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Monosa Pack - Inbox - Reply Sent


(Original Version / Universal)

"You want a love that consumes you, you want passion, and adventure, and maybe even a little danger. I want you to get everything you're looking for."

    Unknown Origins to Micaela


Full Name
Micaela Lark Kovacs
(mih-kay-luh lar-k co-vatch)


➨ Mic/Mick
➨ Mickey
➨ Lark
➨ Caela
➨ Fox Face
➨ Little Wolf 
➨ Were-mutt




Date & Place of Birth 
August 19, 1992 • Southern Nevada


Current Age 




25% Swedish 
25% Italian 
50% American

Western American


Relationship Status
{Interests x00}  

➨ Parental Information Withheld 
➨ Marcellus Anthony Kovacs 
{Half-Brother: Alive}

Physical Description 
➨ Naturally Wavy Brunette Hair 
➨ Hazel Eyes with Bright Green Accents 
➨ Light Ivory Freckled Skin {Sometimes Tan}
➨ Five Foot Six Inches Tall 
➨ Weight Undisclosed 
➨ Physique: Slim; Athletic; Fit 
➨ Tattoos: Joy(Wrist), Eye of Horus & Ankh(Neck), 
➨ Scars: Birthmark from Mother's Side (Shoulder)
➨ Piercings: Ears(Several), Golden Fox(Bellybutton
➨ Scent: Almond Milk, Cherry Blossom, VS 'Tease' Perfume, Fox/Wolf
 Fox Form: Red Fox; Image tba
➨ Wolf Form: Gray Wolf; Image tba


Micaela's Behavior
Micaela is a fun-loving girl, with a blind passion for adventure. She can be naive, and foolish. Her Fox side makes her mischievous and sly, as well as a big trouble maker/magnet. Mick enjoys being around her friends. She craves to usually be smiling or laughing with them - whatever the time of day. She can come off as cautious if approached the wrong way - but generally, Micaela is a social butterfly - with a sarcastic and sharp tongue. Mick likes to bring spice to a situation if it's lacking - even if it puts herself in danger of injury. Being looked down on because of her weak wolf form enrages her, pushing her to prove that she's just as strong as the next person. Micaela does suffer from Mild Anxiety, and Depression but does her best to look forward and be positive.


The Kovacs Bloodline
The Kovacs Pack was a small pack of wolves, on the eastern coast of the United States. They were condensed in Louisiana and Florida, thriving mostly in New Orleans. They protected the city, alongside select few packs, from other supernatural beings - mostly aiming to keep the peace. Back in 1965, a large horde of Hunters swarmed New Orleans, attacking the pack and nearly wiping out the entirety of them, but a lower level branch managed to escape out into the western states. The last descendants of the Kovacs pack to date are Micaela and Marcellus, half-siblings to deceased parents. 

More Information on Micaela

➨ Orange, Purple & Black
➨ Travel
➨ Nighttime (Warm/Cold)
➨ Being in Fox/Wolf Form
➨ Country Music (and most other genres) 

➨ Having to Kill(Hunting Aside)
➨ Unnecessary Rude Behavior

➨ Casual Drinking of Wine/Beer 
➨ Binge Watching TV/Movies

Things She Enjoys To Do
➨ Swimming
➨ Sit Around & Relax
➨ Watching TV/Movies, Curled In Blanket
➨ Spending Time Outdoors
➨ Campfires (camping in general)
➨ Singing/Dancing (doesn't know how to formally dance)


Dreams For The Future
➨ Finding another Birkley Fox
➨ Finding her half-brother
➨ Settling Down / Finding A Mate (not consciously looking)
➨ Having Children
➨ Finding a new home

➨ Killing Someone She Cares For/Loves 

Random Facts
➨ Micaela is a fairly good cook, despite her terrible eating habits.
➨ Micaela often does yoga, early morning, as well as other exercises to keep in prime shape physically.
➨ Micaela's Fox form is that of a Red Fox. While her wolf form is a Gray Wolf.

 Micaela's Story

     A little over thirty years ago The Kovacs Pack held a subtle celebration for the birth of Marcellus Kovacs, the only pup to come from the Alphas. Two years afterward the mother of Marcellus, mate to the trueblood Alpha, died under unsure circumstances. Marcellus was traumatized for reasons he couldn't clearly remember, his young brain having blocked it off. His father, Anthony, though pained from the loss carried on. As it was expected of the Pack leader.

