This is the story of a man

who was supposed to

bring peace.


Tyron Oakendragon was born on a small farm in the land of Skyrim. In this family of Bretens, there had been a prophecy for many, many years. It is said that the child born on the constellation of the tower will bring prosperity to the people, and unite them as one.

This prophecy was ignored until Tyron was born under the constellation.

After Tyron's birth, word of the prophecy was whispered among the peasants of the cities. It was like a miracle for them. They could have a chance to start a life for themselves after all. They didn't truly believe that the prophecy was true; however, it was a nice idea to carry them through their harsh days. Some people did believe the prophecy, though.

One day, a good friend of the High King's went to him after hearing a beggar talk about the prophecy. This made the High King afraid of losing his power. A few days later, a squad of guards appeared at the small farm that the child had been born at. After swiftly detaining both his mother and father, the guards went to Tyron and kidnapped him. As they left, they decapitated the heads of both parents, so that they could not make another child with the same prophecy.

At this time, the imperials were trying to expand their reach to another continent on Nirn named Akavir. The High King believed that if the child was taken to Akavir--and killed there instead of being on Tamriel--it would be much more effective in ridding the prophecy forever.

The infant Tyron was taken across the seas, and to the land of Akavir. They were on the edge of the Tsaesci's kingdom(a race of vampiric snake people). A teary-eyed guard was ordered to take the child to a desolate location and leave it there without anyone to help it. The guard took the child but placed it in front of the door of a cabin. Luckily for Tyron, there was a very small amount of men that lived on Akavir before the Imperials came. With Tyron's luck, the small cabin of a woman and her husband took the boy in with open arms. They knew it was hard on this continent.





Growing up on Akavir wasn't easy for the child. Since the environment was so harsh, it was hard for the parents to get him any amount of food. Sometimes, they had to skip food for a day just to be able to feed him. As he grew up, his father began to teach him as much about combat as he possibly could. Tyron learned how to use one-handed swords, shields, and other weaponry.

But the one thing that he learned which truly interested him was the arcane arts. He learned some alteration spells, some destruction spells, and learned how to summon a familiar. But that wasn't enough for him. He wanted more knowledge. He needed more knowledge.

And, with just a little searching, he'd find that thing he had been desiring.




With a lust for knowledge, one night, Tyron decided to go out of his house alone while his caretakers were asleep. He needed to understand the world around him better. He walked through the wet, and cold night. No matter what conditions his body was put into, he would continue to look for the answer to his plea.

And, just with Tyron's luck, he found exactly what he was looking for. It was an abandoned library made by men long, long ago. After the men were driven away from the library by the opposing Tsaesci. But now it was abandoned, and it was his to use. He cast a spell which made a glowing orb appear above his head, and looked at the large place that he had just entered. Books covered the entire place. Walls filled with knowledge for him to absorb. There was nothing for him to do besides reading and learning.

Every night, he ventured to this abandoned place and learned more and more. He learned spell after spell, and learned about every daedric prince, along with their artifacts. Every night was gathering more information. He felt that, if he was smarter than the enemies around him, he would be able to protect himself and those he loves much better. Until one fateful night--a book appeared in the library that had not been there before.


Somehow, without much explanation, the Oghma Infinium had appeared in the library. It was like it had been placed there by some outside force. Luckily for Tyron, he had done his research on this daedric item long before. He placed the book in his backpack and would keep the book on him until he would find a need for it. At this time, Tyron had become eighteen. This book had finally made him realize that it was time for him to leave and explore the world on his own.

A few years later, Tyron is now an adult. He decided that it was time for him to go explore the continent of Akavir for himself. Telling his caretakers thank you for keeping him and saving him as a child, he eventually set out for the world alone. He started off his exploration by using Illusion spells in order to sneak on Tsaesci premises and find out their whereabouts. He was going to use this knowledge later on.

For five months he just played a game of surveillance on their troops. He got food by hunting and cooking it on a small portable cooking pot. Picking fruit of trees.. anything to get by. He slept in a sleeping back in a tree, as long as he was off the ground, he was rather safe. After five months, he would finally do what he had intended to do in the first place.

The Tsaesci had one large enemy in the eastern part of the continent. This was the race of feline men called the Ka Po Tun. They were rivals to the Tsaesci, and with his knowledge of the inner workings of their military, it could give him an edge to become an integral part of their military. An easy way to power.

So, Tyron set off for the other part of the planet. After weeks of walking, he finally made it to the city of the Ka Po Tun. By manipulating some people through illusion magic, he had made himself able to speak to the leader of their people. He was a dragon, a dragon with scales the color of a tiger's hide. Tyron relayed all of the information that he had gathered about the Tsaesci, and within a moment's notice, had gained power in their military. He wasn't an officer, but he would have the chance to be if he was good enough in the field. He was sure of it.

Within a year, with the knowledge that Tyron had provided for the Ka Po Tun, they had been able to take over the Tsaesci's region of Akavir. The Tsaesci were also focused on getting the imperials out of their nation. They now took Tsaesci men into their ranks and had the power of their military as well. Tyron had begun to unite the people of this continent, just like he had been prophesied to do on Tamriel.




