A soldier, destroyed.
A monster, born.
A butcher, betrayed.
A body, discarded.
An eternity, buried with the dead and rotting of his own creation.
He is not the man he once was. Not anymore.
Recall the deeds as if they're all
Someone else's atrocious stories
Now you stand reborn before us all
So glad to see you well

And not to pull your halo down
Around your neck and tug you to the ground
But I'm more than just a little curious
How you're planning to go about making your amends
To the dead
-The Noose, A Perfect Circle
"I am a soul damned to hell, Elsa Brabant. Guided by demons, on a mission to take a man's life. My name is Stone and Wood. I am no hero."
Name: Jürgen Maximilian Steinholtz
Alias: The Obergeist, Geist
The High Spirit, The Over-Ghost, Herr Faust, George Stonewood
Nationality: German
Status: Undead (?)
Complexion: Ghastly
Vision: Blind in the right eye from the Great War
Mind: Diagnosed schizophrenic, brain tissue damage from shrapnel
Height: 1.70 m (5'7")
Decorations: EK, second class; Verwundetenabzeichen
Official Date of Death: 1944
Official Cause of Death: Shot for attempted defection, treason (NN)
True Cause of Death: Tortured by Josef Mengele
Wounds from Death: Severed and crudely healed tendons in the wrists and ankles, barbed wire permanently embedded in the wrists, completely surgically castrated, scars from being flayed, permanently dislocated jaw, holes in the skull which still occasionally bleed
Date of Rebirth: Unknown
Powers: Psychokinetic, Telekinetic, Flight
Steinholtz's extensive psiot research and activation process has created an entire class all its own. Boasting a 50/50 success rate instead of the dismal 25/75 one the standard procedure, Steinholtz-Class psiots are not registered with the usual agencies. He has been involved in several activations in the present day.
Current Alignment: Cautiously Good
Great War- Deutsches Heer [Hauptmann II Klasse]
World War 2- SS-Totenkopfvervände [Oberführer]
Ex-Nazi, "Ex-Piece of shit." -Neegan Harris
Nazi defector
Family (deceased):
Saskje Steinholtz [wife]
Hans Friedrich Steinholtz [infant son]
Both killed in a bombing on Dresden by the Allies in 1945.
Jurgen never knew that his son was born until long after his rebirth, and never met him.
Family (current):
"Heterosexual Life Partner": Neegan Harris
First meeting took place during World War Two. Details redacted.
Son [adopted]: James Harris
"Son" [activated]: Shaw Durand
Relationship Status: Uninterested. Perhaps, incapable. Presumably, heterosexual. Horribly lonely.
An SS man, a doctor by trade, and a scientist by calling, Jürgen Steinholtz committed unspeakable atrocities in the name of the Nazi party under the guidance of his mentor, Josef Mengele, in the name of a sick, twisted sense of "progress." His experiments revolved around a desire to create telepathic soldiers. They left hundreds dead, thrown into a mass grave full of his victims alone that has yet to this day to be found. These gristly actions ended up earning him the moniker the Obergeist among those within the camp, as well as outside of them via newspapers and concerns for his mental health.
Through his research, Dr. Steinholtz discovered that certain individuals possessed locked but latent abilities. Nicknamed "psiots," these men and women became the cornerstone of his research. He had them kidnapped and brought to him regardless if they were marked for liquidation by the state or not. He needed his lab rats.
One of his victims, however, somehow already possessed unlocked powers. While strapped into Steinholtz's infernal machine, in his dying throes of agony, the man evaporated the shards of metal in the doctor's brain, the very ones that had ruined his eye and left him half-mad. He was hit with instant, horrible mental clarity, and by the time the shocks were done and his victim was dead, Steinholtz was already on his knees, sobbing and shaking with the magnitude of what he had seen.

He scrabbled for his pistol and turned the barrel into his mouth.
But...mercifully for the world, yet not for himself, he hesitated. He had to do more than simply that. He couldn't extinguish himself alone.
He ran to his mentor, fumbling over his words and spewing sedition. His mentor was none too pleased, and told him to watch his tongue.
Five words, which got him tortured to the brink of death and wired into his own machine. Five words, which got him thrown into his own mass grave and buried with all of his failures, and perhaps all of his results, to be forgotten.
Nacht und Nebel.
The newspapers reported he had committed treason and been executed, that he had been shot at Auschwitz-Birkenau like so many others. This was, of course, a lie that Mengele was happy to see spread with little intervention of his own effort.
This was, less intuitively, also a falsehood.
Steinholtz was not dead.
Now, the Obergeist stalks the world, dedicated to eradicating and executing fascists and neo-Nazis, wherever and whenever they show their faces.
Steinholtz has been reborn, and he intends to make the world feel his fury.
The Doctor Is In.
Dr. Steinholtz sees patients from all walks of life who, for one reason or another, cannot visit a regular doctor or hospital. Be it monetary, situational, or due to supernatural origin, he will uphold his oath and do all he can. A talented and well-versed surgeon who was decades ahead of his time, his dated but precise handiwork has the ability to save many lives.
For the first time in his life, he's determined to use it to do so.
Steinholtz wears, nearly exclusively, Hugo Boss, and funds his habits via the money he finds left behind by those that met their ends at his hands.
One day, he hopes to learn the one thing he seems to be incapable of-
how to die.

