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Canon Fodder   |    Veronica Grym


❝ I've done things I'm not proud of, to make it in this life. ❞

Full Name
Rembrandt Machaizelli Price

Nickname(s) & Aliases
Brandt(common/go-to), Mac(common), Rem/Remmy, Mr. Price

The Last True Ankarian, Spaceman


Pureblood Human


Birth Date
August 19th

Birthplace & Current Residence
Varsalis, Ankara(birthplace)
Seattle, Washington(current)

Machaizelli Price       》Father - Status Unknown
Lunala Price       》Mother - Dead《          

Heterosexual(ooc: being debated)

Relationship Status

Ankaran (Similar To Western-American)


 leather┊whiskey┊body spray┊gun powder┊engine oil

Face Claim & Physical Description
Chris Pratt
Rembrandt is often described as ruggedly handsome. He has curly strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes. He is roughly six foot four and one hundred and sixty pounds of well-kept muscle. His facial hair is trimmed and wellkempt. His clothing usually consists of blue jeans, brown boots, fingerless gloves, black tee and dark maroon leather jacket. His spacehelmet is gray with glowing red 'eyes', made out of a silvery-like metal. The helmet matieralizes by the press of a button, located on a device coiled around his right ear. At the base of his neck, Rembrandt has an implant that allows him to communicate with other lifeforms over millions of languages. 

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Likes / Dislikes


Bad Habits
Bouncing Leg(Anxiety Related)

Other Fun Facts About Rembrandt
Rembrandt has 'accidentally' flown through a wormhole once... or twice. Possibly to avoid a squadron of enemies starships. 



More To Be Added Over Time

(Small Thing: This Story Is Entirely My Own Creation. So Enjoy!)

The Planet Ankara and It's Legacy

❝  I'm the last one. No more after me. ❞

       The year is 5027 and around this time many of the neighboring planets; those capable of sustaining life, as well as neighboring Galaxies have been colonized by the Human race. Which originated on the planet Earth several million years ago. However three thousand years ago Earth began to reach the limit of how many humans it could safely support without damaging the planet. Earth's figureheads in power began to put together a plan and idea to colonize neighboring planets. By 3023, roughly a thousand years after the discovery of the population problem, several planets were discovered and test missions were put in place to see if they even had the technology to reach the other planets. There was lots of hard work and billions of dollars dumped into this process and research, leading them slowly towards the answer. In 3258 a doctor by the name of Issac Covington perfected the space craft that would later become the official transport vehicles for off-planet travel. Several colonies of humans were selected carefully before being sent to roughly seven new planets, just within Earth's solar system. It would take several hundred years for them to finally reach the paradise of Ankara and begin the first colony. 

       In 4001 Ankara had been successfully colonized on two of the three large land masses, the rest of the planet containing crystal clear blue water. The first colony was known as Varsalis; to this day this Colony is the largest and most elegant settlement on all of Ankara - quickly becoming the capital of the planet. The second colony is named Artosai; a less elegant but just as beautiful colony still around to this day. All of Ankara was unified under one set of rulers, picked by all the populace through vigourous questioning. However by 4027, when Ankara was stable and growing, an unnamed alien race snuck on planet. These aliens were able to assume the human form and integrated their DNA into the planet's populace.Within the first two hundred years of the integration half of the human population were half-breeds. Somehow under the radar the population were slowly being mutated. After half a century passed the entire population had been bred into the gene pool of the alien race. By 5027 all of the human species had been bred out of the planet's population, leaving the planet no longer a Human colony.  

       However, Just a few years shy of the 'end' a Resistance had been formed. Two half-humans with dominant alien genes were about to produce a child - a miracle baby - that was somehow fully human. This child was named Rembrandt Machaizelli Price, The stress of birthing a full human baby killed the mother, leaving Rembrandt's father to raise him for the first ten years of his life. The loss of his mother left no chance of rebuilding the human race on Ankara. This made it rough for Rembrandt's father to raise a child, after losing his wife/mate to childbirth.

       When an adolescent reaches the age of seventeen they are put through vigorous testing. They are tested to discover knowledge, durability and health in the current stage of evolution. With his father aware that his son would fail his testing, he was placed into a ship that took him off world. Rembrandt found home on Earth (and Earth-like planets) with others of his species. To grow up on a foreign planet, with a species that was the same as his own, was difficult to accept to say the least. Rembrandt was painfully aware that he could never see his father again nor his homeworld. But he did make it his mission to never allow the same thing to happen to any other planets, like what happened to his home. 

       As Rembrandt grew up he slowly started to grow comfortable on the human planets he called home. His parents; he was told, always wanted the best for him. The hope was for him to grow up and perhaps have a happy life with his own kind. With a deep desire to someday take back his planet and fill it with humans once more. Until then, he had no choice but to try and live normally. During this time he discovered a strange knack for being an amazing cook. 

