τħε રελρεર'Ș ȻλιιίɴĢ

ħƲɱλɴ ɴλɱε- Kenji Nakamura

રελρεર ɴλɱε- Sisunth

Other Names- Shinigami/死神/Grim Reaper, The Shadow Demon/影の悪魔 Kage no akuma, The Soul Collector.

λĢε- Around 9000 years old, but as a human he looks in his early 30's

εϓε ȻΘιΘર- Orange Red but in human form it's brown color

ɴλτίΘɴλιίτϓ- Japanese/American Demonic Bloodline

ΘરίĢίɴ- The Void {Undead World where he was sleeping for all eternity. Outside the human world of Aokgahara Forest, until being summoned.}


εΧ-ΘȻȻƲρλτίΘɴȘ- Ex Tokyo's Death Police {Had quit, since his friend was murdered by a Vengful Demon.There were even times with some people had called for his help.} , Ex Reaper Guardian Of Aokgahara {But at certain times, he has visited for a while. It is still home to him.}

ιίʃε ΘȻȻƲρλτίΘɴȘ- FBI Agent/Soul Collector

Șκίιι'Ș & λßίιίτϓ'Ș-

ώελρΘɴȘ- handgun, long cursed katana- That only is able to use to protect himself including others. long demonic claw/nails.

τϓρε- Void Reaper

રειλτίΘɴȘħίρ ȘτλτƲȘ- Single//Women



ώελκɴεȘȘεȘ- Holy Water, And other holy objects, Mirror's and reflections from windows can see through his true from. shadow is still in the shape of his monster form. Sage {Allergic to it}

ιίκεȘ -



τરƲε ʃΘરɱ-


 Becoming the monster of death and full of rage. This is the demonic monsterous true form of the reaper itself.


<<<RP Rules>>>

  1. I have a life outside with this site,so please be patient I will reply back within a day or so. I will try to reply back when ever I can!
  2. Do not gmod or kill off character. If you do our RP will end.
  3. RP's are 21+ Gore blood, and Violance, mature content.
  4. I made this character before, but didnt get the chance to be online all the time. Since my life is hectic with family problems, and other things that are going around lately.
  5. Plotting or thinking of ideas for RPing is ok. OOC or ok to but please no drama stuff.

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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