OOC Info:
Written by Sarge.

21+ | Native language: English | Hates fascists.
Banter, Para, Multi-Para, & Novella welcome.
It should go without saying that you need to ask before you include my characters in your blogs or on your profiles. Respect me and my work, and I will respect you.


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I strongly reccomend reading some of the blogs the poem at the top of this page link to, as they explain his background in the Great War, his injury, and how it is he came to accept the hand of Josef Mengele himself.


Obergeist was initially created by Dan Jolley, Tony Harris, and Ray Snyder.
When DC refused to publish the book and welcome the character, years later, he found a home at Top Cow.
Now he's got a home here.

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  • (I wonder why wrealms is not letting gifs work??? It's weird)

    Coninia would listen to his questions and casually answered him, "Would you believe me if I was to tell you I was planning to commit suicide at the edge of some hill full of flowers? Or is that too... honest and cynical?" She spoke low enough so she would not draw attention from others, but enough to make sure there would be no misunderstandings. Perhaps he would just not believe her and she could go about her evening alone? It was just a hope, but she doubt he would leave her be. Deep down, Coninia knew that this "George" was not exactly who he said he was. 

    The vampire would eye the teachers and students and give them a smile and small nod of her head to silently greet them and acknowledge their presence before looking back to the man who sat by her now as she waited for his response. Maybe it was somewhat harsh... but she did not seem to care. After all, she do her best to make this the last night she had and make it quick. After being around since the 8th century, it was hard to even live with herself even if she wasn't someone who worked at Auschwitz. Not like he could care either way, right?



  • It's very well a good thing Lars was no stranger to oddballs like Geist, as far as appearance went, or how someone carried themselves, like he did, or acted. Lars literally just looks at the other man like he;s so ordinary and yet, there was so much curiosity driven to understand this man, why he was here and what the reasoning for his actions back there had been. Curious vampire is curious and would it kill him like it killed the cat? Welp, only one way to find out. 

    He makes a almost sympathetic noise and nods a few times. His hearing picks up the crunch of tires over gravel, his head cocking slightly so in direction of the door that lead outside where the vehicle had pulled up. The lights filter through and Lars' gaze has turned back to the german beside him. He takes a deep breath and sighs.

    " Way I see it, you can do that or keep trying to run from it. Neither is easy to do, but I've found running gets old real quick. " With that, he gets up, eyeing the back of the kitchen on the other side of the counter; their escape route. 


  • ~ The door to the compound began to open as soon as the first trick had arrived and stayed open as the other trucks were heading in just five miles out.  Men began pouring out to begin unloading the cargo from each truck as it arrived. A special loaded was brought out the moment the van with the precious cargo finally arrived. One of the men were shouting in German to be fast about the unloading but also careful. ~


      ~ The commander was busy looking over the files and spoke to his aid about the initial discoveries. ~

     “ Project Meta. A project to create artificial meta humans. Project meta. Americans. So unoriginal with naming things.  Yet it is surprising thry acheived this Prototype. We have heard of reports of super powered humans but I scarcely believed it was true. To think a form of radiation, Dark Matter, could give certain humans special abilities.  The Fuhrer will be most pleased with this discover. Once we reverse engineer what the Americans acheived with this Project Cadmus lab of theirs. We will be on our way to creating the true master race. Each one of us empowered with special abilities that will make conquering the infidels, child’s play.  Is everything at the lab ready to go?”