      With no real citizenship from Ankara; from his birth being secret, Rembrandt is never able to get a normal paying job. He takes up a life of crime and becoming what is known as a ‘heister’. Rembrandt learned how to fight and handle firearms, even creating his own equipment to fight with. This vaguely consists of laser blasters (or handguns), jetpack(for flying), boots with rockets(for flying), and a mask(several uses). Because of his Heister 'career' Rembrandt was able to purchase his own spacecraft, that he uses to travel between planets. He takes up occasional mercenary work, trying to avoid many jobs that involve killing. 


❝  I am a man of simple pleasures. ❞

       Rembrandt is a very strange individual. Often he can be very serious, especially during jobs. Most describe him as immature and out going, often annoying people. He is fairly laid back and easy going with most things in life, taking pleasure in simple inexpensive things. Rembrandt can sometimes make innapropriate jokes with his fellow heisters, having a sense of humor.

       Rembrandt can be very touchy and reclusive when it comes to talking about his past, unless he feels like he can truly trust someone. When it comes to thinking on his past Rembrandt can show signs of depression and other negative emotions. He can get frustrated and angry, most times. Rembrandt shows kindness to most people, by default. Even sometimes being kind to those who don't deserve it. Rembrandt has a soft spot for children, though he suffers from fear of someday failing as a parent.

❝  What's the big deal? ❞

       With Women, Rembrandt is highly inexperienced. Rembrandt has never been involved with anyone romantically or sexually, leaving him awkward and uneducated in all forms on the subject. He never throws himself at women, but won't shy away from conversation with them. Due to never experiencing love, Rembrandt doesn't know how he would treat someone he is in a relationship with. It is safe to assume that Rembrandt would be loyal to a fault(even putting himself in danger) and would put his everything into the relationship. Though, Rembrandt does hope to maybe someday find someone to settle down with. Haunted by a deep hidden desire to rebuild the family he lost; and never truly had, on Ankara. 



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  • Emilia paused at a corner of a street. Silver streaked green hues looking around before she decided to head on to the right, making her way down a slightly quiter street. From there she would take a couple of lefts and rights until she knew she would be well into the town. From there, she didn't have a clue on where to go. Standing there on the sidewalk, she took in what she could see and sense, but all that came to a close when she finally sensed someone following. Turning her head slightly, she took a deep breath, taking in all the scents to get the one who followed. Whoever it is, seemed like a normal human and for all she knew, this person could be any normal human but she didn't.

    With a soft hum in thought she moved on once more deciding to see what would happen. Would the human follow? and if so she needed to act fast to find out why this human is doing so. So walking a bit more through the town she walked into an alleyway and waited.

    Meanwhile, the two men she had lost back towards the woods, made their way slowly through town asking people if they've seen anyone fitting her discription. Of course most weren't very helpful but there were a small few that would point the way or the way they think they saw her. Sending the two on wild chase but sooner or later they would get closer and closer while sometimes getting further and further.

  • (Sorry for the late response but ti would not be a bad idea. My RP request page is what I normally would use to start lol. I can also send you a "movie" of Dead Space 1 which has all of the cut scenes because I a trying to keep it somewhat close to Dead Space as possible. But the idea is fine by me. ^^)

  • Trees blurred by as she ran. Scratches forming here and there as the thin branches she pushed aside scrapped against skin. Green hues glancing around, looking behind every once in a while. She had been free of the horrible facility, that kept her as some test subject, for a good couple of weeks. But she didn't think they would find her so quickly. She could hear them behind her, so close to catching up. She needed to lose them off her trail quickly. On normal circumstances, she would have easily taken out the whole team, but had luckily taken out three of the five. Sickle claws tapped at the ground as she paused upon a path, her amber reptilan eyes looked around as kept the panic at bay. She needed a clear mind to get these other two off her trail. Letting out snarl she took off to the right of path ignoring the few wounds she has as the breeze, caused from her running, flared up. She could worry about them later but right now she just needed to keep moving.

    Once again coming to a pause, amber hues studied the town before her as she debated on continuing on. Turning her scaled head slightly, she listened for the remaining ACU team surprised at the silence that filled the air. Those amber hueso f hers narrowed as she turned her head fully to look back, standing there for a few short moments before she turned back and continued on into the town. She needed to be careful here and not let anyone see her as is. Thinking quickly and in a soft light of light red blue and purple, she transformed into her human counterpart. Wipping the dark blood from the corner of her mouth, green hues looked around before moving further into the town as she pulled up the hood of her jacket.

    It honestly felt good being as her human self... well close to human self. Nothing about herself is human. The gems, her artficial DNA even her hybridism. It even came down to her oddly dark blood. Yet out of all of it, she looked normal. Keeping her head down as she walked down a sidewalk, she took in everything around her. Listening to every single little sound, being extra careful of these new surroundings.

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