skinny little thing like her could. She can't help the giddy sensation that was much like playing ding dong ditch, only in this case she was ditching a Daimon, not that she fully knew exactly what she was messing with, mind you, but she does this all in the greater good of things and.. well she's mostly just following her teams instinct. 

    The vampire remained silent, but seemed calm where the boy had this kind of excitement, shrugging one shoulder and acting too nonchalantly as he replied,

    "Something like that. Now come on! " Then he took off and the vampire followed only after if Kyros was to have done the same first, only so the vampire could cover the back if need be, because he's usually use to taking the brunt of an attack if it came and maybe because he'd rather have this stranger in his sights, too. You could never be too careful.  The boy seems all too eager in this, but that's part of the childish glee isn't it? He's only a child, on the brink of entering manhood, but there was not much room for underestimating hid abilities, like the fact he was running faster than most humans could and the vampire of course found no issue with keeping up, but Kyros? 

    "C'mon!" Down the alley, down another and a awkward bent side street and they're coming upon a.. car? An old beaten one by the looks of it. Could that thing even run? It's parked in some driveway to an old building that doesn't look very lived in, but the moment the boy reaches the car, he leans against the back and grunts. 

    " I'm strong, but not that strong, help me, Levi!" 

    Levi, the other young man beside Kyros moves to help the boy in pushing the car forward, which takes no effort on his part, really. Below the car is a hole covered by a cement slab, making the car veer to the side as it's back wheel rolled over it, briefly. Levi then goes about nudging it aside with a foot, hiding a smile as the boy, again, tried out his strength with it, too, even Levi did most of the work. 

    Uncovering the hole, they both looked at Kyros.

    The boy grinned and gestured, " You first." 

  • " They're nearly here.." the twelve year old simply stated, giving his team the "update" to the progress for which befell them the moment the presence of something powerful came into said twelve year old's radar, some hour or so ago now. The vampire beside him looked to him from his watch of the park and it's surrounding area from where they stood and narrowed his eyes a little.

    " How close?" The vampire asked while the dimension jumper a little ways away from them, doing stretches, uselessly, listened on, simply awaiting her moment to become useful in this. Hearing the kid nearly panic at sensing something so powerful had them all uneasy, but this was what they were use to and what they.. did? Could they say this was their job? Hell if she knows, but she couldn't let these two idiots go off and get themselves killed, especially when they couldn't reach Vaughn.

    Of all times to get a "mission".. ugh.

    But, in all the unease between them, you couldn't blame her for acting a little nervously in trying to "handle" the situation here. Meanwhile, two other individuals were covering another exit.enterance point. The older male paced a little, restlessly while he waited on the word from the younger girl who was looking out for the signal to go ahead. 

    As Kyros came closer.. just enough.. The boy shouted " Now!" to which the whole team reacted. Said boy and an older male started to run ahead, but the younger teleporter moved in the opposit direction, heading towards Kyros with the intent to use her abilities to see Kydoimos and hopefully track him long enough for her teammates to have better direction to work with.  Anna was not only able to jump planes, but she could simply see into them in small versions, such as seeing what ordinary people couldn't.  She almost falters at seeing a man in a chariot in the sky, but keeps to the job at hand. 

    Next came was quite the hardship for Anna in her abilities, because she was still earning to master them. Her next ability came as a diversion to end Kydoimos's attack, if to give Kyros that little time to escape the attack and come to be next crossed by a young boy and a teen. This ability in question, was merely the act of distorting reality into another plane that should probably confuse Kydoimos enough to falter in his attack. It's only a mere few seconds before it's gone, before it's all back, like a tv losing signal briefly before it was back to clear again. 

    The two who cross Kyros' path stand ahead of him in an alley, the boy urging for Kyros to follow them, the vampire with him doing pretty much the same, hoping the halfbreed will get the hint and take his chances on them.. 



  • Send me a starter, bitch.

  • (Well, ya know, he is flexible and can travel around the world, though his home country is still Wallachia.

    That is, present day Romania. As for plotting, I'll have to admit...I am completely blank, sadly.)

  • ||Yup, Greece is fine with me. Oooh, I see. I thought that's how that tale went, but I always tend to mix up who's the current and former sun god in Greece. That sounds great though XD I'm intrigued to see how things will play out, and sure you can start us off.||

  • [Do you got a boyfran'? Is he big?]

  • (Saame. A lot of the music from Odyssey is really stunning. I'm kind of jealous on behalf of Origins since, however much I love the Greek mythology, my fascination with ancient Egyptian culture is way stronger than Greek for some reason. Which is why I have my egyptian boy on my page, heh. And thanks. I love my pretty damage minded faces~. If you're ever interested in writing with any of them, send me a letter via arrow and we'll work something out)

  • (I apologise for sudden appearance. But, omg, that song makes me cry every time. It's so beautiful. As is your page too.)


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