      “Yes, Commander.  The cargo has already arrived and our men are working on transporting to the main laboratory.  We should be there in under five minutes. “


    ”Wunderbar. Tell the scientists to begin as soon as they are ready. No need to wait for my arrival.  Inform the Fuhrer that everything is on schedule. “

    ”Yes, Commandant. “


    ~ Everything was going as plan. The Leader was going to begin picking the first human test subjects upon hearing that human trials were ready to begin. He looked over the files once more as he studied the list of abilities and something else, the control chip.  He was going to have his head scientist study this chip so they can figure out how to control the subject. It wasn’t enough for them to learn how to grant their people powers, he knew the Fuhrer would also want the Prototype to be under his command to lead the soldiers into battle.  Course the Leader was a cautious sort and he was going to first test his men getting powers before he dared attempt to let the metahuman out of his cage. Not until he was sure there was complete obedience to him and the Fuhrer. Finally the last vehicle would arrive and the Commander of the entire facility stepped out of the vehicle and began heading inside the facility. Telling his men to finish loading everything else inside and to close the doors as soon as they were done. ~

  • Aza picks at his fingernails, admires the deep purple polish they're coated in as if they were the most fascinating thing in the room. Funny how he decided to paint his nails purple when his new companion is associated with that color. With a shrug, he turns away from his nails to look at Geist, completely unfazed, as if holding people against their will were an every day activity bored people should engage in to pass the time.

    ''Can't say I need it exactly. But, hey, I don't need chocolate or cocaine either, and yet I'll happily drown myself in both.'' He's absolutely shameless.  He brings the tip of his switchblade close to Isla's face, places it underneath her chin to tip her head back. ''Haven't you ever heard that saying that says money doesn't bring you happiness? That might be true, but you can't deny it does bring you comfort.''

    He's babbling now. Someone stop him.

    ''Our skinny little thing here is a werewolf.'' He gestures at the chained young woman with his blade once he's stopped invading her personal space.  Ah, now him calling her a pup makes sense. ''Werewolfes live in packs. So someone must be out there pulling their hair out looking for her and the other little runt.'' The demon giggles at his own joke. He grabs the silver chain and gives it one last hard pull, breaking it. As Isla rubs her wrists, Aza pulls her up to her feet like a rag doll, as if she weighted nothing. The gesture would had been sweet had not the demon held the switchblade casually against her throat.

  • ( I can’t help but wait to see how Geist handles interacting with someone like her. She is a lot to handle! Hah but fun to play.)

  • “Yes. It is a reason I don’t blame Lucifer for being pissy at being locked in a cage  though it pleases me since he did the same to me. Then there is God’s sister who was locked away since before creation and I can see why she wanted to destroy everything her brother mad in retaliation.  I have severe mental and behavioral issues because of it but I use that as my go to excuse. Aside from the “”I’m a demon, it’s what I do.””

    ” Reforming the body. Sounds like a bitch.  Guess it sucks you can’t just body hop as easily like some of us demons can. A body gets too damage or blown up. No biggy.  Just possess someone and good to go. Speaking of. I may need to make a detour.....”

    She looked in the backseat to see how much room she had in this vehicle. 

    “  Got some mmm bodies to pick up from cold storage. It’s funny. For the most part. You don’t really see in Hispanics, Indians both kinds, Africans, Asians and such, they nearly all have dark hair. When is the last time you saw any one of them with big bleach blond hair or fiery red hair? Though a girl in college did have a friend that she showed me. A guy who actually had natural red hair.  Crazy. I have been trying to find another red headed Asian ever since and a blonde one.  Hahahaha. Guess you can say I’m going body shopping.  Looking for that future host body.  Don’t worry. This body I’m in right now was worm food. I used a demonic ritual to make it look all nice and pretty again. “


     She would then mess with the shadow and puts on Hollywood undead and blasts it but not to loud so she can snap till hear herself and him talk.  She started to sing along .


    ”Everywhere I go
    Bitches always know
    That charlie scene has got a weenie that he loves to show