     Sometime later the Kovacs discovered an issue with Therianthropes trespassing on their territory. The pack stuck hard in the noble ways they were raised and moved to push the rival group out - even opting to kill some of them. The only survivor was a female, young and frail but bold enough not to back down to the larger wolven shifters.  Antoinette Birkley, the last of the fox therianthropes stood up to the Alpha, but was quickly knocked down and taken as a sort of prisoner. With the full intentions of interrogating the female, Anthony spent countless hours with her, questioning her and her kind.

     Years in captivity, with the only kind conversation being the Alpha, the two grew an odd bond, almost friendship.    Conflicting statements say she seduced the alpha, while others - like Marcellus - claim that his father just finally fell in love again. This resulted in the hybrid child known as Micaela Lark Kovacs, being born not long after a full moon earlier that month. She was the first, and the last, 'impurity' to be born into the Kovacs bloodline to date. The pack disliked the idea of a hybrid child, who's wolf form was the secondary and weaker form - bowing to that of a red fox, resembling the mother they all grew to hate. When Micaela was about three, her mother and the Alpha were both murdered by members of the pack. Micaela was expected to be murdered but disappeared with Marcellus from the grounds. Marcellus eventually disappeared as well, when Micaela was about Thirteen - leaving her to further grow up alone, learning the hard ways of life. How she got to today, no one really knows, but she doesn't talk much about her past. 









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Steve Rogers - CommentsPlotting

(Superhero Universe)

Full Name
Birth Name Unknown
Micaela Lark Kovacs


Nicknames / Aliases / Titles
• Mick
• Mickey
• Caela
• Lark




Date & Place of Birth
August 19, 1992 • Southern Nevada


Current Age




Experiment (former)
Surgery Center Employee (former)
Agent of SHIELD (former) 
Free-Roam Agent (current)


Unknown Birth Family Condition
Elizabeth 'Liza' Kovacs • Daughter • Deceased

Image result for purple line png

(Based on Starfire's abilities from Teen Titans)

• Hand-To-Hand Combat: Micaela was trained from a very young age to be a master at hand to hand combat, and she is. She is able to hold her own and protect herself against most people. She can defeat most larger, well-trained men. Mick uses a quick fighting style, consisting of Krav Maga and a mixture of different martial art styles

• Altered Physiology: Due to years of experimentation, Micaela's physiology was changed and has become a huge factor relating to her superhuman abilities. Her cells absorb solar/ultraviolet radiation. Her abilities tend to be affected by her emotions, often unable to do things if she feels a certain way.

• Ultraviolet Energy Projection: Another effect of being experimented on, Micaela can project incredibly powerful bright lavender-colored energy from her hands, usually caused by emotions of righteous fury. The energy attacks produce both thermal energy and highly explosive results on contact. She can augment the effectiveness of her punches by surrounding her hands in energy. She can also weld or burn through obstacles with contact from energy-coated hands.

• Energy Bolt: Micaela mainly discharges circular bolts of pure radioactive energy, which are usually launched as circular disk-like projectiles. 

• Bolt Waves: Mick has also been known to fire energy in a form of waves, again from her hands.

• Energy Shield: Micaela is capable of creating a strong, not very large, defensive energy barrier/force-field around herself. She can shield someone nearby her, only able to protect up to two bodies at once.

• Bolt Blast: Micaela is able to shoot her energy in the form of large and powerful beams of energy from her hands.

• Laser-Eye Beam: After being put through the second round of experiments and being flooded with energy, Micaela has gained the ability to shoot beams of energy from her eyes. This is not as powerful as blasts through her hands but they can be fired in a continuous steady stream, they are more precise and they give her the element of surprise if her hands are restrained.

• Semi-Flight: Micaela is able to slightly levitate off the ground. Occasionally this can be used to propel herself to high places, but she hasn't been able to achieve full flight. Though it could be possible someday.

• Superhuman Strength & Endurance: Because of her altered physiology, Micaela has become immensely strong. She has been known to effortlessly lift insanely heavy things, that others often struggle within groups to move. She can survive extreme conditions (such as snowstorms) for a longer than average amount of time. However, Micaela can't survive forever in extreme conditions.

• Semi-Invulnerability: Micaela is able to survive lots of physical damage done to her body. She can survive massively powerful explosions without suffering too much and has semi-bulletproof skin. (She isn't bulletproof to rounds specifically made to penetrate body armor, but can survive common ammunition)

• Radiation Immunity: Because of the experimentation on her body, Micaela is highly immune to radiation.