At this time, Tyron had become a high ranking officer in the Ka Po Tun military. He was so high-ranked, in fact, that they gave him one of their own dragons for him to ride over any battlefield that he went over. This new status made Tyron rather confident in his military skills. With this new confidence, he suggested to the leader of the Ka Po Tun that he could take another territory for him, and command the troops there. This was the kingdom of the Tang Mo, a race of monkey people who the Ka Po Tun had tried to invade many times, but had failed. But with these new forces, Tyron was sure that he'd be able to come in and wipe it easily, and also add a new name to his belt. The leader allowed this, and as soon as he said yes, he began the preparations.

Sadly, unlike the whole Tsaesci situation, Tyron did not spend five months observing their tactics. He just went in head-first, into a dense jungle environment that he did not know how to traverse. He lost the war before he had even entered. The enemy was able to outsmart him in every way, shape, and form. Using guerrilla warfare, the people of the Tang Mo had Tyron on the tip of their finger. The Ka Po Tun military was losings tons of men every day, and to keep his country strong, the leader ended the war with the Tang Mo. Tyron was also despised by the people that he had tried to help, and thrown out of the military shortly afterward.

The Ka Po Tun guards threw him out by putting him in a carriage and moving him through the capital of the country. As he rode in the carriage, people would throw things at him, and sometimes jump onto the carriage and beat him. The guards did nothing as this happened, and Tyron was unable to defend himself since he had handcuffs and leg irons on. He just had to take the beating.

After finally making it through the capital, the mangled Tyron was thrown off of the carriage. His body fumbled against the ground until he was laid out on the ground, all alone, with no one with him. They through his belongings, and after they did so, the Oghma Infinium tumbled in front of him, and landed in his view. As the Ka Po Tun soldiers left him to rot, his hand slowly reached out to the book.

That day, the Akavir would crumble under the truth strength of Tyron Oakendragon.



Using the power of the Oghma Infinium, Tyron had made his hands and eyes holes to Aetherius. Aetherius is the Immortal plane and is a plane of pure magic, the origin of all magic energy. Essentially, by doing this, he had made himself a mage of infinite caliber. He can cast spells infinitely without any repercussions.

After the beating that he had endured, he decided to prove to the Ka Po tun that he could take over the Tang Mo. Atop his dragon, he began to wipe out many villages in Tang Mo. Their military, though strong, wasn't enough to beat the sure brute force that Tyron brought to the battlefield. Not this time. Instead of keeping citizens safe and out of harm's reach, Tyron didn't allow anyone to live as he destroyed. Tyron did not sleep, for he now didn't need to. For twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, he obliterated the Tang Mo kingdom. It looked as if he was going to destroy the entire nation in due time.

Luckily for the Tang Mo, the Ka Po Tun also came into the equation after learning about Tyron's attacks on the nation. With the force of the Tang Mo and the Ka Po Tun, they were finally able to bring down Tyron. They cornered him, and with one last offense, was able to kill over a thousand of their troops. Despite this, he knew he couldn't defeat all of the dragons there at the same time. Out of rage and hate, the mage moved into a portal he made to another dimension. He didn't know where he was heading. He just knew he had to leave.



The Aftermath on Akavir


On the day that the mage finally left them, they attempted to try and calculate all of the people that had been killed. Sadly, they were unable to. They had wanted to count the number of souls still lingering in the country, but there were no souls to be found. Each body had its soul sucked out of it, leaving the bodies that were not burnt alive like mummies. Fields full of bodies, each dead in another way. Not only did the nation of the Tang Mo suffer from Tyron's rage, but the other nations of Akavir suffered as well. After Tyron's departure, several volcanoes appeared in each of the nations, some appearing in the middle of highly populated cities. The shores of Akavir were now cursed with terrible storms. This affected the Imperial population still on Akavir. With them losing their war with the Tsaesci, they had attempted to evacuate and get food from a neighbor nation that they had taken over. Sadly, the storms made them unable to do that. The imperial population was obliterated. Those on the continent starved to death since they couldn't get food from that neighbor nation; and the people getting food were killed by the storms that the shore had been cursed with.



The Aftermath on Tyron


On the planet of Hellifyno, a portal appeared in the sky of Persistence's forest. Tyron was spat out of this portal, and his body slamming against the ground. His body was now experiencing the after effects of the stress he had put on himself. As the rage began to fade, Tyron realized what he had done. After reading and using the Oghma Infinium, the daedric prince Hermaeus Mora played with Tyron's brain. In his rage, Tyron had allowed the book to manipulate his weakened mind, resulting in what was the massacre of the Tang Mo. He had killed and done worse than the imperials had done to him. He was nothing more than the people who had ruined him.


He was a man.

A man which people expected to be a God.

A greedy, prideful, and wrathful man, who ruined the lives of many.

Nothing more.. than a man.




Tyron found the city of Persistence and has recently moved into a small apartment for himself. He is taking time to the library to learn more about the culture there, and also a bit of magic that wasn't available to him before. He is a stoic and cold man, not very good with people. He usually keeps himself, unless he is drunk. He is never found without a book in his arms, as learning more about the world around him distracts him from his regret of what he has done.