    Wake up
    Grab beer
    Grab rear
    Shave beard
    Put on some scene gear
    Gotta get drunk before my mom wakes up
    Break up, with my girlfriend so I can bang sluts
    I'm undead
    Been sleeping on, bunk beds, since 10
    So if I don't booze it
    I'm gonna lose it
    Everybody get to it
    Do it
    Get ruined.
    Lets get this party started
    Lets keep them 40s poppin'
    So just get buzzed and stay fucked up
    We'll keep them panties droppin'
    Lets get this party started
    Lets keep them 40s poppin'
    So just get buzzed and stay fucked up
    We'll keep them panties droppin'“
    She sang along loudly to the song as she drove along, heading to their destination. 
    ”I gotta say. If there is one thing I love about humanity other then the tasty junk foods and candies and all that other unhealthy sweet stuff that taste ooooooh so goood!  It’s the music.  So much of it today sounds sooooo angry.  I fucking love it! Ugh. It’s makes me not want to start an  Demon Apocalypse , cause I would lose out on humans making things that entertain me.  So that is cool your tech savvy friend made you a list and their is some rally. Have you given any thought on what you want to do when you get their? Find a bulldozer or something to run them over so you can hear the sweet sickening sound of bones breaking and humans going Splat!!  Or grab a few flamethrowers and go to town.   Hmmm this one is much more work but we could roll in with some nerve gave or sleep gas. Take their bodies and transport them to some chemical factory with the flesh melting acid can. Hook them up to a few chains and use a crane to lower them feet first into vats if acid so we can head their screams of pain. Plus record it for alter so we can listen to Nazi’s screaming as background noise for going to bed.  Not that I need sleep but I find the process relaxing. After my release. I got to listen to the sounds of tortured souls in hell and hearing Nazi’s screaming would give me that taste of home, ya know? I’m pretty sure we can find some other painful ways for them to die. Assuming you are going their to kill them and  not waste tax payers money by keeping them lock in jail for life. Oh yeah. Just tell me when to make a turn and such. Since you know where we are going. I’m just the driver and a girl looking for some slaughter. “
    She tooka moment to look his body over, looking him up and down. 
    “Ever thought about a makeover? After this rally. We go get some mani pannis. Maybe some skin cream for you and some spray tan for you. Liven up that complexion a bit.  Just because we are not technically human or alive alive, doesn’t mean we have to look like dead people walking and not look pretty. “
    She sure can jump from one topic to another completely unrelated topic at the drop of a hat.   She certainly wasn’t the average demon that was for sure. 


  • A brow perked curiously in response to the mans demeanour, someone you would not expect to find in a bar. Ducking under a chair that sailed right over the womans head, wasting no time in following the odd male out the door and into the embrace of tainted, polluted air.

    The dark blanket above lit by the glittering of many stars, faded against the glare of the streetlamps that lit the ominously dark streets. Rosemarie paused inclining a head to the side, staring at the hovering man with a touch of disbelief, having to blink a couple of times to assure herself she wasn’t imagining the spectacle before her.

    Why would the unbelievable occurrences appear as a shock to a being that was abnormal herself. It was just unexpected.

    The Shifter proceeded to clear her throat loudly, alerting him to the fact that he was far from alone, eager to get him back down onto the floor before any humans decided to stroll by. “You know, exposing tricks like that is bound to get you stuck in a laboratory.” Rosemarie warned, raising a cigarette, trapping it between lips whilst keeping a suspicious eye on their surroundings.

    “What are you? A Magician? And what are you doing in Wisconsin. Your accent doesn’t sound normal.” A lighter flickered into life, casting flickering shadows across the girls face, lighting up the end of the cigarette, causing foul smoke to billow and stain the air, patiently waiting for his answer.

  • (Well I’m either thinking of raizo, Kai, or Eliza. One is a human gang member turned into a machine. Thought about his story being about trying to stea some weapon shipment or a drug shipment that he thinks is drugs , only maybe it’s Nazis that are transporting some heavy firepower and he only gets involved cause they shoot at his crew or something  

    One is a cop slash FBI agent. He is part of the cyborg resistance. Who works to save humanity. Mainly from machine threat but anything else non human that threatens the world or evil human machinations. 

    The other works undercover as a CIA operative primarily but moonlights as a hunter. Namely because her mother can’t afford to have humans teaming up with vampires and other supernatural creatures against machines.  Killing humans by themselves is one thing. Trying to kill humans who are teaming up with vampires and werewolves and such, is a much harder task. So in a funny twisted sense of irony. She saves human lives by killing the monsters that hunt and eat humans, but only because it will make killing humans less difficult if they don’t have supernatural backup.  Still thinking up plots base on whoever we use. )

  • Part of Sam smiles internally because Just Cause means Rico. He was her muse for it, and while she never named him, she remembered emailing a list of questions to make sure she didn’t just skim over the war crimes. To make sure she didn’t romanticise it. She nods at him, the seriousness sets in the room, and she looks towards the papers.

    “May I?” She gestures to them, if and when given permission to pick them up she does.

    She picks up medical records first, skimming over the information and part of her feels...nervous. This is quite serious. Perhaps more so than her work on Yamatai. She looks from the papers to the man in front of her credulously. The name...Steinholtz...Why does that sound so familiar. What she’s actually looking at confuses her while she understands some of it all the same.

    “What- what is this? Steinholtz? Is this-” she looks back down to the rest, “are you even supposed to have these? I mean- clearly, you had access but should you be showing me?”

    Maybe this isn’t the reaction he was looking for.

    “Shit dude,” she mumbles, “well. Okay. I think is all a lot of information so my brain isn’t processing, could you explain what I’m seeing?”
    She hasn’t yet said no so that’s good.

This reply was deleted.


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