Image result for purple line png

       On August 19th, 1992 a baby girl was born to a small family of three. Annabelle; the mother. Henry; the Father. Zachary; the Brother. The growing family lived happily for about three years before the home was engulfed in flames. That night, the four-year-old girl was found outside by authorities as the only living survivor. No bodies were recovered but yet no questions were asked. They simply disappeared and it only took a week for the young girl to be dumped into the foster system. However before she could be placed in a home, someone in a neat black suit and slick black hair enters the agency to take the girl and quickly disappeared without many questions.

      This man worked for an illegal organization that collected humans, to alter the bodies and give them powers. Micaela was tested on and she remembers years of pain and moments of numbness. Her bodies physiology was altered by doctors whose only care was 'progress' and this ultimately ended in Micaela gaining several inhuman abilities. As a child, she was labeled by a barcode and codename: Delta 006. This codename became her identity and all she knew, as a form of name. The organization trained many to be killing machines, all of their abilities varying. Many of the other children weren't stable and were inevitably canceled from the program, never seen again.

      When Micaela became a field agent around 16, she wound up making several choices that would scar her later on in life. After two years of being under a cover named Hayley Beaumont, she had begun to grow weary of what she was doing with her life and if she wanted to be a mindless monster forever. Her abilities were all new territory and she was still struggling to gain full control, but it was in New York that she found a young man that taught her just that. This man was Elliott Madej; a local college student with secret abilities to control electrical currents. When they first met, it was a literal explosive relationship. Days were spent in abandoned factories and warehouses learning to control Micaela's abilities. She broke his arm twice, and her own leg once when she learned she could fly.
     The two of them were inseparable and insanely powerful as a duo. Elliott found ways to heal wounds with his abilities, Micaela even discovered she could create shields and platforms for climbing. Both of their abilities were volatile, but they kept each other in check, falling hopelessly in love with one another. When Micaela turned twenty-two and had been training with Elliott for three years, the organization she worked for had discovered her late night activities. They wanted an end to it and to recruit Elliott for 'the program', wanting to test him to see how his powers occurred naturally.

       Retrieval units came after Micaela and Elliott, cornering them and finding them hunkered down in an abandoned building. Mickaela was cuffed and prepared for transit back to her home, to resume her cover. While Elliott was beaten like an animal and thrown to the ground. Mick was forced to watch as the order was called for Elliott to be killed and brought in for DNA testing and what a show it was. A large inhuman, working for the organization, proceeded to strangle and stab the male known as Elliott Madej. In a frenzy, Micaela's trainer, best friend, and lover had been mangled before her eyes. A sight she still remembers, today.

       Two months later, Micaela discovered she had been pregnant while back in the clutches of her 'employers'. She believed originally, this was a miracle. But she'd later regret this, years down the road. It took Micaela rough six weeks to break out of where they kept her and sneak off somewhere safe, for her to assume a new identity and have her baby. Their baby. The road was horrible and unforgiving but she made it, taking the name Micaela Kovacs and birthing a beautiful girl named Elizabeth. They lived a pretty normal life, with Elizabeth attending school (when she was old enough) and Micaela working a full-time job. But happiness only lasts for about three years, when she was discovered yet again. 

       Growing too complacent she had slipped somehow and they had found her, one early morning. Micaela was with Elizabeth at a train station, heading somewhere for a day together. Before they could board the entire building was filled with what looked like SWAT, screaming orders and pointing guns at her and a frightened three-year-old girl.  Minutes of screaming and negotiations turned into Micaela offering to turn herself over, in exchange for no one being harmed. A special weapon was designed to overcharge her cells with radiation and cause Micaela to meltdown. This weapon was secretly propped in three areas throughout the building, before bearing down on her with all they had. The aftermath of any civilians was not something they worried about, for this organization works for its own means and no care for laws. They wanted to take in their asset and not lose any more time chasing her around.

       The last thing Micaela remembers from that day is losing control and learning she could release any collected energy all at once, like a giant explosive. But this causes her to black out and suffer a slight memory loss. The explosion, she was told, flattened two city blocks and killed nearly sixty people. The only victim who mattered. Elizabeth. Something Micaela would never forgive herself for was the death was of her daughter. The only connection she had left to the first person she had come to love. The only thing she had left that kept her sane, happy and gave her a reason to live.

       Four months later, Micaela was discovered by SHIELD agents and placed on the Index before eventually being recruited as an agent. This came like the turning point in her life, giving her a job that she could put her all into. Any normal life was given up and all of her time is dedicated to SHIELD and any missions given to her. She is a marvelous agent, even is she isn't the best. Not that she aims to be. Even till the fall of SHIELD, when she became her own freelance 'hero'.



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