Current Personality


Tyron has a past that he holds onto dearly. A past ever so present in his mind, which isolates him to a world where only his concerns are relevant. He yearns for his own narrative to be addressed. His mind narrows life to make sure that nothing else is important, making him not realize that there are others who suffer the same fate as him. To keep calm daily, he distances himself from others. He is willing to sacrifice anything for harmony and purpose in his life. This is why you will see him, every day, reading a book about philosophy, desperately trying to find the secrets of his life and understand himself. This is the knowledge he yearns for--the knowledge he needs. He lives a life  of regret. A life where his past is unfinished. A piece is missing, and he believes the books that he finds will bear him the piece he needs. Not only this, but being in the possession of the Oghma Infinium, Hermaeus Mora has a large influence on his choices in life. If anything, it is why his lust for knowledge is so extreme.



Powers / Abilities



Through years of fighting on Akavir, Tyron has developed extreme knowledge on many different types of weaponry. Though being taught by his father was a big reason why he became so proficient at using weapons, it was the books he read and his experience on the battlefield which truly made him this way. He is able to use swords, maces, axes, greatswords, warhammers very well.

Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion and Restoration Magic


These magics were the first that Tyron was able to learn. Though they originally aren't very spectacular, his connection to the aetherius allows him to enhance each spell almost infinitely. Though this does not mean galactic-threat spells, this does mean he changes normal lightning spells to almost complete control of of the element itself. It basically lets him transcend spells, and make schools of magic practically powers.

Blood Magic


Tyron learned many things about the Akaviri from their library. The most significant thing that he learned from them, though, was their blood magic. Since the Akaviri used vampiric magic, Tyron has taken on these traits. He is able to paralyze opponents, turn into mist, easily resurrect the dead, and many more. The most important thing that Tyron is able to do with this is manipulate life(though this is fairly limited).

Demonic Magic

After accidentally teleporting himself to a space colony called Solisa V through messing up a spell, Tyron found and purchased a black book on demonic magic. Though he is not sure how safe he is with the book, he has learned quite a lot of powerful magic from it. He can practically make himself a demon. His strength will not change if he does this, however. Though the power of this is vast, he has barely begun to delve into the power that this book has in store for him. This shall be updated later.


Tyron is entirely human. He is not absurdly strong, or able to lift more weight than a stronger human. Not only this, but tying himself to the Aetherius has sort of.. preserved his state. He is unaffected by most magic that he would cast upon himself, keeping his humanity intact at all times.



(Warning: Heavy Elder Scrolls lore ahead. There's a reason he's born on the tower. You don't even need to read this. It's just a goal that Tyron has that I wanted to cover.)


"With these magic words, the King of Rape added together: 'CHIM,' which is the secret syllable for royalty."

It is a crowned tower. The base of the tower being the mortal plane, and the crown representing dominance over it.

There is a process that man can go through to transcend and become Gods. After reading about it in the library, he has been silently trying to figure out ways that he can do this. It goes like this.

When they go through with this, they are met with the tower. People will realize that they do not exist, and they are only part of a fantasy. They are only a figment of the imagination. If they believe this, they disappear and are deleted. They are deleted from the past and the future, and the fact that they were deleted is deleted as well. However, when faced with this realization, if they still believe they themselves are real, they can change the outcome of this situation, and go beyond logic and reason, and achieve CHIM. When they go with this, they can look at the mortal plane without fear, and become a God over it.

Though Tyron does not know that he will see this when he goes through this process, his greed has made him want to be a God, and this is the only way he knows that he can achieve Godhood. We will see if he survives, or even does it for that matter.




1. If you are confused about anything in Tyron's story, please ask me. I'll be sure to answer any questions you have.

2. Most of the terms used in Tyron's story ARE from the Elder Scrolls lore. They are rarely mentioned in the games. The history of Akavir is VERY vague. This is why I chose it to be used. I tried to have his story blend in with the vague history known about it, however.

3. The player of this character is not over eighteen! Sorry horny human, you aren't getting any of this!

4. I believe I'm pleasant to talk to. If you want to RP with me, don't be afraid to ask. Tyron's almost a blank slate after his story finishes. Any RP that would continue it is completely welcome!

5. Please, do not God-mod against me, if you do want to fight me. Tyron's magic IS powerful, but in essence, he is practically human. I will fight fairly if you do.

6. I, sadly, do not have access to a computer whenever I'd like to, and I refuse to use the mobile version of this site. If it takes me a little while to answer your comment, I'm sorry, but I have a life.

7. I am fine with RPing with characters from other universes. Hence why I placed him on Hellifyno!

8. Me being on main chat is iffy. If your character introduces him to the Inn... sure--but otherwise--I'd rather keep him in private. He isn't one for groups.

9. Despite the big story, it's actually very hard for me to make sizable replies sometimes. I don't care how long your posts are, but please know that not every post of mine will be a wall. I find them to be useless and only slow the story down.

10. Have fun!

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